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  1. Tight muscles are one of the most common symptoms of anxiety as we hold our muscles in anticipation. If you consciously try to drop your shoulders, you will see how tight they are.
  2. Mark G

    Blue lips

    My sister has the same thing, she gets a blueish grey lip a lot of the time. It's completely non causal and just a variation of normal. Test come back clear so nothing is going on.
  3. The very telling thing there is that you're aware and have logged every sensation to every movement made and noted periods of tightness etc. That proves that you're conscious of yourself and your sensations. This is the reason that you're feeling the way that you do. I hear you, wearing monitors is a real pain, especially at night but you do adapt with time.
  4. Oh yes, a bruise can send pain all over the place pending on whether it has agitated certain nerves. Nothing to worry about, it will go in good time i assure you.
  5. It's all anxiety created. Anxiety provides the symptoms your suggestible mind fears
  6. This is the progression of suggestion. Your analysing every sensation which is in turn creating more.
  7. Sounds like a lymph node bin. There are many under the jaw line so if it's tender then look for anything like spot outbreaks in the area or a swollen gum. Usually last a few days before they self resolve.
  8. One thing i will say to you about constipation is that, if it becomes too 'backed up', your body starts to break it down to make room. This is why you normally have a solid movement followed by varying degrees of soft or diarrhoea movements. That's perfectly normal
  9. If it were an aneurysm then you really would know about it. You have most likely bumped your hand without consciously recognising it and the week bruise has formed around your vein. The rest of what you're feeling is the fear based 'takeover' we are all so used to. Honestly, nothing to worry about. Place some ice on the area if it's particularly sore.
  10. Hello @Lolo95 Rule of thumb. No clinical weakness first = No chance of ALS. You have had multiple tests which show nothing so the likelihood is that these are benign fasciculations intensified by your fear of them. Your mind can either accept that the twitching is happening and be ok with it (which usually calms the twitching down) or it can react fearfully and prolong and create further twitching. So it's definitely not ALS and is most likely anxiety.
  11. Ok, well, looking at the facts as i understand them. So far, there has been no evidence whatsoever of MS with only one test left to do to entirely rule it out. This test is only ever performed to patients with more progressive symptoms and positive evidence gathered from other tests. So then input the probability of this being MS against other back issues and inflammatory causes and you're looking at really really low probability. I doubt your anxiety is going to let go of the spinal chord scan as that is where all the fear is pointing at the moment and you're mindset is locked on to it. Having MS throughout my family and through the experiences i have seen and what i've learnt, i highly doubt that your symptoms are MS causal.
  12. Ah right so a clear brain MRI, well that reduces the chances of this being MS to nearly nothing. Excuse my ignorance if i've missed it but have you had a spinal chord scan?
  13. I don't need to say anything lol, you know. So they have detected an inflamed area in your lower back and they have ruled out muscular?
  14. If your nerves are not damaged then it's highly unlikely to be MS, the damaged myelin sheath would be detected would it not?
  15. Yeah, to me heaven and hell are metaphors.
  16. Yes, in his/her reality, there is no colour so their reality exists to them without it. That suggests colour is an interpreted addition to reality and not a fundamental. Also, if you have a group of people witness something. Never do their stories match entirely, there is always a mismatch. Reality is in the subjective. Do these people actually see something different to each other or do they interpret what they sense differently. I personally think it's a bit of both Oh yes, i'm not religious personally but i feel the shear power of a church or cathedral/minster. I think intent is the answer. Children with high levels of energy laced with intent, create. It's not them but the condition they create. It would also explain 'ghosts'. Enough people with the same intent to see, or belief in, create things. Who says energy even exists but for a conscious measurement and interpretation? I love this stuff so you must stop me lol
  17. This is a subject i have been interested in and have actively researched and philosophised since i was capable of thought. I try not to tie myself into belief but i'm of the opinion that reality is not what we interpret it to be and yes, we are all connected via consciousness.
  18. You can't stop thoughts but you CAN stop listening to them. They have been telling you the same thing for a long while now. It could be a pinched nerve, yeah. It could be also be caused by a shortening of the muscle due to tension which is putting pressure on the tendons. The minset to reach is to not feafully react to what you feel. NO no. you're not being annoying, far from it.
  19. Sure, the amount of time your thumb was locking up and the tightness and soreness experienced afterwards will take a while to heal. Don't forget that the symptoms experienced are real, not imagined. If your thumb locks for a second, let it lock, don't fear it, it unlocks afterwards and everything is ok again. It's when you focus in on the lock fearfully .."oh no it's still happening.. this must mean that there is an issue" That's where the cycle is reconnected and anxiety starts again.
  20. Perfect from your counsellor, good stuff.
  21. Hope you're moms doing well, Mo.
  22. Anxiety messes with metabolism and also eating habits so it's common for anxious people to lose weight. You can have anxiety over absolutely ANYTHING you fear, even losing weight.
  23. There is the metaphorical fuel tank anxiety is taking the energy it needs to progress from. You're clearly not dying but the feeling that you are creates a perfect environment for anxiety to thrive. Anxiety has a really big advantage over us and that is, we never believe 'it' is behind everything. It has free reign because we disbelieve the possibility and instead try to find a physical illness. When this becomes realised, anxiety finds it a lot more difficult to have the impact it did.