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    I don't really think it's reassurance folks are seeking here. It cannot be, because after doctors have failed to provide reassurance, how on earth could we achieve what the experts in the field couldn't? I believe people who come to post and rant about their health fears, just want to feel and experience that they are not alone in this horrible state of mind, that there are peeps out there willing enough to spend time listening to them, peeps who KNOW exactly what they are going through. How I see it, it's more about brotherhood than it is about informational relief regarding their very symptoms.
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    Hi guys, just decided to share this. I've made it for myself and it's helping me. And it has helped me in the past. Just summing up what I need to do. 1. Allow the sensations to come and go. Accept there can be eye discomfort. (Now I'm anticipating the sensations, sitting the whole day in fear). 2. Try not to make the thoughts go away. Your goal is not to eliminate anxiety. Your goal is to have anxiety lingering while you are chatting with friends or working, but let it be there as long as it wishes.3. Lose respect to these thoughts. Know you are an anxious person with the sensitized brain going through a hard time.4. Stop hoping that the sensations won't arise. Accept they will be here. 5. Get comfortable with the sensation of the anxiety which would like to be with you for some time. Embrace it. Know u're going to be anxious for some time. 6. Every "what if" scary thought is a manifestation of anxiety. Let it go. Stick to your plan. Consider it being a fly around your face.7. Stop sitting alone with your anxiety. Go out, talk to people, stop putting off things, waiting to feel good. 8. Stop trying to be happy now. Being ok is ok. 9. When you notice you are anticipating the symptoms, accept they can arise and let them arise, let the panic be there, know it's just an anxious state of mind catastrophizing.10. Stop using search engines and googling, reading about this illness.
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    Every time I see the amount of posts on the Health Anxiety forum vs. ALL the other forums combined, I can see that health anxiety is at epidemic proportions. There are 45k posts on this forum. The next closest runner up is GAD forum with a mere 8k TOTAL. This is a forum for helping us all get through the rough days. Coming here to talk about a symptom and seeking constant reassurance does not help anyone. What it does is lead to a dependency of sorts. If 3 or 5 or 11 people say that I'm ok, maybe I'm ok until the next sensation comes. We are not doctors. When in doubt, go to a doctor to know why that headache , that rash, that tingling in the throat , ear, chest or eye is happening. We cannot tell you. I would recommend re reading every single morning the ' 100 symptoms of anxiety' post at the top of the forum. It's posted several places so it can be easily found. When someone tells me daily the same symptom and what if it's XYZ disease ( that they've been cleared for by doctors numerous times) , my response is ' what are you doing ABOUT it? ' If the only thing you are doing is rehashing google ' facts' and in a constant mode of needing daily or hourly reassurances that you don't have XYZ disease, then you, my friend, are not getting better and in fact may be getting worse. This is not a HEALTH forum. This is a MENTAL HEALTH forum. The very reason you're posting on this particular site is because you must KNOW your problems are mental and not physical. So that being said, what are you doing about it? Are you seeking HELP for your thinking problem ? Or are you merely seeking assurance that you don't have a physical problem? You cannot make positive steps to improve your mental health while constantly focusing on the physical body. And if you want to debate me and say ' if I only had this mri or that blood test or this one thing would go away or one doctor would tell me I don't have xyz disease', I have news for you. That will never happen. I have seen time and time again the long awaited Test results come back fine and the very next DAY the person then moves on to a new disease with a different body part and starts to focus on that one instead OR they don't believe the test is accurate or the doctor is knowledgeable. It's a loop. It's a never ending loop. You cannot have enough clear tests to relieve your mind. Another thing is the fear of afterlife may be where the problem is. If you fear a big , gloomy, scary afterlife then figure out WHY you fear that. What in your belief system makes you think that after life , we have a worse fate awaiting? Coming to terms with the circle of life and all it entails may bring you more peace than that MRI, colonoscopy, ekg, etc.
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    Still alive, one thyroid lighter. Didn't tolerate the anesthesia as well as I usually do and there were some minor problems, but nothing went too horribly and I'm already home. Painkillers not really working, but hopefully in a few days that won't be an issue.
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    Hello all-- I went to the oncologist yesterday to get blood work done, and everything came back normal! Thank you for your support.
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    Dr called today final pathology report says no cancer. Thanks be to God.
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    What about: Mongolian Swamp Fever. Mississippi lurgy. New York Acne. Trumpitis! Brexit phobia. (Found in the UK only. Very nasty.(Can drive you mad if not treated!). Inflammation of the wallet. (I get this badly!). Not making enough money. (moneyitis). Inflammation of the workplace. Miserable sods disorder.( MSD. People that make you miserable) Weatherphobia. Asking too many questions disorder. (ATMQD. Nasty complaint!). Temperitis. (Losing your temper unnecessarily). And so on. I'm sure you could find some more fictitious ones. That's what most of our problems are, fictitious!!!!!!
