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    Hello all-- I went to the oncologist yesterday to get blood work done, and everything came back normal! Thank you for your support.
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    I am not sure if this is related, but I will mention it anyway. In 1998, I was driving back from a client in Frederick Maryland back to my house in Pikesville Maryland. The weather was clear and the roads were dry. I was driving a 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix. A car suddenly stopped in front of me on Route 70 East and I swerved to the left to avoid hitting him and I went onto the grassy area which seperated the interstate. I was going at a high rate of speed and lost control of my car. There was a pickup truck parked in the turnaround area and I headed toward him at around I guess 50 MPH or so. I tried to stop but could not. Before the impact, I saw my life as a child up to the then present time pass in front of me and I thought this was the end of my life. The impact was severe and my car was totalled, but I got out with just an aching neck and back and I was OK. The truck I hit was also OK and so was the person in it. I really don't know what kind of experience to call this, but it sure was weird to see my life pass before my eyes and I was fully cognizant of my surroundings.
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    QUICK UPDATED - EVERYTHING WENT WELL... SUPER AMAZING DOCTOR.... Told me headaches come from neck issues and gave trigger point injections. I passed neuro test 100% told me I don't have a brain tumor. Thank you all for your support. I need to move on with my life and actually start enjoying it!!!! I AM SO WORRIED ABOUT DYIENG THAT I'M NOT LIVING
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    First of all, for that cancer to have a significant effect on you it would have to go undiagnosed for months to a year. As was said earlier by another poster, lumps and bumps happen everywhere and anywhere and don't always have or need an answer. I have a nasal lump in my right nose. ENT doctors just shrug. Not cancer, not a cyst, just a round lump. Born defect. I have cysts that come and grow in my sinus cavities. ENT says they are transient and will come and go. I have fatty tumors on my back and chest. A cyst on my right pinky finger that grew from age 20 one day, and never went away no matter how many times I've tried to have it removed. 16 years later it's still here. I would give give that lump 2 or 3 weeks. If its scaring you this badly, set a doctors appointment now, but set it out for 3 or 4 weeks from now. If it's gone in two or 3 weeks, cancel the appointment. Bam. You saved money and didn't waste much time. If the lumps still there, you went and got it checked out in an appropriate amount of time. Because there may be a chance you waste the money on seeing the doctor and he tells you: "Let's give it two weeks. Give me a call and we'll schedule a scan or revisit this if its still here." And then your whole visit was for nothing.
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    Stress can cause havoc on both the mind and body. There is a large list of possibly symptoms. Mentally, you can experience everything from restlessness, inability to sleep / stay asleep, brain fog, inability to focus, intrusive thoughts, and much more. And the physical effects are just as vast - twitching, numbness/tingling, aches, pains, increased BP and/or heart rate, heart palpitations, weakness, sweating, and so on.
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    I can't count the number of times I've injured myself in some form or another and didn't even realize it. Likewise, I can't count the number of times those unknown injuries caused me to have a health anxiety meltdown. So I totally understand... 😂
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    Ok, well, looking at the facts as i understand them. So far, there has been no evidence whatsoever of MS with only one test left to do to entirely rule it out. This test is only ever performed to patients with more progressive symptoms and positive evidence gathered from other tests. So then input the probability of this being MS against other back issues and inflammatory causes and you're looking at really really low probability. I doubt your anxiety is going to let go of the spinal chord scan as that is where all the fear is pointing at the moment and you're mindset is locked on to it. Having MS throughout my family and through the experiences i have seen and what i've learnt, i highly doubt that your symptoms are MS causal.
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    Idk. My friend passed 5 years ago and we were very close. Our classmates called us peanut butter and jelly. We we're friends for 15 years. I felt her after her passing a few times.. I've asked for signs and have gotten some pretty crazy things. Like when I asked her if I'd see her again then got in my car not a sec later to hear lunatic fringe my fav song play so I cranked it and it said I'll see you in the other side. It's way in the back ground and I've never heard that part I quickly googled it still at the cemetery and sure enough it's the first line of the song. And it's exactly something she would say . See you on the other side...or see ya on the flip side lol. I've had other things but this one was eery and it made me think if we were close in life why can't we be close in death as well. I believe in something.. just not sure what . I'm not religious at all but like I said I ask my friend for signs and she never fails. That's something.
