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  1. Mrsrpmddo

    Scary migraine aura

    I had this a few monthes ago. It was the most terrifying thing I’ve wver had. I completely freaked out. I had a severe panic attack because if it. I had been very stressed right before it happened. I did t get a headache. I talked to my doctor she said it was from anxiety. I haven’t had one since.
  2. Mrsrpmddo

    I Googled Like an Idiot

    Angelica, I’m so happy you’re feeling better. Your doctor is right. You’re going to be ok. I know health anxiety totally sucks, but right now what you have is anxiety. I’m here anytime you need to talk. Good luck to you❤️
  3. Mrsrpmddo

    Bunion or Something Else?

    It’s a bunion. I’ve had one for thirty years. Just like you described. When I first got it it was extremely painful. Espcially when I worked and was on my feet a lot. Tight shoes make them worse. I still get occasional pain every now and then. Nothing to worry about.
  4. Mrsrpmddo

    Tingling left temple and cheekbone

    Mine is usually always on the left side.
  5. Mrsrpmddo

    Tingling left temple and cheekbone

    I get this a lot. My doctor said it’s from my sinuses. She also said anxiety will donit. I’ve had this on and off for years
  6. Mrsrpmddo

    I Googled Like an Idiot

    I feel your pain , I really do. I ha e constant pain in my shoulder and upper back and under my ribs. I’ve had it for years. Doctor told me it’s from me tensing up. Doctor also told me if pain hurts with movement it’s muscular. Your ultra sound would of picked up cancer. Be open and honest with your doctor when you go, you can’t go on like this. You’re making yourself sick. I get it cause I do the same thing. I’m really hoping you can get some peace. Hugs to you
  7. Mrsrpmddo

    Bathroom cleaner is gonna kill me

    You are fine I’m sure. Get some rest. The itchy skin and redness could just be.nerves too.
  8. Mrsrpmddo

    Bathroom cleaner is gonna kill me

    Hi , I’m sorry you’re so scared. I’m sure lots of people have accidentally forgotten to wash their hands, and them put them in their mouths after touching something. I really think you’re ok. If you’re worried for your peace of mind just call poison control. They can tell you what you need to know. I really think you’re fine thkugh
  9. Mrsrpmddo

    Waking up to intrusive thoughts

    Hi Angelica. My advice, enjoy living while you’re young. I also had horrible health anxiety in my late twenties and thirties. Everything I had I thought I was a goner. Now at 58,I’m so much worse. I so much wish I could go back to my younger days and have a redo. I wouldn’t worry, I’d live my life and enjoy it. I know it’s not easy, but I really think you can do it. I want so bad , to be able to not worry about every symptom, but the older I get I know I’ll worry more.
  10. Mrsrpmddo

    Waking up to intrusive thoughts

    I’m so glad you don’t let these thoughts control you Bin. I too, have these intrusive thoughts at night. Unfortunately, Therapy hasn’t helped to to learn how to deal with them. As I age, my fear of death,is making my anxiety even worse. You seem to be doing so well. I’m very happy for you.
  11. Mrsrpmddo

    Why Can't I Just Get Over This?

    Angelica, I get how you feel. I’m obsessed about a certain symptom I’m having right now. I’m consumed with it. Not eating not sleeping . Depressed . The more we keep living like this , our. Brains will keep telling us to fear everything. I wish I could help. I know how hard it is. But like Lugrad said, if it were Ibc you’d know it by now. When I went through that scare, my doctor told me within two weeks it’s really really bad. I hope you can get some peace. Hugs to you. My daughter is going through the bed bug thing too. She just found some right before moving out of her apartment. Evidently her neighbors had them and they got in her place. She’s freaking out. Cause she too is afraid she took some with her to her new place.
  12. Mrsrpmddo

    Gas pains

    No mine hurts at other times too. Just kind of random. It’s sharp and only last a few seconds. But comes and goes. I’ve also been really gassy. I tend to freak out about everything, so if I can get into see doctor tomorrow, I’m going too.
  13. Mrsrpmddo

    Gas pains

    I’m having the exact same thing right now. In fact I’m going to try and see my doctor tomorrow. Mines in my right side of my abdomen. Been having it for 4 days now
  14. Mrsrpmddo

    Eyes hurt to move!!!

    My eyes are like this occasionally. Doctor says it’s from sinus pressure. Do you have sinus problems ?
  15. Mrsrpmddo

    Please please help

    It scared me too. I think it’s probably just one of those strange things that have no answer