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    It’s crazy what anxiety can do to you. i thought I had coats disease due to the fact since 2012 I always had a gold eye in my pictures. I’m a photographer and I know the difference between a red eye, etc. I never really honed into it until last year when i started having my health anxiety and I googled “Golden eye in pictures” and it came out w/ 20+ eye diseases and I thought I had eye cancer or coats disease. I was sure of it. Fast forward 2 months later..... Doc told me it was just due to the lighting and my eye isn’t really focused because I have bad vision. I have 20/70 vision, which really sucks lol. But I’m only going to be wearing one contact in my right eye for now since my left eye is great. Just my right eye sucks. Moral of the story, don’t let anxiety make you think you have a deadly disease, always think positive. God Bless
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    I Just wanted to give everyone an update on how things are going. Sorry this is long, but if you give this a chance and read it through, I think this will help a lot of people with some things I learned along the way. So after almost 3 months of random symptoms, I'm finally on the mending path from this wicked bout of health anxiety. I had my MRI last Thursday of full Brain and Spine and the results came back exceptionally normal. Here is the list of things I've learned through this process that may help some other people out. 1. Symptoms feel real and it's normal to be afraid, but don't get too invested and pay attention to the likeliness of what your fearing actually happening. Sometimes just by thinking about something we assume that it's more likely to happen because we're thinking about it. This is called Thought-Action-Fusion. It's the same reason why when we imagine what we could do with millions of dollars we go out and buy a lottery ticket, but our chances of winning are no greater than if we never had that thought at all. It takes an incredible amount of stress and mental power to create and amplify symptoms, and an even greater power to stop them. Through the last month, I've had: pins/needles/numbness in my hands and feet, sore lower legs, dizziness, vertigo, trouble concentrating, night sweats, extremely dry mouth, palpitations, hyperventilating and not even realizing it. Sore muscles, feeling like I have pinched nerves, cold feet and hands, sucky memory, twitches, jerks before falling asleep, random tingles, burning skin, insomnia and weight loss. Now I'm just left with a bit of numbness in my hands (worse on the right) and my legs are sore but significantly better. (Tongue gets a little sore when my mouth is dry at night too, but that's pretty normal in winter dryness). I went from a lot of symptoms to very few in a short time by simply not thinking about them anymore. It is actually shocking how powerful the mind can be. 2. Listen to your doctors. They've perfected their crafts through rigorous studies and practical application. They know what to look for, and they wouldn't let anyone go through something terrible if they truly thought anything was wrong. When I was in my spiral, I wouldn't believe a word that anyone told me. I was so convinced that I was dying, I was the most bull-headed human being on the planet, and my anxiety monster wasn't letting anyone tell me any different. Now that I'm on the other side of this Tornado, I just feel like an ass. I let myself get to a place where rational thoughts and actions were simply broken, and going forward through therapy and CBT I'm not letting myself get back to that place. I actually have a follow up appointment with my doctor tomorrow and I plan on apologizing because he was right 2 and half months ago. 3. Seek reassurance, but know when to quit. When you are asking questions about what you're going through, remember that typically people who have been through similar experiences are quite honest. If someone is telling you that your fine, and 20 more people also tell you that you are fine, you are probably fine. There's no bets taking place around who can keep you from seeking proper medical care the longest. People have just been there and don't want you to spiral down as hard as they did when they might not have had the same reassurance resources. 4. Seek professional mental health resources. When your doctors, friends (or group of people in a forum) tell you that your anxiety is getting the best of you, don't wait while your having physical tests to start the help seeking process. Do it in parallel, it's never too early to start seeing someone who can help you with what you're going through on an emotional and mindful level, regardless of the situation. It's a big factor in feeling better. 5. When it comes to health anxiety just pretend that Google doesn't exist. Feeling better? Want to get sucked in to a black hole and repeat the same process you just fought tooth and nail to get out of? Just type in your newest symptom into that oh so familiar search bar and watch as your mental health is thrusted into a blender and set to purify. Unless you're having a heart attack, try out the three week rule. If something is bugging you, give it three weeks, and then go to the doctors. Don't ever Google a symptom ever. PERIOD. Like I said, sorry for the length of this post. But I learned quite a bit in this particular battle with HA (worst it's ever been since I was diagnosed with anxiety over 10 years ago). Hopefully you will use some of the advice above and remember that you are never alone. -Matt
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    When my first wife left me I was very upset and cried a bit. We had just got back from vacation in Toronto and as she was handing me my dinner plate, she said, by the way, I am leaving you. Talk about a bolt out of the blue. She stayed a while and I finally said, you have to leave. So on a Sunday I left our apartment while she moved. When I came home, the whole apartment was cleaned out except for the kitchen set and the living room sofa, which money was still owed on. The first thing I did was to get a roll a way bed to sleep on from a rent-a-center, then I went to buy a TV and then I bought a bedroom set. Like I said earlier, it will be bothersome at first, but time will heal all wounds and you will meet someone new and better for you. Try to remember, if I can do it, so can you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Well you can't block it, you accept it. Anxiety takes full advantage of that fear you feel when you hear of someone else's misfortune. It uses it to throw fearful thoughts your way. Anxiety creates a fictitious link between the celebrity and yourself, like their illness will somehow transfer itself to you. It's anticipatory and catasrophising, anxieties favourite flavours. So you hear about the illness and superimpose their symptoms onto you then calculate how you would feel, then go in to analysis about the likelihoods etc. Normal anxious response right? The fear response comes from reaction to the initial "oh no, i may get the same condition".. That's the point the roller-coaster starts so it's also the point in which you throw in some rationality like "I'm reacting to fearful thoughts and they mean nothing". At the same time, visualise the thought and let it move on WITHOUT your reaction. You don't need to react to it, your reaction is a choice, not a necessity. So that is the area that you can work on is to simply accept that yes, this person has been taken ill and it's horrible but no, it cannot link to you in some way.