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    I think that's essentially how I feel about it, although I still don't know that I believe in a spiritual/afterlife-ish aspect of that "heaven." I tend to feel that heaven and hell are simply related to how we live our lives, because how you live is definitely reflected in quality of life. I also firmly believe in karma, in the sense that what you get out of life is proportional to what you put in. Pantheism sort of describes what I believe, at least some of it. But I don't really care for labels, so I don't really get caught up in any one belief system. I believe what I believe, and what I believe often crosses over to several different belief systems.
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    I appreciate it! Thank you. I thought I had read it was pancreatic cancer. But there you go. I do this thing where I hear negative information and twist it and make it worse. I was doing it with my doctors until I got their permission to audio record our visits. My doctor would say "You need to do this to get healthy" and I would later twist it in my mind into him/her having "said" : "You need to do this, or you will die". This may be another example of my having shaped Luke Perrys death to something that truly frightens me. Cancer. But all the same. The original intent of the message held true in that often triggers give me symptoms I later become fearful of - as being something health related and wrong with me. Thus you get stuck in this vicious mental cycle that loops into itself. CBT has been helping me. And rationalizing everything out.
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    You are so right Mark! I believe it's all about perception, how we, as individuals, see things. It's bit like being colour blind. The person who has no sense of colour could argue that nothing has colour, but all the persuasion in the world may not convince them that colour exists. All around us every day there are things happening of which we have no awareness because our senses are so limited. We have the five senses, but many seem to have a sixth sense. An awareness that most of us can't feel. I am very subject to atmospheres. If I go into a house that I have not been in before I sense if it has good or bad 'vibes'. (I dislike that word but it does describe it). I just feel uncomfortable and want to leave. Some homes feel good, comfortable and warm. I think it's down to the attitude of the occupants and any love that may be present or otherwise. I find some churches have a powerful energy in that respect. What it is I know not, but the feelings do exist. Psychic energy has been known for some time. Poltergeist activity, which seems to be present when children are about, has a factual record. It has yet to be properly explained, but it's there. Is it all about energy? Is a lot of it about uncontrolled energy? Anxiety is misplaced energy. We all know how tiring it can become in HA even if we know nothing is wrong. The visible spectrum is very narrow, to our eyes at least, but the insect world, especially bees, use a far wider spectrum to distinguish one flower from another. But the spectrum is infinite either end. We have only the infra red at one end and ultra violet at the other, but what is beyond that very narrow view? Is that where the 'spirit' world exists?
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    This is a subject i have been interested in and have actively researched and philosophised since i was capable of thought. I try not to tie myself into belief but i'm of the opinion that reality is not what we interpret it to be and yes, we are all connected via consciousness.
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    I was on the fence about supernatural things/afterlife until my dad died. We were very close. He was also very close to my son who is developmentally disabled. When my dad got sick and was going through treatment, my son said to him one day, "papa, if you die you have to promise to always be with us." My dad promised him he would. After he died, weird things started happening. Mostly with lights. Not just one light flickering here and there. All different lights throughout the house and two of the outside lights. I had lived in that house for almost ten years and never had a light flicker until then. And it wasn't that suddenly all of these light bulbs were burning out...none of them did. And I wasn't imagining it. Two of my sisters saw it too. Other things have happened over the past five years since he passed away as well. I believe there is more going on than we can imagine.
