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    Hi Leah. I haven’t been around in a while but I remember you. I am so sorry to see you are having a bad go round with HA. It’s a beast isn’t it! I wanted to share with you that back in my anxiety zone days I was Probably one of the most mentally ill (HA AND OCD) members of the health anxiety board. It was crippling. I’m proud today I am a 100% changed person. I am finally a normal functioning member of society that doesn’t live under the rule of HA and obsessed and intrusive thoughts of cancer. I found the right medication and it has truly been a game changer for me. It brings me to tears because I for the first time in my my life (HA started in childhood) I feel normal. I’m not consumed by fear. I handle things in the appropriate manner. I know there are a lot of people who don’t ageee with medication but some of us with anxiety truly require it. If we had diabetes we would require insulin to live. If we had high blood pressure we would require medication to remain healthy. It’s the same for mental health. Some can do deep breathing, talk therapy, exercise, vitamins... and some have no choice but to take medication and there shouldn’t be any shame connected to that. I have been on Adderall XR for almost 1 year and my life is changed. I was diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, and HEALTH ANXIETY. My doctor thought Adderall would be the best medication for me to try. Wow was he right. Some days I’m slightly embarrassed I have to have a controlled substance to actually make it through a day without intrusive thoughts, obsession, or googling symptoms, but it’s ok because I’m healthy. I’m mentally healthy which means I’m happy. It’s no fun to have extra pounds to lose but if your medication was improving your daily life I’m sure that extra weight might be worth it. There are your medications to try also to please talk to your doctor!! Many Hugs!!! - Lindsay
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    So I just got a call from a former boss that wants me to help him to compile paperwork for a disability claim with his disability insurance. I won't go into his disease specifics because I don't want to trigger anyone and it doesn't matter anyway. What matters is that this is a very good man. He loves his family. He's always done the right thing and he doesn't deserve this disease. I'm very sad and it has certainly effected me greatly. My mother is old...in good mental health but not so good physical health. Conversely, my mother-in-law is older, doing great physically but is mentally not good at all. We're dealing with both. There are other things that are too long to post here...suffice it to say, I've been in a pressure cooker for a few years now. My HA has been running wild. So my fear du jour is that I have had loose stools, off and on, for a few days. Not diarrhea but not quite normal either. My stomach always gets affected with anxiety. I'm just venting...life is so darn hard and sad sometimes. How do we find peace in such a chaotic world with so much sadness? Thank you for listening/reading.
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    I just read recently that the reason that people feel so out of breath after climbing stairs is because we often hold our breath when doing so. The article said to make sure you take a deep breath before climbing the stairs or during and it will improve. I tested it out and it does seem to work. I walk miles a day so I was perplexed as to why I couldn't climb the stairs to my bedroom. Give it a try see if it helps to take breaths when going up the stairs. Ivy
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    Hi Kayauss, i don't need to tell you that health anxiety is tough. An absolute nightmare. Sometimes people, myself included feel we'd rather HAVE the disease we dread rather than worry whether we have it, it's that bad. For me, I've found minimal relief if any from anti-depressants or therapy. What I do occasionally have success with, is writing down alternative explanations for what I fear. In your case, that would be stress/anxiety continuing to weigh on you despite the EKG results. Doubting tests and doctors is part and parcel for HA. So, you continue to worry, which activates your "fight or flight" natural reactions, and the result is palps, pain etc. Google. Oh yes, Google. For me it's like going to a casino. I may win or I may lose. I may lose the mortgage money even if I read something that convinces me that yes, I do have the condition I fear. If you're a gambler, then do it but I think you already know how risky a proposition it is. Congrats on the exercise program. Definitely keep it up. Exercise helps the mood as well. You're fine, you just suffer from what I believe is one of the worst mental health disorders one can have...health anxiety. Bob
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    I didn’t have a PFO. The test came back normal 🙂
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    Thanks for kind words... yes I am much better on lexapro.... this anxiety doesn't leave me ... and I am shaking all day long.... now worry about my daughter but I brushed her teeth this morning and no bleeding... he nose seems ok too.... I want to think she is healthy, this HA is the worst, it's stealing the fun in life....I am wasting each day worrying worrying worrying.... it's chronic, it's terrible and it's making me SO depressed
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    I absolutely love the way you think!! It puts a whole new spin on it. This Post isn't an anxiety concern for me, but your responses are always so comforting and the best way to think too. It's so rational.
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    Actually, there doesn't have to be a first time for everything. 😃 Nature works a certain way, and that way does not always mean anything can or will happen. I live half the year in a state where Hanta is common and I have NEVER known a single person to contract it.
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    The trip was uneventful, save for the two times I experienced mild nervousness. I only stopped once on the way, and made it in about five hours - which is how long it should take. It's possible that you guys were right about being anxious about the trip ahead of time. It seems like almost as soon as I got on the road, from home, my worries almost entirely disappeared. LoL. Who knows, maybe I was indeed anxious about it, and getting on the road showed me that it's not bad. Thank you all for your continued support. You've never let me down. I'm doing well this evening, enjoying some time to myself at the hotel.
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    Jae, within 3 hours let alone 3 weeks he would get a call. I assume he is an adult. A 3 week wait just can't be anything serious!
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    My GI physician said stomach cancer incidence is on the decline.
