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  1. Yep, all the time. I'm a twitcher and have been for several years. Random whole limbs, areas, odd places you don't think you can twitch. No ALS, still alive and kicking (and twitching) ☺️
  2. That is really, really great to hear Diane. I am very happy for you! Thank you for coming back to update us. We need more of these types of posts as we all know factually, there are millions of people who are living happy, healthy lives and Dr Google failed
  3. Does the thought of actually vomiting when you are out even more anxiety inducing? Emetophobia I became agoraphobic over a constant feeling of nausea which was a continuous vicious cycle. I'm 'complicated' it was all related to PTSD but yes this is quite common
  4. Hi Thrufaith As someone who has an autoimmune disease and is also a 46 year old women I will tell you HORMONES! They only need to be a little out of whack to cause so much distress. Oh boy have my legs throbbed and hurt at times, knees, thighs, shins, you name it... and I know 100% it’s not autoimmune because my last flare was in 2005! Pregnancy and being a new Mum is huge on your mind and body, go easy on yourself. Try epsom salt baths !
  5. Far too many times to mention. In my experience you handle it, you don't have time or energy to be anxious. If you are going to suffer psychological effects, it will come later. Again in my experience
  6. Hey hun, yes oh my yes I used to have this every day too. 100% stress and tension. Keep at the massage and relaxation tapes, have you got any epsom salts? I'm certain having epsom salt baths is what helped with my tension and burning sensations, it would start to come back if I ran out of salts. Might be worth a try? Magnesium spray can help too
  7. That's great Holls! Have you not seen this beast of a list?
  8. Very common, and it can get super crazy the older you get, oy! I'll be 46 at the end of the month and I just got my period, on day 18 of my cycle. It happened once last year, and it happened in January. In between it goes back to normal. I had to go running into town for some 'products' because I wasn't prepared. Fun times, NOT!
  9. The wax like substance is definitely the suppository, 100% Before I had my colon removed I had anal stretches and I had to insert metronidazole suppositories every night. I hated it, mainly because of the greasy, waxy icky stuff that would come out when I went for a BM The blood is explainable by a hemmy and also a fissure, those peksy things can really bleed and constipation and straining can open a healing one up quite easy. Trust your doctors
  10. I'm so very sorry to hear you are going through this but I absolutely LOVE your attitude towards it! I'm a survivor of a few major surgeries myself, they came before the anxiety for me, for the most part but they definitely still motivate me forward. The very best of luck, I have great admiration and trust in surgeons I'm sure it will all go well and then you can recuperate and thrive.
  11. It was a crazy time intro! I remember chatting and seeing you about on AZ. GG banned any talk of anyone who was banned, my name for some reason was censored, as was Teeps. I literally did nothing wrong at all but was just cut off along with others. I went to bed a member, woke up banned and Teeps had created a new site and put it in my name. I never wanted, or intended to leave AZ. I think it's ridiculous to be honest, how he didn't allow use of other sites or talk of them. Like the internet isn't HUGE. It became evident what was going on when about 30 members were banned annually, and they would trickle in and explain what happened, all too familiar. He was controlling the flow of membership for cost purposes. Not the worst thing in the world, just when your members suffer anxiety and can rely on it, it seems a bit sucky.
  12. I have just had/having a bout too which is very unlike me. Must be something in the air, maybe the weather changes or the unrest going on in the world. We're sensitive souls us anxiety sufferers, I think logically it's perfectly understandable but oh don't we have to jump to some drastic scenario? Yup! lol
  13. Trust them Maddy, believe them, they did not miss a tumour or anything. Don't underestimate what muscle tension can cause, the pain, tingling, numbness and burning, twitching and more. It can all be tension/posture which anxiety can really cause. Blood tests wouldn't miss bone cancer either. If you can't get a massage try soaking in epsom salt baths. I've been there, I had awful upper back pain, twitching and burning and all kinds of crazy. Epsom salt baths, and swimming helped me a lot.
  14. Yes an ultrasound can confirm a fatty liver. I have had 2 ultrasounds, both showed nothing to worry about but the first time, when the ultrasound was ordered my ALT's were so high the doctor freaked me out talking biopsies and transplants. I think in hindsight he was thinking out loud but lordy! By the time I had the ultrasound my liver looked better, reducing my meds had resolved the issue and it stated mild fatty liver. I think that was around 2006. I have blood tests every 12 weeks to monitor, because I have Crohns and take immunosuppressants that are processed in the liver and it doesn't like them. It's funny but last summer they were elevated a little more and I said to the doc, oh that will be the mozza sticks I have been addicted to LOL I ate better and they went down again.
