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  1. Mrsrpmddo

    Palpitations update

    Well I went to doctor this morning, she said my heart and lungs sound great. She did an ekg which also looked completely normal. She said it’s anxiety and from the vegus nerve. She said I have no worries. I hope I can relax now.
  2. Mrsrpmddo


    Thanks Binn. I hope that’s all it is.
  3. Mrsrpmddo


    Thanks so much for your reply. She told me last time she was more concerned with the heartburn then the palpitations. I’m just freking myself out so bad.
  4. Mrsrpmddo


    I will, but I’m scared of test. These palpitations are always with heartburn or gas . She told me two weeks ago that it was from the Vega nerve.thanks bin ❤️
  5. Mrsrpmddo


    I will try. I had this many years ago , it lasted forever. Did a holter monitor and they said it was benign pvcs . I have been extremely stressed lately. I’m just really scared.
  6. Mrsrpmddo


    I just called and I’m going tomorrow. I was just there two weeks ago. She said heart sounded good . I’m freaking out so bad right now. I’m terrified of test. I’m so scared . I know I’m being irrational. But right now I’m home alone for the whole evening and I’m such a mess.
  7. Mrsrpmddo


    Hi everyone. Well the palpitations have started again. I was at doctor a few weeks ago, she listened to my heart said it sounded good. Blood pressure was perfect everything else good. She said palpitations were from my Vega nerve. Now , I’m just so scared of these palpitations. I had them many years ago on and off. Should I go back to doctor? I’m worried cause she didn’t do any test. Not that I want test, cause I’m terrified of them. I’m just really so anxious right now. Ruminating all day long over them.
  8. Mrsrpmddo

    Info on Medically Unexplained Symptoms

    This is very helpful lugrad. Thanks for posting it.
  9. Mrsrpmddo

    Acid reflux or heart?

    Unfortunately I’m so phobic of medication I won’t take anything. I know I need to, I just can’t make myself do it. I will take tums and they help for a short time. I’ve been really stressed out so that’s probably why it’s happening again.
  10. Mrsrpmddo

    Acid reflux or heart?

    I’m now having it again. Palpitations have been bad last couple of days. I hate this. It really gives me bad anxiety
  11. Mrsrpmddo

    Made it through surgery!

    Glad it went well molly. Hope you feel better reqlly soon❤️
  12. Mrsrpmddo

    Acid reflux or heart?

    I have this all the time. I’ve had it for years. It also scares me every time. Last round lasted two monthes. In fact I had too much coffee this morning and cinnamon rolls , and I’m haveing palpitations again. I went to doctor a few weeks ago for it, she said it’s acid reflux stimulating my Vega nerve. Told me to take Pepcid
  13. Mrsrpmddo

    I’m a wreck- Numb lip chin- Updated

    Then if your doctor isn’t concerned let it go. I know it’s hard believe me I do. I’m having tingling right now on upper lip and nose. But Ive been really stressed out , and it’s probably from that. I get tingles all the time. Tingling , crawling buzzing all of it. Try and let it go.
  14. Mrsrpmddo

    I’m a wreck- Numb lip chin- Updated

    Zen is right. You have to go to the doctor. Your anxiety is going to keep this going. When I get stuck on something , my mind just obsesses over it. I’m pretty sure your doctor won’t do any test. You don’t have the syndrome you’re worried about. You’re not living right now . You have to get relief.
  15. Mrsrpmddo

    I’m a wreck- Numb lip chin- Updated

    I did read about the syndrome . My doctor told me I didn’t have it . It was constant on my chin for a month. I would suggest you call your doctor . With me , if I’m obsessing about something , the only way I’ll let it go is to talk to my doctor.