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    Wow lots of ALS posts going on here lately. I wanted to mention this.. for those that are getting better with this fear, becareful helping on the forum.. it keeps AlS on the brain.. and we a know when it's on the mind.. we start watching how we walk, how we use our hands etc.. I haven't had twitches since March but after reading all these posts.. I started twitching in my calves last week lol.. do y'all see how suggestive this all is. Please don't get triggered by helping out. I used to do that. I'm ok now but I am watching myself. I sure don't need to fall in the hole again. Hugs everyone.. no als, just anxiety . Nobody's post on here is als.. it's all anxiety mixed with too much damn Google.
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    I don't really think it's reassurance folks are seeking here. It cannot be, because after doctors have failed to provide reassurance, how on earth could we achieve what the experts in the field couldn't? I believe people who come to post and rant about their health fears, just want to feel and experience that they are not alone in this horrible state of mind, that there are peeps out there willing enough to spend time listening to them, peeps who KNOW exactly what they are going through. How I see it, it's more about brotherhood than it is about informational relief regarding their very symptoms.
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    I'd blocked this page and all the 'doctor' pages when I found I was 'getting' the diseases members were worried about. Even with zero symptoms. Then I got so much better! While doing our taxes a couple of years ago I counted my doctor visit co pays and found I'd gone to the doctor 82 times in one year and only 2 were my cancer follow ups. Last year I went 2 times to the walk in clinic and 3 times to doctors for either cancer follow ups or when they found out my thyroid was really off whack. This year I went twice for very bad bronchitis (17 days on meds and 6 days in bed), once so far for thyroid with another in December and this Tuesday I see my oncologist for the 2nd time this year. Now for the really good news! I'm 68 this December and my oncologist always runs the full panel of blood tests from CBC, glucose, liver function, kidney function, etc. and I've had my MRI's of the abdomen and pelvis and my CT scan of my lungs. My CEA tumor marker test was lower than it's ever been and lower than the average person who has never had cancer. I am 6 1/2 years post liver resection from the liver met where they took 80% of my Stage IV Colon Cancer and Jan. 2nd it will be 10 years since I was told 'you have colon cancer'. I am clean, clear, CURED! I still take anxiety med but have never, in 10 years, had to increase the dosage and it prevents anxiety attacks. I'll still get anxious while waiting for test results but God has been so very good to me and I give HIM praise for my healing and my excellent health! I just wanted to keep y'all updated because there is HOPE to overcome fear even after cancer AND cancer is no longer a death sentence. Also, when I look back at all the things that scared me that I shared on this forum, I never had ONE of them. It was all just anxiety! From rare skin cancers, to pimples I was sure was MRSA, to cancers elsewhere, etc. HOPE. Faith! Peace to you all! Diane
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    I went outside earlier and squatted down in a seated position, which I do regularly when I'm outside. As soon as I got all the way down, I had this sort of "pain" that shot from somewhere near my left shoulder to under my chin, also on the left side. It was an odd sensation. It wasn't a radiating pain. If you can, imagine electricity flowing from one point to another - a current. That's basically how it felt. It was very quick, but I could somewhat distinguish the movement, as in I felt it in my shoulder, then I felt it very quickly travel up to my chin. And then it was gone! No worries, it didn't hurt, and it didn't last long at all. I felt fine. Then I suddenly felt that rush of anxiety. I felt short of breath and my heart was pounding/racing. I'm not asking for reassurance. I'm sharing to show others who struggle with this that this stuff just happens sometimes, and that you will be fine! I am stressed recently due to buying a house, and it's getting very real because we close in a week and four days (May 15), but otherwise I've not been notably anxious. I've not had a true, lasting panic attack since August 2018. Yet there I was today, instantly in a panic despite feeling fine and accepting what happened just moments prior. How did I get out of it in a minute or so? I stopped what I was doing, I took some good deep breaths and I took time to "reset." It disappeared quickly, and I've been fine since. It happens to all of us, no matter how well we may be doing. I also know what triggered it. My mind, having such anxiety about early heart disease, automatically associates any pain/numbness/tingling in my right hand, arm, shoulder, neck or jaw with heart attack. Even when I regularly practice acceptance related to my apparently very healthy heart (per my doc and cardiologist, and several tests over recent years) anxiety can still quickly and unexpectedly latch on to triggers like this. I hope sharing this is helpful to you all. Let me know if you have any specific questions about how I got away from it, how I managed to calm myself, etc. I'll be glad to answer them.
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    Hi guys, just decided to share this. I've made it for myself and it's helping me. And it has helped me in the past. Just summing up what I need to do. 1. Allow the sensations to come and go. Accept there can be eye discomfort. (Now I'm anticipating the sensations, sitting the whole day in fear). 2. Try not to make the thoughts go away. Your goal is not to eliminate anxiety. Your goal is to have anxiety lingering while you are chatting with friends or working, but let it be there as long as it wishes.3. Lose respect to these thoughts. Know you are an anxious person with the sensitized brain going through a hard time.4. Stop hoping that the sensations won't arise. Accept they will be here. 5. Get comfortable with the sensation of the anxiety which would like to be with you for some time. Embrace it. Know u're going to be anxious for some time. 6. Every "what if" scary thought is a manifestation of anxiety. Let it go. Stick to your plan. Consider it being a fly around your face.7. Stop sitting alone with your anxiety. Go out, talk to people, stop putting off things, waiting to feel good. 8. Stop trying to be happy now. Being ok is ok. 9. When you notice you are anticipating the symptoms, accept they can arise and let them arise, let the panic be there, know it's just an anxious state of mind catastrophizing.10. Stop using search engines and googling, reading about this illness.
