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    Neurologists say that twitching occurs AFTER clinical weakness and sensory symptoms (tingling, pins and needles) are NOT symptoms with ALS.
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    My left foot is sore and my ankle pops when I stretch the left calf (Achilles stretch). My joints in my fingers ache, my left big toe aches when I lift it. I’m sure it’s all anxiety
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    I have all those symptoms and more. It's all anxiety, Your MRI will be fine!
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    Not everything comes from anxiety but we if we have been cleared by our GP's and they suggest it's classic anxiety, then yes we need to try to accept it and find a good counselor like we would find a doctor when we have a physical ailment.
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    There's perceived weakness and clinical weakness. You believing your hand is weak is perceived. Actual weakness is if you're examined and the doctor tells you so. Sounds like with all you can still do, it's not clinical weakness. Even if by chance it were, there are so many minor things that can cause it, like carpal tunnel, and similar nerve entrapment syndroms, pinched nerves and a score more.
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    Update: EMG came out clean, I’m super relieved. Still twitching, but I feel better knowing. As far as the hyper reflexes and clonus. He just said they typically are both present in ALS, so it could be something else causing the hyper reflexes? Sorry, all I could think about was the fact that the test came back normal.
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    It comes from anxiety cubanborn.
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    I have had this too throughout my bout. Typically though, I had my arm cranked in an awkward position, sleeping with straight arms seems to fix it for me. It is unsettling though.
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    This happened to me too at the height of my anxiety. It would be around the time I would wake up in the morning and go away maybe a half hour to an hour after waking. It felt similar to like having no blood in my hands and arms. It def made my grip weaker during that time and my fingers. Arms felt heavier. I googled it of course and so so many people had the same thing happening. Once my anxiety subsided a little - like my entire anxiety not just als anxiety, I just had to calm down, it kinda stopped. I’m still like weaker some mornings but it always goes away. I wouldn’t be able to press my fingers together and my wrists were floppy and stuff. I asked the doctor about it and he said “you are diagnostic to the textbook for anxiety, this is attributed to that.” I think it does coincide with my blood pressure and stuff too.
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    The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.
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    Yeah I've had my wife measure my feet, calves, thighs, forearms, biceps etc since 2 weeks in also check my feet,hands, and tounge for atrophy and so far no change in measurements and from the neruo test we have seen to test for atrophy all looks fine and I'm almost 4 months in. Except atm I've had really bad burning in my mouth and a metal taste like I sucked on a nickle or penny. Throat feels sore as well atm. All after the tounge twitches.. and thank you @Holls for your input and wisdom on my situation. I very much appreciate it. You too @bin_tenn.
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    Yes I'm calling a place tomorrow for cbt therapy or just regular therapy. But hoping they have cbt cause I need to learn to retrain my thinking. Thank you all for the advice and opinions.
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    Your neuro checked for atrophy so why are you? Your neuro said no als. It's time to ask yourself if I don't believe a specialist what will make me believe I don't have what I fear. Idk what we can tell you if you can't trust a specialist and an emg test? You are doing this to yourself.
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    Yep! I've heard of that, many times. A kid I went to school with, his grandmother lived to 90-something and also smoked like a freight train. Died simply of old age. No lung cancer in my family, but I hope I won't be the first!