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  1. Are you taking an antibiotic? Sometimes they can cause a yeast infection. I’ve had this from soaps. I always just use soap for sensitive skin .
  2. Haha speaking of thinking about something and getting it , now I’m having palpitations.
  3. Yes, I know what you mean. They don’t scare me as much now either. I’ve had them for so many years off and on
  4. I drink so so much water. I’ll go monthes not having any palpitations , then I’ll get them for a month or two non stop. Doctor assured me they’re harmless, but they still are very annoying.
  5. I’ve had this for years. I’ve had it last for monthes at a time. I went to my doctor. For my peace of mind she did a ekg which was normal. She said it’s from the Vegus nerve being stimulated. Nothing to worry about
  6. My doctor asked me if I had any tingling. I said no. I got home started wondering why she asked , them I started tingling. So crazy
  7. Oh yes, this has happened to me so many times. All it takes is one thing and I’ll start having the symptoms.
  8. I don’t know what I’d do if my doctor left, I feel like I’m way to dependent on her. She calls me at least weekly to check on me. I feel very lucky
  9. Sounds like great news!! I also get anxious going to doctor, even though I love my doctor , and she’s great about making me feel at ease. Glad all is all well binn ❤️
  10. My cousin has one that is terrifying looking. She said it hurts and itches all the time. Doctor said it’s just a cyst and gave her nedicine to put on it
  11. So glad it’s over . Just relax , and take it easy.
  12. Hi Holls. I’ve had several teeth pulled. Other than some swelling and bruising everything went well. It truly only took like 5 mins. Good luck! Hope all goes well, and I’m sure it will. ❤️
  13. Omg !! Yes yes yes!! I’m two years late on my mammogram. I’m getting it in two weeks and I’m worried sick. It doesn’t matter what test it is i freak out!! I went 15 years not getting blood test done. Finally got it and everything was good.
  14. I get all kinds of strange sensations from tmj. I’ll bet that’s it