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    Every time I see the amount of posts on the Health Anxiety forum vs. ALL the other forums combined, I can see that health anxiety is at epidemic proportions. There are 45k posts on this forum. The next closest runner up is GAD forum with a mere 8k TOTAL. This is a forum for helping us all get through the rough days. Coming here to talk about a symptom and seeking constant reassurance does not help anyone. What it does is lead to a dependency of sorts. If 3 or 5 or 11 people say that I'm ok, maybe I'm ok until the next sensation comes. We are not doctors. When in doubt, go to a doctor to know why that headache , that rash, that tingling in the throat , ear, chest or eye is happening. We cannot tell you. I would recommend re reading every single morning the ' 100 symptoms of anxiety' post at the top of the forum. It's posted several places so it can be easily found. When someone tells me daily the same symptom and what if it's XYZ disease ( that they've been cleared for by doctors numerous times) , my response is ' what are you doing ABOUT it? ' If the only thing you are doing is rehashing google ' facts' and in a constant mode of needing daily or hourly reassurances that you don't have XYZ disease, then you, my friend, are not getting better and in fact may be getting worse. This is not a HEALTH forum. This is a MENTAL HEALTH forum. The very reason you're posting on this particular site is because you must KNOW your problems are mental and not physical. So that being said, what are you doing about it? Are you seeking HELP for your thinking problem ? Or are you merely seeking assurance that you don't have a physical problem? You cannot make positive steps to improve your mental health while constantly focusing on the physical body. And if you want to debate me and say ' if I only had this mri or that blood test or this one thing would go away or one doctor would tell me I don't have xyz disease', I have news for you. That will never happen. I have seen time and time again the long awaited Test results come back fine and the very next DAY the person then moves on to a new disease with a different body part and starts to focus on that one instead OR they don't believe the test is accurate or the doctor is knowledgeable. It's a loop. It's a never ending loop. You cannot have enough clear tests to relieve your mind. Another thing is the fear of afterlife may be where the problem is. If you fear a big , gloomy, scary afterlife then figure out WHY you fear that. What in your belief system makes you think that after life , we have a worse fate awaiting? Coming to terms with the circle of life and all it entails may bring you more peace than that MRI, colonoscopy, ekg, etc.
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    Still alive, one thyroid lighter. Didn't tolerate the anesthesia as well as I usually do and there were some minor problems, but nothing went too horribly and I'm already home. Painkillers not really working, but hopefully in a few days that won't be an issue.
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    I've been on the als boards and not one personal story says it started with twitching. And three years to see if it's als or bfs? Bull! You will know.its als Bec a muscle stops working.. what in the world!!!!!!!!! Y'all have got to stop this. Als is about failing PERIOD!!!!! Do whatever y'all need to do to move on...please. but yall are just getting one another false information and fueling y'all's anxious minds.
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    I am currently going through a Bible study every week with my wife. This was in today's reading and I thought I would share it. It really addresses anxiety overall for me and I am sure it will resonate with many of you as well. I hope you are all having an anxiety free and blessed Christmas month. God bless. “How long, Lord?” – Psalm 13 Questions for God prove trust and build faith. Many psalms address questions or “laments” over troubles and enemy attacks. To take our problems and despair to God is to express trust in His wisdom and to seek His comfort, steadfast love and devotion to His people and promises. Often, God uses times of waiting to teach His children that His presence is more precious than any answer or desired outcome. Have you ever thought, “I have prayed and prayed, but I feel like God does not hear”? In this psalm, David seemed to face this dilemma. “How long must I wrestle with my thoughts and day after day have sorrow in my heart?” Still, he knew God was close, and he continued to call to Him. “Look on me and answer, Lord my God.” David believed that his enemy – whether a literal person or an enemy such as temptation or discouragement – was nothing compared to His mighty God. Like David, we can trust God, even when we do not feel confident in our circumstances. He is infinite and unchanging. “I trust,” David says, “in your unfailing love.”
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    I listen to the Anxiety Guy on YouTube often (I recommend subscribing to his podcast) and one point he makes is you have this habit you have been practicing for quite a while now, you can’t just expect it to go away or stop. You must replace the bad habit with a good habit. Replace your what if’s with another statement like “ride the wave” meaning don’t give your thoughts attention but ride the wave of feelings and they will lessen. Instead of googling, go for a walk or do a meditation. Whenever you are having thoughts of a disease, tell yourself NO, it’s just anxiety. Find healthy habits/thoughts to replace the bad habits/thoughts. It takes practice and won’t fix everything overnight, but it helps me during times of high anxiety. You aren’t your thoughts but you can work to change your thought patterns so you don’t head down the rabbit hole so often.
