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    I have said this many times and it still remains true. ANXIETY CAN MIMIC ANY KNOWN DISEASE once it's in the mind. You have been Googling, a very big mistake, and have planted in your mind the seeds of your own fear. Once the mind is so stimulated to look for problems it will, and having the seeds of doubt already there, off you go with full blown HA. You are no exception. We all do it unless we realise it's happening and make some effort to correct it. I really don't see much of a future for me, I doubt very much I'll still be around 6 months from now. That's the negative thinking that is keeping you as you are. It's a fearful thought and fear induces more adrenaline and so more symptoms. You are doing this to yourself. Now I'm not suggesting you can ignore the symptoms. Obviously they are there and are real. But unless you understand fully the mind/body connection they will continue to frighten you adding more fear. But can you accept them for what they are? Nothing more than the mind sending erroneous messages based on feelings only. After May 8th come back and tell me I was right. I have seen your scenario played out so many times that it's no longer a surprise to me. Anxiety is a very powerful force and can lead you up many dark alleys until you assert your authority and see it for what it is. Smoke and mirrors. And don't think I have no idea of what it's like!!! I HAVE!!!! Best wishes.
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    That was me last yr!!! Oh man. Lol. Yes some people really do lose a lot over anxiety. I lost time that I'll never get back with my kids and that's what made me get better.
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    My internal medicine and GI physicians have told me that many of their patients jump to a cancer diagnosis right away, so you are not alone in the way you react. My GI physician once told me to stick to my job as a CPA and leave the medical diagnosing to him.
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    That all sounds like panic attack to me. I’ve only had one but the difficulty breathing and crushing feeling were definitely my main symptoms. Luckily I was keeping busy getting ready to have a bunch of people over so it passed and I didn’t feel too badly after, I think because I didn’t have time to obsess over it. Your anxiety is causing extreme fluctuations of the fight or flight response. First the burst of energy, then the panic. If you can’t see a doc until you get insured then find the time to apply for insurance, make it a priority so you don’t have to keep feeling this way.
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    I'm so excited for therapy (what a funny thing to say!). It's CBT which is exactly what I need. I know I got the all clear. I wish I could believe it.
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    The dizzyness after eatikg could be from the Gerd. Tbh at least lymphoma wouldnt cross my mind. I also have a swollen lymph node and worry but about tonsil cancer. I also had a sonogram and it said fat replaced lymph nodes. Doctor said results seem fine and that was it but im on the process of also finding an ent for the sake of my mind. If you have had blood test done recently and they were fine i wouldnt give it much tought cuz it seems really unlikely. Still hope you get good answers soon. =)
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    The lymph node is probably just a shoddy node and may not go down, not due to any infection or illness, it just happens sometimes. If you had an infection you would know it, and it would not last 6mo without other symptoms. You are fine! Stop reading stories about illnesses, stay off google and live your life.
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    Where did you read that? That's insane. A sore throat alone does not lead to infection, at least as far as I know. Strep can potentially lead to sepsis, but even that is extremely rare; rare enough that it makes the news when it happens. You'll be fine, @ZELDA. Hang in there.
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    I think it may have seeded it in my mind. I recall a little surge of panic when first reading about his story, but then sort of getting over it quickly. However for people in our position I think things linger in the back of our mind for much longer than we realize. I seem to recall that LBD is linked to particular sleep disorders as a preemptive symptom and my history of sleep disorders sort of made my brain jump to illogical conclusions. Honestly in my fear of various forms of dementia I have done so much reading that it's hard for me to recall where I may have first seen something or heard about it.
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    I so agree with this! I don't have GERD or any reflux issues but when I was in the middle of anxiety and PA"s I would come up with new symptoms every week. And this one of the most uncomfortable ones. It took me a long time to understand I created it. Like your posts a lot Holls----it's like a warm blanket covering anxious people (sprinkled with the truth. ).
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    Ironically, today’s newest episode of Anxiety Guy is a 10 min video called How Your Childhood Led To an Anxiety Disorder. I like his videos and always learn something about my anxiety when I watch them. Check it out on YouTube.
