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    Dear all, First time poster here, 22 year old male living in Australia, I've been following this forum for a while and it has been a great source of comfort to see that I am not the only one going through this horrible experience with health anxiety. Mine has been going on severely for about six weeks now, starting IMMEDIATELY after I googled the symptoms of that dreadful disease - funny that! Immediately all of the symptoms, which we all know are both generated by our anxious minds and EXTREMELY REAL, started happening. Just thought I'd share something that has been helping with my recovery and made me, ironically, laugh about the mess our irrational minds can make of us! I'm lucky enough to have a father who is an extremely experienced critical care doctor, specializing in neurology and respiratory medicine. He is also an ex-bodybuilder. Immediately he told me I'm not sick, he said any doctor could spot it a mile away if I was, and after I kept on bugging him he put me on a workout he used to do, something from a book by Arnold Schwarzenegger, that involved every muscle group. Push ups, dips, sit ups, leg lifts, pull ups, squats, calf raises, everything. It was hell, but I COULD DO IT, even though it was only three pull ups or ten sit ups. And as long as I COULD DO IT, there is no reason to be worried. "You don't have a**, you're just anxious and unfit" he said. He also said that any serious disease will progress, and if it stays the same or gets better, there is very little reason to worry. My anxiety hasn't stopped after that, but now every time I do a strength test to prove I'm ok, I think about what he said and I get a little boost of confidence. You often feel like you're going crazy - I recently tried testing myself with a one legged squat, on my toes, in the shower, and then got anxious about the cramps and perceived weakness I felt afterwards! Hope this helps anyone even a little bit. Remember that the mind is so so powerful and can convince you of anything. Remember that it will get better, the panic will go away, trust your doctors, don't Google ANYTHING specific that isn't just "health anxiety" because that's the real beast we're dealing with, be grateful every day for the gift of being alive, and sometimes even laugh at yourself - half the things we try to test ourselves with, even very fit people would struggle! Wishing everyone a beautiful day, Matt
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    Tip #1 You don't need any fancy diets Tip #2 Cut processed carbs (sugars), caloric drinks and bread first completely. Reduce regular carbs like rice and potatoes. You don't have to go on keto diet, again, that is not necessary, just eat them in moderation. Tip #3 Count calories for the first few weeks. This means counting everything you eat and drink if it has calories. Try to be at least 500 calories below maintenance. Tip #4 From the food you can eat, choose the things you love the most and primarily focus your diet on that. For example I like to eat eggs, beef meat, oats and cheese. I used to like chicken but got tired of it so when I have chicken for lunch I buy cherry tomatos and onion which I adore so this makes eating chicken more manageable. Meals can be quite simple : Meal 1: - Oats Meal 2: - Some meat like chicken or red meat or fish - lot of vegetables that you like most. I like green peas as well, but it can be anything - rice Meal 3: - fruit as a snack Meal 4: - eggs, cheese vegetables or eags and some oats again etc. Protein shake after exercise Meal 5: - before bed, tuna or low fat cheese. You do not even need this last meal, but I can't go to bed on an empty stomach so this is a must. Nuts are great as a snack in moderation 25-30gr per day or so.