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    Pancreatic cancer hallmark is not pain. It's jaundice, sudden diabetes, very fast weight loss. At your age the odds you winning the lottery are higher than you coming down with p. cancer.
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    Hi guys sorry... I just got home I was out all day.... the test went ok, it only took 2 minutes literally... they gave me the cd with the pictures but I can't even try to see it cause I won't understand. My appointment with my ENT is set up for Monday to discuss CT scan results and the allergy testing I am having tomorrow.... Thank you all for checking back... as soon as I hear anything related to results, I will let you know!!!! xoxo!
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    I am back! NO TUMORS on my cervical spine! Thank God!!! I have 2 herniated disks and 1 bulging... they are worse now than 3 years ago. The doctor did a neuro test, said I am neurological ok (you know I fear Brain tumor) and said all my symptoms are from the herniation. I can get surgery and get it over with BUT we decided to to first PT and injections... if that doesn't work then I need to get surgery. Thank you all for your support! I now need to get sinus CT scan and mammogram GGGRRRRRR it never ends for us, right?
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    Acceptance is the key. I have had some actual health issues such as a compression fracture of my T-11 vertebrae, an esophageal ulcer, and basal cell carcinoma. Each issue was not exactly pleasant, but I tried to deal with them the best I could. I talked with each respective physician about my condition and that was it. My dermatologist told me during my last visit that medicine is neither 0% or 100%. My concierge internal medicine physician and GI physician told me to not look past today. That is difficult. Uncertainty surrounds our entire lives and of course nothing is guaranteed. All we can do is do the best we can and hope for the best. My mother (may she rest in peace), had 2 interesting sayings about life. One was instead of saying here today, gone tomorrow, she would say, here today, gone today. I remember saying to her, Mom, that is pretty negative and her repsonse was, well thats the way it is. Her other more positive saying was, life is what you make it, which is really true and I try to apply that to my health anxiety. I have a friend of mine who is a psychiatrist in private practive. He has told me that many forms of anxiety have a genetic and environmental component and at times can be difficult to alleviate completely and his advice was also to accept what you have and learn techniques for dealing with it so your life is more enjoyable.
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    Thanks guys ❤️ the support is so appreciated. She had her ultrasound today and it seemed to go normally, anyway. At one point she asked if the tech saw anything terrifying and she said "No, just boring" so hopefully that held true for the entire thing. I tried to subtly ask how soon into the scan she asked that so I knew how much I could relax, but alas, she didn't take the bait. Oh well, I'll take partially boring over nothing. She gets results of everything on Tuesday so I just have to hang in there. (And, I mean, her too, but she's pretty chill about it.) And tbh we've had times when I wasn't sure our relationship would survive - but I've always known I'd do anything to keep it alive. She's my best friend. And she appreciates all your prayers ❤️
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    I’m done with my imaging and it came back all clear. No cancer! Praise Jesus now if I can get the blood work on my daughter to come back normal I’ll be doing alright.
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    Atrophy occurs after the nerves to a muscle have died and the muscle has been in disuse for a while. What this means is, you would not just notice weakness or bite your tongue more frequently - certain muscle movements would be impossible. For a substantial enough period of time for the muscle to waste. Please please believe me on this. This is coming from someone who used to regularly take pictures of my to tongue to show people. There are other reasons this is inconsistent with ALS: the onset is gradual. What you are describing is a simultaneous extremity onset and bulbar onset and while I don't doubt that with enough obsessive digging you can find another case of this, it would be an anomaly for an already extremely rare disease. Not to mention the fact that your hands look the same to me and your tongue looks normal. Stick your tongue out of your mouth now. Now run your tongue over your teeth. Pick up a pen. See how you can do that? Someone with ALS cannot. You are fine. PS- anxiety makes us set our jaw subconsciously which causes our tongue to get tooth imprints on the side. This can be exacerbated if we are dehydrated. Drink more water, sleep more and feel safe in knowing you don't have ALS.
