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    I'm sorry to be back here but I am trying not to run to Dr. Google and today has been a bad day again. Started with nightmares about ALS, telling my kids I was dying etc the first half of the night, followed by being up the rest of the night so I am now functioning on about 3.5 hours sleep. Today as has happened in the past on occassion the pain in my right arm is intense, maybe the strongest it's been. The worst of it seems to reside in my pinky and index finger, the top of my hand just over the wrist and my forearm are hot spots and kill if I put pressure on it, elbow and even up to the shoulder. This pain seems to come and go in terms of intensity but it is always there a little and it is what I am attributing "weakness" to but I'm starting to think this is nerve pain and needs to be addressed, though Im not sure what kind of doctor I would go to for something like this and if I go do I mention the random muscle twitching that occurs on and off over my entire body? As I said earlier in terms of my symptoms I have experienced mild pain and burning when doing some simple things like shaving. I have a job that requires me to be on a computer or on a cell phone nearly all day everyday so this could definitely be contributing. I do also have pain above my knees, worse on the left side of my body that feels like muscle soreness when I flex the knee. That pain also comes and goes to an extent though that might be related to chronic plantar fascitis. The good news is today I haven't been down in the rabbit hole as much on ALS because the pain feels significant enough that I am thinking it is not consistent with ALS weakness but rather related to nerve compression/nerve pain.
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    Hi Rachel, I feel so bad for you, (and Emma) encountering HA at such a young age. First off, you do not have cancer. You've had scans that show normal tissue. You're worrying about obscure types of cancers that are so rare that it's silly. Plus, the internet is full of information and some of it is totally or partially inaccurate. Keep in mind that advertising (the almighty dollar) rules Google and also these ridiculous articles we see by so call journalists writing about horrible diseases when symptoms are 1000x more likely to be benign, normal or some minor issue. On 2 occasions I wrote these "journalists" e-mails shaming them for scaring people just so they can make a quota of stories for her publisher. Big surprise: neither responded. I hope the 2 of you can stop this HA in its tracks sooner rather than later. You're both setting yourselves up for a lifetime of misery. You'll one day be in your 80's and look back and say OMG I totally wasted so much energy and time worrying about nonsense. By then it will be too late. Rachel you especially seem to have some possible issues with loss and death that might be good to explore with a counselor. Try to get to the bottom of this and work through it. My instructions: Stop Googling. It will do no good and scare you for no reason. You have in fact hormonal or other normal/benign reasons for your symptoms, but Google will always tell you it's something that instead of a total normal occurrence, is a cancer that at your age would be a 1 in a million shot. Next: Look on this site for 100 symptoms of anxiety. You'll be able to check off many, all of which you have caused yourself. You're 20. You should be having fun with friends, possibly college, romance etc. You'll only be young once. Enjoy it! They say youth is wasted on the young; don't let yourself be an example of that. Bob
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    You know I have grave doubts about climate change. In England at the time of Henry 8th we grew grapes and made our own wines. We do it now but on a much smaller scale. In 1880 the river Thames in London was frozen over and they held markets on it. No diesel or petrol engines then! The Earth has been around for billions of years and climate changes have come and gone. The ice age is a good example. Where were the fossil fuels then? If you pay someone in a university to look into it and create a department where the salaries go through the roof, they are certainly not going to say it's not true, are they? Anyway, if it is true we are talking about possibly centuries ahead before anything drastic happens. I have an open mind on the subject, but I would still need a lot of convincing. Stop reading articles about the subject if they upset you. Most of it is negative stuff and so much is ill founded and just downright misleading. It never fails to surprise me how so much negativity can be dished out. It come back to the old journalist saying, 'Good news is not news'!!!