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    I wanted to point this out (and bring it up again, as I'm sure its been covered before) because as data tracks our search history more and more, not only on our smartphones but on our computers or tablets or whatever device connects to the Internet, a lot of times your search results will bring up issues you've been worried about or Googling. For example a lot of my conversations and my typing lately has been bringing up ads related to lung cancer or any type of cancer either on YouTube, or Facebook or Amazon related products. Today I was in a CVS pharmacy and I hear an AD over the PA talking about the American Cancer Society and raising money for donations. But it starts out with fear mongering. "The number one killer-cancer, affects (enter number here) people a year and women are likely higher to get this diagnosis based on (blah blah "facts"). Please donate 1 or 3 dollars to the American Cancer Society...(blah blah blah)". Stark, ominous music playing with a woman using a creepy, serious tone. It was appalling! And made me so mad as a Health Anxiety sufferer to see the lengths they go to guilt or fear you, out of your hard-earned money. Just remember that this BS can begin to affect you mentally as your whole online world, and outside world can seem to be shrouded in "cancer, cancer cancer!" Scares. It doesn't mean you're more likely to get this illness nowadays, more than ever, but it just goes to show how fear mongering can potentially squeeze money out of you. It was probably an overlooked thought, concept or bug by Ad companies or these sites sharing your search results; as the potential for these internet Ad's to mentally affect those of us suffering from Health Anxiety when flooded with search engine results everyday through Ad's can be crippling. Ad's related to celebrities deaths due to cancer - start popping up on your news feed. You're scared and curious and go and read the infectious material, simply poisoning yourself even more. Sure, you're scared of lung cancer so as a way of apologizing for those stricken with a disease that terrifies you - you might find yourself donating $100 of dollars in hope's your "good graces" will keep you safe from ever getting the disease or sympathizing to the point you're hurting your own pockets, unsure of what else to do other than pray for someone when they're stricken by whatever disease terrifies you the most. Now I'm guilty of succumbing to this act myself, so its nothing to be ashamed of. In summary, while you should take concern for your health, there are productive and healthy ways to do it. Don't allow these fear mongering Ads to guilt trip you into tossing hundreds of dollars away and remember that your search results spawn advertisements throughout your many accounts. This isn't just cancer, but any related disease you begin trending or searching up on. The world around you is not just "Cancer, CANCER! EVERYONE HAS CANCER!" Or whatever disease your Ads are targeting towards you. It's simply the world your search results have immersed you in, unintentionally by your own curiosity. Stay positive and healthy, my fellow Health Anxiety sufferers! None of you are, alone in this fight!
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    One of the lies health anxiety tells us that every sensation needs an explanation. Sometimes bodies are just noisy. My therapist encouraged me to use a reasonable person test for symptoms. Would a reasonable person without health anxiety think anything of the ‘symptom’? In the case of your muscle pain the answer is no. Can I offer some advice? Stop going immediately to the doctor when a new ‘symptom’ arises. Doctors are trained to find problems so if you go to the doctor with a ‘symptom’ they are going to start looking for a cause which will ramp up your anxiety. Again use the reasonable person test to determine if something actually needs investigating. Reassurance seeking doesn’t work. You cannot get reassurance for HA externally. You have to find it internally.
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    Hi. Stephanie. Welcome to AC. . Of course, you are so right. It is all in the mind. But having said that the pains and emotions are only too real. It's very difficult to grasp the fact that the mind can actually cause symptoms of a disease even though we are checked out and found to be OK. Never underestimate the power of the mind! The tricks anxiety can play are endless. But the thought or idea must be there for you or anyone to feel symptoms that are not a reality. That's why Googling is out. When in an anxiety state, especially HA, we take in information that is useless because we are not doctors and don't understand. But the thought has been planted like a seed and will grow out of all proportion. Our vulnerability to suggestion is heightened. Suggestion can be a frightening experience, and just makes anxiety worse. Acceptance is still the answer. The realisation that it's all smoke and mirrors in Mr. Anxiety's workshop may give some relief. Bluff and counter bluff are his stock in trade. Once told you are OK, believe them, no second guessing.
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    Indeed. My dad unintentionally set off my initial skin cancer anxiety several years ago by pointing something out and saying I should keep a "very close eye on it." Over the next few years, nothing changed, and there were reasons for what he pointed out (reasons that weren't cancer). He was also an anxious person.
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    First off, take a deep breath. I’ve had clusters of petechiae come up before too. You said that you found them on the area of your arm where you hold bags. I get this too sometimes. Any bit of pressure or weight can cause blood vessels to break. Carrying my sons car seat use to make me get them daily.