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    Or perhaps the "supernatural" is just what science can't explain yet. A scientific mind doesn't mean only believing in what's already known or proven. There would've been a time where if you'd argued that UV and infrared rays existed, you'd have been laughed out of a room. After all, you can't see them. There weren't always instruments to measure them. There's literally no need for a divide between science and spirituality except for what people insist on creating for the sake of their own comfort. If you don't like religion or spirituality, you get nothing from it, I get it. But the only need to put a gap between physical science and spirituality is a misguided sense of superiority from either side. Neuroscience hasn't disproved that the soul exists. Nothing in the Bible contradicts evolution (also, Jesus literally says he's cool with transgender people and to leave them alone - some people really need to actually read the book they claim to live by, but I digress). I can't help but think we'd progress faster as a species if everyone would work together. I think when we die, we cease to exist. No more consciousness, no more "us." But no one's proven that yet, and since energy can't be destroyed, there will always be a little part of what was once "us" in the world in some form. But I'm still going to take every ghost tour I can when my friend moves to New Orleans. Because on the chance that I'm wrong, I'm not going to miss out on the chance to meet a ghost. I didn't watch all that Scooby Doo for nothing.
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    Bhjju, your anxiety is not going to loosen it’s grip on you unless you stop questioning every sensation or feeling you have. You are WAY overanalyzing every movement and looking for things to question. Reassurance isn’t helping since you keep asking different questions. Acceptance is the only way out. Accept it’s not ALS, matter what new sensation you have or feeling you notice. Accept that your anxiety is tricking you into thinking it’s something bad.
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    Excellent point. Sudden and severe clinical weakness is key. Thanks for sharing Marc!
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    I have known 4 people who have had ALS and none of them had the symptoms you mentioned. One person had sudden severe slurred speech, the second person suddenly had severe weakness and fell to the ground, the third was a strong man, who suddenly could not open a twist jar and the fourth person I don`t know.
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    You don’t have to apologize haha I’m like that, too. I need a lot of reassurance. Also, isn’t asking questions the purpose of this site?
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    If you have seasonal allergies it could also be from that, too.
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    Yes. Your throat, nose and ears are all connected. It sounds to me like the infection is in your left nostril and possibly your ear. If there is enough drainage, even if it doesn’t hurt, the irritation from it can sometimes cause some swelling. Even if you don’t have throat pain, salt water can help bring the swelling down in the area and prevent pain from starting. Salt water can also help prevent infection from starting in your throat.
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    Sounds like you got some solid answers as far as what you're NOT dealing with. As for the BP, that's not uncommon for someone with such terrible anxiety. Even mild anxiety can temporarily raise BP. Sounds to me like he just wants to use the 48hr monitor to make sure nothing is missed.
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    Yeah! I have taken them for some time and I have not noticed any effects one way or another. Perhaps they work behind the scenes or I am too insensitive to feel anything. . I'm told side effects are rare and mild, if any. They have a good track record for anxiety and blood pressure. Once a day is my dose at 1.25mg.
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    I take Atenolol 25mg once a day for both mildly elevated blood pressure and to help with anxiety symptoms. It has greatly decreased my tachycardia episodes and palpitations. I know it's not the exact same medication, but it's still a beta blocker. I haven't had any side effects with Atenolol at all. I've known a few people to take Propranolol daily for blood pressure, and it seems to do well for them, with little to no side effects.
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    Less intense when I get them, which is rare now.
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    That's the hardest part. I've been to docs for medical issues and when they tell me it's no biggie I feel relieved. Then the next day I start worrying they are wrong and are missing something or they simply don't have an answer so just say your fine
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    You're fine. Like I told you, I've sweated many times in bed. Try using a fan, opening a window, etc to circulate the air in the room.
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    Yeah, it's classic anxiety thinking. We have all been there concerned pa!
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    There's another anxiety site which is really good. I can't recall its name, but it described how when we are anxious/stressed the chemicals we build up in our system, like but not limited to cortisol don't just dissipate the moment we calm down. Depending on how long you've had elevated levels, meaning how long stressed, it can take many months even years! I'll try to remember that site and pass it along or maybe others know. It's free, but there is a very comprehensive pay site that is superb and you can join it for a week, a month etc at a nominal cost, and it doesn't automatically renew.
