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    I am on same boat. I have GERD and LPR and I need to schedule my endoscopy... talked to my GI doctor last week about my fears of stomach cancer and he told me I don't have that... so I feel better about it.... the endoscopy is super easy, no prep! and you sleep so good like Mark said. I have had 2 already in the past and this will be my third! I also have hiatal hernia and they need to look how big it is. Good luck you are not alone and don't be afraid!!!!!
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    I have had nine upper endoscopy's (maybe 10 as I lost count) and they are a piece of cake. I had an esophageal ulcer in 2003 and that is how the ulcer was uncovered. I had a terrible burning sensation in the center of my back every time I ate. The actual procedure is quick, maybe 15-20 minutes or less. The procedure is very low risk and there is no preparation needed. It is the best sleep I have ever had. I use a GI physcian who has done thousands of them over many years and I have the utmost confidence in him and have no fear at all. Get the procedure done and you will come back and see that I was right. Good luck.
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    Thank you! I went to the library and took out a bunch of books and I put candy crush back on my phone! I’m working hard on the “self love” thing, your prayers are very appreciated ?
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    I take Lexapro and Seroquel. Seroquel is a mood stabilizer that you take at night, and it greatly complimented the affective ness of relieving my health anxiety.
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    I sincerely believe that I would not be alive today were it not for Lexapro. I have had no success with therapy largely because the therapy that is covered by my insurance is basically a negligent level of insufficient. Around April I was prescribed Ativan and even though I've only needed it a handful of times, it's been a huge help to get me through the bad panic. Obviously, what works for me may be all wrong for you. Work closely with a Dr you trust to get on medication that helps. If you need medication, get medication. I am still working to get healthy enough to wean myself off, but in the meantime Lexapro smoothes out my moods and makes life closer to what I imagine is normal.
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    I definitely agree with OCD-centered medications and doses if your hypochondria causes OCD-style traits like repetitive thinking and self-checking. I've found some help with a combination of Lexapro (which used to work for me fine on its own) and Luvox, which is prescribed primarily for OCD. The combination of these plus therapy has helped me rein in some of my thoughts and keep me out of the rabbit hole. I do think a higher dose of Luvox would suit me, though.