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  1. Thanks Gilly, I suppose the fact that it's always the same pain in the same spot a day or two after drinking and smoking should indicate that it's more muscle tension rather then something terrible. I did have a mri on my whole back and xray on my chest last yr for other reasons so I figure if there was anything there then it would of shown up. I just think it's time to get a doc to check it as I have been putting it off. I'm sure I'll be fine.
  2. Honestly I never have seen a doc about this as the pain only comes on after I smoke cigarettes. It's a pretty random thing. I have only decided to get it checked just to be on the safe side. I'm sure I'll be fine but it's still concerning.
  3. Hi guys so it's been a good while since I have been on here however I am feeling my anxiety starting to flare up as lately each time I have a social alcoholic drink and a social cigarette I find that a day or two later I get excruciating pain in my upper back. I have had this happen for over a year now but it feels like they are getting worse. I have a dr appointment tomorrow as I'm scared it could be c#*@$r or something horrible like that. I do plan on quitting the social smoking. But am terrified.
  4. I actually now think the chest discomfort was reflux. I have now started back on nexium, I haven't been on them since March 13.
  5. False alarm.. I'm still here and back to feeling fine. Thanks Gilly your probably right! I did on saturday morning some exercise that iinvolved push up and crawling so pain in hand was probably from that. Bloody anxiety!
  6. Hey guys it's been a while since I have been on here, how are we all? I was doing great until this morning. I had a few alcoholic beverages and cigarettes (social smoker) last night and since I woke up this morning my left hand has been aching and still is aching now & of course my HA has kicked in. I am now fearing I might be having a heart attack or one might be coming on. My chest feels tingly, my upper back hurts and when I take a deep breath I start to cough and my circulation is playing up. Deep down I know I'm ok because at 3pm today I went to the gym and done 50min of cardio and then weights, I'm sure if my heart was bad I would of felt it then maybe?.. I just wish these sensations would go away so then I can stop worrying. I also keep checking my resting heart rate and its 72 bpm which is normal. I am a tad scared about this even though it's anxiety.
  7. If you suffer from a fair bit of heartburn then you may have reflux, do you suffer from these?. Anxiety also makes my tongue feel weird so if you have constant anxiety then your tongue could feel/taste weird. Poor circulation can cause cold hands/feet, tight constricted muscles, pins and needles. My poor circulation caused all of the above but the worst symptoms is when both my legs ache. I find that when I get really stressed and anxious my calf muscles and thighs tighten up. Since I have started exercising regularly my circulation has picked right up and I feel a lot better. My hairloss though still causing me most anxiety.
  8. When I say weird tongue sensation, it's a very mild achy feeling. I find I get it when I am anxious or when I have reflux. For example I ate a hot cross bun today and within an hr I had heaviness in my chest and just a general weird feeling so I just pushed through it at work (heart attack did cross my mind) however I was able to keep going and when I got home my tongue was feeling weird so I took a zantac (reflux med) and then went to a boxing class. I am now feeling a tad anxious but I know it's purely from the all the weird sensations the reflux is causing.
  9. I should of stated that I still have HA flare ups but the intensity of them are less and less, I find that distracting myself and ignoring the symptoms makes the flare up easier to let go of. We are all different so we all have different ways to deal with things. I refuse to go on meds for my anxiety and I refuse to give into the anxiety. I know I'll be ok.
  10. Flip I had a ganglion cyst last yr and it moved and was painful but it went away on its oown. My husband has 2 in his hand and it's also given him so grief. If it's shown up in a scan then believe what the doc says. You'll be ok.
  11. Hi guys I have been reading through posts and commenting on some, so I thought I'd write a post myself. I want start by saying HA is a b#@ch! It can consume us, it can make us fear everything, it can hold us captive in our own thoughts and cause the most strangest scariest physical symptoms. I knew I had HA for years but it wasn't until I found this forum that I was able to accept I had it. My last 12 months have been hell. I had un-explainable symptoms (achy painful legs, weight loss, ibs, tired stiff muscles, tight chest, weird tongue sensations and a few others, now I'm losing hair) I had believed I had the most rarest scariest illnesses, I had many sleepless nights, checking on my body at un-godly hours. I lived in silent fear that I would die from these horrible diseases. It took a lot to change my thought pattern, I had learnt twice in the past cbt (cognitive behavioral therapy) this has been my life saviour. It took time but eventually I learnt to rationalise my thoughts and with this I was able to slowly start living bit by bit again. I seen a rheumatologist that could not find anything physically wrong with me however he put me on blood pressure meds for circulation. Yes my anxiety and stress caused my muscles all over to become so extremely tight that my circulation became really poor. Once the meds kicked in my muscle tightness eased up I was able to go off the meds. I am now back to going to the gym and playing netball, so I now maintain my own circulation. So I suppose what I am trying to say is until we accept and confront our fears then HA will consume us. If the docs say your ok and all tests and scans come back fine then you more then likely are ok. Besides cbt I found exercising, eating healthier and getting plenty of sleep really helped and also trying to stay social helped. I urge all of you to try these things if your not already. You will all be ok! I believe it's a mind of matter illness. Sorry for rambling. I hope this helps a lil with knowing there are lights at the end of the tunnel.
  12. That's good news angrry. I too suffer from a lot of bowel issues and also reflux. Anxiety can flare them both up. Seeing a psychologist is a great thing, ask them to teach you cbt (cognitive behavioral therapy) it helps you to shift your thinking patterns. I hope you start feeling better physically and mentally soon.
  13. Flip do you know what the lump is?
  14. As I said Parks you'll be ok. I noticed in another post that you go to the gym and cycle? If this is the case continue to do so, exercise will help your blood flow and it also releases endorphins which make us happy. If all your tests come back fine like mine did (I even had a doppler ultrasound on legs and I'm only 31) then it no doubt is anxiety causes your muscles all over to tense right up and cause pain and achiness. I was given meds to help my circulation which I no longer need as once they kicked in I was able to start exercising and now I am able to maintain my circulation.
  15. Haha well said! Flip there is probably the easiest explanation why your tired... anxious, stressed not sleeping well, not eating the best? All these can drain you and make you tired if any of these apply to you. Being tired can be caused by a number of simple issues.