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    Hello everyone, just came back from my pcp appointment and let me tell y’all. Note: IVE BEEN FEELING ALOT BETTER ON MY OWN THINKING RATIONALLY, TRUST ME IVE BEEN THERE WHERE I FELT LIKE I COULDNT USE MY HANDS, LEGS. FELT LIKE I COULDNT WALK OR DRIVE, EVEN TEXT. LOST ALMOST 20 POUNDS DUE TO THIS HA. IVE ONLY GOTTEN 30 HOURS OF SLEEP IN A MONTH, SEEN MULTIPLE DOCTORS. I WAS 140, NOW IM 160 I FEEL LIKE I OVER SLEEP NOW HAHA AND ITS GETTING BETTER EVERYDAY. She was getting mad at me because I wasn’t focusing on the things I need to focus on haha. (I go to a university hospital and If you read my past post I’ve seen a lot of pcp just wasn’t mine cause she was on medical leave but she knows about my information since it was noted” Well to sum it up, she knows that I’ve been going through many ALS fear for some months now and she knows about my fasciculation's in my left calve (my hotspot) and all over. she said, “you don’t have ALS, we don’t look for twitching in ALS, we look for real clinical weakness.” She also said “you’re 25 years old, your muscles are probably telling you... hey I need to move.” I told her I haven’t been exercising or anything at all just labor work. She also explained, if you’re working out and you can barely curl a 5 pound weight come see me. She then asked me if I wanted to see a neurologist and I was kinda caught off guard, I told her “I do but I feel like I’ll be feeding into my anxiety. You don’t think i have ALS right?” She looked at me like I was crazy cause she just explained everything about ALS to me haha she said “NO.” she said “well I’m going to put the referral in and it takes months to see one anyways so if you feel like you don’t need to then don’t.” its funny because the doctor was telling me I should be worried more about diabetes and heart diseases because of my family. My parents also see my pcp so she’s very familiar with my family and she knows that diabetes runs in my family. So now she wants me to eat more healthier and work out more. i actually have an appointment with a neurologist on Monday cause someone canceled, I was kinda happy. so next Monday I have an appointment with a neurologist and I’ll keep y’all updated but just wanted to share my follow up.
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    Stop liking online period. Let the doctors, who know what to look for, handle that. It will only make you stay in the anxiety spiral which will make your symptoms worse.
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    Ok, well, looking at the facts as i understand them. So far, there has been no evidence whatsoever of MS with only one test left to do to entirely rule it out. This test is only ever performed to patients with more progressive symptoms and positive evidence gathered from other tests. So then input the probability of this being MS against other back issues and inflammatory causes and you're looking at really really low probability. I doubt your anxiety is going to let go of the spinal chord scan as that is where all the fear is pointing at the moment and you're mindset is locked on to it. Having MS throughout my family and through the experiences i have seen and what i've learnt, i highly doubt that your symptoms are MS causal.
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    I am not sure if this is related, but I will mention it anyway. In 1998, I was driving back from a client in Frederick Maryland back to my house in Pikesville Maryland. The weather was clear and the roads were dry. I was driving a 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix. A car suddenly stopped in front of me on Route 70 East and I swerved to the left to avoid hitting him and I went onto the grassy area which seperated the interstate. I was going at a high rate of speed and lost control of my car. There was a pickup truck parked in the turnaround area and I headed toward him at around I guess 50 MPH or so. I tried to stop but could not. Before the impact, I saw my life as a child up to the then present time pass in front of me and I thought this was the end of my life. The impact was severe and my car was totalled, but I got out with just an aching neck and back and I was OK. The truck I hit was also OK and so was the person in it. I really don't know what kind of experience to call this, but it sure was weird to see my life pass before my eyes and I was fully cognizant of my surroundings.
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    @Mark G and @BrightPhoenix thanks guys! It’s such a hard thing to come out of! And since therapy I’ve learned some techniques but it’s totally a work in progress to get my mind right- anxiety is a hell of a thing to deal with! I have completely stopped googling and have for a few months now since I know nothing good ever comes of it! But this site has always calmed me down and knowing others have the same feelings makes me feel less alone like it really is just anxiety but at the same time maybe i should step away until I can really get ontop it dealing with it all. Thanks so much to all! Hope everyone stays well ☺️
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    I am new to this forum and I am in your exact boat. I have been worried about ALS for 6 months ever since I had a brother in law diagnosed with it and started having twitches. I posted my story in my intro here. Today was my neurological appointment, and the Dr told me I was the 4th person this week that had presented with severe twitching all over the body and not a single one had ALS. She gave me a complete neurological exam and was told I passed with flying colors. I could have an MRI if I needed for peace of mind but in her professional opinion it was not necessary. She then told me I had something I had never heard of and explained my symptoms (muscle twitching, perceived weakness, trouble finding words (not slurring), fatigue, numbness, etc). Functional Neurological Disorder/Disease - FND. Often brought on by trauma, chronic stress/anxiety, panic attach, or even infection. In short, it is when you have no problem with the hardware in your brain (no tumor, cancer, stroke or structural disease such as MS or ALS) but there is a software problem in the way the brain is sending signals. I have scanned the document I was given below and the website it references. I did a search on this forum and only found 2 posts under FND so not sure how often it is mentioned or known. The big thing is it gave me a real explanation for my symptoms and something to believe in other than all the worse case scenarios I had been imagining in my head. It explains why the twitches don't stop even when I feel calm and why the jerkiness and trouble walking are not just in my head. And the great news is it is very reversible with therapies and other treatment. I encourage research on this and even googling it (yes, finally something positive to google). Having this knowledge helped my symptoms immediately. I hope this helps. Links to the websites in the document: http://www.neurosymptoms.org and http://www.fndhope.org
