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  1. feeling inspired this morning

  2. RT @_egghater: i see woody allen is trending not because he has died but because he's defending weinstein. die already bitch…

  3. @HushBeetle Yes it’s the important part, but your feelings are important also. IMO.

  4. RT @FuckYugi: When your bank account’s at 0 Life Points but you believe in the heart of the cards

  5. @TheWorstCowboy yes

  6. RT @vullirunes: that feel when its finally halloween month

  7. RT @Philip_Ellis:

  8. HERE @sinead_jamie do u call your group of friends the ‘Shnat Pack’ or what

  9. RT @Pliny_theElder:

  10. RT @justinbieber: I used to get nightmares watching scooby doo. Not anymore.

  11. @ImInAWonderland fuck

  12. RT @Strange_Animals: The bay cat is found in the tropical forests of Borneo. There are less than 2,500 individuals left on the island https…

  13. RT @scearley: banksy does it again

  14. @brondeef Im talkin' worms