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  1. Ugh I'm freaking out

    Im sure you are not in any danger from this. The amoeba comes mostly from lake water in very hot temperatures. It’s super rare. I had a couple irrational fears about this as well. Don’t worry.
  2. 4 year old sleeping too much?

    It could be a growth spurt and or the fact that she has a cold. My kids def sleep more when they have colds. Anxiety always makes us think the worst. Hang in there.. i know how it feels to worry about our little ones.
  3. Anxiety is back

    @Iugrad91 thank you for assuring me. I’m aware my reaction to being exposed to things becomes a little much but I’ve become so fearful of things when it comes to my children. I just want to protect them so when i find out they were around something toxic even a one time exposure seems like something can be harmful to their little bodies and has me very worried.
  4. Anxiety is back

    I have anxiety mostly over exposures to things that may cause “c” and for some reason i keep finding myself or my family being exposed to something. Its a very hard anxiety to get through for me bc there is no end. No doctor visit can say we will be ok from the things we came in contact with ( this time a chemical from house work) I’m mostly worried for my kids they are young . BUT i was just moving on from the last thing and Im feeling really down that this is happening again. And we actually were around a chemical the workers used so i feel like it’s real. I do go to therapy but it’s been a few weeks bc i was doing good. I have an app this week though. I probably need meds for times like this but I’m so afraid to take them. Thanks for your replies . Hopefully i will have a better day today . Im trying to face my fears right now I’m finally sitting in my living room where some house work was done bc for three days I’ve been avoiding areas in my home.
  5. Anxiety is back

    Ive been having bad anxiety for days now and I’m so frustrated. I wasted almost the whole day today googling and stuck in my thoughts. Just when i was doing better with my old fear I’m on to something new . Why can’t my anxiety just leave me alone and let me enjoy myself? I’m missing out bc I’m worrying so much and obsessing . Does anyone else that has anxiety that just jumps from one thing to the next?
  6. Permanently enlarged lymph nodes

    I Noticed one on myself when i had strep throat this year and i still feel it. Its been almost three months. My doc said sometimes they don’t go completely down.
  7. Can you get rabies for animal feces?

    @Gracie4ever i highly doubt that happened. This is just your anxiety . Try not to google about it and do something you enjoy to get your mind off of it .
  8. Can you get rabies for animal feces?

    I don’t think you can get rabies from animal feces so even if you have cuts it should not matter. Your anxiety is trying to make you worry with all of the what if’s. I’m sure you will be ok! Don’t worry
  9. Worried about Rabies

    It sounds like ocd to me and I’m thinking you are in the clear from rabies. I get caught up in irrational thinking as well and can’t stop the what If thoughts. I’m going through it right now too. You didn’t see anything and even if you came across a dead animal the rabies virus doesn’t live long when outside the body. This fear will pass.. it’s just your thoughts.
  10. My health anxiety isn’t based so much on symptoms but more on exposures . Now i have a new obsession and i don’t know how to stop obsessing and worrying. We had painters come and they patched up some holes that were from wall art and After i came home and had my kids in the area the work was done in i noticed white stuff on the floor. I got the name of the product and found out an ingredient is known to cause lung “ c” if inhaled. The workers said they did the patch work using a wet rag instead of sanding which doesnt produce much dust but there was still trails of this harmful material on our floor. now I’m going crazy wondering what if my youngest got a hold of some and tasted it or if some particles landed in his pack n play ( bc there were holes patched above it) i am so upset over this and I’ll never know if he ate any or played over what was on the floor. I was in the kitchen watching him from a few feet away and saw him playing w a toy every time i looked but my mind is going crazy worried sick for him. I also had him eat in his high chair and am worried what if some of the particles landed on that. Not sure how to stop worrying over this.just when i am slowly getting over the last exposure fear a new worse one comes in. I just can’t take not knowing if my baby could of ingested some of this. I’m so upset and can’t get the what if’s out of my mind.
  11. N. Fowleri / Flu fear.

    N Fowlei is very very rare. It happens most of the time from lake water in the summer months . Try not to google about it , it will only make your fear over this worse. Hope your little one feels better fast.
  12. Thinking of divorce

    Don’t break up your family because you “ think” your kids deserve better and you “ think” it’s not fair to your husband. That’s just your thoughts but it’s not how they are feeling. I vent my anxiety problems to my husband all the time ,that’s what he’s there for! Just like I’m there for him. I have obsessed about things for long periods of time and my husband has listened again and again. anxiety really messes with our minds, but it does pass and you will get a break from this. Therapy and distraction work great. I hope your feeling better .
  13. pain in one temple?

    i get this too. I think it can be caused by stress .
  14. Hi, I’m sorry to hear about your mom and grandfather . Now about your health anxiety.. i also want to have 100 percent guarantee in life about my health and my families health and i really struggle at times about the “ what ifs”. I know how hard it is not to focus on all the aches and pains you have. You’ve been to the doctor and the ER so you’ve had more than one opinion. Try to keep yourself busy with things you like to do.
  15. CT Scan

    @Rose , Please try not to worry about this. I had a cat scan and had major anxiety over it. I wasn’t thinking rationally and wasted so much time obsessing over it. I understand the fear you are feeling right now and it will pass. Don’t beat yourself up and try not to google.