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  1. Hi Everyone, First time poster and a bit apprehensive and clueless as to what to post so forgive me if its a bit all over the place! Have had BPD for 13 years now and its a struggle to say the least, have been with the crisis team and almost sectioned a few years back alongside various meds. I ended getting married last year for all the wrong reasons and it ended after 3 months, almost as long as some celebs! Anyway, he cut me off from all my "bad influence" friends and became abusive, after we split, I kinda just panicked and up and went to warrington. I guess my point is that my BPD is really creeping up on me again badly, feeling really shitty tbh and cant seem to hold down a job or stop the s*****al thoughts or derealisation and I find it really difficult to talk to people because I always come across as weird or anti social, I dont go out or have any friends, I have some great ones that I never see due to distance but I feel so isolated and the people around me are great but they know nothing about BPD and think its all hormones, sometimes it is! So I dont really know what the point of this post is, except to say hi, im Emily btw. It would be so great to talk to some people, as I really do feel quite alone, not looking for sympathy! haha Any tips or experiences would be appreciated.. So yea.. Thanks in advance for reading, if you want to skip past then I totally get it, I really dont know what im aiming to get from this but its felt good to get it off my chest