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    @Dominick Just want to follow up on how silly anxiety is to assure you. I struggled with twitching throwing me into sheer panic for months. Finally it normalized and I stopped caring. Then, I’m pretty sure I have an ulcer. My stomach hurts every day a bit. I’m taking pills that have helped a lot and trying to let it heal. I started fearing that my stomach was a major problem and not something simple. This morning it was hurting more than it has in days. I was focusing on it a lot and it got worse. Then as I sat and watched the parade on tv, my arm began to twitch. It was in my forarm and made my hand move each time. For a moment, the ALS thing popped into my mind again. A little later I realized my stomach was fine again. Stress, anxiety, and focusing on the symptoms make them WAY WORSE. Ignoring them often makes them disappear. Try your best to ignore it because it truly is all faked by your brain. Avoid google as all it does is give your anxiety more ammo to use against you. 😊
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    I've heard of people my age, and younger, experiencing fatal events of various types. Doesn't mean it's going to happen. But you know what? It is what it is. So what if it happens. I'm living in the now; the past and the future do not matter. I can't live in the moment if I'm dwelling on the past or the future. Things I've learned through therapy. And I assure you, that sort of mindset, practicing it, is extremely helpful. If you're not familiar with the idea, I recommend reading some material on Zen Buddhism.
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    Hi. I wanted to do a big update so that in the future if someone searches my posts they can see the outcome which is always helpful for us with anxiety. I always worry when people don't update us. first thing was my friend that had colon cancer 5 years ago, they found a mass on her breast during a routine yearly. She went to the cancer center and it's benign!!!! They are keeping a very watchful eye on it, she goes in every three months. She also got her routine colon screening and she's still good. All good news!! Second thing was my lower neck and collar bone area hurt when I would drink or swallow my food. I had a bad crick in my neck for a good two weeks and it is finally gone along with that pain. I was in a pure frenzy last week, trying to call an ENT, every time I called the line was busy after the 5th try I took it as a sign to calm down.. sure enough it is gone. The last thing was my ultrasound since I was having two odd menstruals with a lot of pain, starting early, heavy with blood clots. Called today a few hours after the ultrasound and all is good and normal!! I was extremely stressed this month. I was stressed with other factors in my life. Things are changing, Baby is going to kinder and I'm starting a new job.. and my friends death date is all fast approaching. It is a lot and I do this every August, this has been the worst August yet lol. Looks like when I get stressed I scan my body for things and start on an anxiety spiral. I wanted to share that three scary things to me all turned out to be nothing concerning. Hugs y'all!! ??
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    So i've had a fairly symptom packed last 3 months. Prior to those 3 months it was nonstop headaches, vertigo type feelings, numbness in my body. the recent 3 months has been pure fatigue, dizziness, sore muscles from my legs up to my neck. I have had jaw pains,and the worst part was body wide muscle twitching. twitching in my feet, calfs, thighs, quads, buttocks, back, stomach, then a few days ago in my lips, face and tongue. My nose and head would twitch even. i had twitches i could feel and even ones i could only see but not feel. i've been off balance had tinnitis, felt like i had arthritis in my hands (still kind of do). i started feeling burning feeling in my feet, legs hands and bottom lip. I was a mess telling myself all day every day that im going to die. telling my family i might die. i was even crying trying to explain to my children that i might not always be here and not because i dont want to but because life just doesnt always work out the way we plan. I was afraid i had als or ms or some serious neurological issue. my initial neuro visit he said no way i have anything like ALS or MS but sent me for bloodwork and scheduled a nerve conduction just to be sure. I still didnt believe him because my body was fooling me into thinking otherwise. so i went on worrying myself, trying to google the right answers obsessively, daily, non stop. I would wake up at night sometimes and google things. i did my nerve test and had to wait 2 more weeks until yesterday to recieve the breakdown of the results.. im in there crying waiting to hear that im going to be dying. Dr walks in and says "ok lets go over these test results". my Heart rate was 120 when i got there, surely higher by this time. He then says you only have minor abnormalities and he shows me the numbers and all my limbs are just barely slower than normal with my right hand( my dominant carpenters hand) being the worst. He says i want to do more labs to test for neuropathy. i said "is that going to kill me?". He chuckles and says Nooo. and right THEN i felt free. And now here i am a day later and already im up doing things, still sore but not feeling like i need to lay in bed all day. i barely notice my twitching and a lot of the major twitching has already started to become less frequent. My lips and face stopped twitching. my tongue stopped feeling numb and twitching. my arms havent twitched as much. i know its going to take time to relax from all this and get my strength back but the difference in just one night of knowing that im simply not dying has already alleviated so much. i was a person who always thought i wasnt susceptible to anxiety or anxiety attacks and now that i look back the anxiety attacks i had werent like the ones i've seen others have, mine were more kept to myself i didnt cry or freak out publicly or at others. i just felt like i needed to go home and felt dizzy and uneasy, and i would get a little bit irritable if i couldnt get home so i could relax myself and this is where i now see a lot of my anxiety and health anxiety started to manifest into serious physical symptoms and pain. I just want to say that if i can conjur up so much hurt on myself like this even when i didnt believe i could...it can happen to anyone at any level of severity and beyond because i was getting worse...i was slipping away, a victim of my own mind... so please people... understand that it is possible to have serious symptoms just from Anxiety. I love you all even if i dont know you. Im just more humble now that i can understand something like anxiety from a personal level and not just from the outside looking in..This has been a real eye opener and i can respect the beast within and learn to tame it rather than fight with it. Goodluck to all fighting their beast and i hope some if not all of you can get some solace from this post. Have a good day everyone and i'll be around here to give advice if i can... but believe in yourselves.
