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  1. App

    I tried to get this app and it's not available here I guess. Bummer
  2. I've had the same wish for a long time and I'm thinking that this is my life now and it could be much worse. I'm 74 and have been retired for 17 years. I get bored and miss people so I try to get out of the house every day to do something which isn't easy. I take meds and that has helped me so much and you're lucky you don't have to take them. The feeling of anxiety just makes me feel worse so I take them so I feel "normal" whatever that is. Good luck to you
  3. Sorry you're having such a time of it and I understand, I have it too off and on. I take medication for the anxiety but sometimes it does still overwhelm me. At times I feel a little scared of going out but there is no way I'm going to get into agoraphobia, that would be the end of me. Once I'm out I'm fine and actually when I stay in on weekends I'm more anxious at home. Try something over the counter for your stomach and if it's really bad I would suggest getting yourself checked out by a doctor. At one time I had an inflamed stomach from stress and medication took care of it. I wish you all good things.
  4. Magnesium

    I take magnesium every day as a vitamin but I didn't know it was good for anxiety and sleeping too, glad to hear that. I have anxiety but I do sleep well without sleeping pills which I've never taken. If it works for you and me then I guess it's a good thing.

    No, I take xanax and it works just fine. I take the generic alprazolam.
  6. Having a bit of a rough day

    I think that right now you're sensitive to things that other people would probably not pay any attention to. That happens when you have some anxiety working and like you said, your hormones are working away too. We also just got over a full moon which does throw some people off, me being one of them. When ice falls in our freezer it makes noise too so not to worry about that one and I doubt you're hearing things. Try to deep breathe and write a list of all the things you are thankful for and I think you'll feel better. You're not alone.
  7. I was going to suggest writing the manufacturer and you did that. i was on levsin for gas pains and stomach bloating and it worked great and they stopped making that too. I now use dycylomene but it doesn't work as well. Just out luck.
  8. GAD

    You're certainly not alone, I've had it off and on for years too and am on medication to keep me stable. I am on medication which helps a whole lot and i also see a therapist weekly. I tend to over think and that gets me in trouble with anxiety all the time. I listen to meditation CD's and visual therapy too, helps a lot. I hope you feel better and keep going forward. We all somehow get through this in time and you will too.
  9. Help!!!

    So glad you're feeling better today, good for you!! The self talk makes me nuts so I'm glad you're not having problems with that too. You seem to be on a very good track so keep up the good work. Our little dog is getting neutered today so I'm a nervous wreck. I do volunteer work today, hope I can keep my mind on it. Take care and you get a gold star for doing so well.
  10. Help!!!

    You're doing very very good and I like your attitude as well. We always seem to come back no matter how far back we fall, at least that's been my experience. Xanax in small doses if you're really anxious won't get you addicted. I take it but only when I really need it and usually that's a few days before a full moon phase, crazy I know. I also do take about 2 mg in 24 hours and that keeps me stable and feeling normal without anxiety. I'm 74 and I plan to take it as long as I need it. I also take Lexipro 20 mg. every day. Keep up the good work and that good attitude you have.
  11. Our drug store has changed the look of my medication on more than one occasion because they buy from a different supplier, probably for a cheaper price. The medication is the same, it just looks different.
  12. Help!!!

    I think the anxiety is from withdrawing the alcohol but I'm not a doctor. Makes sense to me though, sort of like a DT situation where the body wants the alcohol and you get the shakes when you don't drink. I'm not a drinker but my daughter was and she had to have a beer when she woke up or she got the DT's and shook. Stay off the drink, I'm sure in time it will mellow out, or see a Doctor for something to calm you.
  13. Ear Worms

    Thanks for explaining this to me. I don't have the same thoughts going around in my head but a variety of things that cause me anxiety when I think about them.
  14. Ear Worms

    Thanks for explaining this to me, it's very interesting.
  15. Ear Worms

    I've never heard of an ear worm but there are times when I can't shut my mind off. That usually happens when I wake up and want to stay in bed but my mind won't rest so I can go back to sleep. Is that what you're talking about?