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    It’s been awhile since I’ve been in this site, but I wanted to add to the thread by saying I was tested extensively for MS and other disorders in the past. All test results were negative. So, my doctor said that since my symptoms didn’t progress and the test results were negative it was probably anxiety related. I tried to believe him and probably did actually believe him at times. A number of years have passed and I still get these prickly painful sensations on my legs. The strange thing is I do feel I’ve put these symptoms behind me and moved on with life., but they persist. I’m really not anxious about it any longer, more just saddened. There are long periods of time I probably even felt indifferent about it. I’m wondering, given this info, do you think practicing pain management would be the way to go? My concern with going this route is that I’m admitting it really isn’t anxiety induced, but rather a physical disorder. I don’t think I have MS, not really sure what it is.
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    Yeah, to me heaven and hell are metaphors.
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    technically that is even how it is biblically, in eden heaven and earth were 1 place and essentially became paralleled with a sort of connection, like a venn diagram is how its illustrated
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    So really, to sum up, there are believers and non believers. But is it not so with everything in life? My attitude to any 'gift' we may have in the psychic realm is that 'if you don't use it you lose it'. A real psychic person, (beware, there are a lot of fake ones out there!!), can be of great benefit to those in emotional trouble. As I said before, I have seen far too many strange happenings for me to doubt. Especially in the field of spiritual healing. Once again, that is a gift. Like art or any creative expression. How do we explain a child of six playing a complete work by Brahms on the piano with few lessons? Yes, that is a proven fact. Some years ago Oxford University did an experiment in asking people to write in if they saw things or had any psychic ability. They were inundated with mail. It seems that those who have these abilities are afraid to talk about them for fear of ridicule. Empaths are those wo feel the pain of others and are often healers. I suggest that there are a lot more empaths on this site than we imagine. After all, who would give their time to coming on here and helping if they didn't feel some empathy. Not sympathy, that's different, and in most cases not very sincere. 'Sorry for your loss' is easy to say, but to feel the pain you have to have empathy. To misquote Shakespeare, 'There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio'. Or perhaps the "supernatural" is just what science can't explain yet (Thanks Molly) Electricity was always there but undiscovered. What else is there waiting for some Einstein to come along and 'discover'? A lot of the problem lies at the door of religion. Spiritualists have a thriving church because they have first hand experience of life after death. Who are we to doubt them? We don't have to believe either way, but we should not judge without knowing the facts. And Chriss. Yes, that's just another of the so called unexplained phenomena that so many experience. Objects that have been moved, flowers blooming on a grave in the wrong season. Too much and too often to be mere coincidences. This is an age old discussion that Plato and the Greek philosophers tried to sort out and failed. Actually it all comes down to the old feeling, the gut feeling we have. Whatever you believe and whatever you think it won't hep your anxiety to ponder overmuch on it all. You can do that when you feel better.
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    Completely normal to all of us that suffer. My triggers are always health or death related. Luke Perry dying recently out of nowhere? Never followed the guy, never watched 90210...but someone like him. A celebrity. With tons of money dying from cancer, and not surviving it? Well, I didn't think it affected me. Until later in the day my heart palpitations started when I was sitting on the couch watching Saturday Night Live. Was convinced I was having a heart attack and then it transferred to cancer for some reason until I rationalized the thoughts away. Facebook status do it to me to. Go fund me pages set up by friends for their family members suffering from cancer. I feel the symptoms before the fear hits sometimes too. You aren't alone.
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    We've all heard that generally speaking, people use only about 10% of their brain's abilities. If you accept that as true, then likely there is a sort of bell curve; there are those who use more than, and those who use less than 10%. And what portions/aspects of the brain's abilities make up that 10%? What my brain is or isn't capable of may or may not match what another person's 10% (or less, or greater) brain can do. I therefore agree that some people have certain abilities that others do not. Also, my wife and I clearly remember when our oldest (now 12) was a baby. There he would be in his bedroom, on the changing table. As we were attending to him he was carrying on, in his own mind and babbles, some communication with something. He stared right at it, just above his crib, and did so several times. Asked about this when he was older and able to speak, he had no clue what we were talking about. We always wondered what was happening.
