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  1. Looking for some advice on mice issue?

    Ya thats what were doing, we have some outside and nothing, no excess poop but its just the thought of it to be honest. No we dont, there are some strays every now and then but none that our own.
  2. Hello everyone! This is my first time posting this so I hope some of you can help. I have had anxiety/depression for about 3-5 years now and for the past 4 years everything has been going pretty good to be honest. However, recently in the month of October my family realized we had mice in our house. So we did what any family would do and set some traps and caught them 3 to be exact. I then decided to google some information which clearly set out to be a horrible idea. After seeing my Councillor about this issue I started to feel a little a little bit better. We haven't seen nor caught any since October but I am still really worried. I have found mice droppings in my garage but have not seen any mice. I checked all around my house for droppings like every day and still nothing. I dont have anything against mice but I have read articles on how massive amounts of mice live in Australia due to the farmers and have seen horrific videos of massive mouse plagues. I am just terrified that they are multiplying in my garage and eventually going to ruin our house. I know this is irrational and there have been some really good advice I have found on the internet that helps put my mind at ease. But I still think that it is going to happen to me. My mind always goes to the worse case scenario with situations like this and was wondering if any of you can offer advice. Thanks a bunch!!
  3. Help with overcoming this fear..

    Hi god girl I think your best bet is to get a counsellour it helps alot, just now these are your worries learn to live life to the best
  4. Help with overcoming this fear..

    I just hope someone can help us by some words of encouragement
  5. Hi everyone recently i had my first appointment with my counselor and it went good. However im having a problem recently I was on a website and saw a post on evil dead and it sent me into a frenzy to search the movie not like the whole thing but like parts of it and im scared someone is gonna come in my house pop up freak me out and kill me. My next appointment is next week and im really nervous if anyone can help me out that would be great i would really appreciate it. (Sorry for spelling)
  6. hey jonathon and lizzymae thanks for all your help i really do appreciate it these words do in fact help me alot however jonathon i dont understand what u mean by recent articles that i can read can u re explain that to me.
  7. Hi everyone this is my first time here and im kind of nervous to post here. I have this problem about death and sometimes nice words and words of reassurance help me for a couple months. I have a problem with this everytime i here one of my friends mentioning a horror movie i Google it and i screw myself over and try to prove to myself its not that bad. For example today my friend mentioned the movie panic button and it got me thinking that i dont want to die, i dont want to get killed or my family getting murdered for stuff i do. I googled the website and its actually a website. Im a nice person and try to make everyone smile and enjoy life. I cant get a shrink right now so if anyone can help me i live in Toronto and my area is alright i try not to piss people off. Can anyone help me with some words of reassurance like can this happen i have trouble sleeping and im home alone for about 3 hours everday and im so scared. Can anyone help me please i dont want someone breaking into my house and beating all my family members. I know this sounds out of the ordinary but i just freeze and tense up and everytime i hear a new horror movie i get scared and feel like crying but my parents and brother dont hear me can anyone help me.