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  1. 0LKmtzX.gif

    when the walls feel like they're closing in..

  2. nice shades :sexface:

    1. Lucid


      lol thanks man.Just picked up a lap top and was playing some poker.Decided to snap a picture.:)


    2. ashes
  3. weiners can be l00sers too

  4. That's new-age B.S. that shouldn't be 'confirmed' by anyone, especially in an anxiety forum where people often have fears that they will cause harm or harm will come to them. What this really is, is more of that whole 'angel and devil on your shoulders' concept.. one whispering good things, the other bad. They are just passing thoughts, no real harm ever came from just thinking them.
  5. lol.. I imagined that spike going up there before he stood up
  6. lol @ Aussie Adventures.. can't imagine what that could be like haha I dunno that there's any TV shows that help my anxiety.. but I suppose the brainless or funnier ones help. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is good!
  7. Yeah Gizmo I'm sick and tired of seeing the same walls of this apartment I've trapped myself in for quite a long while. I need a change of scenery big time
  8. ashes


    Check the tubes! I get some workout ideas from youtube from channels like amanda russell, blogilates or ShayLoss.. there's a bunch of others, and you get lots of hits if you search 'at home workout' or 'bodyweight workouts' etc. If you can't use the internet I suppose you can download them for offline playing. There's also fitness games for consoles and the PC...
  9. ashes

    im back

    That stuff woulda freaked me the heck out haha.. you're pretty brave, girl. Welcome back!