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    Never dismiss these feelings as being 'just feelings'. Has anyone heard of Carl Jung's 'collective unconscious'? He felt we were all connected in a way that was not easily explained. I agree with him because I have heard strange things that have happened for which we have no so called 'scientific' explanation. We all have intuition, although to many it never seems true. There are many examples of precognitive dreams where someone dreams of an accident and it happens later. There are too many of these dreams for them to be coincidences. The faculty to feel for others is also apparent in many, as is psychic abilities. It's far from crazy, and if it becomes apparent that you have this ability then it should be allowed to express itself. It's nothing to be scared of. Why is it that when a strange thing pops up in the human mind we don't understand we get scared. We, as humans, have so many unused abilities, but unfortunately they are often ridiculed in children and laughed at in adults. No one likes to be made to feel a fool, so we suppress the feelings on a psychic level. Fairies; little green men!!! Leprechauns and such. Who says they are not there? Because I can't see them does it mean no one else can? Some may and do have the ability to see what others can't. There is book called 'The Boy who saw True'. It gives an account of a boy who had powerful psychic abilities, but he was laughed at, and taken to opticians because he 'saw things'. No one understood him so he lost his psychic abilities later in life for fear of being thought mad. Tragic, because no one bothered to try and understand. I wonder how many people were locked away in asylums for 'seeing things'? When all that was happening was a natural ability to see beyond what the normal eye sees. They had a gift, but were thought mad. Children have invisible playmates. Not there? Who says so? What arrogance to assume because we can't see no one else can. Visions that some have of impending doom, or even of happy events that are to come, can't be dismissed as 'silly'. Never underestimate the power of the human mind.
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    I don't know what I think. Maybe you are tuned into something mystical, somewhere. I tend to be a sciency person and don't find answers on the supernatural. My only brush with something like you've explained is that, when I was trying to start my family, I had an uncanny knack for just knowing the sex of unborn babies. I went on a huge mommy website, and could accurately guess the sex of the women posting on that site like 98% of the time. I was wrong almost never. That went on while I was actively pregnant with my first and then trying for a second. After my younger son grew out of his baby stage, that superpowet went away. I did get pregnant a third time, but my guesing ability vanished by that point lol
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    Stop eating McFlurries at night. If that solves the problem, then you've found the cause! Could be the dairy, the cold, the sugar, who knows. (Though everyone else's ideas are smart and they're probably correct!) Personally I'd just learn to live with it. Those things are amazing. But it's possible I don't have the best priorities.
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    Good luck! Let us know how it goes. 🤞
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    Hey - I see you've already gotten a lot of responses but I wanted to chime in and say that we're on the same medication combo, and I have such severe heat intolerance I blast the AC all year long. All antidepressants make me sweat like crazy. And weighted blankets, dear god. My SO has one, and I have the best sleep of my life under it, but it gets SO HOT under there! If I don't fall asleep immediately I'm not going to be able to stay under there long, and I'll definitely wake up damp. (But well-rested, which is so rare for me I'll take it, LOL.)
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    I get that too. Based on what you said it was from not eating then your mind got the best of you and it snowballed. When I get like that I shower or bathe to brush it off and get back to relaxed. The other day I got so dizzy and weird feeling from being too busy to eat then I had a meltdown
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    First thing is to get off Google. Do not research symptoms, do not go to disease forums, do not try to get your MD on the internet. Let the doctors take care of it and trust that they know how and what to test for.
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    Oh yes this is EXTREMELY common. I have this happen all the time, it’s a sign for me that today I’m going to be more sensitive to everything, and I’ll definitely need to take my anxiety medicine. I’m not completely sure why it happens most of the time, sometimes there’s an obvious trigger such as a nightmare I had, but other times there is no reason. Sometimes it just happens that way, unfortunately. The twitching and tingling is your body readying to go into fight or flight mode.
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    Good call! I didn't think about dehydration, but I've heard that's a common cause of this as well.
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    Have you thought ahead as far as therapy / medication? There's no harm in the self help route, so long as you are aware enough to know when (or if) it's time to add professional help into the mix. I chose self help for a few years or more. I eventually had to make the decision to seek help from a therapist, and that gave me the extra push I needed to overcome the worst part of my anxiety. I won't push it on you though, I'm just sharing my own experiences with seeking help. I do recommend it. I found it extremely helpful, and many others here (or used to be here) have as well.