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    About 4 years ago just before i found this site, i was absolutely convinced i had MS... completely convinced. My mum has it so when my right leg started to buzz and i couldn't feel the carpet with my bare feet i thought "thats it, this is MS" and the symptoms got worse and worse. I would find myself analysing every footstep for buzzing and numbness and every footstep gave me exactly those symptoms. I went down the rabbit hole to dark places, i contemplated how i would live, what i would do, how long i had left. It was absolutely terrifying. My fear was at an all time high and so were the symptoms. Once on this site and the wonderful advice Jon and others imparted to me, realisations and understanding came in to play and then my eureka moment happened. My fear dissipated and guess what?, my symptoms faded to nothing and even when they appeared every now and then, i couldn't care less about them. Those symptoms were created by my fearful narrative and feedback. When you felt better, the symptoms abated. When your not thinking of the symptoms, they abate also. It's not so much idiopathic as there is an explanation and that explanation is anxiety (exactly as BrightPheonix has said). It's easy to create MS symptoms if your anxiety. You certainly do not have MS
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    Bejewled; You are deep, deep into the HA rabbit hole. You need to concentrate on treating your anxiety by seeing a mental health expert. Look at all the diseases you've "had" over just the past 1-2 months. You have none of them. As Molly says, like the rest of us you have anxiety. I'd say go get a CBC which would rule out leukemia, but once that happened, you'd be back on to another ailment. Besides, it does no good to rule out by testing/physicians every thing you worry about. My doctor called me a "frequent flyer" a couple of months ago when I was stuck in the muck. Then he got mad at me. Now you it seems are the opposite: avoid doctors. The key (which I also need to master) is to NOT go all the time BUT do go when it's necessary. Then, trust the doctor's diagnosis or lack of same. Bob
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    Overthinking can be a real curse in anxiety. We hardly ever take things and life at its face value, but have to 'go into it' and find out what happens if the 'What Ifs' are real. If you are intellectual and have an enquiring mind the situation can get worse, because you are even more inclined to overthink. Intellectual people can and do focus their minds on very productive enterprises, and that's how it should be. But they can also focus on the negative and that's when the suffering begins. Under 'Articles' there is a essay on Mindfulness. It's a difficult thing for the Western mind to grasp but it can be of great value if we can practise it. Concentrating on the NOW and not letting our minds wander into speculative projections can help anxiety. Anticipation is a real problem in HA!! Sensitivity also comes into the picture. The vast majority of people with anxiety are kind and caring people. NO? Well look round the site and also ask yourself what you are doing here. It's not just to help yourself, because if you look at it carefully you will realise there is a desire to help others. It's by sharing experiences with those who have been there that we realise we are not alone.
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    Have you ever noticed that there are some 'favourite' diseases that those with HA come up with. MS. ALS. Heart problems. Blood pressure and, of course, cancer. It's mainly because these complaints are thrust under our noses all the time. Joy made some interesting posts about that recently. When I go to the doctors I am confronted with posters asking if I have certain symptoms. If so get it checked out etc. etc. Years ago there were no such posters so no one got the thought in their minds about possible disease. Now we get it on TV, in newspapers and all over other media outlets. We have become a nation (UK) of health anxiety sufferers. Once we are told we are OK we still don't believe them. This is the difference between those who do not have anxiety and those that do. Once told it's all OK then we should accept that it is so. But that's the nature of the beast. To be doubtful and apprehensive about everything. After a time it becomes a habit which is difficult to break. Our minds have got in a negative mode so all we see is the negative. Someone posted recently that they were alright now because they had the relief of being told they were healthy. Good; fine!! But what happens the next time they feel unwell? The cause of the original problem has not been removed so it could happen all over again. Many have left this site only to return after months or even years having fallen back into the old 'What Ifs'. They have been in a kind of mental remission. The only real answer is ACCEPTANCE. I know!! I flog this one a lot, but it does work given time. It also means that any future disturbance can be dealt with in the same way. Calm acceptance. But, you might say, how can I be calm when I feel so awful? You can if when you feel a symptom or a panic take deep breaths and realise you are being bluffed by feelings that are of no importance. I assume you have been checked out and told you are OK. Nothing will happen at once. It takes time and perseverance. But what's the alternative? While prescribed drugs help they don't cure or show you how to manage your anxiety. If only you could realise that your body is acting in the way it should when confronted by danger; danger you have drummed up and believe in. Short term use of medication and acceptance can work wonders.
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    I’ve ordered hemp oil from Charlotte’s Web. The wellness shop nearby carries it as well, it’s part of the integrative medicine group for the health care system my doc belongs to, and that’s enough for me to trust it.