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    One key to overcoming anxiety is acceptance. In this case, you must learn to accept the unknowns, of which there are so many in life. The healthiest of "health nuts" can die of a heart attack at 40 years old, while a lifelong smoker and casual drinker can live to be 90+ and die simply of old age. I know how difficult it is to accept the unknown, but that is a major part of getting through it. I'm a smoker, though not overweight and not a drinker. I have early heart disease on Mom's side, prominently so. My numbers have been off slightly the last few years I've had physicals. I accept it, and I'm pushing to do much better for myself. I've drastically changed my eating habits. Next step is to quit smoking, then to exercise properly and regularly. It sounds like you're in great shape in that you don't have many major risk factors for early heart disease. For your dad and your mom's father, it sounds like the smoking and/or drinking definitely played a role. Imagine if they didn't smoke (like you don't) and didn't drink (like you don't); there's a good chance they would have lived longer. Practice acceptance. Google it if you need to. Learn mindfulness. You will be fine.
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    I'm sorry you are struggling with this Mrsrpmddo....I'm sure it's nothing more than the hemmoroid and hip pain from the arthritis....I think a soak in a warm bath would be helpful for the hemm, then alternate heat and ice on your back and hip. I hope it eases up for you soon. If you can get some prep h or something to try to shrink the hemm too...
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    Honey...you are sneezing, have allergies, and sinus problems. THAT will enlarge a node. I know your mind wants to go to lymphoma, but you could very well have a virus for all you know. FWIW, I am going through the same thing. I have had the lump in throat feeling on the far right side of my throat since Feb. Then, last week, a node popped up behind my ear. Two days later, I have what feels like swelling and tenderness under my jaw-- all of this is on the right side. I didn't wander to lymphoma but to throat cancer, of course. The node behind the ear has gone way down; its still there but this is day 5 and pretty small. When it was bigger, I couldn't move it but, you know what? What does moveable even mean??? I'm sure it means something different to them than it does to us. It's a meaningless term since something implanted in your skin is not really going to move, lol. I know its so hard to stop a racing brain. Do you have any coping mechanisms? Nodes take a while to go down and you really do have to be patient. I know you have a docs appointment, but maybe even just telling yourself "I won't go to the doctor until it's been 2 weeks" is a way to starve your brain of the fear. NOdes really aren't urgent and, when you say it's only been there a day or two, they will assume infection anyway. You are jumping the gun, and hurting yourself in the long run, kwim? I know, for me, putting a timeframe- like I won't assume bad for two weeks- does help me deal.
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    As my uncle recently explained to me, making healthy lifestyle choices (e.g. eating better, exercising) tends to promote a more positive ("healthier") train of thought, thus anxiety is reduced. Making healthier choices also motivates one to continue making better choices once you really notice the positive effects. We had this talk, and I'm going to point this out in hopes you can do the same, because I began eating better almost two months ago. A few weeks after I started, I began noticing that I feel better overall. My average home BP reading has come down by close to 10 points (both systolic and diastolic), and my anxious feelings and thoughts have reduced in intensity overall. It really makes a difference. I still don't exercise regularly, though I do get up and around a lot more now. I make it a point to. If you start eating better, and possibly exercising, I think it will help.
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    I'm not religious at all but I do believe in the after life. My friend passed 5 yrs ago at 34 and when I ask for her help I receive it, like once I said let me know you are still with me, out of no where a butterfly flew into my forehead.. I asked her at her grave one time if I would ever see her again, I got in my car maybe 10 sec later, my fav song was playing so i crank it up it's lunatic fringe by red Rider and in the very very beginning in the background it says see you on the other side. But it was loud and so clear. I was shocked I googled right then and saw it sure enough is the first part of the song!!! Id never heard it before even listening to that song for years running bleachers with ear phones on. Jenn and I were so close. We used to say we were soulmates. Classmates called us pb&j so why can't we be close in death. She makes me believe. I'm never looking for signs they literally hit me in the face. It helps my anxiety.. yes.
