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  1. Mrsrpmddo

    Stupidly worrying.

    Yep my throat is scratchy a lot. Allergies also will do it. Health anxiety just always makes us think thoughts that aren’t true
  2. Mrsrpmddo

    Stupidly worrying.

    I always do the same thing. He was just trying to tell you not to worry that you’re going to be ok. He was trying to be reassuring. I always go home after going to doctor and over think everything they tell me. You’re fine . I always get sore throats so does my husband and grown daughter. I don’t even have tonsils and I still get them. Relax and feel better😀
  3. Mrsrpmddo

    Scratchy/sore throat moves to one side?

    Hi sorry you’re not feeling well. Every time I get a sore throat it always moves to one side. Even when I get allergies it’s always on my right side. Try gargling with salt water that always helps me. Or hot tea helps too. Hope you feel better soon
  4. Mrsrpmddo

    Dental deep cleaning

    I’ve had my whole mouth done without antibiotics. Never had any infection. You’ll be fine❤️
  5. Mrsrpmddo

    Need help

    Yes bob you’re so right. Well I did go to doctor. My doctor is so very good to me. She calls to check on me. As I figured she said my ear is fine. Just a pimple. Already drying up. Now I find myself moving on to something else. I start therapy next week. I’m really hoping it will help. Thanks so much everyone❤️
  6. Mrsrpmddo

    Need help

    Thanks for the reply penny. Even though my husband says it looks better and it does. It’s not as sore either. I broke down and made a doctor appointment for in the morning. Since I have the appointment I guess I’ll just go and have her look at it. Thanks everyone who replied it truly helped alot
  7. Mrsrpmddo

    Need help

    Haha thanks for at least making me smile about the nose pimple. I know I should feel relieved by my doctor not being alarmed. But all I can focus on is this pimple. Espcially freaked out now that two more little ones popped up. But I haven’t been cleaning ear good since this pimple popped up. Scared soap will make it worse. So maybe that’s why the others popped up. I’m really spiraling and I can’t seem to calm myself.
  8. Mrsrpmddo

    Need help

    Thanks Holls for responding. This pimple itches so bad. Now I have two more small ones in the same ear. I broke down and called my doctor. She said that when a pimple is on that cartilage it’s hard for it to go away and to come to a head. She said just use warm compresses. She wasn’t concerned about the other pimples either. I feel a little better but I’m still spiraling . I’ve taken probably a 100 pictures of my ear. I’ve been going through a lot of stress lately too. My dad died recently and a lot of other things. I’ve done cbt therapy it helped me a lot for several monthes . Now I’m spiraling again. I’ve made an appointment for next week with a therapist. I’m now trying to decide if I should go have my doctor look at this or not. She says it’s not nexessary
  9. Mrsrpmddo

    Need help

    Hi everyone. Hope everyone is doing well. I’m having an awful time. Haven’t posted in awhile but I’ve been bad for several monthes now. The latest thing has put me over the top. I know this is going to sound trivial. I had what feels like a pimple pop up in my ear a few days ago. At first I thought nothing of it. I looked at it in the mirror Saturday night and it looked really red and inflamed. I freaked out . I took at least 100 pictures of it. Kept making my husband check it over and over again. He won’t lie to me and he said it does look inflamed but that it’s just a pimple. It itches and for som reason that’s what’s freaking me out. Plus I don’t get why I can’t get it to come to a head. It comes to a little head but that’s it. I tried warm compresses. I know I’m over the top with this, but I can’t make myself stop. Any reassurance or suggestions would mean so much to me. Thanks
  10. Mrsrpmddo

    Salty lips/mouth

    I had this when I needed to get my teeth cleaned. Once I had it done the saltiness stopped.
  11. Mrsrpmddo

    Feeling so hopeless

    Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate it. Tylenol helps the hip. My main worry is the groin pain. Last time I had the groin pain it lasted forever. It’s just a sharp twinge . But comes and goes several times a day.
  12. Mrsrpmddo

    Feeling so hopeless

    Thanks angry. Warm baths do help. I’m just very tired of being scared all the time. It gets exhausting. I hope you’re feeling a little better. ❤️
  13. Mrsrpmddo

    Heart Worrier Rant - Today has been a bad day

    I’m so sorry you’re dealimg with this. I know how you feel. My anxiety was under control for almost a year now I’m right back to the negative thoughts. Anytime I go on a trip it takes a lot out of me. It takes a week for me to recover. You’re tired and that’s making your anxiety act up. I do the same thing when someone my age dies. You’ll feel better when you get some rest❤️
  14. Mrsrpmddo

    Feeling so hopeless

    Awe thanks so so much!!! I’ve sat here all day crying and feeling so scared. This sharp twinge in groin is just freaking me out. I keep saying you’ve had it before and you survived. I’m just a mess right now. Plus my husband has been working a lot and.being alone isn’t good for me when I’m like this. I really appreciate everything you said❤️
  15. Mrsrpmddo

    Feeling so hopeless

    Thanks so much for your reply. Yeah I have facet arthritis in my lower back and arthritis in hip. I’m sure it’s prob from that. But it’s been bothering me at night too. And that makes me nervous. Yesterday my upper thigh was hurting on same leg so it prob is nerve related. As far as hemmorhoid I’m now scared to go to the bathroom😢