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    Hello all-- I went to the oncologist yesterday to get blood work done, and everything came back normal! Thank you for your support.
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    Okay, the title is a little sensationalist; I didn't literally forget how to walk. I just forgot how to walk like a normal human being. For a while I had some tightness/discomfort in my right foot and ankle. It seemed to be working all right; it just felt weird. This was around the time I completely lost feeling in a spot on my abdomen. My doctor was concerned and sent me to a neurologist. Well, if I have a neurological problem, maybe the thing with my foot is related! So I did the self-check stuff for foot drop - bad idea. I failed it miserably on that side. And from that moment on, that foot became a real problem for me. I was constantly tripping over it, walking strangely with such a weird gait I genuinely don't know how to describe it. I was clomping around like a horse, but not a coordinated one. That's the best I can do. Neuro visit time came about. Despite my inability to walk on my heel on the right side, I passed the usual exam. No reason for my numbness was visually apparent, so I got sent for MRIs. Still no visible reason. Probably a trapped nerve that wasn't visible. Foot still feels weird, as do leg and hip on that side, I'm still trying to stretch it out, but not worried about it because apparently there's nothing wrong with it besides it feeling weird. And walking so weirdly is probably making it worse. I went on with my life, and a month later I noticed, huh, my foot doesn't feel weird anymore, and now that I've stopped trying to walk normally, I'm actually walking normally. And the instant I realized this, I freaking forgot how to walk again. I "feel weird" again. But I guess all the stretching and "testing" I did helped, because I was actually able to walk on my heels this time. (This time around I wasn't worried about it; I figured worst case I had another angry nerve in my leg on that side, since I do get hip and leg pain from time to time; I was just curious to see if it had gotten any better.) My foot is still landing awkwardly because I'm so aware of how it's moving. Moral of the story: our minds are a powerful thing. Just being aware of something that we might be feeling, or SOMETHING WE AREN'T ACTUALLY FEELING, is enough to make our bodies behave weirdly. I just hope I forget about it again soon.
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    Dr called today final pathology report says no cancer. Thanks be to God.
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    What about: Mongolian Swamp Fever. Mississippi lurgy. New York Acne. Trumpitis! Brexit phobia. (Found in the UK only. Very nasty.(Can drive you mad if not treated!). Inflammation of the wallet. (I get this badly!). Not making enough money. (moneyitis). Inflammation of the workplace. Miserable sods disorder.( MSD. People that make you miserable) Weatherphobia. Asking too many questions disorder. (ATMQD. Nasty complaint!). Temperitis. (Losing your temper unnecessarily). And so on. I'm sure you could find some more fictitious ones. That's what most of our problems are, fictitious!!!!!!
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    It’s crazy what anxiety can do to you. i thought I had coats disease due to the fact since 2012 I always had a gold eye in my pictures. I’m a photographer and I know the difference between a red eye, etc. I never really honed into it until last year when i started having my health anxiety and I googled “Golden eye in pictures” and it came out w/ 20+ eye diseases and I thought I had eye cancer or coats disease. I was sure of it. Fast forward 2 months later..... Doc told me it was just due to the lighting and my eye isn’t really focused because I have bad vision. I have 20/70 vision, which really sucks lol. But I’m only going to be wearing one contact in my right eye for now since my left eye is great. Just my right eye sucks. Moral of the story, don’t let anxiety make you think you have a deadly disease, always think positive. God Bless
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    I Just wanted to give everyone an update on how things are going. Sorry this is long, but if you give this a chance and read it through, I think this will help a lot of people with some things I learned along the way. So after almost 3 months of random symptoms, I'm finally on the mending path from this wicked bout of health anxiety. I had my MRI last Thursday of full Brain and Spine and the results came back exceptionally normal. Here is the list of things I've learned through this process that may help some other people out. 1. Symptoms feel real and it's normal to be afraid, but don't get too invested and pay attention to the likeliness of what your fearing actually happening. Sometimes just by thinking about something we assume that it's more likely to happen because we're thinking about it. This is called Thought-Action-Fusion. It's the same reason why when we imagine what we could do with millions of dollars we go out and buy a lottery ticket, but our chances of winning are no greater than if we never had that thought at all. It takes an incredible amount of stress and mental power to create and amplify symptoms, and an even greater power to stop them. Through the last month, I've had: pins/needles/numbness in my hands and feet, sore lower legs, dizziness, vertigo, trouble concentrating, night sweats, extremely dry mouth, palpitations, hyperventilating and not even realizing it. Sore muscles, feeling like I have pinched nerves, cold feet and hands, sucky memory, twitches, jerks before falling asleep, random tingles, burning skin, insomnia and weight loss. Now I'm just left with a bit of numbness in my hands (worse on the right) and my legs are sore but significantly better. (Tongue gets a little sore when my mouth is dry at night too, but that's pretty normal in winter dryness). I went from a lot of symptoms to very few in a short time by simply not thinking about them anymore. It is actually shocking how powerful the mind can be. 2. Listen to your doctors. They've perfected their crafts through rigorous studies and practical application. They know what to look for, and they wouldn't let anyone go through something terrible if they truly thought anything was wrong. When I was in my spiral, I wouldn't believe a word that anyone told me. I was so convinced that I was dying, I was the most