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    I'd blocked this page and all the 'doctor' pages when I found I was 'getting' the diseases members were worried about. Even with zero symptoms. Then I got so much better! While doing our taxes a couple of years ago I counted my doctor visit co pays and found I'd gone to the doctor 82 times in one year and only 2 were my cancer follow ups. Last year I went 2 times to the walk in clinic and 3 times to doctors for either cancer follow ups or when they found out my thyroid was really off whack. This year I went twice for very bad bronchitis (17 days on meds and 6 days in bed), once so far for thyroid with another in December and this Tuesday I see my oncologist for the 2nd time this year. Now for the really good news! I'm 68 this December and my oncologist always runs the full panel of blood tests from CBC, glucose, liver function, kidney function, etc. and I've had my MRI's of the abdomen and pelvis and my CT scan of my lungs. My CEA tumor marker test was lower than it's ever been and lower than the average person who has never had cancer. I am 6 1/2 years post liver resection from the liver met where they took 80% of my Stage IV Colon Cancer and Jan. 2nd it will be 10 years since I was told 'you have colon cancer'. I am clean, clear, CURED! I still take anxiety med but have never, in 10 years, had to increase the dosage and it prevents anxiety attacks. I'll still get anxious while waiting for test results but God has been so very good to me and I give HIM praise for my healing and my excellent health! I just wanted to keep y'all updated because there is HOPE to overcome fear even after cancer AND cancer is no longer a death sentence. Also, when I look back at all the things that scared me that I shared on this forum, I never had ONE of them. It was all just anxiety! From rare skin cancers, to pimples I was sure was MRSA, to cancers elsewhere, etc. HOPE. Faith! Peace to you all! Diane
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    HI FRIENDS, It's all good news!!! The procedure was quickly and doctor just found mild gastritis!!!!!!! I can move on and enjoy life again!!! Thank you ALL for your amazing support!!!!!! xoxo!!!!
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    Losing someone close to us highlights our mortality. But it's life and we are surrounded by grief and such problems. If you are already anxious anything of a negative nature will trigger an emotional response. As Holls says, take it day by day. I am going through a very difficult time with my wife and it's so difficult not to let anxiety take over. I know how easy it is to say face and accept what happens, but putting it into practise is another matter. Distraction helps but should not be relied on. I am so sorry to hear about what has happened to your friend. Don't feel selfish! You are responding in a normal way to a situation that is happening in your life. Don't be hard on yourself. Life is not easy at times, but any experience is a teaching one and we need to learn from it. I do hope you begin to come to terms with what has happened and think of your friend in all the good times you had together. And hugs from me too.
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    Dude, you need to seek help. It's fine (well not fine, it's harmful, but we can decide how to deal with it) to do things that only affect us, but I developed HA from hovering anxious parents. Don't do this to your daughter. A mild headache and a normal temperature - anything 99.5 or below is normal - is not a red flag. Your anxiety is running away with you. See a doctor for yourself. Your child is fine. You are not.
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    I just wanted to share an article I have saved on my phone that helps me when I’m worrying about my symptoms (24/7 facial tingling). I’ve been told it’s caused by chronic stress but as we all know it’s so hard to accept. https://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/healthadvice/problemsanddisorders/medicallyunexplainedsymptoms.aspx?theme=mobile this article always helps me. I hope it helps you too.
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    You create your own problem. When you first feel a panic attack. LET IT COME. OK, so that may sound odd. Your immediate reaction is 'I must fight this or it will overcome me'. No it won't!! The first flash of panic causes you to stop. Now let it come. Panic always passes. It has to. Once the adrenaline is used up it dies down, but it can be perpetuated by adding 'second fear'. It's the panic because you are panicking!! Don't rush out of the store or wherever you are. Stand still. Look at some goods if it worries you about what people may think. They don't notice you and that's a fact. A person in a panic attack looks perfectly normal. The distress and fear is going on inside. LET IT PASS then go about your business. If it happens again the same thing applies. Accept for the moment it may happen often but if you practise acceptance it will gradually not worry you. You are allowing feelings to upset you, and no one ever died of feelings. If you panic and don't give a damn that you are it must just fizzle out. There's no more adrenaline to cause it. TRY not to panic because you panic. Don't add 'second fear'.