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    As Holls aid it will take some time for the node to go down. Give it a few weeks weeks. I’m sure your doc won’t be concerned. You’re nausea, chills etc is all anxiety. All of your worry is making you physically ill. Please try to release some of that tension by doing some light exercise, going for a walk, anything that can get you moving and keep your mind off of your issues until you see the doc tomotrow.
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    I am at the tail end of what has been a living hell for me ALL because of this ALS fear. Basically my entire life for the last six months has been taken over by the fear of a disease I do not have. Please do not Google anymore. Twitches are basically meaningless. They are non-diagnostic. Yes, they can occur with ALS, but they can occur with literally hundreds of other non-fatal diseases as well and most relevant to anyone reading this - they can occur only because of anxiety or tiredness. Especially since you are at the gym every day not feeling any weakness, please put ALS out of your mind. It took getting an EMG and nerve conduction test to move on and this was after I "experienced" basically every symptom of ALS. I put that in quotes, because I am able to confidently say now they were 80% in my head, 20% real symptoms that I was imagining to be worse than they were. I was weak, my speech was slurred, I was having difficulty swallowing, I was losing weight! Then I had a clean EMG and all of these symptoms dissipated with my anxiety and fear. It is like magic but it is also frightening what we can do to ourselves when anxiety is in the driver's seat. Please don't do what I did.
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    I haven’t posted on this site since August of last year and tonight after I posted I went back and read through my old posts. Everything I had posted about eventually resolved itself. I had even forgot about one of the “health scares” I had posted about. It gave me some reassurance that what I’m worrying about now will probably be something I forget about in six months. I’ve have been much better recently and I don’t frequent this website as much as before but my anxiety has been pretty bad the past few weeks.
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    Itching is a sure sign or anxiety. Your nervous system is in overdrive and it’s causing the itching sensations. If your blood work showed anything they would have called you by now.
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    The thing that worries me is there’s nothing bad going on now. On holiday, feeling great. Nice and relaxed. So what’s to have an anxious episode about? Must be an actual heart issue. NO!!! It's not. What most people don't realise is that the unconscious part of the mind, the part to which we have no direct access, goes on working without our consciously being aware of it. It can throw up symptoms and feelings from memories we think we have long since forgotten. The feelings and emotions come up but not the memory that caused them. Psychotherapy is aimed at reviving those memories and dealing with them with reason. So many sufferers say 'but it came out of the blue. I was fine and for no reason that I can see I had a panic attack'. It may have been a sound, a smell, a voice calling, a wind in the trees, anything that would cause an unconscious memory recall with the emotions associated with that memory. Never be bluffed by this happening. Even when you are not anxious it will happen. Immediately you fear the worse, as you have done, then you are off on the fear/adrenaline/fear cycle. It's so easy to fall into that trap. Say to yourself when it happens, 'Oh well, here you are again, but this time I'm not falling for it. Do your worst, I'm not bothered', then go about what you are doing. The feelings may still be there but they won't matter. Don't spoil a good holiday with illusions.
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    Angry, I totally understand how it feels when you're spiralling as you obviously are, but think about this logically, OK? It is now Wednesday night. You had the blood work last Wednesday. You live in the US. You know how litigious it is. You also know how expensive malpractice insurance is for medical professionals. You also know that with social media, no doctor can hide the fact that they have been sued, or sanctioned; their entire career and livelihood can be ruined. Therefore, there is no way at all that you have abnormal results, especially when measuring pancreas related enzymes, and, in over a week, you have not been contacted! Blood chemistries take 1 or 2 days to run. Abnormal results that would point to possible serious illness would be reported to your doctor by the lab immediately!! Labs can get sued and sanctioned as well. It's a game of hot potato when abnormal/potentially serious results are seen. The sooner the lab notifies the doctor the sooner they're in the clear of being criticized for delays. Then the same goes for the doctor notifying the patient. Why not just call and ask for the results, only because that is probably the only thing that will truly calm you. Bob
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    Just to update. The doctor said it’s muscular and gave me a few muscle relaxers and told me to take Advil . You all were right. Thank you for being great online friends!
