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  1. I once made a HUGE mistake of marrying a man who would go from happy to crying in a blink of an eye. I was constantly asking what did I do. My young daughter would get so confused with his behavior. When he began sorting thru my purse, rearanging the cubboard, refrig,so became too much. He became a control freak. When something did not go his way he lost it. Moods up and down, never knew what to expect. Consintrate on raising your kids. They will thank u in tje end.
  2. I think, although I might be wrong, the age difference will be the down fall. What will 10 or 20 years be when he is still a young man and you are not so young and vibrant? When a man of 28 is still tied to his momma and also has issues mentally that is a lot of baggage to bring into your life and the life of your children. You also jave to wonder why a young man would be interested in a woman the age of his mother. Your children should come first in your life. If he can not handle life pressures how is he to handle a ready made family,teenagers at that? You needbto cut your ties, find a man closer to your age without a momma issue.
  3. First, why on earth with grown kids do you want to raise another? I do not know your age, I am guessing 48-50ish. If he is jealous of your ex and the fact you all have kids...RUN! You do not need this in your life. Seriously..take a step back. I am 49 and can not imagine having another kid for someone when I have finally raised mine. He seems like a hot mess, not anxiety, but more like playing you. You do not want or need this in your life.
  4. I am no longer going to be posting on the forumn. Thank u for all your support. I was never diagnosed with ha although i am sure i was freaking. My anxiety was due to a cortisone ahot and predisone reaction. I am no linger anxious. My miuth is better and i think it was allergies. Gilly and joy i am on face book. In box me and i will yell u how to find me. Love you all.
  5. And get an mri on your appendix. Maybe u have a mild infection Billy. If you want to diagnose youraelf with c****r u will never get better. We have all told you again and again you dont have it.
  6. Okay. My face feeling odd...Allergies! I started using flonase and my facial weirdness stopped! My mouth is a lot better! Anxiety is now gone.
  7. Billy, you need to get over it. You do not have pantriactic c****r. Sorry to sound harsh but u are killing yourself thinking u do. You have something wrong, but not c****r. My son in law had pancretitis anf almost died. I know what that can do. Honestly uou would be dead by now. Stop googling and reading stuff. Are you aware that people make up crap in some of those health forumns? I work at a school and over hears sime kids laughing about putting stuff on health forumns to freak out people.
  8. Today I was listening to some students I have during my lunch time. Five girls all about fourteen. There conversation consisted of cell phones and c****r. One girl discussed the death of her father when she was nine of c****r. One spoke about the dangers of cell phones and fainting from anxiety. These are children. These kids are worried about things they should not be. Why? The internet and t.v. is why. Every fifteen minutes you see a drug commercial come on t.v. A lawsuit about a drug or medical procedure. Our whole lives are consumed with medical stuff. Morning, noon and night. It is crazy. Simply crazy. I have been ill for two years with something. No it is not just anxiety. The illness caused the anxiety, I know that for a fact. Was I ever truly diagnosed? Maybe.. I was told I had possible bone c****r, then MS, then pinched nerve, then a viral infection... reallly? I have seen seventeen specialist.. that is right, you read that right. When one didn't know they sent me to another in a different field. Each dr i had to repeat the same story. Each doctor did their own blood work. I have been tested for Lyme several times, MS, Lupus, Sojourns, periphal nerve disorders, eye exams, diabetes, every infectious disease known to man. I have had exrays, mri's ct scan, teeth exrays.. spinal tap. My anxiety sored with each and every test. Did our ancestors endure so much anxiety and sickness? It seems everyone takes an antidepressant now days. Surely to God there can not be that much mental illness. Are the doctors over diagnosing mental illness? Got a head ache, depressed Got a stomach ache, anxiety Got eye pain, anxiety tight throat, anxiety. Really?
  9. I do not know who to respond to this. I wish I did. I wish I could give you a magic phrase to take this away but I cannot. I can tell you the story of my best friend though. Maybe that would help. Ten years ago she was diagnosed with lung c****r and was told she only had a ten percent of living for a year. That is right a year. My friend is beautiful, inside and out. She is a teacher and loves her job. At the time her daughter was in kindergarden and young son was three. She held on to me and said, " I will not live to see my children's children." I cried with her and held her tight. She flew to Texas and under went and operation to remove half her lung, her chest was scrapped. She indured chemo and radiation treatment to her chest and then to her brain. Two years passed and she was in a car accident after induring the treatment for c****r. Her neck was broken, oddly enough she wore a neck brace and healed from that. The next year she under went a hysterectomy and that same year she was yet in another car accident on her way to school which caused a severe concussion. Last year she under went another operation to repair a kidney problem. Now you see my friend has indured more than most could only imagine. She is c****r free and enjoys life one hundrend percent. Her brush with death opened her eyes to life. She will tell you to live, live your life, life is a precious gift. She is my inspiration, she is my hope. Do not wish for c****r. It is not a pretty death. Do not wish for death, it leaves so many heart broken. You have endured a lot with your illness, you are reliving the misery, but you must let go of that misery. You must let yourself heal. There is no blood test for bipolar. Are you truly bipolar or do you just think you are because a dr said so. Illness can make anyone think they are loosing it, the pain and suffering sometimes gets too much to handle and we begin to break down. Check the side effects of your medication and see if some of your problems could be the cause of those. If you have live damage some of those meds might not be a good idea. I am not a doctor... do not take my word.. just speaking from experience. Do you have faith in God? Faith sometimes will set you free. If you have faith, pray. If you had the big c word you would have already been dead by now. Why live your life dying?
  10. Dear God you described me! Except my left face feels tight and my tinglung tongue is now metalluc lips. For a fraeking 20 minths.
  11. 61 is normal. You remember us telling you that, we all have. You remeber me telling you about my dads being bad bad low? He is still here 3 years later. Mine runs 60-100 when it is checked. STOP checking it! Check something else, like maybe out a good book at the library or a funny movie.
  12. You are not suppose to look at tje sun! Of course tjat causes spots! I see sparkles if some times and sqiggles.
  13. Only said that because you said you feared for your life.
  14. Circulation? Inyeresting. What was those symptoms?