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    I don't think your PCP hates you, I think your PCP might not understand why you don't believe her when she says you don't have a bt. My Dr really laid it out for me one day.. she said I care about you, I don't want you to fear things you don't have so when I say you don't have it, leave it right here in this room. It goes no further. Your PCP is trained to look for signs of a bt. She has tests that look for that and then she will refer you to a neurologist. My boss had a bt and like I said she had other symptoms. Maybe if you hear you don't have it from your appt this Thursday you will find more relieve and you can let it go
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    *Trigger warning: ⚠️ Talks about metastatic stage IV cancer and death.* Hey guys. I wanted this to be my first (well second technically) topic that I posted on here. I figured I needed to since this is the thing I suffer with the most. A little background on me, I am 20 years old and this has all started when I was 19 years old and was learning about cancer for Biology. Before then, I didn't really worry about cancer because I believed that well I am young so I never have to worry about getting it until I am older and I never had any symptoms anyways. I figured if they had found a tumor it would be removed and easy as that. Wrong! This was all before I actually knew and understood what cancer was and I felt like I was being hit by a train all at once. I have had a lot of family members on my mom's side die from metastatic cancers, mainly of the lung. (Many of them were smokers.) Well, I was doing well when learning about it, until symptoms started to show up. At the time I was on birth control and one night when I went to bed, my breasts were itchy and painful, my arm pits swelled and I hardly got any sleep that night. I didn't think it was normal, since my breasts have never done that before. I noticed my nipples were itchy and there was a white patch of skin on my areola and dry skin flakes on my nipples and areolas. Stupidly, I googled "dry skin on breast" I was trying to figure out what I could put on it to soothe it. Unfortunately Dr. Google came up with nothing benign. It told me that I had a rare fourm of breast cancer called "Pagets disease of the breast/nipple" I panicked. It got worse when I saw another article that said that I could have IBC or "Inflammatory breast cancer" which is a rare fourm of breast cancer that is aggressive and fast growing within hours or weeks. That didn't help much at all. And I was terrified that I had breast cancer at 19 years old. Luckily, in the next few days, the symptoms somewhat let up. Except for the itching and the pain. My armpit on my left side went back to normal but my armpit on the right side did not. I was forced to just deal with it since "Breast cancer doesn't happen to young women. You are fine." I had decided that I didn't like what these birth control pills were doing to me, so I decided to get off of them. My breasts still bothered me once I got off the pills. But one side more so than the other side. I went to the gynecologist a few months after getting off the pills to get a breast exam since my breasts were still bugging me. She felt around and said there is nothing wrong with me. I did feel some benign lumps but these are Fibroademas. She told me the dry skin on my nipple was just normal. I wasn't convinced, so I decided to come back and see her once symptoms got worse. I had an indent or dimple on both of my breasts, under my areolas. Well on them technically. She did another breast exam and told me that you are fine. She kinda made me feel like I was crazy, so I didn't go back to see her again. I wasn't convinced since I at least wanted some form of imaging to rule Breast cancer out. Well I decided to join a breast cancer fourm trying to get some answers. This was a bad idea because it made my anxiety way worse and no one could reassure me that I was okay. They didn't feel anything was wrong but that was about it. I eventually left the message boards and stopped posting. My anxiety skyrocketed. I had nightmares every night that they had missed something and that I was dying from metastatic breast cancer at a young age. I literally thought I was sick! My ribs burned, I had bone pain, I got headaches, my kidneys ached, and my anxious mind jumped right to mets. I was restless and caused my mom and sister much distress. They were getting upset with me. They told me to please stop worrying about it because I was 19 years old and there was no family history of breast cancer. (Even though the most family history we have is two great great Aunts who have had it.) My mom had decided to take me to the urgent care for a UTI that I had developed. They pricked my finger and found traces of bilirubin in his urine or bloodwork I can't remember, so they wanted me to get a liver ultrasound and bloodwork done. I went to the hospital to get the ultrasound done and I remember being so scared that this could be the end for me. That someday I was gonna die in a hospital. They took my bloodwork and I was there for nearly 4 hours worried sick. My mom had came with me and not to bring religion into this, but I felt a strong presence like Jesus was there with me. They came back in the room and told me my bloodwork came back normal, and so did my liver ultrasound. Sadly that did not curb my health anxiety, instead I thought that well I could still have breast cancer. Maybe it just didn't spread yet. I beforehand didn't live a healthy life, I was super stressed, I didn't eat