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    Hi. There. Sorry about the delay in answering but often time zones get in the way. Welcome to AC. . It sounds very much like GAD, or General Anxiety Disorder. Now it can hit any of us at any time, and when it does we must not panic, or try not to. It's become a very chronic disorder in modern society, and is it any wonder when you look at how stressful our lives can become. Have you been to your GP? Mild short term medication and good counselling can work wonders. If you can't get counselling then try to talk to friend or relative who understands. Not to anyone but someone you trust. Doing it alone is not advisable because we need to share and help each other. Coming on here and sharing is also a great help. We all know how you feel, believe me! Does anyone have any ideas as to where this could stem from? This is a not a typical reaction to anxiety. You realise that it has a cause and knowing that puts you way ahead toward managing it. Nothing ever 'comes out of the blue' with no cause. As in physics there is cause and effect. The cause in anxiety may be hidden in the unconscious. It sometimes takes time and good counselling to find the cause. It can be from childhood; something that happened that made you repress the incident into your unconscious, and it has come up now. The feelings and emotions but not the memory of what caused it in the first place. Some incident, some sound or word perhaps spoken in anger can 'trigger' the feelings. But first things first. If you have not done so get a diagnosis from your GP. Don't be afraid to go there. They deal with so many cases of anxiety these days. And don't feel embarrassed or feel any shame about feeling as you do. It's an illness like any other, and you can learn to cope with it and manage it so it does not interfere with your life. I have tried to listen to myself about where the source is, but am stuck. Try not to get too involved with reasons at the moment. Anxiety can be life changing and for the good. You are forced to look at yourself and see what your life is about and where you are going. If you want to explore further then you can message me. Best wishes.
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    Oh yes Nutmeg, I did. But so do most people with anxiety. Panic often comes in waves. 'Am I going to panic?. Oh dear, I feel it coming, will it ever stop'. Yes it will, if you let it come without resistance. It's the resistance that causes the anxiety to go on. If you resist anything you have to remember you are using a lot of energy. The energy you don't have much of at the moment. The old Dr. Who saying by the Daleks, 'resistance is futile' comes to mind. Now honest, I do know how difficult this can be. You are NOT bipolar. Another much used word that describes a condition of which the symptoms are all too obvious. Don't feel hopeless if you can avoid it. Hopelessness, despair and self pity are your enemies as much as anxiety. Dark days seem to go on and on. Good days seem fleeting, but sticking it out without adding fear to fear will eventually work. Please try. When you feel a wave of fear come over you LET IT COME with as much acceptance as you can manage. If you look under 'Articles' you will see some very good advice from 'lonesailor' about acceptance. Like all of us on here she has been there. Now try and take heart. It's really possible to learn to manage anxiety so that it no longer affects your life. I don't pity you because my pity, like self pity, is useless. But I do have empathy for you because I can enter into your suffering. That can only be done by someone who has experienced anxiety at its worst. Take care.
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    So sorry to hear about your mom. I do wonder if sometimes I am just wired differently. I am super empathetic and very sensitive to what others around me are feeling emotionally. I can so quickly put myself in someone else's "shoes." And I have always had this sense of "time running out." I have always been this way, even as a child. There are memories that I have filed away and can remember making a point to specifically memorize even as far back as when I was about 4. And when doing so, even as a child, thinking "this isn't forever." As I have gotten older, I have tried to find ways to stop this from happening. It is really very intense and uncomfortable. When things really do go wrong (with our loved ones especially), we are already so sensitive. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago. The treatments and surgeries were awful. She was stage 3B. She did make it out of that and is alive today. But it was a very hard time (still is). I can't imagine what you went through losing your mom. I do wish I was one of those people that was very relaxed and not much bothered them. I know people like that and I am envious. After I had my daughter my anxiety has only amplified. I guess I just didn't realize that it could manifest itself so physically. Thanks so much for your replies, it is refreshing to hear from someone that has had similar struggles. I can honestly say I don't know anyone like me and my family mostly doesn't understand my anxiety at all, so I keep it to myself.... a lot. Which I know is part of the problem. Maybe I have been bottling it up too long after all.