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  1. Tiny Buddha is another great resource.
  2. This Facebook page posts uplifting and positive stuff all day, every day. It's a great place to go if you ever need a pick me up or some motivation on a tough day:
  3. It happens to me too. I always heard extra calcium and foods like broccoli can help. I'm not sure if you exercise or meditate, but it can be extremely beneficial in times of stress. I've come to expect that week to be shitty so I try to take it easy on myself.
  4. Also sometimes doctors get paid by the pharmaceutical companies to push specific drugs. Be wary of any doctor that isn't flexible to helping you look at other options.
  5. I'm not familiar with that drug but from what I've been told, if you stop a med and re-start it later, it can take longer to work and you might need more than before. If you are feeling depressed though, that's not good either. If you don't feel better soon, I'd recommend seeking a second opinion and exploring other medication options. There are plenty of drugs on the market and they're all different, some people have to try a few before something helps them.
  6. Yes alcohol can do that to you. I used to be a huge drinker and I would have bad anxiety the next day, including a throat closing up feeling and gagging sensations.
  7. I have to share a powerful moment that happened for me earlier in the week. To provide a little background, I had a complete mental breakdown in the fall of 2010 and became crippled by anxiety, depression and panic to the point where I didn't work and rarely left home. Prior to this, I'd been very social and adventurous. I had a photo of myself from 2008 where I was standing at the top of Central Park in New York City looking strong and happy. Through the roughest points of my breakdown, I'd look at this photo and cry at my decline. I couldn't imagine being well enough ever to go on a vacation like that again. I vowed that I would get better and one day I'd return to the location in that photo. Fast forward to this week, after 2.5 years of medication and therapy, I made a visit to New York City. Within a few hours of arrival, we went to Central Park and scoped out the location from my old photo. I stood in the very same spot, took a deep breath and smiled as my husband took a photo. I've attached both.
  8. Hopefully they'll be done soon, going to town for donuts was a good idea. That'd be my advice if you can find something to do away from the house to kill time. Take the kids to the movies or something.
  9. Alcohol can have this affect on a lot of people. It exaggerates emotion and it makes it easy to lose control. I know it feels really good to get drunk and escape the anxiety for a bit, but using it for that purpose just makes everything worse in the long wrong. Whenever I got into situations like this I would just sober up and moderate myself for awhile.
  10. Oh and I just sent you a friend request on Facebook, Taran.
  11. I know exactly how you feel. I force myself to go out into social settings sometimes and I almost always feel uncomfortable socializing even if its with friends. I'm proud of you for going to your prom.
  12. Also the more positive your attitude is toward the meds the better the outcome tends to be. I just think of them as vitamins that make me healthy and feel better throughout the day.
  13. Hey MIndy, It is different for everyone but I've been on Prozac for a few years now and I've had a very positive experience. I was crippled by my anxiety and depression before the meds and it gradually gave me my life back. I intend to stay on it for life. The only side effect I've experienced was in the beginning I was more anxious and my hands shook. It passed and now I don't notice anything unusual.
  14. It'll be hard to adjust at first but you'll get the hang of it. Work will be really good for you. Getting of the house and keeping busy is great for the mind plus you might make new friends and you'll be making money.
  15. (((((Hugs)))) I've been dealing with depression too JJ and I've also been a bit MIA. Hang in there.