enough veggies, though I ate plenty of fruit, ate a lot of red meat, and wasn't very physically active, despite being skinny. I had also started my period at 11 so I considered this a risk factor. I found myself jumping from type to type of breast cancers that I could have. My breasts still caused me pain and my armpits did as well. Both of my dimples on both of my areolas didn't go away, and I still had dry skin flakes coming from both of my nipples (like from the ducts I guess.) and I peeled those off. Things still bothered me. The types of breast cancers jumped from were Invasive ductal Carcinoma, Inflammatory breast cancer, DCIS, (pre cancer), LCIS (another pre cancer.), Paget's disease of the breast/nipple, triple negative breast cancer (a very aggressive and hard to treat form.), Estrogen receptive positive breast cancer (the slow growing kind.), triple positive breast cancer (another aggressive form.), and Invasive Loublar Carcinoma. (A type of breast cancer elusive to scans like mammograms and ultrasounds most times. This kind is usually always found on an MRI.) Finally, in August, a month before my 20th birthday, I had a check up with my primary care doctor. I told her my concerns regarding my fear of breast cancer and she did a breast exam. She said she found nothing concerning, except for an area on that breast that felt more firm that the other breast. She wasn't concerned about it, but she referred me to have an ultrasound done on the right breast. The problem breast as I like to call it. I was happy that I was finally not being dismissed because of my age. I had the ultrasound done and was nervous that something would be found. They came back and told me that everything was normal. They found no tumors or even cysts. My lymph nodes were normal. The radiologist felt my breasts and she didn't seem concerned much. I was doing fine for awhile after that. I had my imaging done. My breasts still hurt, but I shrugged it off. Eventually the pain lessened and pretty much went away. I was relieved. I knew the birth control I took nearly 10 months ago had finally wore off. Then October came... Breast cancer awareness month. This had sparked up my anxiety again. I wondered if they had missed something on my ultrasound and if I really had sneaky ILC. I wondered if breast cancer could really just "come and go." So sadly I am currently stuck in the same rut I was into back in October. it isn't just breast cancer I am paranoid about. It is all cancers. I am terrified of getting and dying young from all of these kinds of cancers. I know that cancer in young adults is very rare. (Something like 1% or 2,630 cases per year.) It has jumped from breast cancer, to skin cancer, to colon cancer, to brain cancer, to lymphoma, to bone cancer, to pancreatic cancer, to stomach cancer, to cervical cancer, to uterine cancer (I am at an increased risk for this and skin cancer since my grandmother on my dad's side had both uterine and skin cancer and I may have PCOS so that puts me at an even greater risk.) and to ovarian cancer. I hate dealing with this... it has greatly affected my ability to live a good life... I no longer draw or read or write because nearly 99% of my time is spent worrying about getting cancer at a young age. I get nightmares every night pretty much about dying from cancer or getting diagnosed. I just want my life back now. I don't want to worry about this anymore. I feel bad because I can't even listen to doctors and family members and not to get religious but even God... this may be crazy but he has told me that I do not have it and that I will never get it but I can't even trust him even. I have a huge fear of death so maybe this is where this anxiety comes from? I apologize for the long post. I just wanted to share my story with you guys. Any advice on what I could do that may help me? Anything that you guys have tried that have personally helped you? Thank you!
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    right, it's extremely rare!
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    Thanks! I made an appointment with a derm for tomorrow as well so hopefully after this week I'll be able to slow down a little.
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    Now I looking up statistics of how many children (to age 19) are diagnosed a year with melanoma. 300. Doesn't seem like many.
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    Oh sweetheart...hugs!! I can’t begin to put myself in your shoes as to when you heard your son’s diagnosis, but I think that may be playing a big part (perhaps some PTSD?) in why you are fearing the worst for your daughter and even imagining the phone call in your mind. Please try to remember that this is something totally separate and distinct, and your daughter will be just fine! I agree with your plan to call the derm tomorrow afternoon, and if the results aren’t in, call again on Thursday and Friday so that you can breathe that sigh of relief!
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    It sounds very similar to my shoulder injury pain. My entire left arm hurt and felt weak. I had it for a few weeks and that was what caused my ALS spin out. The twitching can be attributed to your body being in pain in other areas. I had twitching in that same injured shoulder first that then moved to other areas of my body. It came on from the stress of freaking out and watching for it. It actually made it occur more often. I also sit at a computer all day and standing often has helped reduce my twitching. Nerve pain feels like a lot of things but often is just a pinch of some kind.