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    Hi Angrry, I'm really sorry you are going through a heightened state of anxiety (whatever the reasons are). You have gotten some good advice in response to your post but your last sentence made me realize you have tunnel vision right now- you are in such an anxious state that nothing else registers at the moment. The anxiety in you is just allowing for the 'evidence' of a deadly disease to come through. It got you afraid and focused on the bad outcome. I wish we could help you better but I do understand that sometimes we just have to be in that state unfortunately cause the outside input doesn't reason with us at the moment. It's not a nice place to be in. I have been in that place. What I have learned is: Anxiety and Panic doesn't have power over me, it's a make believe game, trying to trick me, sucking up precious life energy, "forcing" me to focus just on the negative. I refuse to live my life that way. It's too precious. I only got one as far as I know. You can break the cycle Angrry! If I can anyone can! Allow for it to be there, you can't change it right now but live your life regardless! The more you live your precious life the less anxiety got a place in it. It will shrink back to normal anxiety, the one that really has a reason to be there, not the one we experience, the all consuming, threatening kind. In regard to being worried about a terrible diagnosis: Live your life, feed your soul with precious life energy, go outside, take a breath, thank God you are alive ( or whoever you want to). Let it flow through you. And be assured if you do have something bad, take it one day at the time. Worry when you have reason to worry, i.e. a diagnosis. You are in my thoughts.
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    YES!! The word 'perception' is really the key. It's how we perceive things. How we see things. If there is an accident and the police are involved they will take statements from people and everyone will have a different view. 'He was doing 50mph'. 'No, it was more like 30mph'!!! The same in anxiety. What to us may be a frightening sight to others may just be disturbing. Our perception of any unwanted or even mildly frightening event can be so exaggerated. When in the throes of GAD I saw two guys in a pub having a heated argument. It upset me for days. Now to a so called 'normal' person it may sound ridiculous. My wife forgot about as soon as we left the pub, but I could not let it go. It made a deep impression because I was SENSITISED at the time. Sensitisation can produce all sorts of strange effects on the mind and on the body. But none of them have any real significance. It's all smoke and mirrors conjured up by our friend Mr. Anxiety. He's good at it, in fact a passed master. IF WE BELIEVE HIM and fall for his fantasies. Call his bluff! When he says you are sick shout NO I'M NOT!!!! Don't tolerate any nonsenses from him. The ego, which he is, will try all sorts of tricks so always be aware and on your guard against negative thinking.
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    Acceptance is definitely key! Well said. We absolutely do exaggerate things, because anxiety alters our perception. Anxiety is a natural response ("fight or flight"), and it also alters the senses when you have "good" anxiety, such as when you're in a truly dangerous situation. The senses change in order to help you make decisions which help you survive whatever the threat may be. The problem with an anxiety disorder is that this instinct kicks in when there is no threat, and our senses still change. As such, we become more alert, more aware, despite the fact that there is no reason for it - and that causes more fear.
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    Have you heard of 'Daydreaming'? Carl Jung, that great 20th century psychotherapist, suggested that his patients be encouraged to daydream. He would then analyse the dreams as he would have a night dream during sleep. I doubt there is not one of us who has not dozed off during the day and had pictures in the mind about something different to where we actually were. I have and do often. Bobnat is right. It is normal. The explanation given there is spot on. Hallucinations are different to imaginings, which you had, Very different.
