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  1. RT @depressionnote: Depression = not a choice Mental illness = not a choice s*****al thoughts = not a choice Retweet to spread awareness =…

  2. Come back to me when you witness the four straight, no goal, Lfc, and ku https://t.co/LDvaCkEKTY

  3. 👍🏻 https://t.co/RSAuo8nE8D

  4. RT @footballiaweb: NEW! This our 100th #Zico match on Footballia! #CRFlamengo vs. #SantosFC Brasileirão 1982, full match. https://t.co/NU4X…

  5. Ah so subtweeting airrelle https://t.co/2wXVzLPppW

  6. @JonathanMolik Lived in Minnesota, this is tropical

  7. @WhiteZinWench The marketplace has them as low as a dollar

  8. @IndyRedsPod No problem

  9. @WhiteZinWench I love that Katie is a soccer fan

  10. @FilibusterDCU 😍

  11. 👀 https://t.co/MZNYimTqJC

  12. @pwhiskeybubbles @DFeuerstein Hmm I’ve got an sbnation account 🤔

  13. @darylgrove I do need to get you and Taylor on now that I’m on Wednesday

  14. @roberthayjr @kkfla737 Not the steamed

  15. @FisherJillian @AmericanOutlaws @AORaleigh Aw what a dog