bull-headed human being on the planet, and my anxiety monster wasn't letting anyone tell me any different. Now that I'm on the other side of this Tornado, I just feel like an ass. I let myself get to a place where rational thoughts and actions were simply broken, and going forward through therapy and CBT I'm not letting myself get back to that place. I actually have a follow up appointment with my doctor tomorrow and I plan on apologizing because he was right 2 and half months ago. 3. Seek reassurance, but know when to quit. When you are asking questions about what you're going through, remember that typically people who have been through similar experiences are quite honest. If someone is telling you that your fine, and 20 more people also tell you that you are fine, you are probably fine. There's no bets taking place around who can keep you from seeking proper medical care the longest. People have just been there and don't want you to spiral down as hard as they did when they might not have had the same reassurance resources. 4. Seek professional mental health resources. When your doctors, friends (or group of people in a forum) tell you that your anxiety is getting the best of you, don't wait while your having physical tests to start the help seeking process. Do it in parallel, it's never too early to start seeing someone who can help you with what you're going through on an emotional and mindful level, regardless of the situation. It's a big factor in feeling better. 5. When it comes to health anxiety just pretend that Google doesn't exist. Feeling better? Want to get sucked in to a black hole and repeat the same process you just fought tooth and nail to get out of? Just type in your newest symptom into that oh so familiar search bar and watch as your mental health is thrusted into a blender and set to purify. Unless you're having a heart attack, try out the three week rule. If something is bugging you, give it three weeks, and then go to the doctors. Don't ever Google a symptom ever. PERIOD. Like I said, sorry for the length of this post. But I learned quite a bit in this particular battle with HA (worst it's ever been since I was diagnosed with anxiety over 10 years ago). Hopefully you will use some of the advice above and remember that you are never alone. -Matt
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    Yes I get muscle twitches, all the time. Probably over 50+ a day. But when I’m doing something physical they go away. I’ve had these twitches for more than a year now....I just never really honed in till I googled about twitching. But since I had them for over a year...I should of have been in a wheel chair by now. ive had days where my anxiety actually took over and I felt that I couldn’t even walk, lift up my hand, etc. i forced myself to change. I got a new labor job, where if something was wrong I would literally know by now. I took this post from the ALS forum and pay attention because this is a highly concerned, her husband isn’t able to touch his thumb to each finger. I pray to God that it’s not ALS but it’s a very high possibility from what PALS have commented. ITS NOT A MUSCLE DISEASE. ITS NOT A MUSCLE DISEASE. ITS NOT A MUSCLE DISEASE. It’s all about the NERVES. By the time you notice that your muscle is atrophied, at that time you wouldn’t be able to walk, run, walk up stairs. Brush your teeth, etc. it literally just stops. Think rationally. Think as of, if you had Diarrhea and you google diarrhea it’s gonna say cancer or something else. TMI but I get the squirts when I’m anxious. It just happens. Theres so many people posting about ALS on this forum. We forget that it’s a RARE....I repeat, A RARE disease that’s statically proven its the same as getting struck by lighting. Its 2019. Don’t let your anxiety take over, it’s going to be there but it’s up to YOU to change that. Godspeed.
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    Hello again! I will be upfront and honest with you. It is hard man. I am doing great and I still have nagging things that tug at my fear strings. I gotta tell you though, I am a Christian and a full believer in the power of God. I have spent many hours in prayer and scripture reading/memorizing while I fought through anxiety and the utter despair it can bring. It has helped tremendously. I had never experienced anything like this anxiety before August and it blindsided me entirely. If you want some tips on good ones to read... I will some of my favorites below. Worth a shot. God's real and He can really help you. The worst that an happen is nothing changes. I will be praying for you more man. Isaiah 26:3: You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You. 2 Corinthians 12:9-10: And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in needs, in persecutions, in distresses, for Christ’s sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong. Psalm 94:18-19: If I say, “My foot slips,” Your mercy, O Lord, will hold me up. In the multitude of my anxieties within me, Your comforts delight my soul. Psalm 55:22: Cast your burden on the Lord, And He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved. John 14:27: Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. Psalm 56:3: Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You. Phillipians 4:6-7: Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
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    Mimi, I love your post. I have just one objection, or correction actually. You're 62. I'm 62. Neither of us are in the last chapter of our lives. I'd say, chapter 6 of a 10 chapter novel. Like yours, my novel covers some wonderful times, some lousy times, but no really awful times despite my HA. As for me, I'm going to be here for another 30-40 years. I invite you to join me...not literally, I'm married. But figuratively, as we have a long way to go. Many years to tell anxiety to go take flying leap. Bob
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    Louise, I just read your other post. I certainly don't mean to be insensitive, especially since I of course am an expert at catastrophic thinking; however seriously Louise, after you get the all clear from the derm, you need to do some damage control with your daughter. Your other post explained how upset this made her. THAT is what's scary here. I wouldn't wish HA on my worst enemy, let alone my child. It can actually be a good teachable moment for the two of you. This post means little to you now Louise, but after this is over, please talk with your daughter, OK?