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    Hello Hanna, welcome to AC. I hear you, i've been there myself. I've always been distant socially and at times felt awkward when in a social situations and it's ok to be like that, no one is judging i promise you. Social anxiety stems from the fear of not being accepted (which in turn branches off into other fears ie fear of not being liked etc). Anxiety has it's roots in fear and it's the fear that feeds the anxiety. Insecurity and second guessing 'block' your natural ability to just 'be' because when we relax and let whatever happen, happen, no fear is present and we can talk and socialise normally and freely. The major issues comes from preoccupation and consistent self analysis and your then reaction to the self analysis, this fuels a cycle of "event, analysis, reaction to analysis, fear, introspection, attempt to socialise, event, analysis...." and so on. In all of that time, you spend 99% of it in your own mind. Anxiety can only hold back someone who reacts to the thought of being held back, fearfully. Anxiety needs that fear to thrive. Yes, this can be an issue but don't worry, your in good safe hands here. We will help you through it. Yes and this is being done fearful of the result. This is fighting anxiety and one thing we must not do is fight it (no matter how odd that sounds). Anxiety will always win a pitched battle and will resist back whatever mental energy you put in. The first thing? Deep breath and the drop of the shoulders. I would suspect that usually when you find yourself in a social situation, you follow the same mental patterns of fear. You preplan what your going to say then stumble and trip over your words etc. The thing to practice is to not get involved with the introspective, fearful thought. To let the thought go and instead engage with what is being said. You fluff a word? so what, everyone does that. You fear that they are judging you? Well that's their issue, that says more about them than you. If you feel awkward just repeat a mantra to yourself like "i'm just reacting to thoughts" and let go of said thought. Thoughts are not sticky, they only cling to you if you hold on. Open up the metaphorical palm and let it float away like a balloon. The more you start to practice this, the better it gets. Accept that anxiety will try to catch you out and go with it. Laugh at it, anxiety really hates it when you don't take it seriously, it drains it's energy.
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    You may want to find another PCP if they treated you like this. Get a second opinion - always good to ask.
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    Thanks all ❤️ I'm not hugely worried, I think I'm on a pretty normal worry level all things considered. Right now just frustrated because I still haven't been called with my info for when and where to go, and I'm trying to sort that out.
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    QUICK UPDATE: Everything went well today and the super NICE tech showed me my pictures after the mammo and how they compare to last year's and she said everything looks great!!!! So one more thing I don't have to worry about for a while. Thank you all for your support!
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    Hi. guye. Welcome to AC. . We have to be careful here. What we have in health anxiety is fear of what may happen, not what is necessarily happening. But distraction and avoidance will not solve the problem. Instead of pushing thoughts away we need to face them square on and see them for what they are, thoughts in a tired mind. When your mind loses it resilience it tends to fasten onto negative things, and that's what causes HA. Facing challenges is, in effect, testing yourself to see if you are able to do what you may not want to. You finish up either pleased that you have succeeded or are disappointed that you have failed. It's best to take things as they come and not make big issues out of minor problems or symptoms. Of course, it's a good idea to get checked out by the medics. Once told it's 'nerves' then believe them. No second guessing. Now I am going to say something that is easy to say but difficult to do. If you ACCEPT how you feel without adding 'second fear' your recovery will be much quicker. By 'second fear' I mean the OMG's and the 'What Ifs' that occur when you feel bad. By adding second fear you add more adrenaline and so prolong the anxiety. Acceptance may not work at once, indeed, it can take time, but it does ease the situation somewhat at first. Don't fight or struggle with 'IT'. Don't be afraid of 'IT'. 'IT' is harmless if treated with the contempt it deserves. Now you may not be as bad as the picture I have painted, and it sounds as if you are a sensible person, but try not to put time limits on yourself to see how far you can go without anxiety. Apprehension is bound to arise and that's not good. Best wishes.
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    Thank you for all your reassuring replies. It means a lot. Just a quick update , my muscle twitching and spasms have now nearly gone. I till have the odd twitch here and there but all in all a massive improvement and im no longer constantly worrying about the twitches. Although my doctor did want to send me to a neurologist i feel i no longer need to due to the twitches nearly diminishing . Jordan
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    Almost started a new thread because I couldn't find this one. Haha. I'm feeling SO much better now. The debilitating illness was gone by Wednesday, but I had awful nasal congestion and a bit of a cough. I figured it'd go away. However, I still had it yesterday. Last night I took some daytime Mucinex Sinus and it did the trick. Not feeling quite 100% yet, but very close to it, it just takes time to get appetite and all that back. Thanks for the well wishes.
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    You can’t be serious. You really, really need to get some help and fast. You would question the sky is blue right now. Your anxiety is consuming you and you are not thinking rationally about anything at the moment.