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    Hi Nutmeg. The heart muscles are the strongest in the body. They have to be to keep the blood flowing. Any upset in the rhythm can cause palpitations, which are harmless, or bring on an anxiety attack. Your symptoms are classic of anxiety because you allowed the 'trigger' of thought after your chest was thumped. You thought, maybe unconsciously, that it would affect your heart and, once the seed is planted in the mind the feelings grow out of all proportion and you have a panic attack. So many finish up in the A&E (ER) room with panic thinking their heart is failing. Palpitations, weakness, breathlessness all are anxiety symptoms. And you are right. There is no way you would be typing on here if you had any real problems. Anxiety is always ready to step in and cause problems if you allow it to. It is self perpetuating. One thing leads to another like thinking you are dying, then all the other symptoms follow. You are OK. Take deep breaths when you feel panicky and try and accept that, for the moment, you will feel this way. It won't last. It never does, but you must stay alert for any triggers that might set you off on the 'What Ifs'. Mr. Anxiety is ready to waylay you at every turn, but ask yourself who has more intelligence, you or him? Blessings.
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    How you mourn is how you mourn...period full stop...and over time things may change...you may "feel" sadder about it later or not....whatever you feel or don't feel is perfectly appropriate. What I have found is that HA is a great distraction from other more pressing problems. So you may be experiencing increased personal anxiety as a way of dealing with the grief itself. Also, things have a way of just morphing together into one big cluster of anxiety glob....and it may be hard to separate it all. That's normal too, by the way...or at least it is for me. All I can say, and in all seriousness, don't judge your grieving process. That's the last thing you need after (in your own words) a very difficult and trying prior 12 months. I suspect (and who am I? I'm nobody. I'm just some chic on the internet who is struggling to get by as well)....I suspect that some of your burden will be eased if you quit ***trying*** to mourn "appropriately." You'll feel what you feel when you feel it....and that's my completely amateurish 2 cents worth. Hang in there and keep us posted.
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    If it is any consolation I have been super gassy for the last few years, and I don't have ovaries at all. What I think we can both confirm we do have, however, is anxiety. Anxiety can cause all sorts of digestive distress and for prolonged periods.
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    Hey, all. Just a quick update. I had my diagnostic mammo and ultrasound yesterday and all is well. I'm still worried about the pinkness on my left breast around the area of the lump. It looks more bruised now than pink. Would a mammo/ultrasound show inflammatory breast cancer?
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    Every time I have tests I worry. Anything from blood work to yearly paps to ultrasounds. I usually call for results Bec it drives me mad not knowing. When my Dr says they aren't concerned I keep replaying those words when my mind tells me lies that helps a ton. With the loss of your mom have you been to therapy? I went after my friend passed and it helped with the way I thought. I haven't been in about a yr and I should go back. Hugs. You aren't dying.
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    Anxiety lets us read all kinds of things--always the worst case scenario--into every little thing they may say but mean nothing by. I had an MRI of my head and neck. When I went into the scan, I was escorted by a super chipper, very happy young tech who then had a good number of issues with my MRI. Then I was escorted out of the MRI by a very unhappy looking guy, who I swear, was looking at me with pity. I went home, sure something bad had been seen. The MRI was completely normal, of course (I still have the symptom that sent me there a year later, but what do you do). The point is, we examine every little phrase and expression and take it to mean something. Your derm probably isn't saying anything explicitly because he or she does not know she needs to. If she says not to worry about it, she really means, "don't worry about it." That is enough for those without anxiety, but we are not those people. Stay strong, it will be benign. Something to remember, on the No More Panic forum, thousands and thousands of people of shown up complaining about symptoms they were sure would lead to something serious. Maybe tens of thousands. In that time, three people were right. Three. By the way, in spite of actually having the serious thing they worried about, they are all three doing well. I am even one of them. 😉 The one thing us folks with anxiety are NOT good at, is predicting when we actually have something seriously wrong with us, other than anxiety.
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    I get that all the time. I’ve got it right now. If I went to the ER for it, it would be the third time this year. Another four thousand bucks to be told I’m fine. You’re probably going to be okay. Let us know.
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    Sounds like the initial thud made you worry then you had an anxiety attack that caused all the other symptoms. I had like 5 in a row yesterday.. couldn't feel my legs.. was dizzy. Heart palps. Weak. They suck and then all those feelings just brings on another attack. You are ok. Deep deep breaths. You are ok and you are not dying. Big big hugs.
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    I had a mole biopsy about 2 months ago and he cut it super deep. It was a blue Nevis and he said they are a little deeper than reg moles. My whole area around it was very red and warm but the take home care paper I got said expect some redness and some warmth around the biopsy site. It's going to be ok. Remember the facts.. you have had 2 Drs Look at it and tell you point blank, I am NOT concerned. Rationalize and repeat facts.
