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  1. Tell me it's just anxiety

    Hi Mark, Funny because this morning I was just thinking that it's the anxiety/panic attack that I'm ultimately frightened of. I hate the feeling and I do everything to avoid being in a situation that gives me a panic attack. I've been trying for months to just let them come and get through it but I find it so hard. I just instinctively battle it away and do something to distract myself because I can't stand the feeling. I can't deal with it because it's so frightening. I don't know how to do it. I'm doing my best to do as much as I can because I don't want to be this way but sometimes it's feels impossible!
  2. Tell me it's just anxiety

    Hi mark, thank you very much for your reply. My health anxiety has been so bad recently and I don't know why ?. I think I need to keep myself busy more so I can't think about it. That and keep telling myself that I'm not going to collapse in the street! I suppose it worried me a bit cos this isn't a symptom I usually get. But then my anxiety changes all the time so I guess it's just showing itself in a different way now.
  3. Tell me it's just anxiety

    Hi everyone, Well recently I've been getting pains in my chest. I'm a mid theirties woman who is not overweight and I eat what I would call a fairly decent diet. Not the best but not the worst either. I walk minimum 45 minutes each day. I'm sure it's anxiety but most of the time it is where I imagine my heart to be. But sometimes it's across my other side of my chest or higher up (if that makes sense). But then other times I forget about it and realise I haven't noticed it for a couple of hours. Hence why I think this is just anxiety related rather than heart disease ?. Like most people here I am generally anxious most of the time and move from one symptom to the next which also backs up my just anxiety theory... Does anyone else get like this??? Thank you
  4. Freaking out. Dr not until next week

    Hi me again. Sorry if I'm commenting too much I just don't really have anyone else to talk to. Had my blood test. Glad it's done but keep worrying. Trying to think about other things. Have started tablets for IBS today -how long do they take to kick in? Got to take three a day. Also started using the cream for the piles. Sorry TMI but I know you guys understand how I'm feeling. Was late in to work today cos of blood test and my colleague goes 'oh I thought you'd had some bad news at the doctors'. Yeah thanks for that. Just what I needed to hear ? X
  5. Freaking out. Dr not until next week

    Thank you for replying Bob. I just want the all clear and then I'll feel better. I suppose if they didn't do a blood test I'd be convinced there was something awful wrong anyway and they just hadn't found it. So much as it scares me it is the right thing to do and only then can I move on. Thanks again I really appreciate it x
  6. Freaking out. Dr not until next week

    So I just got back from the doctors. She thinks from the symptoms I've described it's classic IBS and piles. Best answer I could have got! But I've got to have a blood test tomorrow which worries me. She thinks the results should be there tomorrow evening though so hopefully then I can relax. I told her I was frightened the blood test would show up something horrible, but she said 'please don't worry about it I just want to do it as you haven't had a blood test since 2008'. She said she wanted to make sure that she's treating the right thing is all. I suppose as I've had a tummy ache for most of the week it could be a tummy infection or something. Still can't settle ?. Did anyone else have this when they went to see the Dr?
  7. Freaking out. Dr not until next week

    Drs tomorrow.
  8. Freaking out. Dr not until next week

    Hi Leah, Yeah it's always bright red and only a tiny amount. Thanks for commenting. The more people that reassure me the better I feel. I'm so grateful for the support of everyone on this site. x
  9. Never this bad

    Thanks Rainbow. It sounds like you're doing the right stuff with work. Only to know what's best for you. Im suffering with a bout of health anxiety which I've never had before like this which is a bit scary x
  10. Freaking out. Dr not until next week

    Thanks biokid. Ive had a stomach ache for a few days now which is stressing me out. Part of me wonders whether I've given myself the pain through anxiety. Who knows. Haven't had any more blood until today. But I did only have a tiny bit on the tissue and it was after a shall we say 'difficult' toilet trip. I'm just stressing myself out so much. I was trying to think when the stomach ache started and I don't think it was until after I saw the first bit of blood so maybe I'm causing it through worry. I don't know. I can't remember. Just hate feeling scared. Struggling to get any sleep or think of anything else.
  11. Freaking out. Dr not until next week

    Hi Mochi, Thank you so much for your reply. Yes it was red blood and only a little bit. I think with my friends diagnosis I'm just heightened to it and more anxious. I'm still going to go to the doctors next week just to settle myself 100% or I won't stop thinking about it!!! Plus I think I need to do something about my IBS once and for all. Ive spent the whole of last night with terrific stomach cramps and bloating probably caused by being stressed out over this! Although I realised that I've eaten twice as much fruit as normal this week (trying to be healthy) so that may have been part of the problem! Once you sit down and think about things I suppose you realise it's probably a number of things before it's the worst diagnosis. Thank you for taking the time to reply. It has helped very much x
  12. Hi everyone. Sorry if this is TMI but I don't know what else to do. Went to the loo today and there was a couple of bits of blood in it. I went to the doctors about 10 years ago and was diagnosed IBS and got some tablets which really helped. For the past six months or so I think it's flared up and I always have a tummy pain before needing the loo. Once I go to the loo it disappears shortly after. So today's development scared me. I think I might have piles as I've had a little blood before (usually after straining) and there's a couple of other things that make me think this way. My anxiety has been worse over the past 6-12 months which lots of major changes in my life (moved home, having to get public transport to work which I really struggle with, bf leaving the place of work we both worked at and now works somewhere else, change of teams and manager at work) so I think that has made the IBS worse and from the IBS the piles. Ive not been diagnosed with piles but I hope it's just that. Worrying it's something more sinister. Think I'm heightened to that because a colleague at work who is my age has just been diagnosed with bowel C. Any advice will be greatly received. Please. Ive also got to join a new dr because Ive moved so going to do that today. Hopefully get an appointment next week they said. Changing doctors is a worry in itself to me! Thank you.
  13. Never this bad

    Hi Rainbow, me again, I'm having an awful day at work today. For me it's not my boss or anything, it's just how I feel. I work in an industry with lots of rules and regulations and sometimes I find it stressful. If we get an email saying there's some new rules or something I panic. Even though I'm not very high up the chain and do things properly. Because I have anxiety I just start to worry as it's something else I have to remember. I've found that as my anxiety has got worse over the years I retain less information! It's like my brain can only deal with so much and so it preserves itself. I think I made the mistake this week of saying to myself that I felt I was doing better. Must have jinxed it ?. I've also been feeling really lonely this week which doesn't help either. I don't really have any friends and the one I do is on holiday for two weeks. I only speak to her maybe once a week but I really miss her x
  14. Trying to put it out of my mind

    Hi Bob, thanks for replying. You have it spot on. Overestimating and overthinking is the crux of HA. I really like your visualising idea with the stadium. That's a good way of looking at it and would put things into perspective. I don't know if I'd be brave enough to look at statistics though ?. Looking at others is also a good point, I do this often. When I worry about something I try to remember that as far as I know I don't have this or that and that there are some very unfortunate people who do have more to worry about than me. Thank you x
  15. Trying to put it out of my mind

    Hi Holls, Sorry to hear of your past experience. I don't blame you, I think I would have left as well. It's awful isn't it. Avoidance isn't the best but I went to see a counsellor for a while last year and we discussed this. It's not avoidance, it's called self preservation. Some things you push yourself on and try to overcome. Other things just hinder your progression so they have to go. Take care and thank you for replying x