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  1. jdgate

    Eye and neck problems.

    I'm not allowed to see a chiropractor. I have a disorder where part of my brain is sitting on C1 instead of being completely inside my skull. So, getting my neck messed with is not recommended. Highly concerned cause these symptoms appeared out of no where. It literally feels like something is stuck in the side of my neck.
  2. jdgate

    Eye and neck problems.

    I'm having a bit of a break down. I'm having a weird pressure sensation in the right side of my neck, head, and eye. Last night my vision started to jump and I'm highly concerned. I'm also dizzy. Worried something bad is going to happen. I feels like the pain in my neck is running along my pulse. What if there's a clot or tear? I was doing good up until these last few days. Now I feel terrible and don't know what to do.
  3. I had this weird bite come up on my leg. Well I think it's a bite. It's red around the center and it burns really bad. Now I feel bad and have chills. I poured peroxide in it in and now the center part is white. Really worried.
  4. jdgate

    Pain killer reaction?

    Excedrin has caffiene in it. So the coffee and coke plus the Excedrin was probably a little too much caffiene for your system. Drink a lot of water to try to flush it out. You'll be okay.
  5. jdgate

    Weird neck pain

    I kept getting sharp pain along the right side of my neck. It starts behind the ear and feels like it's on or near the artery as it runs down the neck. I'm worried some type of blockage is happening or something serious like that. Ugh it's scary. I can also hear my pulse in my head.
  6. My t-wave is flipped up side down and the cardiologist says some people just have different baselines. It's my normal baseline. So sometimes an abnormality is just an individual difference that is no cause for concern. I've also had myocardial ischemia which freaked a lot of people out, but we found out it was steroid induced and I returned to normal once the steroids were out of my system. Now I'm banned from prednisone (a lot of doctors said I can't be allergic to it, but there's a research study with another female my age having the same complication with it). Cardio told me to refuse all steroids. So some issues can be medicine induced. I wouldn't worry. Primary care would refer out if they were concerned.
  7. Typically if the cardiologist isn't worried about it; you shouldn't worry about it. I've had multiple abnormal EKGs that freaked out my primary care enough to send me to the ER. The ER ran a bunch of tests and could not find a cause for the abnormality. I got referred to cardio. Cardio wasn't too concerned with the abnormality. He ordered an echo to be safe and reassure me. I would trust your doctor in this case. Cardiologists know that dealing with the heart is serious business. Also, they are used to working with the older population; therefore, they have a lot of experience with symptoms and abnormalities that occur within that population.
  8. jdgate


    So on Monday I was walking my dog and he got a hold of a chicken leg that someone threw out or one of the raccoons got out of someone's trash. I pulled it out of his mouth and my hand got a little scratched by his teeth. No broken skin or anything. Well, lately my dog has been acting off. Family says he's being super whiny and antsy while I'm gone. All shots are up to date but they are due again in September. The day before this incident I had to take him to the emergency vet to get plastic removed he had swallowed. Am I worrying over nothing? I can't seem to let this go.
  9. I'm sorry you are struggling with this too. It's so terrible.
  10. Having a bad day. Feel like I keep forgetting things and keep stumbling when I type or read. Muscle twitches are driving me insane. I feel like I keep dropping stuff and that my hand coordination is off. Headache for most of the afternoon and neck pain. I feel like something is seriously wrong with me. I was feeling a lot better these last few weeks and the symptoms just reappeared on Monday. I'm so tired of this. I also got a tetanus shot yesterday due to a dog bite. I don't think it's related.
  11. jdgate


    They have you lay on a bed and they use an ultrasound machine on your heart. You have to change positions a few times and they use the ultrasound to look at how your heart is functioning. It's painless and easy.
  12. jdgate

    Lyme Diease worries

    So I've been doing okay until today. I was sewing and a tiny bug was crawling on my hand. It had a dark body and bright red legs. I accidentally smashed it when I went to get it off my hand. I'm worried it was a tick and I'm going to get Lyme disease. I picked a tick off the dog yesterday.
  13. jdgate

    Scared. Weird neuro symptoms

    only problem I have currently is intermittent twitching and numbness in my legs on and off.
  14. jdgate

    Scared. Weird neuro symptoms

    I met with the neurosurgeon yesterday and she doesn't recommend surgery. She also doesn't think all my symptoms are related to it. The twitching has calm down a lot. She examined me for 30 minutes and wants to MRI my spine to see if it explains some of the numbness I'm getting in my legs. She said I passed the physical neuro exam. Though some of her questions concerned me. Like: Have I fallen down? Am I able to button shirts? Do I have problems swallowing or do I choke often? These questions seemed ALS related. I'm not sure if these are questions they always ask or not. She would have said something if she thought it was that right?
  15. jdgate

    Scared. Weird neuro symptoms

    No MS but I have Mild chiari malformation type one. I'm scared and not sure what the next steps are.