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  1. glad to hear everything is ok you can try to relax and enjoy the rest of the summer...
  2. angrry

    Feeling so hopeless

    I'm sorry you are struggling with this Mrsrpmddo....I'm sure it's nothing more than the hemmoroid and hip pain from the arthritis....I think a soak in a warm bath would be helpful for the hemm, then alternate heat and ice on your back and hip. I hope it eases up for you soon. If you can get some prep h or something to try to shrink the hemm too...
  3. angrry

    Still very afraid

    Hi @MsLLL....the PC fear has been erased....i still worry about what the ultrasound will find (testicular) the itching will still bother me as long as it is there...working hard at putting this behind me
  4. angrry

    Still very afraid

    Hi @MsLLL....saw my dr at 4:30 this afternoon. All blood tests were normal...he says to monitor the itching and see how it goes...if its not gone next week i will go back...thx everyone for your support...i just need to get the ultrasound over with and see what that shows
  5. angrry

    Still very afraid

    hi @Holls...thank you...I hope you are I said i don't remember if he had included the bilirulbin test on the issue is, i didn't start itching until after my appt when he ordered the blood tests so he doesnt even know about it yet.
  6. angrry

    Still very afraid

    @MsLLL thankyou...I'm glad you are doing well and are able to go out and enjoy life....thats great...anxiety is a steals your life....still holding on here....2 days to go...i dont remember if the dr included bilirubin on the blood requisition...thats something that can cause itching...I worry that he didnt...if not i'll probably need another blood test to rule that out as well. Have a great day...and again I appreciate your support and advice
  7. angrry

    Still very afraid

    ty lugrad....i keep telling myself far it isnt sinking in....i'll keep working at it.
  8. angrry

    Still very afraid

    hi @MsLLL ...thx for checking on me...stomach pain has eased up some....mentally not doing a lot better tho...still itchy...and no word from the dr....are you doing ok?
  9. angrry

    Still very afraid

    ty Bob...i keep telling myself that every must be ok...I cant call for the results..they wont give them over the phone..I have an appt on Tuesday...and I'm in Canada, not the US...Winnipeg. Thx for replying....I appreciate all the replies..they are all really helpful
  10. angrry

    Still very afraid

    tyvm MsLLL....I really appreciate your is helpful....I'll keep you posted...still nothing from the dr...good sign i think
  11. angrry

    Still very afraid

    ty MsLLL....unfortunately I don't think I will...i still think this is something very serious...
  12. angrry

    Still very afraid call from the dr yet to come in early for the test results...hopefully thats a good sign. I had the test done last wednesday, I'm assuming the dr's office would have the results by now. The stomach discomfort is still there, as is the itching...still scared what this is.
  13. angrry

    Still very afraid

    ty Jonathan and lugrad....itching and pain seem a bit better today...but now i'm having bathroom issues...the runs and its pretty yellow....i'll be very happy to find out this isnt PC and I can get my life back...
  14. angrry

    Still very afraid

    ty for taking the time to reply Holls...sorry I keep posting but I'm very afraid right now....thanks again
  15. angrry

    Still very afraid call from the dr yet...although i just had the blood drawn on Wednesday....hopefully it means there was nothing abnormal....will be on edge all weekend and until i see the dr on the 8th