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    It sounds grim, but at one point when I was just so sick of repeat doctor visits and nonstop worrying, I basically said to myself, "Well, if you have a brain tumor, you're just going to have to die from it, since no doctor can find it." Started calling the intrusive thoughts "Chad" (I don't know why but it made it funny to me to be like "Ugh, shut up, Chad" when my brain started throwing bad thoughts at me. I met someone else who called them "Tim." No idea why it works/cracks me up so much, but it does) and started arguing back at them. Decided I just didn't want to know what else could be wrong with me, since my doctors weren't finding it. Basically I just got so pissed off at my anxiety that I started treating it like its own entity in the vein of a crappy roommate I hated. I have no idea why it worked for so long, but it did. "You're going to die from - " "That's nice, Chad." "I bet Googling this would make you feel better this time - " "I don't care, Chad." "Have you always had that lump -" "I swear to god, if you don't shut up, I'm gonna stab you with a Q-tip through my nose, Chad." I had to make myself be okay with the idea that it was possible they were missing something, because nothing is 100% certain, and ultimately accepting that made it easier for me to ignore the minor health things that used to panic me, because I no longer felt the need to be 100% certain that nothing was wrong with me. Which, like I said, is impossible - there's always a chance something catastrophic will go wrong in your life. And I realized that once I was okay with only being 99% sure I was okay, I was also okay with being 97% sure and therefore I could ignore that minor headache for a while and see if it got better before running back to the doctor. Does that make any sense? You've done everything you can, doctorwise. You almost certainly don't have what you're afraid you have. You've taken this specific named fear to multiple doctors and had them look for it specifically, and they couldn't find it. Have they told you what they think it actually is?
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    It usually isn't. Anxiety, and getting a medical degree from Google, often makes us feel that what we experience is a sign of a major disease/illness, but I've found that that isn't usually true. Those illnesses have similar symptoms, such that a brain tumor may cause dizziness or heart disease may cause shortness of breath, but that's about as far as similarities go when it comes to those symptoms with anxiety. The difference with a real illness is that the symptoms often present differently compared to those caused by anxiety. A brain tumor will cause dizziness to the point of fainting. Dizziness from anxiety is often subtle, or even perceived rather than real. Shortness of breath with heart disease is often severe, and is brought on my otherwise simple tasks - such as walking across the room, and you have to sit down to catch your breath afterward. Shortness of breath with anxiety is more subtle, but it's also not made worse by walking ten feet, and is made better by taking deep breaths. We *think* we know what we're dealing with, because of anxiety. But we don't. Anxiety is a PITA. It doesn't make us the expert that we think it does.
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    Some of you may remember a while back I had posted about my uncle being diagnosed with bladder cancer. No big deal, it was caught early, and bladder cancer in general is apparently not usually a huge deal. I hadn't heard anything about it in a while, but I know he had surgery to remove the tumor and such. It turns out the tumor was benign, not malignant. That went against everything the doctors said. They were so convinced that it was cancer that they had very briefly begun chemotherapy. I found out yesterday that it was benign. Yikes! Regardless, it's great news! This goes to show that the opposite of what we fear is also a possibility. We often think "wait, doc, you must have missed something!" In this case, the docs found "something", and they were so convinced that it was malignant. But the reality is, it was NOT.
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    Mark is so right about Dr. Google. The big problem is that the advice given is often so negative and just adds to the anxiety. Does your doctor look up Google for help? There are only one set of people who can make a diagnosis and that's the medical ones. Leave the diagnosis to the diagnosticians!!! On this site over the years I have seen so many upset by what they have read on Google. I know only too well how tempting it is to look up symptoms, but it's really all about reassurance. We are looking for some good news about our problems, not the negative stuff, but invariably we get so many answers we become confused which further adds to our troubles. And Mannybilly. The biggest organ in our body is the skin. (Epidermis). Yes, it is an organ. It registers heat and cold and adjusts our body to outside influences. It is also full of nerve endings so when in an anxiety state it will feel all sorts of strange things. It's really nothing to worry about. Itching is the usual symptom in anxiety but, as with all things, it does pass as you improve. Good luck.
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    UPDATE: Even though it causes me anxiety - I do the patient portal -- its also the way I communicate with my doctor to send him a message to let him know that I am getting ready to schedule my upcoming labs so that he can load it all in the system. Of course, I check the portal constantly and that raises the anxiety but it is something I've always done. As soon as I came into work today -- of course, checking the portal and to my surprise -- all labs are back already -- all CBC, cholesterol, and other things - liver panel, lipids and whatever else they check are ALL NORMAL -- thank God! I always make an appointment when I go in to do my Labs for a physical check up - which I have set for Monday. I like for my doctor to able to chat about what has been going on with me for the past six months and have him physically look at me and since I will be turning 50 in November -- it is time to get a referral for a colonoscopy...thank you both your replies and support. I hope you are both doing well.
