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    I think that agoraphobia can develop after having anxiety in a situation or place. Next time you visit that place or are in that situation, you panic again about the possibility of an anxiety attack. The spiral continues until you can no longer do the things that bring worries of a panic attack. The fact that you recognize this makes me think it won’t lead down that slippery slope and get out of hand.
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    I can't speak for her, obviously, but I've done some therapy. It has been extremely helpful. Even as I'm dealing with this stuff now, I know it would be quite a bit worse if it weren't for the things I learned from my therapist. I guess it was technically CBT, but we didn't focus much on what to call stuff - we just did whatever we felt would help. I enjoy my therapist, but I haven't been since late last year. Perhaps I should also see about going again.
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    My physician told me that typically the first sign of a brain tumor are seizures.
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    So, herniated discs in the back/neck do get worse overnight usually because of fluid buildup in the spinal column. My back problems are 100x worse first thing in the morning. I would ask the nurse if the Botox doesn’t work, what are the next steps and is an MRI on the table. I assume you had one for your neck, so you could also ask if it showed the head as well. Then you would have a definitive NO for brain tumor.
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    I agree with Holls that testing won't help matters any. For what it's worth, my girlfriend gets awful headaches. She has for several years. She was seeing a neurologist regularly at one time. He did MRIs, CAT scans, etc - absolutely nothing. She's not anxious about her health, and the doctor ordered all the tests without any suggestion from her. In fact, she would rather have avoided them because "it's inconvenient." Haha. But still, nothing found whatsoever. He prescribed various medications over time, and still nothing. Then life calmed down. Things got easier, far less stress. Got away from some toxic people. Since then, the frequency and severity of her headaches have dramatically improved.
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    Have you thought that it's brought on by the constant stress and anxiety? What are you doing for your anxiety? Are you in therapy? Testing isn't going to help.. I know we all think ok one last test and if it's negative I'll move on and never do this again.. and then we quickly move on to another fear.. I've done it so many times is sad. More medical testing isn't the answer.. it's long term help for anxiety.
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    My friend recently was having horrific headaches that nothing touched. She finally went to the Dr and only Bec of her medical history (colon cancer 7 years ago) ordered a CT scan.. he told her that from the in office neuro exam and patient history that it sounds like stress and anxiety. She just got married, sold her house, quit her job and was doing a new job. She was having anxiety attacks daily. Her CT scan showed nothing so the Dr ordered her to get some rest and manage the anxiety. She went for a short vacation with her husband and her headaches went away.. she came back and the anxiety returned as well as the headaches.. she was having blurry vision and dizzyness. So much so she was falling.. she is again managing the anxiety and she's better, much much better. You have been anxious ? Very focused on the headaches? Has your Dr mentioned stress and anxiety can cause this as well??
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    Thanks Bin, this helps a lot!!!!! HA is so irrational. I was doing better but when I get these bad headaches I get so scared
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    Ask her if she recommends an MRI, or if she would otherwise find it useful. I wouldn't suggesting requesting the MRI yourself. Headaches are often not present in patients when they're diagnosed with a brain tumor. The diagnosis is usually the product of more telling symptoms, such as seizures / fits, fainting, cognitive anomalies (e.g. severe confusion), and stroke-like symptoms. You don't have a brain tumor.
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    The first time I saw my GP about my symptoms and anxiety he told me to STAY FAR AWAY from Dr Google, even back then my doctor knew how googling symptoms does nothing but fill you will doubts and fear, a tool of self diagnosis.. Dr google is a tool !! Unfortunately the damage had been done and I worried myself physically sick that I was suffering MS, ALS, and a multitude of c****rs. Yes google can make you ill, physically ill, from stress and worry, not that you have whatever 'IT' diagnoses you with. Those things didn't even cross my mind until I googled about anxiety symptoms, yes anxiety symptoms led me to MS/ALS. You start to doubt the real doctors, the real tests and seek reassurance from google, it's a trap and can become quite addictive. If they ever did analysis, say Patient A v Patient B with health anxiety, Patient A didn't have access to the internet, Patient B used it often. No doubt in my mind Patient B would be in a much worse state. If I was into conspiracies I would say Dr Google is funded by the big pharma companies