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  1. Torontogirl

    Health Anxiety and Symptoms - Please Help MS Fears

    You’ll see if you read some of the posts on this site that what you are experiencing is pretty common with anxiety. Yes, I’ve had weird neurological symptoms and like you, was told by doctors that they couldn’t find any health issues. Believe the doctors, then move on. Meditation, acceptance, exercise, all these things will help you with your anxiety. And finally the best advice I can give - DON’T GOOGLE symptoms. Happy and healthy New Year!
  2. Torontogirl

    Struggling with my daughter

    Hey Bin, I just want to say I feel for you. Raising children can be so stressful. Even with my daughter, though I didn’t have any sort of mental illness to deal with I still had to contend with other issues that made many years just plain difficult. 13 is not an easy age at the best of times, but with all the help you’re getting for her I think her future looks pretty good. I’m rooting for ya.
  3. I think it’s just abnormal chewing noises that bother me, like when someone chews with their mouth open, that sort of thing.
  4. They sound good. Lol. If you are able to find out, I’d love to know the name. Thank you for your help.
  5. Thanks Holls. Do you remember the herbal pills you took? I exercise, eat well etc. I think honestly, I have over sensitized my whole system, and I did this a long time ago. 😳
  6. Thanks bin_tenn. I will definitely think about what you have written. I guess I wonder if people can heal without drugs.
  7. Has anyone else experienced this? It’s been for about three weeks straight. I’ve had this before but it gradually settled down. My doctor gave me Zoloft but I haven’t started taking it because I don’t want to go down the drug path. Of course, since I can’t control it I feel it is a health issue- something must be wrong with me. I just had a physical and everything was fine. I’m not sure what to do to stop it, and I have Christmas and a holiday down south coming up and don’t want those times ruined. Any tips?
  8. Torontogirl

    Off topic here....but where is everyone from?

    Born and raised in Toronto. There are a number of us on this site that live in Toronto. It must be the cold weather that contributes to our anxiety. Lol
  9. Torontogirl

    Brain MRI Experience (positive)

    I agree the MRI process itself is a breeze. It’s waiting for the results that is extremely stressful. Best of luck.
  10. Torontogirl

    Scared vision issue periphery

    I get all kinds of eye flickers, spots etc. I go annually for thorough eye exams and mine are healthy. I think eyes just do this sort of thing when you're anxious and when you're not. Part of life.
  11. Torontogirl

    How to live a long and healthy life

    Good story Bobnat. It goes to show attitude probably matters more than we know...
  12. Torontogirl

    Worried about the kiddo, he got water up his nose.

    Everyone gets water up their nose at some point. It’s absolutely a non issue. I would suggest that you don’t let him see you worrying about this because he may start to become fearful about situations that life in genereal throws at us and as we know there are many.
  13. Torontogirl

    Awaiting test results

    I can relate Bobnat. The worst part of testing for me is the chance of false positives. I didn’t really fear them in the past until I got one. I had a mammogram 4 or 5 years ago and all I got was a letter in the mail requesting further testing. I freaked, as you can imagine. Calling the office to find out why further testing was needed didn’t help because no one returned my call. They made me wait three weeks before results were in. Apparently there was nothing wrong with me, they just didn’t get a proper imagine first time around. The horror of that stuck with me. You know you will be fine, it’s just your anxiety getting in the way. Oh I can relate only too well. I agree with Lily call in for the results and tell them you have anxiety. I’ve done this for other tests also. Keep us posted...
  14. Torontogirl

    2 major medical appnts today :(

    Lily i just thought I’d chime in as well. I was told years ago because of an MRI I had on my lower back that I had a small cluster on my liver. I was ready to arrange my own funeral at that point. Well, it turned out to be something called a hemangioma. I probably had it my entire life and many people have them. It’s really nothing and doesn’t affect a person’s life at all. I was told by the radiologist that they are discovering more benign incidental abnormalities than ever in the past because of the increase in invasive testing. We had these lumps and bumps in the past as well, it’s just we weren’t having the invasive tests that discover them. Best of luck!