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  1. I have anxiety too but I take medication for it too, would be a wreck without it I think. I just got done with treatments for stage 1 lung cancer so you can imagine what I've been through and it's not easy I can tell you. Have you had your blood pressure checked lately? That feeling in your head could be high BP but you're only 20 and I doubt that that is the problem. Fear is a terrible thing to deal with and I have fears too. Write down your feelings and do it every day. Also make a gratitude journal, things you are thankful for. You work a job so that's a good sign, you get out and mingle with other people. I am more nervous when I'm home alone than when I'm out with people so try to be with people as often as you can. I would suggest some counseling too, I'm 75 and see a counselor every week to talk about my problems and get them off my mind. You aren't losing your memory, that's anxiety that is scrambling your thinking. Don't give up, you're not alone.
  2. Bterflymom

    Really Scared, Please Help

    Silas I think what you had was a major panic attack and you can't die from a panic attack, it's impossible. I used to get them too and ran out of stores and such many times. I finally got some help and was placed on medication to keep me stable. Panic attacks are very scary but they don't last forever as you know. I would suggest for a quick fix to breath into a paper bag as slow and long as you can and do it over until your breathing is normal again, it will help you. Confusion is also a symptom of panic and anxiety, don't let it scare you, we've all had it at one time or another. I'm 75 and talk about confusion, wow. Listen to some soothing music or ocean sounds, relax your body from the feet all the way up to your head, one part at a time. Tell that part to relax and help that happen. I hope this has helped you some, you're not alone, millions of people suffer the same thing you are going through and you'll get better.
  3. Bterflymom

    Is this anxiety or legit?

    Well I haven't done that before but so what, it's over and time to let it go. She might have had too much to drink too but since she hasn't said anything about it I would just go on like all is OK and not give it any energy. I've done some crazy things in my life too as we all have so enjoy your life and forget the one night you had too much fun.
  4. I suspect the tanning stuff made the mole darker than it was so not to worry. Sounds like you're feeling better and that's very good, keep up the positive work you're doing. What will be will be and you can deal with all of that when and if things change for you. You're not alone, so many millions suffer from depression and anxiety. For me it's mostly anxiety that gets to me and like I said I take medication for it. Journal your feelings and then also do a "grateful" list, things you are grateful for. I do that often too right down to the smallest things in my life that I am grateful for. Take care. XX
  5. Sorry you're having so much worry over various things and I think you're overwhelming yourself. Since you don't know about the job issue yet try not to dwell on it, don't think so negative about it. You've been there long enough and you do good work so be positive if you can. You must have a talent of some sort to be able to get another job if need be so try to not think you are the one leaving your present position, you probably won't be losing your job. I also have health anxiety or should I say doctor and test anxiety. I get all worked up if I have to get a test and the anxiety hits the roof. Truth be told things always come out find. I would have the mole checked so you can get that off your mind, it could be nothing or it could be just a surface issue which I've had myself. Do your best and if need be get on some medication to carry you through the hard parts of late. I take anxiety medication and it helps me over the hard times and worry. You'll be fine, deep breathe, journal your feelings, talk to friends about your concerns. Hope you get some relief.
  6. Yes some days are really hard but we all come back to our true selves in time, at least I did. I had some horrible anxiety and depression for many years as does many of my family members. For some of us it's hereditary and that's the case in my family. Then life happens and things go wrong and it's worse for us who have anxiety on top of life to deal with. We survive and we're the strong ones if you really think about it, we're survivors. You can do it, I can do it too. We face fears and anxiety but push on and we will make it, life is a gift. I hope you feel better and I know you will. Don't be scared of that uncomfortable feeling that anxiety gives us, it won't last forever but it is scary that I know all too well. Hang in there and write down all the things you're thankful for in your life, might help you like it did me.
  7. Sorry for the set back but you know it's a set up for a come back. We all have setbacks, me too and I just try my best to tell myself I'll be OK and this too shall pass. Ask yourself what you are scared of and write a letter to the fear, writing always helps me. As for the sick part it's probably an emotion and not a true illness, at least I hope not. We always come out of these backslides and you will too. Sending you a hug ()()()
  8. Bterflymom

    ruminating on aging and death

    You will get better but it takes some work and a change of attitude as well. There were times I felt the same way but I went into therapy and got on some medication and am doing well now. Death is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, don't put your father through such a thing. I wish you would reach out some more and get some professional help, it's well worth it.
  9. Bterflymom

    The funniest things that you are afraid of

    Good to hear from you again. I agree with what you said about hospitals and highways, my two fears. Sharing information is always good to hear. Take care.
  10. Bterflymom

    Anxious about Traveling

    I used to be afraid when the plane hit rough spots but the steward told me to just think of it as pot holes in the sky so that's what I do now. We're flying to London in May and that's a long flight too and I'm not looking forward to being all cramped up but must get there so that's just how it is. I always take a xanax before I fly so I'm calm and my favorite part is landing because we're back on solid ground. If you're not sitting with a friend ask someone to trade seats with you, most people will do that for you. Enjoy your trip, it sounds wonderful.
  11. Bterflymom

    Analyzing Convos

    Personally I don't analyze my conversations. I think I'm a pretty smart person and I have a funny side too and that often comes out in conversations. My friends and family know me well and accept me as I am. I hope you can relax a bit and not worry about what others think about what you said because I would guess most of them don't think anything about it. Good luck and just be yourself.
  12. Bterflymom

    The funniest things that you are afraid of

    Not sure my fears are funny but I'm afraid of pills and the side effects and of medical tests and surgery. Also the thought of being a patient in a hospital scares me big time. I'm also afraid of highways because of the big trucks there and they go so fast it really worries me. I can't think of anything else I'm really scared of but that's enough to keep me on my toes at my age of 75 when things on my body could start falling apart. LOL
  13. Thank you for your feedback!!
  14. I never thought of anxiety in this was but to me it's a feeling, a physical feeling that is very uncomfortable and sometimes scary. I do react to it and I know that's not good, I just want the feeling to go away. I take tiny amounts of xanax and figure I'm covered when it starts so I guess you could say I'm psychologically addicted to it and I know that's not good either. I'm 75 and figure that at my age I need to do what helps me and that's what helps me.
  15. Bterflymom

    ruminating on aging and death

    I think about the aging process too, I just turned 75 on March 9th and my husband will be 80 in May. I think I can do things I used to do easily and that's not the case anymore. I find it frustrating not to remember a certain song or word I want to remember and that causes me much anxiety and frustration. Nobody said getting old was for sissies and believe me it's true. I'm a young 75 and nobody believes that's my actual age but alas it is. Hang in there, I'm doing my best.