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  1. gale

    Body Aches

    Thank you all for understanding me and giving me your thoughts!! Don't really have anyone that understands me...... just that I am having somatic symptoms which are all in my head. Sometimes it hurts because I feel them and god there are so many. Some days I wanna stay in bed because I feel so weird. But only I can change. 🙂
  2. gale

    Body Aches

    This is why I can't wait for the day to end...... at least I get relief when I go to bed. Then when morning comes it starts all over again. 😞
  3. gale

    Body Aches

    It's me again..... Sorry to keep asking so many questions. For some reason my whole body hurts especially my head and neck. Have no energy and very tired. Funny when I go to bed it goes away along with my other symptoms.
  4. Thank You Gina.... Hugs to you also!!
  5. gale

    Burning Skin

    Thanks so much for your replies. Sounds so much like me. So true... Sometimes it lasts a few days and other times it seems like forever. Just makes you feel so lousy and I don't want to do anything!!! Anxiety is a BEAST!
  6. gale

    Burning Skin

    Thanks...... Great to talk with ya!! 🙂
  7. gale

    Burning Skin

    That's what I was told..... all anxiety. It's so annoying. Thanks for responding. Appreciate it.
  8. gale

    Burning Skin

  9. gale

    Hi Gilly.... I think I have discussed this with you before. So worried about this burning skin which I have had for a few years. With me it all over.... my arms, legs, face, some areas of my back.  Drives me crazy and again it freaks me out about diseases. Dear God how long can so many symptoms persist. Been over 40 yrs.  Can you help me!!!! 

    1. gale


      Hope everything is ok Gilly!!! 

  10. gale

    Burning Skin

    Anyone here ever feel like their skin is burning. It's such a weird feeling!! I know it's list as one of the 100 symptoms...... but just wanted to ask. Thanks.
  11. Same here..... very difficult to accept this dam anxiety!!!!!
  12. I probably read it somewhere..... Health professionals tell me the opposite that it can go on and on!! How can these dam symptoms do this. So worried about neurological diseases. Tests are all neg. This is my story all these years of worry and physical symptoms.
  13. One last question.... Do any of your symptoms last 24/7 and go on for weeks or months. Someone told me if this happens to you then it's not anxiety. Scared me!!!!! I don't get panic attacks..... It just comes on and can last week's or months. Sorry I am thinking so negatively... But I don't believe this is all anxiety. Thank you Jonathan
  14. You make so much sense Jonathan.... If it was only that easy. First is acceptance which I do not have. I feel like a failure because of my belief that I have a serious disease. Been on meds and I do get some relief..... but symptoms always there. If meds don't work would that not mean it's not anxiety? This is what worries me. How do it get out of this cycle!! Sorry but I cannot accept anxiety lasting so long. ☹️
  15. Hello...... so embarrassed to say I am 66yrs. old and have suffered from anxiety for over 40yrs. Have tried meds and they really don't work. So many tests that are normal and still I get these nasty symptoms. I worry so much about being misdiagnosed with some neurological disease such as MS or a brain tumor. Read that MS is so difficult to diagnose. Anyone else out there suffered so long and feel like they have been diagnosed wrong. I never know when it will come on and last for months.