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    Is this about ALS? i feel there is a part 1 to this story (the reason you got an EMG). Did you know that of all the diseases people worry about, ALS is the most common? Not heart disease, not Alzheimer's, diabetes, not cancer...but ALS. You want to know why? Cause the prevelant symptoms are almost indistinguishable from anxiety symptoms. Fasics, perceived muscle weakness, tenporary actual weakness, tongue fasics are all anxiety symptoms. I know first hand. 2 years ago I had the absolute worst ALS scare of my bleeping life. It started with my left (dominant) arm not working like my right. At all. I genuinely couldn't lift a 10lb weight to save my life with that arm. I could do 20 reps with my right arm, but struggle to do 5 with my left. Then the fasics started....all over my body. First, my knee caps, then my thighs, my hands, my arms, my tongue, my feet even. I went to a neurologist for it who did the standard battery of neurological tests (reflexes all over, tapping, hearing, walking, testing for clonus, trying to elicit fasics) and diagnosed me with BFS, exacerbated by prolonged tension and stress. I reiterated the fascics , the weakness, even the tongue twitching. He looked inside my mouth and within 5 seconds said it wasn't due to atrophy. When i asked him why, he said it would look like persistent worms under the tongue and that atrophy of the tongue is the most sensitive... meaning as soon as atrophy of the tongue starts, the tongue is completely incapable of moving side to side, or up and down voluntarily. As for my left arm weakness, it wasnt clinical because I was still capable of doing the Holmes Rebound Phenomenon. My neuro was very clear about atrophy and its correlation with fasics. Atrophy must always come before fasics. Fasics due to atrophy is equivalent to rigor mortis after death. You can't have rigor mortis prior to death for the same reason you cant have ALS related fasics before muscle death. The reason some people see fasics prior to noticeable weakness is because the muscle that is twitching is a small, insignificant dead muscle surrounded by viable major muscles. The disease starts in individual muscles, not whole limbs. If you see a big muscle twitching and you can flex it, then it isnt due to ALS.
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    Hello everyone, I came on here to spread some positivity since I’m feeling a lot better myself today. So first let me start off my saying that the last two weeks have been every hard for me. I’ve gone through fears of lymphoma to MS to ALS to other cancers and more. My body has been twitching (still is), aching, and tired. I have had tingling, numbness and lots of itching and rashes. So yes I’ve been through it all and I’m here to tell you that it gets better. I know that for many of us we have phases where we’ll get better, feel something small, catastrophize, and end up super anxious. Trust me I do it all the time. In order to feel less anxious and reduce these feelings I think it’s important to stop seeking reassurance. My psychiatrist explained this to me and it makes so much sense. Why do we google? To seek reassurance. Why? Bc at some point google might have eased your mind or having a friend tell you that they have that symptom made you feel better and now your brains been conditioned to seek that reassurance. When you do that in stressful situations you tell your brain that there is something threatening to worry about and it continues to happen. You become extremely self aware and now notice the small things (a little bruise, scratch, random mole). Ignore it. Don’t give your brain that reassurance and slow you’ll start to stop noticing these things or maybe you’ll notice them but they won’t cause panic or high anxiety. Also guys, be nice to yourselves. Don’t get mad when you feel anxious. It’s a normal human response. Accept it and let be. I know that’s easier said than done but through practice you’ll start to realize anxiety can be dealt with and you won’t always feel this way. Eat healthy, drink lots of water, exercise, see your pcp once a year, and do things that make you happy. Life’s to short to worry this much. I haven’t figured it all out yet and I know I’ll probably be back to read this sometime in the future myself, but slowly things will get better. And even if anxiety comes back, if you’ve kicked it’s ass one time you can do it again! ❤️❤️
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    Hey Cuban, I no doubt feel that you can rest easy that all will go well and that your EMG will be clean. One thing though...in following you for some time on this forum I do hope a clean EMG will be enough for you. I worry that you will be second guessing the doctor and the results. Your anxiety no doubt seems to be pretty high. No doubt a lot of us can and do completely understand where you are coming from and have followed a similar track. Even after I had my EMG five months into twitching roughly 14 months ago, I still often find myself second guessing the doctors and the EMG itself, asking questions like was it done too soon...was the needle in the right place and left in long enough...was something just flat out missed? Even still I wonder if things have changed with the passing of time. Again, I speak from experience, please trust your doctors and the results...which I’m confident will be squeaky clean! The doctors are the medical professionals with years of training and experience. I just had a yearly physical with my doctor. Still twitching after 18-19 months. Reflexes checked. Blooodwork normal. No other changes after all this time. They still believe all this to be physical manifestations from an overstressed, hyper vigilant nervous system. I have good days and bad, with twitches, cramps, and all sorts of other weird sensations. One common thread in all this is the fear and anxiety. I feel as though I will not be back to normal, fully healed, until I accept this as fact. So please, once the results are in, focus in on the real problem...your anxiety. For the sake of yourself and your loved ones reach out to a professional who can help you work through all this. I myself have just started seeing a professional to work on not only the health anxiety I have been dealing with, but my OCD as well. Focus on your physical and mental well being and I’m sure you will begin to see an improvement. All the best! And yes, your wife should be able to come in with you...mine was. And, I’m not sure if you have ever had one, but he EMG and NCS are not at all painful. I was worried going in, but after experiencing them I can tell you that it wasn’t bad at all.
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    Twitches with BFS vary greatly. A lot of people experience “buzzing” which is actually a very fast, small twitch that feels like someone is holding a vibrator against your skin. Other twitches appear as little ripples just under your skin. You can felt but sometimes aren’t. Twitches that hit one spot and disappear and there are others (such as finger twitches) that will move the finger to one side, hold it there for a quick second, then release it back to normal. The jolt twitches that move a whole body part, such as a hand, an arm or even a leg. There are also the creepy – crawly worm like movements often found in the arches of the feet and ankles and calves that you can see but are sometimes not felt, and a lot of people get the body jolts known as myoclonic jolts. These are also benign. The hit and run “thumpers where you get one big twitch in one spot and then its gone. It may hit an entirely different spot later or even the same spot over and over again with lots of time in between with no twitching at all. ALS twitches on the other hand are a secondary reaction from dying tissue and how hard do you thing dying tissue can twitch? Not very hard at all. Most people diagnosed with ALS never even noticed the twitches and it is common for a doctor to use a type of strobe light to see them with the naked eye because they are so fine and weak.
