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  1. the start of prozac is hell

    hi, im just wondering how prozac went, I noticed that the other antidepressants gave you alot more anxiety to the point where you had to come off them, The reason i ask is because I have also gone through a very bad time with the antidepressants making things so much worse to the point of having to stop them. Im scared now that they all react bad. I was on venlafaxine for 11 years and stopped it because i was so down on it but retried it last week, oh my god did it filp me into so much anxiety i had no choise but to stop it, im scared i cant find another medication Also, im not sure if you have taken benzos before ...... they work GREAT for anxiety but very very addictive so please br careful, I got addicted to closnazapam and it took me 6 months of tapering off valium to become benzo free again, i would hate to see anyone go through that, it was horrible