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    Why would I still freak out about it? Why can’t it just accept it? Because reason could not enter the picture soon enough. During a panic attack, which is what you had, any sort of reason or common sense goes out the window. YOU become panic embodied. There is only panic, nothing else. Someone may be able to calm you down, but your immediate reaction is to panic because you are panicking. All the symptoms you describe are exaggerated anxiety. Now what happens when you feel like that? You become afraid of what MIGHT happen and the apprehension brings on more fear. This tighten the circle of fear/adrenaline/fear until you are in a full blown panic attack. Now what I am about to say may seem strange but STOP trying to be free from 'IT'. STOP trying to control 'IT'. Let 'IT' come and do it's worse. OK? No? Any form of fear has its limits. There is a limit to the amount of adrenaline that can be secreted in one go, so panic will always die down. It will be exacerbated by more fear, but eventually it must stop. You will feel drained and exhausted, but the panic will cease. The secret is not to fight it or struggle with it. Go with it. Bend with the wind. Go with the flow. Give up trying to do anything about it. NOT give in, that's different and self defeating. After a time, and it takes time, you may still panic, but you will know what to do and IT WILL NO LONGER MATTER! Nothing is easy in anxiety. It can be hard work finding a way out of the maze, but it can be done if done with acceptance in your heart. Acceptance and love. You have to learn to love yourself, warts and all. You are not a failure or different from anyone else. We all have the ability to recover if we go about it in the right way and willingly. Take heart Nutmeg, you are in good company and we all are gunning for you. Thanks Haha Confused Sad
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    That is so normal. You dozed off; so, not in a deep sleep. your son says something to you (in ways only a little kid can) and your brain comprehends it since you just drifted off. The brain (and according to my wife, men's brains especially) are geared to fix problems. So, the obvious solution? Get him a tissue. So your brain imaged that. Of course, you were still not awake, so the reality of the situation, that there were no tissues on the counter, means nothing. You imagined the answer to his query; then you awoke and that logical solution wasn't the reality. I've been up long nights with sick children. It really can play tricks on your mind when you don't have enough rest, and on top of that you're stressed because they're sick and likely crying, screaming, etc.
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    I'm not surprised either So happy for you, and I know the relief is wonderful. Now, please expect the HA to creep in again in a few days. You will recognize it when it starts to place subtle seeds of doubt in your mind: what if the doctor didn't test enough body parts, what if the doctor wasn't paying enough attention, what if the EMG was performed too early, etc. When you hear these thoughts, just say, hi HA, so nice of you to join the party again. But please don't let the door hit you on your way out
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    I agree completely. I've had numerous panic attacks over the years, and the sensation of being short of breath and chest pressure are common symptoms when I experience the attacks. It's always been that way for me, and many others experience the same. I also often feel hot during panic attacks, and I feel sweaty even if I'm not actually sweating.
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    "What have I been up to?" - Simple; quite a bit, honestly. Haha. I'm not around quite as much anymore. I just have a lot of other things going on, though nothing negative. All is well. I thought I would post an update since it's been a while. First of all, my employer closed the office I was based out of. Unfortunately, many of my peers are without a job. On the contrary, the company decided to continue my permanent employment with them. I've been remote full time since October, and I'll continue as a remote employee. I now work with a team based out of the Indianapolis office. Secondly, to the first point, I'm making my first trip to Indianapolis next week! I'll be leaving home around 10am next Tuesday, then I'll be heading home next Friday. This is exciting. I've never taken a trip for work before, and I've also never been to Indy. I have family who live about forty-five minutes from the office, so I'll be visiting them as well. I saw them a couple years ago when mom had her heart attack, but that was the first time I'd seen them in several years. I'm looking forward to the trip! Finally, I've continued making positive lifestyle changes. A few weeks / a month ago, I began eating better. I have stuck with it, surprisingly, but I must say it feels great! I limit portions of foods and drinks that are not so great for me (e.g. red meat, caffeine, sugar, fats). I snack almost exclusively on fruits and vegetables. It has made a difference - my blood pressure has come down quite a bit! I still take the beta blocker, and I think I need to continue doing so. But the medication combined with a much improved diet should help bring it much more in control. I am having my physical done in June, and I'm hoping these changes will also dramatically improve my cholesterol numbers! Things are looking up. The family is doing well. My mum is also doing well. Her last cardiologist appointment / followup included a stress test, and everything checked out well. Her BP has also been great. It's amazing that she survived the major cardiac event; some may consider it a "miracle". So that''s great news, too! I hope you're all doing well. This is what's going on in the life of me. I'm finally making positive changes, and sticking to them. Next step, once I'm comfortable in the new eating habits, will be quitting smoking. I've already been thinking about options, including nicotine patches. I'd like to be fully quit at least a couple weeks before my physical, as I think that will also dramatically improve my labs. :-D
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    Unsurprisingly, my EMG was totally normal. Dr said "rock solid". I'm refocusing my efforts on taking good care of myself. I am letting go of anxiety. Easier said than done, of course, but I am capable and I can start enjoying life again.