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    Many cases of headache and head pain are caused by tension in the back, shoulders and neck.
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    I've had a great week so far, even today despite my body testing my patience and my ability to ward off anxiety. Chest pain that is localized, not "inside" my chest and not in the middle. It's symmetrical, small spots on the left and right. Muscular in nature, I imagine. Having some nerve issues in both arms, primarily my left - not unusual for me! Then my jaw/chin sort of aches, presumably because of the stress of the move and the mild anxiety created by these "symptoms", which is causing me to clench my jaw - again, not abnormal for me! Throw some palpitations (again, presumably due to the anxiety) in the mix, and you have an anxious mind that's trying so hard to worry and be fearful. 😮 I'll survive, I always do. But it really tests my patience and my ability to fend off the intrusive / unwanted thoughts. I did have two cans of Vanilla Coke this morning though, which also contributes to my anxiety and these symptoms. I know the anxious part of me is searching for something to worry about. I used to panic when I felt jaw, chest or arm pain, or numbness / tingling. Then I got to where I didn't mind it a bit, and so now it seems I always notice two or more of these symptoms at the same time, which of course says "hey, heart attack." Obviously I know this is not true, but that tells me my brain is searching for reasons to worry. I'm still glad I can recognize this pattern, as that certainly helps me being able to deal with it appropriately (e.g. not sending myself into an anxious spiral). But it's still tough at times. I did fine during the move. I didn't sleep much at all, and I was more physically active than I've been in a long time, and obviously it didn't kill me. LoL! Only when I'm at rest do I tend to notice these things. And that's yet another signal that says the cause of the symptoms, and the fact that they coexist, is due to anxiety. Why do our minds have to be so messed up? Haha. Otherwise, our move was successful. We moved boxes over the course of about three days, and the major part of the move (furniture and storage unit) was done in a day thanks to the movers we hired. We're really enjoying being in our own home, and the fact that we're homeowners. That's all going on in my world right now. I'm off work until Tuesday. I plan to take this time to enjoy the house, fix / update some things and some other small projects around the house. Woo hoo.
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    Seems like today may be a particularly odd day for many people, huh? 😛 Ill be fine. You'll be fine. We'll all be just fine, in due time. We just have to help ourselves.
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    The only thing crucial for you at this point is therapy. You need a therapist not a neurologist. If you actually want to get over your anxiety you have to quit the reassurance seeking. To be honest I think your neurologist is being very irresponsible continuing to see you when you do not have a neurological condition. Twitches are normally. Everyone has them. Non anxious people just don’t notice or care. Bodies are not symmetrical. It is totally normal to have differences between left and right side. You have been cleared by a neurologist. Now you need to learn to trust that.
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    In my 32 years, I've only ever personally (though indirectly) known of a single person to experience an aneurysm. She was in her 50s, if I remember correctly, long time smoker, high blood pressure and other risk factors (possibly a genetic link). Frankly, at 15, you should be worried about what you're going to do with your summer. 😛 It sounds like you're wasting your time on Google and other online resources which are driving your anxiety. Obviously this is not healthy. Stay off of Google, even take a break from the forums. Enjoy your summer. And even more so, enjoy your youth and your health. I wasted most of my 20s and into about 31 worrying endlessly about nonsense. Time I can't get back. I still have anxiety, I'm not "cured", but I've finally gotten a good hold on it so I'm content. I suggest you do the same now rather than wasting these years.
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    If it’s in the normal range then it’s normal. Numbers fluctuate because of what we’ve eaten, the time of day, stress level, hydration, and just normal bodily function. There are no trends to be found when numbers are normal.
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    Thank you!! I used to belong to a different anxiety forum and I have to say, its a fine line- reading other people's symptoms can be triggering for me (I'm sure for probably most of us) Very happy to feel understood! HA is such a prison in my mind and can be so incredibly lonely.
