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  1. lonesailor14


    Hang in there, it's a process with many factors. Things can and do get better. I guess the biggest thing that helped me is studying myself. Trying different things and noticing what helps and what doesn't. A lot of it is my mind, it takes over and exaggerates everything! I try hard to reason with myself and stay calm. Remember we're here if you need to vent.
  2. lonesailor14


    Hi Bella I feel for you so much and I've been where you're at. PCOS can really mess with your hormones and your hormones really mess with anxiety. Simple tasks become a big deal and even though in the back of your mind you know it's not a big deal, this anxiety overcomes you and amplifies the thing into something more than it is. In us anxious types we like to have routine or safe places, safe habits and change can be enormous. Things are changing for you and this will cause uncertainty. Many people like your Mother just don't get anxiety. I don't bother explaining myself to them anymore. Some people have good intentions and want to help but they just don't get it. Others are just plain old mean. The best place to talk is right here on AC where you won't be judged and people actually understand. That and a therapist, hopefully one that teaches you some cognitive behaviour therapy or mindfulness. I'd suggest you try to treat your hormones and your stress level will benefit from that. Also learning ways to deal with stress. Here's what I've done and had some success...read a lot of anxiety books. The best being "Dare" by Barry McDonagh and "Self help for your nerves" by Dr Claire Weekes. Along with the starred articles on this website. These books help you learn how to not react to anxiety, how to live with it without it taking over your life. Now for hormones... This is an ongoing process. Some things work, some don't and everyone is different... Zinc! Zinc is the best thing I've ever found for anxiety and hormones. I have a 25mg supplement (a good one not a cheap one) and I take half a tablet every second day. I take magnesium every night. Fish oil morning and night and an activated B complex everyday. Another good product is called neurocalm by Metagenics which I take at night. I've been doing this for about 3 months now and it's made a huge difference. If you could only choose one supplement, get the Zinc! It calms my anxiety within five minutes. Zinc is important for ovary function. It's important for a lot of functions and gets depleted when we are anxious along with the B vitamins. When Zinc is low, we can't think properly and become anxious. Studies also show Zinc along with antidepressant tablets work well together. I have no idea if any of this will work for you but it has certainly improved my life lately. I hope it helps. In the meantime we're always here if you need to talk.
  3. lonesailor14

    Intrusive thoughts questions

    Hi Sorry no one has replied to you so far. Your thoughts sound super scary. At least you have the mental ability to recognise these are only thoughts and don't need to be acted on. You do need professional help asap. You might need some medication to kick this in the butt. While we're normally a supportive group, there's just some things talking on the internet can't solve and you need a professional. Please find one soon. We're always here to listen when you need a friend, though time differences around the world mean replies can be slow. We can listen but we can't solve this one for you. Take care.
  4. lonesailor14

    Medical marijuana for my sister

    I've tried CBD oil in a vape. It works very well. There is no THC so you don't get high or feel in the slightest way impaired. I never realised how noisy my mind is until one day I vaped some and everything in my head seemed to quiet down and I was able to relax and just be present and in the moment. I've found it hit and miss though. One day it works great, the next not so much. It also gave me a headache if I have too much. Still worth a try though. On the other hand, I can't smoke weed at all. I don't relax and hate feeling not in control. It makes me feel derealization which I get enough of that just from panic attacks so don't want to do it to myself on purpose. CBD=good, THC=bad.
  5. lonesailor14

    Zinc Zinc Zinc Zinc!

    Just thought I'd share how much Zinc has helped me in the last 6 weeks. My god it's like night and day! I don't want to get anyone's hopes up but it really helped me. I've had panic attacks for so long now and the anxiety that comes with never knowing when one will occur or being anxious about the possibility of one occurring. I have done cognitive behaviour therapy. I am very, very good at acceptance. I know panic and anxiety inside and out. This knowledge has never completely cured me. Panic is always there ready to attack, it's been my mental athletics that has kept me functioning regardless. I "think" my way through the attacks. I "accept" my way through them. I read somewhere about copper overload and how if your copper is too high, your Zinc will deplete. Zinc is needed for heaps of bodily processes, including helping B vitamins to work properly. I've always taken a multi complex B tablet. I didn't think it did much. Then I added Zinc and wow!!!! I think so much clearer now. I'm calm. Not because I worked mentally hard to stay calm but calm because I just am. Anytime I feel on edge, doubtful or anxious, I nibble a little Zinc and feel great soon after. I've been dealing with this long enough to know that this is not a placebo. It really helps. I'm not sure if this will help everyone but I had to share. Google " copper overload" or "pyroluria" for more info. At first Zinc made me a bit sick, so don't go taking too much. My tablets are 25mg and I only need a third of that every other day. Any more than that and I'd feel nauseated. After a month though, I find I can tolerate more. I'm going to see a naturapath and doctor to find out exactly why Zinc is such a game changer for me. I'd be interested to know if Zinc helps anyone else. It's like a "brave" pill. Anytime I need courage, I take Zinc and the courage shows up.. I really hope this helps someone else as much as it has me. It's so good to feel level headed. I haven't missed a day at work for two months. That's amazing for me! Like antidepressants, I think Zinc works because I already have a good mental capacity to relax my anxiety because of previous therapy I've had, so Zinc by itself probably won't "cure" you. You actually have to do some mental work too. And have an understanding of the disorder. It can't hurt to try.
  6. lonesailor14

