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  1. Heart problem or acid reflux?

    Thanks Jon for the resonpse, I had panic attacks before, this is the second time this happen to me I don't what it is...the feeling feels like it comes from the stomach because I feel like something coming up and then bam it hits me ughhhh I hate this feeling...plus I'm having pain in the middle of my chest sharp pains and dull pain? Is that the heart? I'm so scared I can't get rid of this feeling!! Can you help me out of what I should do I can't even enjoy my child I always feel like I'm having a heart attack all these pains accord I hate it this
  2. Heart problem or acid reflux?

    Hey guys I been doing good with my anxiety, but last night was the worst I came home and I went to lay in bed and I was reading and I felt like something coming up and I needed to cough then my heart went out of wack it was beating fast and skipping like crazy and I went to sit or lay and it happen again then it stopped after 5 mins..can anyone tell me if any of yous experience this?? Is it a heart problem? Or acid reflux?.... please guys I need your help thanks!!
  3. Gerd or acid reflux? Or heart?

    Well said Jon! Walking with God think I read your posts i suffer the same sysptoms you do..now think about it for how long you been having these feelings for a while right? Well me too and im still here writing and waking up every morning running like my mom said if you had a blood clot or a problem with the heart you would know when you run or walk well i been doing it nothing had happen to me so now I know it's anxiety so little by little ill beat it and believe i still get the sysptoms and the pain behind the legs my arms my chest and the acid reflux doesn't make it easier so think of this way when you get the sysptoms laugh think of a happy place because we all know it's gonna pass..I have faith and i say to myself whatever is gonna be its gonna be who cares if those sysptoms come..listen i beat it before and I will beat it again, if you need anything sweetie im here like I said I suffer the same things you do about the heart..feel free anytime of the day to reach out love and light enjoy your day put a smile on your face because we're gonna beat this i know be strong my friend xoxo
  4. Gerd or acid reflux? Or heart?

    Thank you so much herbie same here xoxo
  5. Gerd or acid reflux? Or heart?

    Yea i feel like that sometimes too i get the pains by the heart, arms, legs omg the worst sometimes my face gets numb lol...I believe we will all get thru this because we can't live our whole lives stressing on this..I believe as well that there's better days coming..i put in my head what's the worst that can happen...one day we all will look back and this and say what was I thinking and those days are gone we can't get them back but I also believe God has better plans for all of us that suffer he will heal our pain so we can enjoy that loving life that we all should live...and people that read this that have anxiety and crazy sysmtoms just remember all those young kids that were born with c****r and dieases knowing that one day there time will be up and us we worry and go to doctor and find nothing wrong with us and believe me the test don't lie people say that others go to the doctor and they there fine and then something happens to them and the doctor hasn't caught it that time is all bs..that's a myth going the Internet for people to worry more...believe in God have faith and everything will happen...people look up saint padre pio he has helped out so many people all over the world pray to him and all will be fine...herbie thank you so much for the help and talk i will pray for your anxiety to go away !! Xoxo
  6. Gerd or acid reflux? Or heart?

    Thanks herbie, i had anxiety for a long time i beat it once and it came back ever since I had afib but I will try to do it again and beat it..im 29 years old single dad lol I guess im young...if you mind me asking what do you suffer from?
  7. Gerd or acid reflux? Or heart?

    Thank you so much!!! Yea it's scary i always think there something wrong with my heart and i drive my family crazy and like my mom said you if you run your pumping your heart if there was something wrong something would have happen already..I guess she is right lol...but thank you so much..plus I had ekg and Echo done 2 months ago and a heart monitor for 5 days and all came back normal should I do a stress test just wondering if anyone knows better
  8. Gerd or acid reflux? Or heart?

    I started running again today I meant
  9. Gerd or acid reflux? Or heart?

    Hi guys im new to this, im freaking out a little i don't know what it is but I keep getting flutters and my heart skips?? Is my heart?? I starting again today and after that i had a decaf coffee I don't know what it is help me please im freaking out...last year i had AFIB but I did the surgey and its all done but I had those flutter sysptoms but my doctor it's not from AFiB its all done..I don't know what to do