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  1. Hi Molly. I have a lot of those symptoms . I have sacroiliac joint dysfunction. It also causes sciatica. It’s really bad when I sit and lay down. I also have arthritis in my back. None of this is deadly but it is very uncomfortable. Hope you feel better
  2. Mrsrpmddo

    I just realized something...

    I just started therapy. The therapist told me she feels all of my health anxiety is from a trauma from when I was a child. And I know it’s from my mom making me scared of everything.
  3. Mrsrpmddo

    I just realized something...

    Hi penny. I am so sorry for how you’re feeling. My mom was the same way. I had a really hard time dealing with her. She caused me a lot of anxiety. She had a lot of mental issues too. Talking with her always caused me a lot of anxiety. You’re a good person to call her back and apologize. I tried that a few times with my mom but I ended up feeling worse. I’d go years not talking to her. She passed away three years ago. I tried to be good to her in her last few monthes of life. But honestly I still have a lot of issues. Sorry for all ththe ramblings. Just want you to know I know exactly what you’re going throigh
  4. Mrsrpmddo

    Worrying over everything. Need help.

    I’ve had same thing with my thumb .doctor said it’s arthritis. I do have arthritis in this finger too. Not sure if the injury made the arthritis wirse
  5. Mrsrpmddo

    Worrying over everything. Need help.

    Now I can’t do anything cause finger hurts and is swollen and bruised. I can’t wait till tomorrow
  6. Mrsrpmddo

    Worrying over everything. Need help.

    Thanks so much. I’m in such an awful state of mind right now. I mean who worried they’re gonna die from a swollen finger. I’m just terrified right now. I can’t mobe past it. I’ve been cleaning and trying to distract myself. That’s when I noticed swelling and bruising in finger
  7. Hi everyone. I’m having a very bad time with my ha. It’s been one thing after another. I manage to stop worrying about one thing and something else not able to sleep or eat. I’m going to go see my doctor tomorrow. I could use some help to get through the day. Worry now is...a few weeks ago I hurt my finger I bent it back too far. Thought it healed but last few days it’s hurting again. Right in the top joint. It’s a little bruised and red. I’m freaking out over it. Swelling and bruising always scare me.. honestly right now everything scares me. Do you think I’ll be ok till tomorrow?
  8. Mrsrpmddo

    "Hot" leg?

    I had the burning in my lower leg for three straight monthes. Day and night. Went to doctor several times. She said it was nerve related. It went away finally. I still get it once in awhile. I’ve also had it in my thigh
  9. Mrsrpmddo

    Root canal.. worried about infection

    Hi Holls. My daughter had a root canal. She was sore and had pain for at least a week. Anytime o get shots in my gums the area hurts for awhile. The antibiotic will keep you from getting an infection. Try not to worry. I hope you feel better soon❤️
  10. Mrsrpmddo

    Heightened sense of smell???

    Glad everything was ok. Anxiety does strange things to us. Have a great weeKend❤️
  11. Mrsrpmddo

    Heightened sense of smell???

    I’ve had it off and on for many years. Im also very sensitive to sounds. No I have t ever mentioned it to my doctor. It’s good you’re going. I’m sure the reassurance that you’re ok will help you to feel better. I bet you you’re fine. Let me know what the doctor says. Try not to worry. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought for sure I had something very sinister. It’s never come true though. Anxiety mak es our minds go to the worse and most drastic scenario. I’ll be thinking of you .
  12. Mrsrpmddo

    Heightened sense of smell???

    Hi Leah. I constantly have the heightened sense of smell. My husband gets so frustrated with me cause I’m always saying do you smell that. I can smell stuff no one else can. I really think for us anxious people everything is overly sensitized for us. Your headache is cause you’ve been worried about this and that’s probably the reason for the nausea. I’ve had this for years . Try not to worry. Hugs
  13. Mrsrpmddo

    Face flush

    I get this all the time. Espcially when my sinuses and allergies act up.i also have roseacea, that can also cause flushing. The more anxious you get over it the worse it will get. I really wouldn’t worry , I’ll bet it’s from your allergies.
  14. Mrsrpmddo

    Sudden Headache

    I have had headaches come on suddenly a lot. It could be tension. It could also be from not drinking enough fluids. When I’m around a lot of people I get really tense. You may feel relaxed but it could still be from tension. I really would try not to worry. You’ll be dine
  15. Mrsrpmddo

    Lower neck and left side of chest hurts when drinking

    I had pain in left side of my chest from drinking water before too. It lasted on and off for three weeks. I went to doctor she said it was from heart burn and gerd. She also said water makes it worse. She said to. Not drink cold water or drink water while eating. Wait till after you eat to drink it. I also was so scared of how this feeling felt. It did eventually stop.