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  1. always had been shy my whole life and never had more than three friends at a time. used to get beat up all the time and twice was sent to the hospital for broken bones and punctures. i know now that im probably physically safe but i still have the fear of being judge for who i am.
  2. not really sure how to get over this fear. i believe i did all i could but still havent improved. i even force myself to get out in public and talk to them. i even work in a resturaunt where i HAVE to talk but i still have trouble making friends. my coworkers been really nice to me and trying to get me to talk to them but when i try, i get scared at the last minute and i just avoid them. i really want to make friends but just afraid.
  3. I just came to help find a support system and be able to talk about how i am feeling. I have been getting worse just this month alone and i am at the end of the rope. i have constant flash backs and severe anxiety among other things. been feeling extremely alone lately too. i just want to be able to talk to someone without being judged.