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  1. SadPenguin

    Sad Day Today

    I have been trying my hardest to be positive about my situation since me and my bf kinda argued and broke up. Which was over practically nothing. He is being stubborn and saying he has made his choice and that he is sticking to it, even tho he 'wants to be with me' and 'loves me'. He decided he wants space to decide what he wants! He knows how much I am hurting. The problem is that I can't give him space, I am so scared of losing him for good, but I just think he will forget about me. Can anyone give me some advice?
  2. SadPenguin


    I hate coming home late cos parking is terrible where i live. I worry where i will park my car if it's not near my house.
  3. SadPenguin


    I get like that, even if it's something I do a lot. I just find the more you do it, the more you don't think about it. It becomes second nature I guess :| I think the more we think about things the more we psych the brain out.
  4. SadPenguin

    Can't speak up

    I think I would probably say something stupid like 'Thanks for the offer but not today thanks, I'm on a diet' even if I wasn't but I would say it in a jokey friendly way
  5. SadPenguin

    Left Side Abdominal Pain

    When I get stressed and worry about things I get super tense and it knots the muscles in my shoulders - they are more like rocks nowadays. But where I tense SO much I actually can't relax my shoulders now, I have to really concentrate to do it. I don't even realize I am stress most the time. But i hurts, not different to giving your legs a huge work out. but due to location and knots it's a more pained feeling, to the point my are so bad it's really painful and now feels like my skin is burning. For the Gas/constipation, might be worth taking some over the counter meds to see if it eases it. <3
  6. SadPenguin

    Left Side Abdominal Pain

    I used to really bad IBS when i was anxious or stressed. I used to be doubled over in pain. Always used to be in the places you said.
  7. SadPenguin


    Sending my love to you Quatrolstari. Everyone on here will always be here for you to talk to. And if you want to have a live conversation on chat there is the chat room on here and if by some change no one is online there is a site called 7 Cups of Tea that usually always has people who are available to chat. (Not that im advertising, its great for if you want and anonymous chat with someone who doesn't know you) they are all volunteers who WANT to be there. You are never alone.
  8. SadPenguin

    I've messed up everything

    Thanks Jon I know I will be ok in the long run. I think when I'm bad I am bad, but when I'm good I'm fantastic. So when things hurt me and go wrong I take it harder. It's like one extreme to the other.It's almost like I am 2 entirely different people. I did me some retail therapy today and brought pretty things and tomorrow i'm getting my butt of of bed and off the computer and going to see my sister and do that social thing!
  9. SadPenguin

    Need Help / Support

    Mike, i have anxiety and I used to get really bad chest pain with heavy arms to the point where i couldn't breathe cos it was so painful. Turns out that due to the anxiety and stress it was giving me chest inflammation which can't really be treated just had to take pain killers. But since being on Sertaline i haven't experienced those symptoms. I know it's a terrifying feeling. I used to go to the local walk in centre/GPs and out of hours GPs cos I was convinced that it was bad, it took many times and a good Dr to explain to me what caused it and that I was ok. After experiencing it for a while I just treated it as the normality of stress/anxiety. CBT also help and they explained how stress/anxiety effects your body.
  10. SadPenguin

    I've messed up everything

    Thanks guys. I feel a bit better today. Meds have settled me and as much as i hate my situation and i'm sad. It's not in my control and if it's meant to be it will resolve itself. I've been keeping myself distracted. I think i just had to get things out there. As for hating myself. I do. I hate the way my brain works. I have a habit of sabotaging everything when it's good. Then I'm back to having nothing. Now i can pretty much count my friends on one hand. I guess i just feel lonely and i can't have a pet
  11. I have managed to mess up my life in 24hrs. I HATE being me! I don't like the feeling that I do everything thing wrong and it's always my fault. Why does my mind doubt everything that is good and then makes it something broken and sad. Does anyone else have the internal monologue that is going at super crazy speed or is that just me? Feeling sorry to myself I'm a sad little penguin