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    Reading, Drawing, Writing, metal detecting, collecting Transformers, rocks and coins. I am also a big movie and history buff. I also enjoy watching Monty Python as well as Mell Brooks movies and shows.

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  1. ArrowHawk11

    seeing numbers

    True, not worrired about it. Just annoyed lol. Perhaps 911 had a big impact on me even though i wasnt there. I remember being terrified when it happened and my school was next to an AFB. It was a scary day for sure. Anyway, saw this today and its march 11. Coincidence?
  2. Is seeing numbers a type os ocd or just an obsession? I have this habbit of seeing 11:11, 9:11 and 311 as well as 113. It always pops up unexpectedly and I keep seeing it everwhere and im not even looking for it. it shows up on everyting from recits, licens plates, comercials and just about anywhere I go. Sometimes I ignore it but it doesnt always help. Even my art class room number is 311. It has been like this for several years now and I didnt know anything about it untill it started getting annoying. Not sure what to do. Does anyone else have this problem?
  3. I know exactly how you feel! Ive struggled with that all my life and it can be very frustrating so your not alone. Starting a conversation can be a difficult task so I try to break the ice and it seems to help. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. It depsnds on the situation. Breaking the ice is a simple conversation and if you keep it going, the longer and easier it will become. Hope fhis helps.
  4. ArrowHawk11

    valentines day

    Valemtines day, never really understood the concept, nor do I like the day. It is a very stressfull holiday just as any other. I think the chocolate and jewerly companies have comercialized it way too much and its no longer fun. I use to enjoy it as a kid but now its meh. Why do we need one day to show our love to our loved ones when we can show it everyday? Its not that hard to do. As being single, its I find it a depressing day. Sure I celebrate it with my family but thought of being alone just makes me sad. So I just consider it as a normal day and move on. Is that normal to do? It helps with the depression but not all the time.
  5. ArrowHawk11

    Ashamed to admit you watch it

    star wars holiday special, still regret finding it on youtube lol.
  6. ArrowHawk11

    Whatever comes to mind

    best transformers theme song:
  7. ArrowHawk11

    dateing anxiety?

    Exactly, there is more to people than meets the eye. I guess the best way to know is by gut instict and comon sense. But its hard to find the right and a true person these days.
  8. ArrowHawk11

    I'm terrified of Death and what happens after

    Hi Loving Lawliet, I don't blame you for having fear of death considering that you are surrounded by it and war. It is not a great thing to experience in life and i have the deepest sympathy for you and your family going through these tough times. I truley hope it comes to an end with peace someday. I agree with jon, unfortunately I don't know much about the muslim faith but if you believe, I recomomend to look to your Koran, im sure there will be some sayings in there that will bring comfort to you. Also, try to keep busy, talk to someone about it or spend much time with your family and friends as much as possible. It seems to always helps the most in situations like these. I am terrified death as well, so you are not alone. The thought of not existing after living a long life just scares me.Whether there is life after death or oblivion, we will never know for certain, not even science can explain it. Death is and always will be a great mystery and one that will not be solved. The only thing we cn do is to live each day as if it was your last. thats why itoday is called a present. ^_^
  9. ArrowHawk11

    dateing anxiety?

    Hi Leah, Thank you for the help and comments and its nice to know someone who feels the same way I do. Hope you find someone as well. Thats a good new years resolotuion, I dont really have one but i'm going try to make one and stick with it. I agree with Jon too, looks should not matter, what really counts is on the inside, the true person.
  10. ArrowHawk11

    Sad Day Today

    Sorry to hear that penguin, Hope it works out with you an your boyfriend. I completely agree with what rainbow just said. Pushing will make them go away even more. Just welcome it as a vacation to heal and if he really does love you, he will come back which I'm sure he will.
  11. ArrowHawk11

    Sick Computer!

    Atleast is under garentee, I would call the company for help. maybe you just need a new hardrive? It worked for my sister and my dad when they were under garentee and there computers were failing.
  12. ArrowHawk11

    dateing anxiety?

    Thanks for the advice jon, I will try my best this year and I can easily relate to the things you've said. I don't have good self esteme and I've been working on it for a long time. Its a tough road after being a victim of bullying. But so far, college has been great and I've found some like minded people I have made friends with. Its a totally different atmosphere even though there are times I get anxiet and overwhelmed by the work. I hope she's out there somewhere.
  13. ArrowHawk11

    star wars

    Yep, I'm just as excited as you are and I kknow I wont be dissapointed because jj abrams is directing it. He's a big star wars geek and i have faith he will keep it true to the classics. 2015 is definately the year of star wars!
  14. ArrowHawk11

    dateing anxiety?

    Ive been thinking about this for a long time and I think I am ready to start dating. But what is keeping me from doing so is my anxiety and depression. It has kept me from dating for a long time. All of my cousins who are younger than me are married and Im starting to feel lonely. But now I am ready and I think it is time. I can start conversations and break the ice but the hardest part is asking a girl out. It always has been. The hardest part is finding one who isnt married or doesnt have a boyfriend. Perhaps ive waited too long to find mrs. right? How do I overcome this fear? This fear is really bugging me and I want to stop it. I know it sounds silly but this fear dates back to me being bullied.
  15. ArrowHawk11


    Hi lost kitten, I have problems sleeping at night too. My mind is always busy lol. I take some medication and sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesnt. What seems to help me is either drawing or writing. Listening to music helps to..