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  1. Ever had your b12 levels checked?
  2. Now I'm hot, sweaty, on top of being nauseous.
  3. So earlier I got a sharp, throbbing pain in one spot in the back of my head. It lasted a few minutes and then went away. I've been nauseous since and have a weird pressure in that location. My eyes are stinging in the light. I'm scared that it is a brain aneurysm and I'm dying and dont know it.
  4. Update: Saw my PCP yesterday and my ribs are cracked.
  5. They didn't do a CBC. Just tested the urine. I'm a female in my 20's. Sorry to keep complaining. Now my whole body hurts. My back, my rib cage, along my spine, and shoulders. Really worried some infection is spreading. No fever though
  6. So, I have had back pain and abdominal pain for a couple days now. I thought it was from playing frisbee and get hit in the stomach by the dog. I woke up last night sweating, pain, and nauseous. I thought maybe I had a UTI or kidney infection. I went to urgent care today and they did a urine test. No signs of bacteria but there is nonvisible blood in my urine. They said I may have a kidney stone. I've had one before and the pain was wayyyyyy worse. I'm worried it's an infection that they missed and I'm going to end up septic. Pain started in my lower right back and is now moved higher and to my whole back. I was doing so good until this mess started.
  7. Okay freaking out... For the last few days, I've had pain in my lower back and abdomen. I've been doing a lot of trick training and frisbee playing so I figured it was from that. I just woke up all sweaty and the pain is worse plus I'm nauseous. No fever. Worried that I have been ignoring a kidney infection and it is going to turn into sepsis and I'm gonna die! Great I just threw up. I woke my mom up to tell her what was going on and she just told me to take a pain pill and go back to sleep. Sepsis moves fast.... afraid I'll be seriously ill or dead before the clinc opens at 7 (its three am now).
  8. So, I was working on a trick with my dog a couple of days ago and it went wrong. Ended up getting hit hard in the stomach by a 50 pound dog. It still hurts and sometimes feels like it is cramping. Should I be worried?
  9. Other things that cause twitching: Low B12 (vitamin responsible for nerve health. If it's low it can cause a lot of interesting symptoms) Stress Caffeine Certain medications Pinched nerves etc
  10. The pain was constant on the left side and worse after I ate. I'm worried cause i don't know what's causing the symptoms and it will be a month before I can be seen again due to insurance. As for the pain, I'm not a good judge of how bad it is. My pain tolerance isn't normal. I've dislocated shoulders, broken bones, had kidney stones, and didn't go to the ER. Always just waited to see a doctor when they were open.
  11. For several weeks I've had pain in my lower left abdomin, bad gas, diarrhea, etc. I went to the doctor and she thought it might be diverticulitis. Started antibiotics and the pain went away and the diarrhea. However, I still have pressure in my abdomen and the bad smelling gas. Now I'm freaking out thinking its colon cancer. Unfortunately, my insurance is out until February so I cant follow up with my doctor. I'm really scared.
  12. Well I was fine until around 3 today and then I got super hot suddenly and started to feel sick. I've been on antibiotics for diverticulitis since last week. worried about sepsis or something. No fever.
  13. The fact that these thoughts disturb you means it's highly unlikely you will act on them. It's merely anxiety and OCD playing on your deepest fears. They are just irrational thoughts nothing more. Everyone has them but most people shrug them off. Anxiety is causing you to obsess over them.
  14. Sorry to keep bothering you. So the doctor prescribed nose spray for me to use. I used to yesterday and then this morning. This morning I noticed that it was wet when I used it. I looked into the protective cap and noticed moisture droplets. I don't know how they got there but now I'm worried about getting a brain eating amoeba
  15. jdgate


    So I got a fajita baked potato from a local restaurant and I took a bite and realized that the potato wasn't that warm. I microwaved it and then ate it. Now I'm worried about botulism cause apparently potatoes can carry it if left out. My throat feels tight and itchy