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    This might help you understand a bit more. It doesn’t sound like Fibromyalgia though (to me). I think just purely built up tension and anxiety. https://www.anxietycentre.com/anxiety/symptoms/burning-skin-symptom.shtml
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    Oh yes!! Self diagnosis in anxiety is very dangerous. Leave the diagnostics to the doctors. If they say OK, then no second guessing. A thought has to be in your mind for you to react to it. Obviously! So when you Google or listen to some negative information, it sticks in your mind. We are very vulnerable to suggestion in HA. If none of us would have heard of MS or any other awful disease would we respond as we do? Of course not. And that's the difference between us and our ancestors. Caveman may have got ill, but he took it in his stride. He recovered or he didn't. We, unfortunately, have inherited his fight/flight syndrome. But WE are over informed. The frighteners are put on us every day by some new illness we have found or that someone we know has. But living a life of continual apprehension is not good at all. Can we accept the feelings? Go with them and not fight or struggling with them? Knowing they will pass if we don't give them too much credence? They are real, and the physical symptoms are real, but if you have been declared fit then leave it. The physical symptoms may continue for a while. We are like a big bell that has been struck. The initial noise is over, but the vibrations go on for a while. Take it easy.
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    One day the medical field will research the affects on people waiting for test results, getting calls back to repeat tests, being told you may have cancer to find out 5 days later you don't. What psychological damage is that doing to us? I am very glad all is well but I'm very sorry you got that call.
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    The appointment is tomorrow, so I will have more answers then! Trust me, I can’t wait for it as much as you can!
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    Oh wow! I honestly never though of that! I will have to remember that. Well it's just my right breast and it's just really tender. I'll try to just think positively
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    Unfortunately this is something I think a lot of us deal with far too often. My parents don't understand my symptoms. My mom instantly comes back with 'oh yeah I've had that before' so that's frustrating lol but I also have it where my co-worker says, 'oh my goodness you need to get that checked out it could be this or this or this or blah blah blah' Freaks me out every time. I told her that I really appreciate her trying to help but it just wasn't and so it calmed her down a bit. Sometimes she still does it and I just have to stop her and be like, 'okay well I'm just going to walk over here' lol and I run away quick haha you basically do what you gotta do, ya know?
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    I am on BCP. In April I had a regular check up with normal pap and exam. 2 weeks later I started to spot mid-cycle. I figured it had to do with my Pap so I watched and waited. May and June same thing.So I've given it enough time to resolve and its not. I have a GYN appointment with an in office ultrasound and appointment. IM TERRIFIED. In 2011 I had mid cycle bleeding and it turned out to be a benign but scary tumor on my ovary which has since been removed. Mr DR was not convinced that the tumor caused the spotting, he thinks it was incidentally found. 2016 On BCP had mid cycle bleeding and it was a polyp. So you see, I've never had it not be anything. Although its all been benign it was VERY Scary times in my life waiting for surgery and pathology. I am also scared they will do bloodwork which I have not had since last September. That blood work showed slight anemia and cause me to analyze the scale or normal and see if I was too low or too high normal in certain things. A panic attack ensued and ended me up in the ER. I'm just terrified to go through with all of this. It's ruining my summer with my kids. I want freedom from this anxiety so badly but it's always just another thing away. I am in CBT and on new meds this month (changed from Zoloft to Prozac) Please help me. I'm a nervous wreck and want to enjoy life. I woke up this morning shaking with fear before I even got my thoughts together in bed. This is not a life to live when you feel terrified all the time. I'm thinking I have ovarian cancer, which is usually discovered late stage. Or maybe I have a complex odd cyst that will be an unknown and cause me anxiety. Or maybe its nothing but my blood work will turn up wonky. Maybe all will go well. I will have peace for an hour or so until the next thing..... So low right now.. .
