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  1. I am so lost at this point, technically I have not a damn thing to be depressed about. But then I look around me and its lonely as hell,everyone leaves, finds someone better. Same shit different day. No I don't get out alot, no one fault but my own. Scared something will happen, this is so old. I am at a very be place today. Don't want a pity party, just needed to vent besides in my head.
  2. I have had the dr tell me that I am fine and I still suffer I am better than I was FOR SURE!!! but the 2 things I cant get out of my head are heart attacks and Blood Clots
  3. I absolutely fear blood clots more than anything!!!! I wish someone would give me some pointers to get over them!!!
  4. So this morning I was laying there and ALL of a sudden I could not breathe, I was actually swallowing to catch my breath, I was not producing air. So I get up and FEAR, TOTAL FEAR, CONSUMES ME... HEART starts racing........ COME ON ANXIETY TAKE ME TAKE ME NOW!!!! WHAT DO YOU HAVE?????????? GUESS WHAT ???? it calmed down, heart still beating out of my chest, but I could breathe.... I have battled this feeling all day and have challenged it!!!! I JUST WISH I COULD GET IT THROUGH MY HEAD THERE IS NO REASON I WOULD GET A BLOOD CLOT!!!!!
  5. I was laying in bed and and had a skip, then honestly it felt like my heart was vibrating, honestly I went to feel my pulse and it was very irratic, after like 3 -5 secs it stopped and was pounding but normal..... Any ideas ? Maybe from just eating ? Trying not to flip out
  6. Hey guys ! How is everyone ? I am actually doing better, a little everyday. This morning I was laying in bed an my heart did something crazy, it skipped 3 times, so I sit up trying not to freak out, so after a few minutes I laid back down and I had 2 more !!! Trying to stay calm, but has anyone experienced this ? Thanks guys !
  7. Do you think grocery store trip would be too much the first time ?
  8. So starting tomorrow I am gonna take this anxiety by the tail and get my life back !!! Every single morning I sit in my house and don't wanna go anywhere because I think I will die ! Then every morning as soon as my eyes open I think I'm gonna die today. I can't do this anymore !!! Any advice
  9. Hey guys, well you know I've been having this breathing issue and I am 99.9% sure that it's anxiety, the reason I think this is because EVERYTIME my husband leaves I get absolutely horrible and sometimes 30 mins before he leaves. I need help, on how to get over this. I go back to counseling on the 4th and will bring it up but until then. I have tried all the talking to myself. I get up and try to do stuff and I feel like I am gasping for air. No one is on chat, and I have no clue how to get a hold of anyone. As always, thank you for your time
  10. Oh wow ! I have one of her books hope and help with your nerves ! I may need to re-read or find another good book.
  11. So you guys know when I have the least little thing wrong I freak !! So now I have a fear that when something is really wrong, no one will take me serious :-( any advice ? Im so glad I go to counseling on the 4th
  12. So I was just sitting here, I looked at my husband the world started spinning, I got hot heart started racing and I felt like I was gonna pass out. What is going on ? Can I ever get a break ?!???! Argh
  13. So I took some advice on here about the breathing and it seemed to ease my fear some, but how do you guys deal with heart skips ? any advice on that ?