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    You will see what you are obsessing over, even if it isn’t there. To be frank, atrophy does not even come until the muscle has been dead and unusable for quite some time. You don’t have any atrophy. Your mind is catastrophizing. Don’t let it.
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    Well, this thread has given me a good laugh. Honest!!! it goes to show that we KNOW it's all smoke and mirrors so why do we still get uptight with symptoms? HABIT!! It has become our habit to think in a negative way. 'Catastrophizing they call it. You know, I bet if everyone on this site went for a medical check-up about 99.9% would be found to be OK. Ah now, here we go again! 'What about the 1% you ask, that's what I'm afraid of'? It's a lot more dangerous out there on the road if you drive, but most of us have got in the habit of driving it has become second nature. We don't have to think about it. Now why can't we make positive thinking a habit? We can you know if we persist with acceptance. We can never, in this life, avoid all the problems that being human brings, but we can see events for what they are, milestones to be overcome. We can overcome if we want to and NOT be overcome by events. We don't have anxiety, anxiety has us. Now who has more intelligence, you or Mr. Anxiety? Who is in charge of your mind, you or him? He will take charge if you let him. YOU have the power to change so begin today and use that God given power.
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    Hey Everyone, Over the weekend some of you may have noticed that the site was down. After doing some digging I found out that Gilly pays for the site to run out of her own pocket! If you're anything like me, this site and its members have really helped through some tough times, so please people go to the top of the web page and click the "Donate" button and keep the site going. Gilly shouldn't have to carry the costs on her own (although I sure as heck appreciate the fact that she has this long). This is an amazing community, let's keep it going! -Matt
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    And I’ve told you I’ve never had this many symptoms before either. It’s embarassing because my past HA scares I’ve brought up to friends, family, coworkers, etc and each time they turn out to be nothing. I feel like if anything serious does happen to me in the future that they will all down play it because of all the false times I’ve told them about other health scares. Your mind is powerful and HA of the “a” is causing your mind to create its symptoms much like mine did, Stronger than any other HA scares because the “a” is one we cannot test for. Now that i am calmer I no longer have a lot of the symptoms anymore...
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    Hi! I just wanted to stop by and give my thoughts. I have a lot of experience with ALS fears. It is extremely common for those of us with health anxiety for lots of reasons. We love to catastrophize, and ALS is about as scary a diagnosis as one can get; it has vague onset and is poorly understood; it is a Boogeyman of a disease that the anxious mind can easily grasp. I got so bad I was spending hours each day on an ALS sufferers support forum (a word - don't do this. It is an a-hole move). The bottom line for ALS is clinical weakness. It is failing, not feeling. It also affects one muscle at a time and is not bilateral. In other words, you keep mentioning your "hands" and "arms" implying both of them. Not ALS. Having a tired feeling in your muscles is not ALS. If you one day cannot do something you could do yesterday, that is something to look at. So if you all of a sudden can't button your shirt, hold a pen, or stand on your tiptoes, see a neurologist and get a EMG. I finally convinced my doctor to give me an EMG/nerve conduction study, although he had patiently explained to me repeatedly all the ways I don't have ALS. I don't have it and neither do you. Don't be like me and waste years of your life on this.
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    Yes!!! I remember when I was young and grabbed magazine while I was getting a pedicure and reading about skin cancer.. by the time I left I was freaking out and checking every mole.. and forget about me watching Grey's anatomy lol, seriously!!! I had everything on that show. 😆🙄😏
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    Cuban, I read your long PM, and please forgive me, but I'm not responding to it. Suffice to say, after having read it all, I don't think you have ALS at all. I never thought it and don't think it now. I, and we all, want to help you, but giving you continual reassurance is not helping you. You have a serious illness destroying your life, but not ALS. You have health anxiety, really a form of OCD in my book. It is so obvious in your self-testing efforts and repeatedly asking the same questions, repeatedly asking for reassurance. Go ahead and get your EMG, but expect any relief associated with that to be short-lasting, because soon enough your HA will be questioning the test, whether it was performed too early, on the right parts of your body, etc. etc. What you need to do is treat the actual disease you have.
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    No, not lol. You don’t have it. Read your post after the doc appt over and over again. He said he can spot ALS a mile away. If you had it, it would not only be in your thumb. He does not need to test your thumb to know you don’t have ALS. Perhaps you should see your primary again to see if it may be carpal tunnel or injury and talk to them about treating your severe anxiety.
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    Please stop checking yourself. You’ve been cleared by the doc. You do not have ALS. Try to accept that and believe it. Nobody is completely symmetrical and there will always be differences betweeen right and left based on how we use our body. Joints cracking and popping is not ALS nor is it anything sinister. It happens to everyone, you are probably just noticing it more now that you are super aware of what your body is doing. That’s all anxiety, my friend.