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    My office has about eleven people total and over the last 8 years five have gotten cancer.. so idk anymore.. after this last diagnosis I quit. I couldn't take the worry anymore. Luckily I only did it part time from home, going in maybe once a week.. it's a trigger for me so I had to take a break from it. Hugs. I hope that the sickness leaves your place if employment.
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    Anxiety causes us to perceive things differently, both mentally and physically. I know, I've been there. In the depths of my skin cancer fears, practically every mole I have looked suspicious - one or two in particular. Now I don't actively check them, but if I happen to see them (it happens) I wonder why I ever worried about them. 😛
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    Also wanted to say thank you @bin_tenn and @Chantsy - you both made me feel a lot better, and I really appreciate the support/reassurance. I've never noticed this happening to me until now and new symptoms/occurrences really throw me for a loop. I feel very lucky to have this community to turn to - as horrible as the Internet can be, this is how it can be used for good. ❤️
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    Yep, absolutely agree. My girlfriend recently had an awful looking bruise sprinkled with petechiae recently, all from simply scratching due to an insect bite. I also get them from things as simple as scratching or carrying a light bag on my arm. It happens.
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    After days and days of the site being offline I was able to read but not long in, post or respond. Apparently I'm not the only one. Seeing threads started with many reads and no responses bothers me, I just dont want anyone to feel like no one cares enough to respond. The truth could very well be, we can't respond. Had to get this out there... hopefully we're all back online and able to post now. 🙂
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    UPDATE: Had my bowel movement, and I feel like a new man. LOL
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    That I’m probably diabetic. It’s been one of my fears. I honestly went to urgent care thinking it was a sprained muscle or UTI, I didn’t think it would result in this. the pain is from a UTI but the glucose thing was a coincidental thing. They are not related. So don’t get ideas the anxiety of it being confirmed if it’s diabetes or pre diabetes is what’s causing the anxiety now. its a comfort to know I’m not alone. It bitter sweet. You know? I’m going to try going out for walks after dinner everyday now. It’s the best thing I like to do to calm my anxiety. Hopefully it will help get rid of the chest funk find what makes you feel good. And hope that one day we will get over this.
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    Headache is not a symptom of stroke. Both of my parents have had strokes (one clot, one bleeder) and headache was not a symptom for either of them.
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    Hi Bin! Thank you so much for asking. He is doing well, it's time to go back for a wound healing check. It makes me a bit nervous but what else is new? How are you doing ?
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    Anxiety definitely can affect your digestive system. I had really bad acid reflux for instance and my best friend, who is anxious as well every now and then gets symptoms of Ibs. Try to trust in your doctors!
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    Hahaha well I'm glad to know that I'm not alone because I literally thought I was just going to fall over and faint lol I'm sitting here at work and I still feel like I'm going to faint or go crazy or something but I'm glad that I'm not alone! You have no idea how happy that makes me.
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    I have this exact same problem. Sometimes I think I'm getting so sick and I need to go home and sleep and take a hot shower and then once I'm home I'm fine. I feel more relaxed. I'm in my comfort zone, even though I feel comfortable at work it's not the same. My back is always hurting at work...but it's probably posture problems. YOU ARE NOT ALONE 💕
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    I am extremely familiar with popcorn lung, not through worry/study...but cause I knew someone who had it, and I lived with a woman who is a doctor in molecular biology studying the specific disease and its molecular components. Diacetyl is the culprit of in most cases of popcorn lung, otherwise it is due to lung transplants. Not only that, but most of those cases are people that breathed it in chronically (through factory work with butter flavoring, people that work full time for decades serving fresh popcorn, etc). Diacetyl is almost completely eliminated in all commercial vaping products. Vaping can therefore, not cause popcorn lung. Also, breathing pollution does not cause it. Popcorn lung is rare, and requires concentrated inhalation over a long period of time of evaporative Diacetyl.
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    Nerves? Boredom that is making you hyperfocus?
