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  1. Do you think getting an official diagnosis would help at all? I personally don't think it would matter all that much. I think it's great that you were open about the issue with your Psychology class. Most people have some social fears, some moreso than others. I think with continued action and being patient and positive with yourself you can overcome some or all of it.
  2. These are excellent tips. One thing that I often forget is humor! I'm so motivated to accomplish my goals that sometimes I get too serious. A good laugh really puts things back in perspective.
  3. This stuff is great. I practice meditation and positive thinking, but it's so easy to forget the fundamentals and stop doing what works. Articles like this are great reminders. It brings you back to the basics. For anyone not doing this stuff I highly recommend it.
  4. Sorry to hear about your situation. You might be able to do something to help the computer screen situation. Those big, heavy monitors that used to be popular are now extremely cheap thanks to the invention of flat screens. They're big and bulky, but they still get the job done. You might be able to find one for a very cheap price at a pawn shop or online.
  5. I like those videos. Stuff like that is great to fill your mind with. I want success so much that it's hard to describe. What I ask for is the strength to do what I know is right.
  6. That's simple yet very good advice. We often get down on ourselves over little things; why not flip the script and start encouraging ourselves over little things? It's up to you how you perceive yourself, so you might as well see yourself as being strong and capable.
  7. That's great stuff. The best thing about life that's free, in my opinion, is the present moment: just being fully present and alive and aware is such a powerful thing. It's my deepest joy.
  8. I think meditation forces you to face yourself. It forces you to be intimate with your own emotions and thoughts and body if that makes sense. That can be frightening or at least uncomfortable for some people, because they're so used to distracting themselves from "themselves". I think it's absolutely worthwhile to confront that discomfort and move past it, because meditation is so beneficial.
  9. Here's my opinion, and I'm no expert. It's natural for a mother to worry about leaving her child somewhere; in your case that worry is exaggerated. What you can do is take every reasonable precaution that your child will be fine, and then realize that she'll be okay. Then when the worry comes up you could practice a meditation exercise or whatever helps you relax.
  10. Posture is very closely related to emotions, and tense posture causes pain. In fact if you make an effort to relax your shoulders and neck, and to take on a comfortable posture, you might find yourself feeling more relaxed.
  11. Honestly it comes down to whether or not you think you'd enjoy it more by going alone or by waiting to see if someone will go with you. It is, of course, completely fine to go to the beach by yourself. It might end up being very relaxing.
  12. It's tough sometimes, because you want to be a positive influence for your family, and because of anxiety issues you might not feel like being very positive or helpful. I think you've got to continually make an effort to be your best self around your family, even when you don't feel like it.
  13. I think it's a combination of both. Nature can predispose you toward a disorder, but nurture might be required to trigger it. I think it's possible to recondition yourseld, at least to a certain extent, so I believe nurture is extremely important. You can nurture yourself at any age.
  14. That's a great video. TED Talks are usually outstanding, this one hits home. Slowing down is so important to me, because we're sort of conditioned in this society to get things done as fast as possible and then move onto the next thing. Every now and then it helps to just pause for a moment.
  15. It's my belief that SAD can be eliminated or at least reduced without taking drugs. Just curious, who else here believes that? I think taking action is probably most important. Progressive dessensitization, that is, going out and socializing more and more over time, I believe is necessary. Just forcing yourself to face your fears isn't everything though, I don't think. You have to also be patient with yourself and have faith that the process takes time but that it will work. These are just my opinions, and I'm no expert. What are your thoughts on this, and are you taking action to overcome SAD?