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  1. Has anyone else read A Mind of Your Own by Dr Kelly Brogan? I recently read it and found it really interesting. It's about treating anxiety via diet and lifestyle rather than meds. I'd love to hear from anyone who has done her online program. If I can scrounge together enough cash I I'd love to try it!
  2. Thanks Holls! I've decided to stop it at the end of this cycle, fingers crossed it goes well! Sounds like you're better off without it
  3. I was spotting randomly and my doctor give me a stronger prescription for the pill. It reduced the spotting. I'm considering going off the pill soon though because I read about the effects it can have on anxiety. So fingers crossed the spotting doesn't start up again Don't stress, it's common.
  4. Charles Linden talks about this symptom on his youtube channel (his videos have calmed me so many times!), it sounds scary but is meant to be fairly common. I get numb/tingly toes sometimes when I'm close to panic. Good luck with the Dr, i'm sure you'll be fine. Anxiety sux!
  5. Yup, my symptoms have coincided with him being away a few times I used to love alone time too. I am trying to figure out how to cope so that in future it doesn't happen so much. Thanks for the reply, at least i'm not alone in my anxiety! ❤️
  6. Haha yup, either sick or crazy lol I always hope for crazy, but it still sux!
  7. Thanks Penny, you're probably right that it's more common than I'd have thought. We do live isolated existences these days. I'm getting a dog soon (just got approval from the landlord) so I'm looking forward to some canine company ? I think it feels like walking a knife edge with anxiety and anything that threatens to send me into a spiral makes me even more anxious, and ends up a self fulfilling prophecy.
  8. Have you been to doctors? Symptoms of anxiety can last for ages I've had throat issues on and off for months. I've seen 5 doctors (including an ER visit and a specialist), they all said there is nothing there and it's anxiety... I have had a hard time believing it but i'm trying my best. What more can we do?
  9. It looks normal to me, but I'm not an expert. I have moles and I go to a Dr once a year to get checked. Maybe you should get yours checked too just for reassurance?
  10. My health anxiety has been pretty bad for the past 6 months or so. I have had a few minor health issues and they have created a lot of anxiety for me. My partner is staying at his parents for a couple of nights helping them packing because they are moving soon. I was doing quite well last week and then shortly after he left, I became anxious again. Today I feel very tired, and depressed. It's so frustrating because he will be home tomorrow, yet I can't snap out of this mood. Does anyone else have this sort of anxiety when they are apart from people? I feel like I've had a huge setback
  11. So true. I was recently re-reading one of Claire Weekes' books and she talked about listening to ourselves and discovering the root of our anxiety. Not just trying to get rid of the symptoms but understanding WHY they are there in the first place. I haven't yet found a therapist that I could stick with. Sadly it's because I found them to be not very helpful. I do believe there are good ones out there, I should try again to find one! Yours sounds like he was very helpful. Have a wonderful 2018
  12. Hi there, Yes I used to have this one a LOT. It used to really upset me. The psychiatrist explained that there are lots of tiny muscles around that area and when we have anxiety they can tense up and it feels like a lump. It can't hurt us or anything, but it does feel weird!
  13. The first bit sounds like ancient stoicism. I am big on classical philosophy. The stoics believed that we should be passive about things that happen to us. By just accepting, we won't needlessly suffer. We all set the bar too high, we EXPECT to not have any bad traffic, so when we hit bad traffic we get angry and distressed. The Stoic just accepts things as they are, neither good nor bad. I try to learn from their wisdom!!!
  14. I've had a few weeks of diarrhoea / constipation. I ended up going to the doc and did a stool sample and he said I had a mild infection. He said it will just run its course but i'm stressing about it anyway. Today I have lower back pain and paranoid that it's something else. I understand your fear!!
  15. Therapy did not really help me, and I tried multiple therapists... I go through periods like you are talking about, where I feel totally overwhelmed and convinced that there must be something wrong with me that the Dr's have missed. I end up kind of paralysed where I just sit around and cry or just do very very little. It feels like I'm missing my life during those times. But I have also had good periods where I got a handle on it and got on with life. I highly recommend getting the book 'Complete Self Help for Your Nerves' by Dr Claire Weekes, it talks about all the symptoms we feel and WHY we feel them when we are anxious people. It also gives a lot of case studies. Claire was a GP, not a psychologist, so it resonates more for people with HA in my opinion. It is very comforting to read when you are feeling frightened by your bodily sensations. The other thing that helped me was to attempt to not be afraid of my worst fears, like telling myself "FINE, if you're going to die, you're going to die!! For now, lets just get on with things, because sitting and waiting for death is pointless!". I know that might sound like the complete opposite of how you feel but it has sometimes helped me to try to simply squash the fear. If you aren't afraid of it, then you don't feel it so much. Anyway, I highly recommend the book, but in the meantime, just know that you aren't alone x