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    When my first wife left me I was very upset and cried a bit. We had just got back from vacation in Toronto and as she was handing me my dinner plate, she said, by the way, I am leaving you. Talk about a bolt out of the blue. She stayed a while and I finally said, you have to leave. So on a Sunday I left our apartment while she moved. When I came home, the whole apartment was cleaned out except for the kitchen set and the living room sofa, which money was still owed on. The first thing I did was to get a roll a way bed to sleep on from a rent-a-center, then I went to buy a TV and then I bought a bedroom set. Like I said earlier, it will be bothersome at first, but time will heal all wounds and you will meet someone new and better for you. Try to remember, if I can do it, so can you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Well you can't block it, you accept it. Anxiety takes full advantage of that fear you feel when you hear of someone else's misfortune. It uses it to throw fearful thoughts your way. Anxiety creates a fictitious link between the celebrity and yourself, like their illness will somehow transfer itself to you. It's anticipatory and catasrophising, anxieties favourite flavours. So you hear about the illness and superimpose their symptoms onto you then calculate how you would feel, then go in to analysis about the likelihoods etc. Normal anxious response right? The fear response comes from reaction to the initial "oh no, i may get the same condition".. That's the point the roller-coaster starts so it's also the point in which you throw in some rationality like "I'm reacting to fearful thoughts and they mean nothing". At the same time, visualise the thought and let it move on WITHOUT your reaction. You don't need to react to it, your reaction is a choice, not a necessity. So that is the area that you can work on is to simply accept that yes, this person has been taken ill and it's horrible but no, it cannot link to you in some way.
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    Hi guys sorry... I just got home I was out all day.... the test went ok, it only took 2 minutes literally... they gave me the cd with the pictures but I can't even try to see it cause I won't understand. My appointment with my ENT is set up for Monday to discuss CT scan results and the allergy testing I am having tomorrow.... Thank you all for checking back... as soon as I hear anything related to results, I will let you know!!!! xoxo!
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    Thanks guys ❤️ the support is so appreciated. She had her ultrasound today and it seemed to go normally, anyway. At one point she asked if the tech saw anything terrifying and she said "No, just boring" so hopefully that held true for the entire thing. I tried to subtly ask how soon into the scan she asked that so I knew how much I could relax, but alas, she didn't take the bait. Oh well, I'll take partially boring over nothing. She gets results of everything on Tuesday so I just have to hang in there. (And, I mean, her too, but she's pretty chill about it.) And tbh we've had times when I wasn't sure our relationship would survive - but I've always known I'd do anything to keep it alive. She's my best friend. And she appreciates all your prayers ❤️
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    I’m done with my imaging and it came back all clear. No cancer! Praise Jesus now if I can get the blood work on my daughter to come back normal I’ll be doing alright.
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    Hello everyone, just came back from my pcp appointment and let me tell y’all. Note: IVE BEEN FEELING ALOT BETTER ON MY OWN THINKING RATIONALLY, TRUST ME IVE BEEN THERE WHERE I FELT LIKE I COULDNT USE MY HANDS, LEGS. FELT LIKE I COULDNT WALK OR DRIVE, EVEN TEXT. LOST ALMOST 20 POUNDS DUE TO THIS HA. IVE ONLY GOTTEN 30 HOURS OF SLEEP IN A MONTH, SEEN MULTIPLE DOCTORS. I WAS 140, NOW IM 160 I FEEL LIKE I OVER SLEEP NOW HAHA AND ITS GETTING BETTER EVERYDAY. She was getting mad at me because I wasn’t focusing on the things I need to focus on haha. (I go to a university hospital and If you read my past post I’ve seen a lot of pcp just wasn’t mine cause she was on medical leave but she knows about my information since it was noted” Well to sum it up, she knows that I’ve been going through many ALS fear for some months now and she knows about my fasciculation's in my left calve (my hotspot) and all over. she said, “you don’t have ALS, we don’t look for twitching in ALS, we look for real clinical weakness.” She also said “you’re 25 years old, your muscles are probably telling you... hey I need to move.” I told her I haven’t been exercising or anything at all just labor work. She also explained, if you’re working out and you can barely curl a 5 pound weight come see me. She then asked me if I wanted to see a neurologist and I was kinda caught off guard, I told her “I do but I feel like I’ll be feeding into my anxiety. You don’t think i have ALS right?” She looked at me like I was crazy cause she just explained everything about ALS to me haha she said “NO.” she said “well I’m going to put the referral in and it takes months to see one anyways so if you feel like you don’t need to then don’t.” its funny because the doctor was telling me I should be worried more about diabetes and heart diseases because of my family. My parents also see my pcp so she’s very familiar with my family and she knows that diabetes runs in my family. So now she wants me to eat more healthier and work out more. i actually have an appointment with a neurologist on Monday cause someone canceled, I was kinda happy. so next Monday I have an appointment with a neurologist and I’ll keep y’all updated but just wanted to share my follow up.
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    Stop liking online period. Let the doctors, who know what to look for, handle that. It will only make you stay in the anxiety spiral which will make your symptoms worse.
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    Ugh !!! I replied to this post right before I went to bed... sure enough, I had a dream I had a huge lump on the left side of my stomach, I kept feeling it and feeling the other side, it was the size of a softball. I kept thinking it's ok, it's ok, it's smooth and not bumpy .. but I was scared in my dream. That's unreal
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    It seems a lot of members may still be having trouble posting new threads and replies. Someone PMed me on another forum and told me they still can't seem to post here. Don't be discouraged if you're hardly getting any replies, hopefully the issues will be resolved pretty soon.
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    Hi Holls, I very rarely check into the forum these days, but just wanted to say hi!! It's really sad to see that so many people are still posting about ALS. As others have said, I think one of the main reasons is that twitching is listed as a symptom. And anxious-prone people twitch. They google twitching, and there you have it. It all seems so clear to me now, but when I was in the middle of my ALS fears, there was no persuading me. Anyway, happy to report that I still twitch occasionally, but no ALS.