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    UPDATE: I got the call from the dermatologist's office late Friday afternoon, biopsy results confirmed that mole was only atypical and they received clear margins so they don't have to go back in and remove more as all atypical cells are removed...thank God and happy to have this behind me!!
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    Good story Bobnat. It goes to show attitude probably matters more than we know... YES!! TG that's so right. "Age is a number. Youth is a mindset" Oh yeah, I know, more words and to most sufferers pretty meaningless, but we need to sow the seed in our minds. We can often reject some idea and yet some time in the future it comes to mind and may seem more apt then than before. It often seems that we go round in circles and no matter what we do we finish up where we began. But it's not so. We never forget what we learn to improve, and although it may seem so we DO improve slowly but surely. It's the waiting that's so painful. Anxious people are usually impatient people, and it could be that Bobnat's dad was more of an optimist than otherwise. Keeping everything in perspective is so important. Not to overreact to circumstances. Our bodies respond to our minds, and even more so in HA. Thanks Bobnnat for a heart warming and uplifting story.
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    Happens to me as well. I'll have a dream where I need to scream or say something really important to someone. In the dream I can't really say anything coherently, or scream like I'm trying to. I've been told it sounds like a moan.
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    Thanks. I ask a lot of the people on this forum, y'all have been with me through every hypochondriac silliness in the book and have shown the patience of saints with my constant reassurance seeking. So I feel like if I can actually help some it'd be giving back to a community that's been very kind to me. I totally get weight and blood pressure issues so I'm more than willing to get in the trenches with someone dealing with them.
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    You got the all clear. This is all your anxiety, nothing else. Your appt sunday will help you learn how to change your thinking. Things will get better. As far as the node.. you are still messing with it... It takes them awhile to go down my Dr told me mine might never go down.
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    You are absolutely correct that the combination of overall anxiety, the news stories and the stress you've come home to are compounding the anxiety, triggering more specific fears (e.g. heart attack). That has happened to me so many times. It is an unfortunate fact of life that some suffer early (< 55) heart attacks. I've had a grandmother and an uncle die from early heart attacks. Grandma was 58, and my uncle was only 43-ish. The reality, however, is that there are always risk factors, even if genetic. That's the case in my family. One key difference is how you live your life. If you have routine physicals, make healthy lifestyle choices, exercise, etc, you can drastically reduce your risk, even with a genetic component. The physicals will assist in finding problems earlier on (e.g. poor cholesterol management). I understand your fears entirely. I know how it feels. I still occasionally think "what if I have a heart attack in the next five to seven years?" I'm 31 now. Despite the fact that my primary doc, and also a cardiologist, have no concerns about my heart health over the next 10-15 years, if not longer, I still sometimes have that bit of worry. I get it. When is the last time you had a physical? Have you somewhat recently been to a cardiologist? Risk factors / genetics?
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    I’m so sorry you’re dealimg with this. I know how you feel. My anxiety was under control for almost a year now I’m right back to the negative thoughts. Anytime I go on a trip it takes a lot out of me. It takes a week for me to recover. You’re tired and that’s making your anxiety act up. I do the same thing when someone my age dies. You’ll feel better when you get some rest❤️
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    I've heard a little bit about magnesium and anxiety, particularly when I was reading about the benefits of epsom salts. I'm glad to hear the supplements are helping with two issues, @Holls! I might have to give it a try.