    A lot going on

    Hi! It sounds like you've got a lot going on and you're trying to think about it all at once! I find myself doing the same thing sometimes. When I have a lot going on or about to go on, my brain goes mental trying to fix three problems all at once while trying to plan for some upcoming event and manage my household, work and other commitments. I find writing it out helps. Because my brain will try to focus on so many things all at once, it helps to write down your thoughts because when you write them, you only focus on one at a time. Whether you write it out just to get your feelings to make some sort of sense or you write it out to make some sort of plan to deal with things, it doesn't matter. Just the act of writing helps to calm your mind down and focus on one thing at a time. Might be worth a try?
  7. Hello, sending big hugs your way. I really feel for you. Breakups are so hard and having anxiety on top of that will of course leave you feeling the worst. Give yourself time to get over this. Who knows, maybe with a cooling off period, things might get better. In the meantime we'll be here if you need a chat.
  8. Hi! It's been ages since I posted on AC. But I had to ask if anyone has tried CBD oil? I've been giving it a go for almost 2 weeks. I started taking it for a different reason but have now noticed my anxiety is zero. Not zero like I'd walk in front of a bus but "normal". It's such a strange feeling. I don't even know if it's the CBD or placebo or that I've been meditating? So that's why I wonder if anyone else has tried it. I have been vaping it in an ecig. From what I've read on the net, I'm not using an amount near as close to what most people do. Mine is low strength (60mg) and diluted in my vape juice. I have about 4 or 5 puffs a day and that's it. It doesn't make you high or make you feel anything but I have noticed my outlook on life has changed. I've been in situations that normally make me super anxious and nothing. Normally I have to manage my thoughts to try and stay calm and not have a panic attack but I've found I don't have to do that. My mind just doesn't go to that place. It has also lifted my mood and I notice the good thoughts more often than listen to the negative or anxious ones. It's just a strange and curious thing. I'm normally pretty good at managing my anxiety but now I'm finding I don't even have to do that. I'm just "normal". I'm not managing it, it just isn't there. There's nothing to manage. It's been so long since I was normal and didn't have to spend every waking minute managing my anxiety that I don't remember how to be normal. Like my mind doesn't know what to do if it doesn't have to think about anxiety. I'm not fully convinced if it is the CBD or just a good phase. Especially since my dose is so small it shouldn't have any effect. I expect at any moment I'll fall back into my old anxious self. Maybe that will happen. But maybe it won't. I sure hope not! I'll keep you updated. I'm currently away from home in a new job with triggers everywhere so I'm in the best place to test it out. I don't want to give anyone false hope either. Maybe it's all in my head? Maybe it works but won't with time? I'll be sure to let you all know.
  9. lonesailor14

    Mark G

    Oh I must add...you don't need a reason for being depressed. Sometimes you just are and that's that. Searching for a reason will drive you batty. Trying to force yourself to feel different will also drive you batty. Like having a cold, if you're down, you're down and that's that. Just like a cold, it will go away eventually. It's ok to not be ok. Just ride it out. We'll be here for you❤
  10. lonesailor14

    Mark G

    Hi Sharon I've been a bit down lately too so I know how you're feeling. For me, I can't pick any particular reason. (Though other times I can pick a billion reasons haha). My man has depression and it comes and goes. Most of the time he's fine but every now and again he will go into a slump where his energy levels drop and he just can't seem to be his normal self. His method is just to ride it out. He accepts his mood won't change and his energy & motivation won't just suddenly come back. He accepts that he has a great life and is luckier than a lot of people in the world but that isn't going to lift his mood. So he just waits it out. He does very little, just watches tv or reads. He will take the dogs for a walk and take care of anything urgent but only if it's essential. After a few days to a week he's fine again. I'd recommend his approach. Accept you aren't feeling great and that isn't your fault. Take some time out, treat it as if you had a cold. You can't help getting a cold any more than you can help depression. Know that it will pass and it isn't forever. It does pass. You just need to be patient. Be mindful of your thoughts in these times. Mine turn quite dark and angry, I can't for the life of me make myself see the light. But in the back if my mind I know it's not the "real" me. I don't make any big decisions when I'm feeling blue. I wait until I'm better. It's a rule I must stick to. Remember they are just thoughts and not fact. Just rambling sentances going around in your head. You don't have to listen to them. Take care butterfly, I hope it passes soon.
  11. lonesailor14

    Mark G

    Still Monster Trucking! Thanks for asking. I still have anxiety but it's nowhere near as severe as it was years ago. So I got my life back and it doesn't stop me from doing anything really. Sometimes something will pop up and it takes me a while to realise it is an anxiety thing. I'm a bit slow lol! But I soon work through it and carry on. I've been able to scale my life down, keeping things simple too. This takes financial stress away and I'm able to work less. So that has helped an awful lot! Mostly things are great!
  12. lonesailor14

    Night Sweats..

    Wow! What an amazing answer! Just what I needed to hear right now?
  13. lonesailor14

    Mark G

    Mark G is amazing! Along with Jonathan. Both have spent alot of time replying to people and making sure no one goes unanswered. Along with that their advice is so well written. I am the worst moderator? I have been expecting to be fired haha! I'm here, lurking in the background but don't often stay long. Mark G may just be having a break for a while?
  14. lonesailor14

    Overthinking it!

    Hahaha you win! I'm glad we can have a sense of humour about ourselves? I hope everything works out ok for you Butterfly.