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    Lmao!!!!!!!! Oh Jremtx. Oh how powerful our minds can be. I point blank asked my Dr. Why should I trust you when you tell me I don't have it when we haven't done an emg... She said I have been trained to spot this, then I have you see a neurologist.. she said.. I dignose people from the moment they walk in my office.. I watch them walk, talk, I look over their skin etc.. all this without them ever knowing. She said if you had als I'd know. I went to school for this .. did you? Lol I wanted to say yes, Dr Google .that was the 3rd time I had went to her over this fear and after 3 sets of reflex and strength tests.. She told me to write als on a paper and bury it.. but with my yard being hard as a rock here in Texas, I flushed the paper down the toilet and it felt great. Flush the worry away. Hugs. This worry really can be over for you. Tell your mind it's not a Dr. Lol. I have a weak left leg too.. but I can run if I had too. I can climb a ladder. Ya I'd feel tired after but that's not als. Let's be thankful we can climb that damn latter.
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    Many of us have this. It’s not uncommon at all. I am still dealing with these from time to time and they started back in August. So many things cause them. Lack of sleep, stress, low magnesium, dehydration, etc. perceived weakness may make you think your leg is weak. I had that in my arm. It was a damaged nerve that healed in a few weeks. In most case, weakness is in our mind since we are focused on what we think is wrong. Short answer. You don’t ALS or you’d know. Period. You wouldn’t be wondering. Things to help: Epsom Salt Baths, physical labor, eating bananas, stop all caffeine if you can, talk to people here and BELIEVE what people say. We’ve all been where you are. The fear is real... the disease is not. Realize it is anxiety ABOUT ALS... not actually ALS. You got this!
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    Ok there is your answer, the Dr said NO. Strength tests and mini neuro tests your pcp gave you are standard tests.. you wouldn't have passed, Even if it was months ago. Feeling weak is not a symptom. That's anxiety making you feel weak and tired. It's takes a lot out of us. I twitched for a good 6 months too.. I had to ignore them to move on. I would acknowledge it.. like oh hello twitch I feel you and I don't care.. and after 2 weeks they were all gone. I used to feel them and get so scared I thought I was going to pass out then I'd Google all day long. It's a vicious circle that gets you in deeper and deeper. Promise, you don't have als. Hugs. Enjoy the holidays.
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    You Google, saying "what's the other alternative"? How about seeing your doctor? Let her/him hear all of your ailments and let them decide if any tests are necessary. Then, put your trust in your doctor's acumen, medical experience and knowledge and choose to accept what you are toid, not what a money-driven advertising based computer scheme spurts out as your problems. Dr. Google never met you as he/it doesn't exist. It's a computer program. Your doctor knows you as a person and you need to build a relationship with that doctor and trust them.
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    HI FRIENDS, It's all good news!!! The procedure was quickly and doctor just found mild gastritis!!!!!!! I can move on and enjoy life again!!! Thank you ALL for your amazing support!!!!!! xoxo!!!!
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    Losing someone close to us highlights our mortality. But it's life and we are surrounded by grief and such problems. If you are already anxious anything of a negative nature will trigger an emotional response. As Holls says, take it day by day. I am going through a very difficult time with my wife and it's so difficult not to let anxiety take over. I know how easy it is to say face and accept what happens, but putting it into practise is another matter. Distraction helps but should not be relied on. I am so sorry to hear about what has happened to your friend. Don't feel selfish! You are responding in a normal way to a situation that is happening in your life. Don't be hard on yourself. Life is not easy at times, but any experience is a teaching one and we need to learn from it. I do hope you begin to come to terms with what has happened and think of your friend in all the good times you had together. And hugs from me too.
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    Dude, you need to seek help. It's fine (well not fine, it's harmful, but we can decide how to deal with it) to do things that only affect us, but I developed HA from hovering anxious parents. Don't do this to your daughter. A mild headache and a normal temperature - anything 99.5 or below is normal - is not a red flag. Your anxiety is running away with you. See a doctor for yourself. Your child is fine. You are not.
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    So to sum it up, this week I’ve survived...breast cancer, oral cancer, 2 blood clots, and currently am in the middle of a brain aneurysm. I’m one tough cookie.
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    You must never consult Dr Google about anything. There is so much misinformation and catastrophized scenarios on there and should be avoided. Your Doctor knows more than Google so trust him/her. I get those patches on my face also, it's just one of those things and nothing to worry about.
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    Find the "statistician on an airplane" joke on google. Now, what are the odds you will get Hodgkins disease AND I.B.C. in one person in one lifetime?!?! The other responses here are right on. The condition you fear is generally very obvious. Coincidentally, I had a slightly itchy spot on my anterior right chest wall above the nipple, on Monday. It was kind of red. I thought....oh no, breast cancer maybe, and I.B.C.! Now, this is where the H.A. comes in. I'm male and 39. "Hey self...WTF?" Male breast cancer is 1/100 as common as in women....and....wait for it..... there are in fact 10 (yes, a total of ten) documented cases of I.B.C. in males, all but one in their 60s-80s in age. And all clear-cut symptoms. This is where I like to imagine a conversation with a doctor about this, where he uses that great line "you do realize this is utter BS, right?" Somehow we're all looking for that line between "being smartly aware of your body" and "wasting all your time capacity being aware of your body".