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    Sounds like your mind is scanning and searching for something to worry about and when you search, you will find something. Just tell yourself these thoughts your mind is telling you aren't real. You already know it's your anxiety.. maybe journal it and rationalize your fear.
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    Ive never heard of just neck pain as a flu symptom, more body aches and high fever then cold related symptoms. I had the flu while pregnant with my middle child. It sounds like a pulled muscle that caused a tension headache, maybe a crick. You said you are out of shape? I'm starting to feel that what we eat and if we work out or not effects anxiety. When I eat better and walk I feel better and my health is of course better. Have you thought of starting to walk to clear your mind and get in shape?
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    Just to weigh in on this one... I worked as a JK teacher before moving into child protection and kids lost interest in things alllll the time. Sometimes they're shy to mention, but it's so so so likely that he is just over soccer. Sounds like it's onto the next for your little! He also sounds like an active child so I wouldn't worry so much about the health element!
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    I bullet journal intensely for self care and definitely agree that it helps! I've walked a lot the past couple days - nice now that the weather has changed a bit. So glad you're doing better. You are such a source of comfort around here.
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    Gale, since this has been going on for 4 decades now, it's safe to say these symptoms aren't caused by anything serious. It might well be time to accept them. They are there. They mean nothing as far as any serious disease process. Worst case, you just continue to live with it. As you know, some people learn to live with quite a bit more. Best case, true acceptance will calm your mind and body and give you some relief. Bob
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    I think the clue is you’re trying to figure it out. There aren’t always explanations for why things happen. Plus, you know these symptoms are what happens to you when you are anxious. I posted a couple of days ago something that the Anxiety Guy said in his latest podcast. We are not anxiety, we have a skill set for anxiety that we practice, and until we try to practice something else we will have anxiety. So you keep trying to figure out what’s wrong, then get panicked because you think it’s heart related. You must stop trying to rationalize this, it is ALL anxiety and you are giving it power by overthinking it. This was also in my post from a meditation site that I follow on a Twitter: “I sometimes still get anxious but mindfulness has taught me to make friends with anxiety, without reacting, just feel it. I feel what it’s like in my body, I focus on my breath. I feel my feet firmly planted on the earth and I realize that I am alive, anxiety doesn’t take over anymore, as quickly as it comes, it soon goes again, just a reminder that my daily practice is working.” You don’t have to meditate to practice this. Just let the feeling be in your body and focus on your breath. When your mind starts racing, come back to the breath. Count breaths if you need to or think “breathing in, breathing out”. See if the anxiety will just go when you don’t fixate on the feelings. You know that the pounding heart and shivering is anxiety. Now you just have to believe it.
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    Hi. I'm sure more people will post.. I personally couldn't do medication Bec they make me incredibly sleepy to where I can't function. If you are stopping the medicine early you will never get the full effect of the medicine. I know it's hard but if you start another new one you might need to committ to seeing it past the symptoms. Talk to your Dr about what you are experiencing and I'm sure he or she will provide you with some options. I have also tried herbal types and those also make me tired.. but Tylenol knocks me out. If you are sensitive to medicine let your Dr know. Don't feel guilty or ashamed for asking for medicine!!! Anxiety is hard and we all need help. You are taking great steps to get help. There is nothing wrong with that. 😘😍 Hugs. You have a busy life, your a great mom and you will get through this.
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    Yes I used head space too.. I also did hypnosis videos on you tube for hypochondriacs.. that helped a lot. I walked, I journaled.. I did it all lol. Hugs it takes time, you will get there and remember set backs are totally normal, frustrating but normal. Keep talking out your fears, try to rationalize them.
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    Hey Maddy. I know how you feel. It's easy for us as HA sufferers to think the worse. I'm certainly guilty of it. But it doesn't do us any good. You have to try to think positive. You have to try to distract your mind. I try to watch some of my favorite movies when I am going through a bad stretch. Maybe it's something different for you but try to find something to distract you. How you feel better.