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    I am sorry you are struggling with panic attacks and feeling anxious. Perhaps it will help to remind yourself how good your trip went last time. I know you have researched and are seeing a therapist. That is great that you are taking a proactive approach to your health! When I am alone, I choose to do something 'special' to help me through it. Maybe select a movie that you have been wanting to watch for some time, or a favorite dinner or snack to look forward to the end of the long day. What would make the hotel stay seem like a positive for you? Keeping a journal is great for me as well. Trying to put my feelings down, and then looking for the positive in the situations. I find with anxiety and panic, it is the everyday steps that help tremendously. Deep slow breaths, positive thoughts, prayer, worship music, focusing on my creative pursuits and watching my diet help so much! Sugars, caffeine (as you have said) and processed foods, especially high carb processed foods, amp my anxiety. I pray that you have an amazingly successful work trip and that your girlfriend's knee surgery heals as quickly as hoped for! Best wishes
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    I'm feeling much better today / this evening. I've had a few mild sensations that resembled panic / anxiety, but that hasn't happened in a while. Tonight, I'm just relaxing, ready to get up in the morning and work again. Tuesday, I go out of town for work, and I'm looking forward to it. I picked back up on vaping today, as a step toward quitting smoking. I really got to thinking about it today, and I need to quit. I really do. I believe a lot of my issues would be resolved, or at least less severe / frequent, without smoking. It would help me out in a lot of ways, not just anxiety. So this is another positive for today. Otherwise, nothing to note, really. Just that I'm trying to take it easy and relax and keep calm. I watched the TMNT II (original, not modern) movie earlier (I own the trilogy) and that's always enjoyable; LOVE those movies. I also plan to pop into a book store in the near future and pick up a new book or two. I finished my last book several weeks ago, and I've really been wanting to get into another book. Thank you all for the encouragement and support as always. I wanted to post this update, in case you were wondering what ever came of it.
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    My take on this is that it's just a dream. Hang in there. I know it's tough.
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    @Leah1976 I'm sorry you are going through this. I've done the same with my kids when they were small. Always looking for something. Like you, I've bounced from one disease to another with myself and the kids. Please know your daughter is fine and you will get through this tough time. I feel health anxiety has ruined enjoyment in my life and feel like I was so worried all these years that I didn't enjoy the little things. It's a miserable situation but you are not alone.
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    I have twitches all the time and they don't really bother me... that's a first....
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    I agree with your wife. It sounds like a normal nightmare and nothing more. Please remember when we have been anxious it carries over for a few days to weeks. If you have recently been anxious just let your body slowly get back to normal and know that it's only anxiety. Hugs.
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    Thanks Sherril - I haven't looked into it but might be worth trying as complimentary with what my doctor prescribes. Definitely been interested in trying acupuncture too just have never got around to it.
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    So back a few months ago I was having esophagus spasms. It would feel like those huge pain in my throat and I couldn’t swallow anything. It only lasted a little while and the spasms a few lasted a few minutes. It was terrible! I asked a DR and they said to do all th things to make my GERD better. Started taking an otc pill that wasn’t giving me other side effects and the spasms have stopped.
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    I have said this before in many places, and will give it another go. In the United States there are an average of 1 to 3 rabies deaths a year. That is between 1 in 100 million and 1 in 350 million. You could win the powerball three times before getting rabies once. One in 7,000 people are struck by lightning. You are five times more likely to be attacked by a shark. Rabies is almost unheard of in pets. Now, I know you are not in the US, but the odds of getting rabies is so minute as to be unheard of in most developed countries. Stress and anxiety alone can cause all the symptoms you mentioned, even the low grade fever. Are you getting help for the anxiety?
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    I am so sorry! I understand that frustration as it sounds like you are doing all you can to remain calm and the body just rebels. One aspect for my anxiety is sensory processing. The lights, sounds, movement increase my dizziness and that increases my anxiety. Perhaps a behavioral therapist could identify where the anxiety is derived from. Sometimes our bodies can be so wacky! I pray that you have answers and a successful rest of your trip. Oh... boredom in the car... podcasts are what my husband enjoys. He likes the talking and teachings. Best wishes!
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    Oh @bin_tenn I hope you were able to get some rest. Panic attacks are no joke and can indeed be set off by any little thing. I'm sure your heart is fine but this is still a very scary to go through. I hope today is a better day for you.
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    Thank you, @Holls. I've never been a big reader, but I've been enjoying a few books lately. Mostly the Killing * series by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard. I LOVE history, and their books are fantastic, IMO. I have several, but still missing three or four of them. I'm beginning to suspect I may be developing agoraphobia. It seems like most times when I leave the house, and even more often if I'm alone, I feel anxious. I panic briefly, but can get over it pretty quickly. But it's the fact that it happens at all. I wonder if working from home full time can contribute to agoraphobia, especially if one is already anxious? Have you ever experienced that, since you also work from home?
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    I have had and have real health issues. I have no choice but to deal with them the best I can. Luckily they have not been life threatening, but not the best thing to have in any event. I think of all of the time I have wasted worrying and all for nothing. I have been told to not worry, but it is sometimes easier said then done. I have been told to live in the present, but sometimes it is easier said then done. Either way, I hope you feel better soon. Your doctors are well trained to diagnose and if they had any inkling of a problem, you would be sent for a battery of tests.