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  1. Mrsrpmddo

    Deep cleaning at dentist

    I’ worse with gas. It was t too bad . I can take it. I just have some pain now. Teeth are really sore. Thanks Holls .
  2. Mrsrpmddo

    Deep cleaning at dentist

    Yeah and unfortunately I have to get second half done in two weeks. My teeth are hurting right now. Espcially my jaw tooth
  3. Mrsrpmddo

    Deep cleaning at dentist

    I think the black spots I see may be tarter. Not sure though. Yes Holls it definitely isn’t a pleasant time. It’s my own fault for. Not getting the numbing stuff
  4. Mrsrpmddo

    Deep cleaning at dentist

    This is second time I’ve had it done. First time was because I hadn’t been to dentist in numerous years. They told me I have to get regular cleanings every theee monthes to avoid the deep cleaning. This time was pretty painful. Now I’m gonna prob have to go back tomorrow cause I think she left some tarter☹️
  5. Mrsrpmddo

    Deep cleaning at dentist

    Hi Binn. Yes it definitely wasn’t fun. I thought maybe it was tarter she didn’t get. I was just worried cause she acted like she didn’t know what it was. And said if it were still there to come let her look tomorrow. But she knows I’m a worrier so it could be cause of that. Thanks though Binn.
  6. Mrsrpmddo

    Deep cleaning at dentist

    Hi everyone. Well I made myself go for my deep cleaning at dentist today. I worried all weekend made myself sick. Was up all night last night. It went ok. I didn’t even have numbing cause I won’t take any medicine. Dumb I know. Well when I got home I could feel something along my gum on bottom teeth. I looked at them with flash light. There’s a few little black flecks. I’m freaking out. I called dentist. She said not to worry. Wait till tomorrow and if it’s still there she’ll look at it. I’m so scared right now. It took all my energy just to go and now this. It doesn’t look red or anything. Anyone else ever had deep cleaning and had this?
  7. Mrsrpmddo

    Burning Skin

    It is really annoying. As soon as I tried to not focus on it, it did get slot better. Hope it goes away for you soon.
  8. Mrsrpmddo

    Burning Skin

    Hi gale. I’ve had it a lot. I had it in my leg for two solid monthes. I also get it In my ankle and bottom of foot. Have also felt it on my face. I went to the doctor about my leg. She said it was a nerve from my back problem. She also said a lot of it was anxiety.
  9. Mrsrpmddo

    Breast worries

    I had a white spot too. I completely freaked out. I went to the doctor . She could hardly see it. Once she did find it she said it’s absolutely nothing to be concerned about . I have white spots other places too. Not sure if what I have is the same as what you have. But trust your doctor. If the doctor isn’t concerned try not to worry. Health anxiety causes our minds to always think the worse. I do all the time. Every single bump , pain . Bruise you name it I think it’s something bad.
  10. Mrsrpmddo

    Breast Lump

    So so happy for you!! Great news
  11. I’ve suffered since I was a child. It got better for a few years here and there. I’m 57. Been suffering non stop for at least ten years now. It’s daily. All day long . I e tried therapy , medication several years ago. But now I’m terrified of all medication and won’t take anything other than Tylenol. My fear of medication caused me great anxiety.
  12. Mrsrpmddo


    I get this all the time. I’ve had it for over twenty years off and on
  13. Mrsrpmddo

    Breast Lump

    Well hopefully by Friday you’ll have your results. Stay positive, you’re gonna get good news . You’re gonna be ok
  14. Mrsrpmddo

    Breast Lump

    I know, I’m the same way.but I really think you’ll get a good report. Why put yourself through it any longer than you have to.
  15. Mrsrpmddo

    Breast Lump

    Angelica maybe you can call in a few days just to check and see if results are back