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  1. Salty lips/mouth

    I had this when I needed to get my teeth cleaned. Once I had it done the saltiness stopped.
  2. Feeling so hopeless

    Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate it. Tylenol helps the hip. My main worry is the groin pain. Last time I had the groin pain it lasted forever. It’s just a sharp twinge . But comes and goes several times a day.
  3. Feeling so hopeless

    Thanks angry. Warm baths do help. I’m just very tired of being scared all the time. It gets exhausting. I hope you’re feeling a little better. ❤️
  4. Heart Worrier Rant - Today has been a bad day

    I’m so sorry you’re dealimg with this. I know how you feel. My anxiety was under control for almost a year now I’m right back to the negative thoughts. Anytime I go on a trip it takes a lot out of me. It takes a week for me to recover. You’re tired and that’s making your anxiety act up. I do the same thing when someone my age dies. You’ll feel better when you get some rest❤️
  5. Feeling so hopeless

    Awe thanks so so much!!! I’ve sat here all day crying and feeling so scared. This sharp twinge in groin is just freaking me out. I keep saying you’ve had it before and you survived. I’m just a mess right now. Plus my husband has been working a lot and.being alone isn’t good for me when I’m like this. I really appreciate everything you said❤️
  6. Feeling so hopeless

    Thanks so much for your reply. Yeah I have facet arthritis in my lower back and arthritis in hip. I’m sure it’s prob from that. But it’s been bothering me at night too. And that makes me nervous. Yesterday my upper thigh was hurting on same leg so it prob is nerve related. As far as hemmorhoid I’m now scared to go to the bathroom😢
  7. Feeling so hopeless

    Thanks bobnnat. Well my doctor never called. Now she’s gone till Monday. The groin pain has lessened some. I am having lots of problems with my hip on same side so hoping it’s from that. As far as the hemmorhoid I’m terrified to have that part of me checked. I know it’s a hemmorhoid cause I’ve had them hundreds of times. It’s bright red blood. I’m just in such a bad frame of mind right now. I can’t seem to pull myself out of it this sitting here so depressed. I don’t know what to do
  8. Feeling so hopeless

    Hi everyone. I am having such a bad time again with my health anxiety. I’m out of control. It’s something new every day. I’m sitting here feeling complete terror. I have a call in to my doctor. I’m waiting for her to call. The new thing the past few days have been an awful bleeding hemmorhoid. I’ve had them for at least 30 years. This one though is scaring me. Now I also have sharp groin pain that comes and goes. My doctor has told me before it’s from my hip and back problems. But it’s still scaring me so bad. I’m at a loss I feel tortured. I don’t know what to do
  9. I go back and forth between diarrhea and constipation. I may talk to my doctor about trying it. I’m pretty phobic about taking anything. Only thing I’ll take is tylenol. Did you have side effects Holls?
  10. Hi Holls. I’ve wanted to try magnesium. I have night time leg cramps sometimes and they’re awful. I’ve had my leg sore for days after one. I’ve heard though that it can give you diarrhea. I have ibs and get stomach problems a lot. Glad it’s helping you. My daughter takes it and she loves it. She says it also helps her sleep. ❤️
  11. Small red dots...

    I’m 58. But I’ve had them since i was in my 30’s
  12. Freaking out!!! Botulism?!?!

    Yeah that’s what I read also. Going out to eat concerns me a lot of the time. Had never thought about the oil though.
  13. Freaking out!!! Botulism?!?!

    I don’t want to sound stupid , but how do restaurants reuse there oil? Is that safe to do?
  14. Small red dots...

    I’ have a lot of these. My doctor said no worries. My blood work is all normal. I get new ones pop up every now and then.
  15. Anal fissure??

    I sure have. Same thing with me I’ve had hemmorhoids for 30 years. They come and go. A week ago I had one flare up. Lots of pain for a few days but no blood. On Saturday I went to the bathroom and after I had blood it also freaked me out . I got so nervous I had to go again and more blood. Then the next day I went and didn’t have any blood. I’ve had this before a few years ago. It’s so scary seeing blood. But I’ve had it on and off for so many years. I take a lot of warm baths when this happens and that seems to help. Mine so far is better. Hopefully yours will be better soon. It can take a week or so for them to heal. Good luck