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    Hypo, If the tech had seen what she believed to be serious findings, a cascade of events would occur. First, she would have the radiologist come out and look at the scan. You would then be informed, before you left that you need to follow up with your doctor ASAP based upon the findings. Then, the radiologist would have placed your scan on the top of his work pile. He first would have called your doctor to give her a heads up on what he found. He would then be obligated to get his formal report over to her within 24 hrs if not sooner. I don't know where you live, but western countries (USA, Canada, etc) have "Best Practices" which outline these protocols. It's like a game of hot potato we played as kids. You're given the hot potato and try to get rid of it as fast as you can. Similarly, each professional who comes in contact with your scan would want to push off responsibility up the line ASAP so no one later blames them for lack of urgency. The fact that you were allowed to leave with no comment, and I presume the radiologist wasn't called over (even if he was, it could have been for any number of less serious reasons) indicates that it is not your worst fear. Finally, if you've gone 24 hours from the time the scan concluded, and you've heard nothing, then only gross negligence of the radiologist and/or your doctor would be a reason for you not being contacted, if it was serious. Bob
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    Awe Angelica Try not to worry. I’ve had so many test done that I was worried about and everyone of them came back normal. You’ll feel so much better when you get this over with. You’re gonna be fine. I’m here if you need to talk.❤️
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    I've been off for 5 days now and no more side effects. Thank goodness!!!
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    I will second what Holls said, especially about the relationship between work/using the muscles and twitching. ALS was one of my first HA freak outs. Ah, I remember it fondly (NO!!). I saw a neurologist. Not only did he R/O ALS but I recall him saying come here and look outside. it was winter and there were mounds of snow. He then said "If I had you go out there and begin to shovel some of that snow, your arms, calves and maybe feet would be twitching like crazy". That matches what Holls hubby told her. Thank heaven I haven't had an ALS scare in ages. Hope not to jinx it! If I do I'll run to Holls. Take up residence in Texas for a couple weeks
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    Hugs!! You are so so young to have anxiety. I'm sorry. I have OCD too..I go all in or nothing. I set high goals for myself that are almost impossible to oobtain. My thoughts can completely take over. A therapist can help you with the OCD and anxiety and how to change the way you think..it definitely helped me. You have had many Drs tell you it's ok and that you are healthy. It's time to believe them. I know it's hard but please don't ruin your life over something that you have created in an anxious mind set. You found a great forum. Everyone here really understands.
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    Hi Sun, First, we all do things when we're young that aren't the best choices. If the hookah thing was the worst you did, you're a better man than me. Think logically. You've seen countless medical professionals and every one said basically, have a good life you have no issues. You even had blood work. This, compared to the internet where literally anybody can write anything. In my last HA episode, I literally found 2 so called credible sites that were saying exactly opposite things. The internet compared to real doctors who have seen real patients by the thousands and studied real medicine. HA is a subset of OCD, and you seem to have some OCD issues. Might want to consider counselling. I really hope you don't ruin your life due to the stupid internet. Learn techniques thru therapy to help fight the OCD tendencies.
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    I agree. Super common for women. Worst case, it’s probably kidney stones. Or even a bladder stone. My friend’s husband just had that.
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    Tess, just another voice here saying please don't be afraid, and make another appointment. My wife despises going to the dentist. I remember she went once a few years ago for some oral surgery and they just did novacane. She freaked out; they could barely finish the procedure. The dentist actually told her afterwards that he should have thought to offer her the gas. Well, about I guess a year ago she had to have some minor procedure. She was scared. She went to the same dentist who gave her the gas. When I went to pick her up, she was bright and cheerful and 100% awake. The gas was the answer. I remember she didn't even have much if any pain afterwards. It's difficult, I know but sometimes we just need to take a deep breath and do what we know needs to be done. Good luck Tess. Bob
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    If it matched a stain on his sock then that’s the answer. He stepped in something on the ground that soaked thru and put shoes on with sweaty feet=stain on foot. I’m sure it will fade over time. Don’t look at it for a few days (hard I know) so you can really tell if it’s fading. If you check it all the time you may not notice any significant change because the changes may be subtle and small over a short period of time.
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    Indeed, she does not have a fever. So what, temp fluctuates all day long. It's perfectly normal, it's part of being human. I understand you're worried, but try not to project it on to her. She's fine. Heck, for a good year and a half, my temp was ~99.4°F every time I went to the doc, but it'd be normal at home. They never even mentioned it. I asked my doc about it once and she shrugged and essentially ignored it. Haha.