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  1. I know the feeling bob..When my HA acts up I need to see MY doctor as he understands me the best....When he was in his old office the nurses got me in to see him asap...usually the same day or a day or 2 later at the latest. He recently moved offices and the new receptionists are awful...there is no leeway with them...they will not try to get me a quick its at least a month wait if i call in.....fortunately he gave me his office extension number so I can call and leave a message if I really need to see him....I will make sure I dont abuse that as I dont want to get fired as a patient.
  2. Terrified I have colon cancer. TMI

    hi Fun..that all sounds like IBS....mucous on the stool is very common with IBS...going to the bathroom and only passing mucous is also quite common...I've had IBS for years and had all the exact same symptoms
  3. Need positive thoughts please

    Ty MsLLL. Tough for us with HA to not worry and believe our drs. But I'm trying
  4. Need positive thoughts please

    ty MsLLL....say my dr today and he assures me i'll recover from this...he tells me not to'd almost think he didn't know me or forgot all my years of health day at a time right now....its all i can do....i see him again first week of July...hopefully i'm a lot better by then....i really appreciate your checking to see how I'm means a lot...ty
  5. Need positive thoughts please

    tyvm MsLLL.....I see my doctor tomorrow...we'll see what he says...maybe I'll get sent to a GI doc.....this illness is very scary....really really worried how it's going to go
  6. Need positive thoughts please

    Hi mslll. Still struggling through this. I feel better but am now on a second round of antibiotics.
  7. Need positive thoughts please

    well...the meds seem to have helped quite a bit...i will finish them on Wednesday....then i have to worry about a relapse.....who am i kidding..I'm already worried it's going to relapse...
  8. Need positive thoughts please

    ok...back from the hospital...10 days of strong antibiotics...testing is still being done but the doc is pretty confident i have a c diff infection....let's see if the antibiotics fix it...thx for the good thoughts
  9. Need positive thoughts please

    Sorry Gilly. That should have said ty Gilly. Not sure where the ty went to. And thank you too MSLLL
  10. Need positive thoughts please

    Gilly...yes it isnt pleasant at all... i think i'm gonna go to hospital today as things seem to be progressing....i'll keep you posted
  11. Hi folks...haven't posted in a while...for once I'm not worried about some dread illness (C) This time it looks like I actually have one..a C Diff infection...caused by taking antibiotics for a hand infection..I won't get into all the details..just need some positive thoughts to help me through this....thx
  12. Merry Christmas :)

    ty Wendi, a Merry Christmas to you and yours as well and I hope you have a great 2016, one with good health and NO health anxiety Dave
  13. Tired rant

    I'm really sorry you're going through all this...we are all here for you...I haven't been here to chat lately either because of my recent struggles...i apologize for that, but HA is a pretty selfish disorder....I hope everything goes well with your mum and the other problems get sorted out I said just remember we are all here for you...and to repeat what Jonathan said we wouldn't all be here together if you didn't run this site so thank you for that and for all the help you have given me and others over the years.
  14. Why is it so difficult to believe doctors?

    thx Abby...I hope you are feeling better...I just dont know what do do anymore...I know something is wrong but i can't get anyone to believe me.....
  15. Why is it so difficult to believe doctors?

    this is so side hurts..haven't been to the bathroom today, which worries me...and still no word from my doctor about a scope...feeling abandoned and very very scared...