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    A possibility would be that what's tender is a node. It would make sense that it would become active if you've been sick. If it is a node, don't worry; you were sick, and it hurts so its nothing sinister.
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    so a nutrient dense diet will not only help prevent illness it can keep your brain in a healthy state that wont be fooling you into the anxiety loop you get stuck in with ghost symptoms as well because a healthy mind and body will fire on all cylinders properly.
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    Love the comment by Brad66 "No-one has ever thought their way out of anxiety". So true and yet this is what I - and I suspect many fellow sufferers - all do. Lie in bed or sit somewhere thinking and thinking and thinking... Very good point Brad and one I shall bear in mind.
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    AbeLinkedIn, I've had something similar for years. I get a spot in my lower right abdomen. Worried if it was appendicitis, or a hernia, for a long time. It comes and goes. I've chalked it up to a "sports hernia", makes the most sense. I've always tried to feel for a protrusion, or look for a lump, and never find anything. I do workout, but the last time this happened, recently, I was just walking somewhere quickly, lol. Now, my whole issue with this, and anything else health-related, is the problem of health insurance. If I could see a doctor, for something like this, I would. But, it always boils down to not being able to afford to get the help I need. Yes, I am in the U.S.A., with the world's best healthcare system. Haha.
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    I can't drink because of my medication but I have heard of this before. Both Bin and Lugrad have excellent points. Your brain isn't running on all cylinders during a hangover.
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    Some people tolerate alcohol well despite having anxiety. For others, the alcohol exacerbates/triggers anxiety. Yes, it's possible that one may have strong tolerance and eventually develop limited tolerance, as you're describing. Doctors often advise against using alcohol at all for someone with anxiety, and for good reason! If you wish to continue alcohol, that's entirely up to you, but my personal recommendation (I'm not a health care professional) would be to slow down and eventually stop.
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    It is a tough road! My issue is that I got hit with a multitude of things here and there, just over the span of 4-5 months, and I should be looking at them as separate issues on their own, but I keep thinking that maybe it’s part of a bigger disease and they all add up to it. I’m at the point where I just need a break from any new symptom. They’re driving me crazy, lol!
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    Typically when something comes and goes I attribute it to anxiety. It is either brought on by stress or my over analyzing sensations that I have at certain times, when I’m not occupied with something else usually.
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    I love your posts. They are all very calming and reassuring..I like how you practice acceptance. It's inspiring. I've been doing better but have had a little set back. Going back to therapy this week.. hugs. Even though I didn't make this post, your reply sums up many worries
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    Try to relax, there is no pain in early symptoms of the disease...
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    I understand. I am the same way regarding my PCOS. Although I know many complications it can cause are preventable, and many are extremely rare, I get scared of them quite frequently. As long as you do your best to be healthy, I’m fairly certain you will be okay if it does turn out to be your thyroid. It’s hard, but we have to keep the positive and most likely outcomes in mind, I struggle with it every day. It is hard, but it’s important, and not impossible I wish you well and good luck. I hope it was just the flowers, too. Remember that even if it turns out not to be the flowers, that doesn’t mean it’s your thyroid, it could be anxiety, a virus or just a fluke.
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    Hi 25, Feeling a lump when swallowing is the norm. It’s either from post nasal drip or anxiety. I believe it’s called globus sensation. Both are harmless. Your symptoms are in no was cancer. At 25 that would be incredibly rare regardless. You can relax and let go of this fear.
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    I agree! And on top of that I think since we have so much anxiety going on we are more tense therefore more susceptible to muscle injury and pain. I have aches and pains everywhere, hands, feet, knees, back,... Drives me nuts. Oh and I’ve had the muscle twitches all over body as well. Meditation definitely helps, I type in Yoga Nidra on YouTube and listen to the 20-30 minute sessions. If you do it at night, it’s like a sleeping pill! Better than melatonin:)
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    Final Update on this: Got the approval letter yesterday from the Life Insurance company yay!