  15. Talk to medicinal MJ experts. To avoid the panic you want a strain high in CBD and low in THC. CBD is what chills you out, THC is what gives you the high and psychological trips that can make the panic bad. Its also one of those things that if you expect to freak out you will freak out.
  16. Hi Helen, welcome to AC! I know it is easier said than done but listen to your doctor and try not to worry. So many things can do this and it is almost always minor, many many people experience changes in liver function, just without tests they don't know it. Medications, diet etc can affect them and as they are minor fluctuations that sounds like it is all it is. By all means discuss with your doctor. I have the same issue and it has gone on for years for me. Mild fatty liver, exasperated by medication. It's very, very common to have a mild fatty liver. I cut out a lot of junk food, and as well as drinking more water and Blueberry juice, that helped a lot for me
  17. I saw, after! It's good advice though, and I have flush envy lol (I have to see mine.. I poop in a bag)
  18. Welcome sscmack! That is not a bad contingency plan, rather than going to the ER, hang around the hospital and calm your mind in safe proximity. I'm one of those weird ones lol The hospital freaks me out! I'd rather sit in a state of sheer panic and think I'm dying for 2 hours than go to the ER. I have too many bad memories associated with the hospital. I have had crohns since I was a kid, the doctors there saved my life on more than one occasion but you still won't catch me anywhere near the place unless I really have to be there.....
  19. oceanlover I wanted to say this yesterday but I didn't want to freak you out or sound insensitive because I know all too well how powerful anxiety can be. I'm so glad you have decided to give it a go!! I lost my husband last year suddenly, after a very short illness. I'm living with the regrets. Over a decade of regrets that my anxiety and agoraphobia stole from us, stole from HIM. When he was in the hospital and we thought he was going to be ok he said "lets live!" I was so pumped and excited but it wasn't to be. Now I am trying to do it for the both of us and I've done great at times but it's not the same without him. Go enjoy and have a good time with your hubby, that is what life is all about It doesn't matter if you are anxious, you will still make great memories!
  20. Yep this, keep proving and in time the nagging fears will pass. I still twitch sometimes but not all the time and now I don't think I have a nasty disease anymore, not even that nagging fear.
  21. VI. Thou shall not scrutinize thy poop. Poop and flush! (once you have gotten the all clear from a medical professional) Scratch that I didn't see you had that covered under bodychecking! Doh! VI. Thous shall not going running to the doctor every 5 minutes because you have the sniffles, a bump, a new freckle or a hemmy
  22. The medication I take for my crohns makes my liver freak out from time to time. I have my liver enzymes monitored because of it, on a few occasions I have had an inflamed liver, that means damaged, thankfully because the liver regenerates removing the issue, cutting my dose or stopping the meds for a few weeks, it has returned to normal. When it has happened I have never had any physical symptoms, no pain, no discomfort, nothing. I wouldn't know if I didn't have the routine blood work done. It's more likely to be muscular, or indigestion or gallbladder pain.
  23. Oh ang that sounds icky, sorry to hear! Hope you heal and get better soon!
  24. I've been twitching, buzzing and tingling since 2010. It's anxiety. It has gone away at times, some days it comes back full throttle but it goes away again. Sometimes there is a physical trigger, it can be minor like an extra hot day where you sweat more than normal, a big stressful day, a lazy week where you're more inactive than normal etc. For us ladies, HORMONES. So many contributory factors. Everyone twitches from time to time, if you didn't have any anxiety you wouldn't pay it any attention, the anxiety is what makes it worse and longer. I think the only place on my entire body I haven't twitched is my chest. Scalp twitches are very bizarre and butt twitches are kinda fun. I've been watching TV after a hard day and playing a game on my phone and my entire arm jerks, almost punched myself once. I've seen videos on youtube of peoples calf twitches, it looks like snakes under the skin and I tried to video mine a few times, of course what do they do? They stop... If you can shake the fear, they aren't so bad. I sometimes hum a tune to mine and dance it off. Personally, exercise and epsom salt baths have helped me the most to stop twitching/tingling/buzzing but it has never truly gone away 100%. Gone away for weeks or months at a time yes but not completely gone. I'm ok with that I have anxiety and a pretty stressful life. I've proven to myself physically I'm strong and if I had a neurological disease that certainly would NOT be the case.
  25. My Mum and Dad used to tell me a story that they both thought was hilarious. Mum sent Dad to the butchers for some Pork LOIN and Dad went in and asked for some LION. Yesterday instead of taking my omeprazole before dinner I took my evening primrose oil. Hadn't even noticed until I went to take my night time meds... I have a million more of these. You don't give them an ounce of thought unless you are worrying about a neurological issue.. which I have done, yep I've been there.