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    I've got an appointment at the Apple Store this morning in about 2 hours to get my laptop repaired and I think it's time for another episode of Adventures in Leaving the House. These seem to be helping. I've had panic attacks at the Apple Store before because of how crowded it is and how much waiting is involved, plus it's just far enough away from my house to be outside my comfort zone. The last two times I went (back in August), I stayed and successfully worked through my panic, so I'm sure today will be the same - plus, the Apple Store is in the mall and I never found a bag I liked for my Chromebook so I want to do some shopping while I'm there. Last night, my anxiety level was pretty low and I was feeling good - I'm still riding high on my success at the ballet (a significantly bigger deal, in my mind, than the Apple Store) and wasn't expecting to have any problems. Then I woke up this morning and I'm feeling dizzy (I know full well this is an anxiety symptom) and I've got a headache (maybe a real headache, maybe a lack of caffeine, or maybe tension from anxiety - either way, it can't hurt me). So on top of the symptoms, I'm feeling frustrated with myself because of the irrational idea that I overcame my fear of the ballet, therefore I'm "cured" or somehow insulated from further panic for the time being. I'd still say that my anxiety today is only about a 3 or 4, when in the recent past it's been more like a 7, but this will be an excellent opportunity to put what I've been learning into practice and work with my anxiety rather than trying to hide from it. I actually feel pretty good right now, which is a weird way to feel even as I am experiencing anxiety. The game plan: I already ate breakfast so I wouldn't feel sick from hunger. I'm drinking a cup of coffee now to combat the headache. I've been practicing breathing from my stomach to fix the dizziness and calm myself.
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    POST-GAME ANALYSIS: I had that headache the entire time, but it didn't stop me from going to my appointment and then doing a little shopping afterward. It did not turn into the nightmarish, nauseating migraine that I was worried about and I had basically no anxiety. I'm happy about that, and at the same time a little confused about the Panic Attacks Workbook I've been reading. Carbonell says you need to experience panic in order to work through it, but I keep doing well with talking myself through things without ever getting to the panic attack. It's silly to think that avoiding a panic attack is bad, but he seems to say in the book that what I'm doing right now is just delaying the real recovery work. I might need to read it again to figure that out...
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    to the original poster.....oh, so you have diagnosed yourself, doctor? Well then, maybe you can just google up a good surgeon to refer yourself. you could (a) see your doc now (b) ask at your next general physical ; I like to do this when I can (c) monitor it (monthly, not too often!) and if it changes, ask a doc
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    Stop. Sit down. Take 3 deep breaths. You are thinking catastrophic thoughts that are no true and you have no evidence for. Do not allow yourself to spiral downwards based on incorrect and negative thoughts. Repeat a positive mantra over and over this will be okay, you will get through, your child is not the less than 1%
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    I can tell you are doubting your friend when you say “depends on the type”. Did you earn your doctorate from Google? 😛 You’ve had your PCP do the neuro test and you passed. You do not have a BT. My daughter had vertigo for over a month and the pediatrician did those tests and said no BT. Once her stress lessened (winter break started) it went away. She was fine, and you are too!
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    Pat yourself on the back for a great November!!! You are doing great. It's not a setback.
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    It's not your fault, dude. Anxiety isn't something you can just turn off and on. You can train your brain to function better, but it takes time. You'll get there!
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    I'm sorry you had a rough day! Try not to beat yourself up too much - anxiety is a journey and it sounds like you've been making good strides toward learning how to manage it so an anxiety attack is just a bump in the road, not a major backslide.
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    Hi there, yes it's hard to believe what anxiety can do to us. Especially the ones of us who suffer from heart anxiety. It robs us of the life we want to live. The cycle can be broken, please believe that. You can get there. First take your apple watch off, it feeds your obsession. Second get a good counselor. Third, come on here and talk to us, we understand. You have come to the right place.
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    I think I’m ordering that book right now and blocking google from my phone!
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    While the climate itself is not something I fear, I agree with @Hollson limiting news. There’s sooooo much drama and fear on the news every day. I stay informed. I have my views. I want to be a responsible member of society ... but sometimes we just have to limit our exposure to all the drama. Remember that bad news keeps people around for more ad dollars. Perhaps I’m stupid, but at this point I have to balance the bad with the good. So I end up watching the hallmark channel, reading cozy mysteries and playing FarmVille. Hey I gotta do what I gotta do to make it through the day. Lol hang in there, we’ll all be ok. Don’t worry.
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