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  1. Does anyone take clonazapam daily

    I don't take medication, it didn't work for me.
  2. Hi @summerlily72Where does the anxiety come from for you?
  3. Respiratory Clinic referral

    No suffering, take it as it is. It will go with time, a few weeks or so. You say that you had a large spot near the node, i would say that you have found the cause. Nodes don't go down as soon as the spot goes, it takes time and once a node has been activated, it will not go down to nothing, it will always be there but thats normal.
  4. Respiratory Clinic referral

    Great info, yes, I have some skin issues so that's where my swollen nodes are most likely coming from. It's very easy to get caught up in the thoughts, I'm not immune from it either, it's part and parcel of having anxiety. As little reaction as you can muster and let it pass.
  5. Respiratory Clinic referral

    Well in a strange coincidence, my nodes have swollen up on my mastoid process also. I have 2 lumps, one central and one at the bottom of the process near the ear lobe. You're not alone. Nodes can take a while to settle so give it more time.
  6. Respiratory Clinic referral

    How are you doing @kay19801?
  7. scared to start beta blockers please help

    Give it some time, initial side effects are common but they usually fade out with time. If nothing changes in the next week or so, speak to the doctor for their opinion.
  8. Anxiety attack relieved after eating?

    This is how anxiety works, it's switches from one fear to another usually through suggestion. Try to keep this in mind when a new symptom arrives. See the regularity and the thought processes as anxiety runs like clockwork and learning this can be very helpful.
  9. Anxiety attack relieved after eating?

    It won't be diabetes, I assure you.
  10. Respiratory Clinic referral

    I assure you, nothing is wrong other than anxiety. Accepting fear is a really powerful thing, keep practicing.
  11. Respiratory Clinic referral

    Your anxiety is fuelling the constant thinking about it. It's the fear of the unknown and those possibilities your mind has conjured. 4 weeks is a good time to wait but it's only going to suitable providing you stop enflaming the area. Where your intent goes, your mind follows. Have the intent to leave it be. When the crave starts, rule it out don't act on it. Craves last a few minutes typically so the more you practice on ignoring the crave, the more your mind starts to change its setting.
  12. Yeah that happens, the process of thoughts can be hard to explain but the thought itself is not the issue, the reaction is the issue. You could have that thought and think nothing of it, you could treat is as another everyday thought and it go. Letting it go disarms it.
  13. Had to bail on my anniversary present.

    Hello, This is called anticipatory thinking and is entirely anxiety. Anticipatory thinking conjures up future possibilities as if they will actually happen when the fact is, they almost certainly never do. The fear of these possibilities in turn stop you from doing anything just in case they do happen. You second guess and the belief you have created sits in your mind as a future certainty when future certainty is impossible. The thought of going to the gig and having an attack sets you up to possibly have an attack. If you had chosen to go anyway, the chances of having an attack would still be small as you could not possibly know the setting of the place, the atmosphere, the sounds etc. These things were conjured in the mind before hand again, as certainties. With anticipatory thinking, becoming comfortable will all possibilities actually starts to help you (even thought it doesn't feel like it right now), if you relax with all idea's, the wind is taken out of anxieties sails as anxiety needs your fear to exist. If you have another opportunity to go to a gig, take it, take it knowing the possibilities and be comfortable with them. Even if it does happen and an attack starts, don't run, stay, ride it out. Panic cannot hurt you, it can only make you think that it can. Anxiety is the master of manipulation and it bluffs you in to thinking that you may collapse or faint etc, but no one has ever fainted through panic and anxiety, it's bluff. Panic only last for as long as adrenalin runs through the system and adrenalin has a life of about 15 minutes. You have already felt all panic can do to you, it can do no more but, again, it can make you THINK that it can do worse. More manipulation. Running from and finding ways out of events validates anxiety and it strengthens it's resolve and attachment to you consciousness so the next step is to accept that this happens and do what you want anyway. Anxiety is only the master of you when you allow it to be, it totally relies on your reaction to be the strength it is. If you want further explanation then i'm happy to delve further into it. All the good people on this site will be able to help you, all you need do is ask
  14. Ear Worms

    Yes, ear worms are the repetition of certain phrases or a chorus to a song etc. I used to get them terribly in the mornings when i was anxious. Ear worms are a manifestation of the anxiety you suffer at any particular time. They are caused by the automatic thoughts presented by a negatively tilted mindset. Anxiety revolves around the same repetitious thought cycle so ear worms are directly connected.
  15. scared to start beta blockers please help

    Yes, i wouldn't worry about beta blockers, i've taken them before with no issues and my other half takes a high dose and is ok.