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  1. Mark G


    Center of the chest, stabbing pains. Most likely a bit of tendonitis. Have you lifted anything awkwardly recently?
  2. Ahh that dreaded Dr Google. It took a slight concern to a spun it into a horrific disease. Id say having your legs crossed for that long simply started a bit of swelling (plus anxiety driven perceived swelling) perhaps a bit of nerve [pain and a bit of lactic acid build up. It happens but is nothing to worry about. Try not to resort to google, you know what the answer will be on there and it's never the answer you want.
  3. Mark G

    Weird feeling in head

    The thing with anxiety is that even though you don't feel anxious sometimes, that anxiety is still there, lurking behind the scenes in the subconscious. That's where it lives and operates and from this position, it can still influence symptoms and sensations. If you have had a bad period with anxiety, all of the nerves are still on edge and sometimes it takes that one trigger, whatever it may be, to set off a strange sensation. You could well have had a spasm in one of the muscles in the your head which may have quickly taken a life of it's own as anxiety takes over. It's hard to say what the cause is but the sensation went away right? I get sensation of severe dizziness which come from nowhere and lest about half a second. Once upon a time i would have had a meltdown but i now spend the same amount of time caring about it. If a strange sensation arrives, goes and doesn't seem to return then it's just an anomaly with no cause and no reason and should be tret as such (i know, it's not as easy is that right?). You're ok
  4. Mark G

    Muscular pain or aortic aneurysm?

    Yep, the newer fears are fresh and rationality has yet to be applied. Anxiety has resorted to riding on these fears with you which is good evidence that it doesn't have the plentiful fuel source that it used to so progress is being made, certainly.
  5. This is the power of suggestion together with staring at a computer screen. It's not crazy, it's an example of an anxious persons thought processes and reactions. The power of suggestion is unbelievable
  6. Mark G

    Feels like food is stuck in throat again

    Globus is the result of anxiety and stress so can continue for as long as you're in the same state and fear the symptom. There are no time limits with anxiety
  7. The bane of the anxious person. The niggle that keeps it all going, anxieties number one tool, the "what if". Do you do a lot of self research Molly?
  8. I'm sorry that this is persisting Molly. It does sound like a pinched/crushed nerve issue doesn't it but i'm no doctor so they will do their thing and sort this problem out. One thing i will say, it's not ALS. With ALS, fasciculations only occur in one area and long after the muscle has weakened to the point of being next to useless, not the other way round. I hope they find out what causing it, treat it and put your mind at ease. Try to resist Google and attaching yourself to worst case scenarios, it's going to be just fine.
  9. Mark G

    Feels like food is stuck in throat again

    Thats called Globus Hystericus and is happening because of your focus on it. Your throat sphincter is over tightening. It's very very common in anxiety sufferers
  10. Mark G

    Lymph Node Worry

    Exactly right, leave them be and they will go down on their own.
  11. Mark G

    Fluid in ears

    If you're going to pop your ears, do not use the Valsalva maneuver, that get be very dangerous. Yawning and swallowing is the best way
  12. Mark G

    Lymph Node Worry

    Yes, guilty myself. Some of my nodes never went down completely and i'm sure my interference didn't help. It's so easy to prod and poke them to check if they are going down. Odd also how we check every 10 minuted too. Thats the obsession .
  13. You're welcome Penny, i'm glad i can help people
  14. Mark G

    Lymph Node Worry

    My neck and jaw line are covered in nodes, they raise and they shrink, they're just doing the job they were given. I went through a period of worrying about them and prodding and poking. All that did was irritate them and keep them swollen. I assure you, your nodes will be fine, the doctors agree so there is nothing to worry about. Like Bobnnat has said, do not Google, none of the information there is helpful to you, it will only make you feel worse. Swollen nodes mean they are going there job correctly, it's a GOOD thing, not a bad.
  15. Just to add, 18 months and you're still kicking right? Any serious illness would have manifested and deteriorated by now. This is good evidence that anxiety is behind it. I have tinnitus in my right ear and for months on end i would obsess over finding out why it's happening and try to stop it. After time i though.. "this is just not worth it" and i just let it ring. I gave up fighting as i simply cannot find the cause, it is what it is. That was a few years ago and although i still have tinnitus, i couldn't care less about it now, it's just part of me. I also do not hear it any more as the fear and introspection faded and i habituated to the sound. The mindset to work towards is the mindset that says, "meh, my face is tingling but i'm comfortable with that, it will go when it goes" Take the fear out.