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  1. I was diagnosed with panic attacks when I was 6 and started medication. But it started when I was in 2nd grade a boy choked in the classroom next to me and it really freaked me out so I started not eating at school or restaurants and that's how it all started. Then in 5th grade the fear turned into throwing up and in 6th grade a girl threw up right next to me in class after that it all went downhill to where I had to have my grandma or my mom or dad sit in the office all day while I would be at school. I stopped going to school and started homeschooling in 7th grade (I am now going into Junior year). Now whenever I go out (even just getting in the car and starting to go somewhere) I have severe panic attacks where I will be pulling out my hair and scratching my face (to the point where my face was even bleeding one time). Since early December in 2012 I have stopped the medication but I have seen so many therapists since I was 6 and all of them have suggestions but none have worked (such as try tapping and counting the taps). I am now seeing a new therapist that I just started seeing a week ago and I see her once a week so it's too soon to tell if what she's suggesting will work.
  2. I'm 15 and have had agoraphobia since I was 13 or 14. I've had a boyfriend for a year and a half (he's 17) and he understands my agoraphobia but he says he's been waiting a year and a half for me to change and go places with him and his friends but he's tired of waiting. He's recently been talking to another girl who has the same problems as me and he has sympathy for girls like that so I asked him about her and he said that he cared about her and wanted to be with her if I didn't change in a month. He has also started baseball again with his friend and last week they had there first game I didn't go because of my agoraphobia but later that night he told me that she went. I didn't really mind until the other day he told me they kissed. I forgave him but feel that it's my fault he cheated. I just want to change not just for me but to help my relationship as well and need someone to help and give me advice. (this might be very immature but this is just one of the causes of my agoraphobia and I wanted to just share and see what people had to say)