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    Well this got a lot of responses!! LOL Let's try something... for every post YOU make, respond to TWO other posts. Not a rule or anything just something nice to try out. Give and take. I'm sure all of us could find something we could respond to even if is "I read your post. You will get through this!"
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    I'm a social media freak and post everywhere constantly (too millennial for my own good) but I never post anything too personal. My anxiety and chronic pain issues have always been a well kept secret, so this forum has been a bit of a saving grace for me.
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    I just wanted to pop in and let you all know I still feel on edge. I'm not panicking, aside from a very short lived panic episode yesterday. This is typical following a severe panic attack (e.g. Saturday). I'll have residual and gradually diminishing panic in the days that follow. When this happens, I have to take it easy, and I can't do a lot of physical exertion, or it makes me feel worse. Once the residual effects subside completely, I feel normal again. I only have one more day until my first therapy appointment. It's at 3pm tomorrow. I've been keeping notes about these episodes so we can talk about them. Otherwise, I'd end up forgetting, because my memory generally sucks. Haha. My physical exam is not until July 10. My doc and I will then be discussing the cholesterol lab results, and the options to correct it (including talking about medication). I did start a low dose (1,000 IU) Vitamin D supplement last week, per my doc's recommendation. I've been taking it once a day alongside my beta blocker and PPI. Overall, I feel much better, but I'm waiting for the residual panic to subside. I'm back to work today, after being on vacation from last Tuesday through yesterday. So far it's a quiet day, which is always a nice way to return to work. Haha. Makes it easier to get back into the swing of things. I hope you're all doing well. I'll post an update after my therapy appointment tomorrow. I think it'll go very well, if it's anything like my initial intake appointment a couple weeks ago. They're all very kind, and it's a comfortable environment. I had no problem opening up about every aspect of the anxiety, including my severe health anxiety (past and present).
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    This can be a tough cycle to break, but I assure you it is possible to break it. It just takes a lot of hard work, determination, and sometimes an external push in the right direction (e.g. therapy and/or medication). I used to overthink many normal bodily sensations and functions, including breathing. I used to do a lot of "manual breathing", and that triggered more anxiety/panic, because I was preventing my body from breathing as much as it needed to. That, in turn, leads to chest tightness, dyspnea (shortness of breath), etc. And those things then trigger a panic attack. Believe it or not, we all know when something is truly wrong versus something that is caused by anxiety. We just don't seem to comprehend that fact when anxiety has its hold on us, and that makes sense to me. The difference between a genuine health issues and a perceived illness is that one (a genuine issue) triggers natural survival instincts and signals the brain properly, while the other (anxiety) perceives a threat that is not really there, thus the natural survival instincts and signals are never triggered. Yes, anxiety itself is also a natural response to a threat, and is a survival mechanism, but it's experienced and interpreted differently when there is no apparent reason to be anxious. I'd recommend practicing acceptance. Accept that you are well, and that your body is possibly still healing from the bout of pneumonia. Accept that you are human, and the body does all sorts of weird things in the course of a lifetime - aches, pains, etc. Accept that you are young and your body is fully capable of fighting off these routine illnesses, and trust your body to alert you when something is genuinely threatening your health. Acceptance is not something you can achieve overnight, but, as they say: practice makes perfect. Although, it may still not be "perfect." I've been able to significantly reduce the frequency of my own irrational thoughts, anxiety attacks, etc. But lately is has become apparent that I do still need a bit of extra help, so I'm starting therapy in a couple weeks. Feel well soon.
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    I agree this site is not as popular as it used to be but it has really helped me when I’ve really needed that reassurance. I will also try and offer reassurance and post more often. I am active on social media to keep in touch with friends, classmates etc but would never feel comfortable posting anything HA related.
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    Eugh, Teledocs. *shudder* I know that would be horrid for my anxiety. But I agree, I think forums are going out of style. HOWEVER, I love this one so I'm going to make good on my pay-it-forward goal and try to respond to more posts. Sometimes I find it tough to know what to say when it's an issue I know literally nothing about but I do want to try to pull a @Hollsmore often and send some *hugs*!
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    Haha, I do weird things like that, too. So many times I've tried to put the milk jug in a cabinet. Or I'll fill a glass and then put the glass in the fridge and walk away with the jug. 😂
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    If you think you're (going) crazy (e.g. schizophrenia), you're not. People who have such conditions are not aware of them. They don't feel like anything about them is abnormal. You have severe anxiety, obviously, but not schizophrenia.
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    One time almost 30 years ago when I was home from college visiting my parents on spring break I woke up and I literally couldn't straighten my neck. It was turned to one side and I could not, no matter what I did straighten it. I ended up in the emergency room and was given some really great pain pills and was told it would go away in a few weeks and that it was due to stress. My muscles were pulling to one side so hard they were in a spasm and I couldn't move. It took a good 2 weeks to get full movement but it did come back and the pain went. I had a very stressful course load in college at the time, so I think that must have been the stress causing that or something. Anyhow, you said you don't have insurance - I get that...it's unaffordable. But, the ER has to take you. At the time of that incident I did have insurance but it was really that bad...my parents and I were freaking and they took me to the ER. Another time, and I remember it well, one of the new Harry Potter books had come out (don't judge). You know how thick those books are. Well, I love Harry Potter and went out and bought the big thick hardcopy and was reading non-stop. I did this as an adult. Perhaps I was 40...or around there at the time? I'm 50 now. Anyhow, I was so into the book that I literally took it everywhere with me over the course of the weekend. My husband wanted to go to the store and wanted me to go with him so I did. I took the book and read it all the way there. I remember exactly what happened next. I put the book down on the floorboard so I could go into the store with the hubs and looked up and ***crack*** and my neck was immobile and in horrible pain. I didn't go to the ER but did go to my doctor who ended up giving me a shot of prednisone to bring down the inflammation - it worked. He advised me not to hold 15 pound books for hours while looking down for hours and hours for days and days. Yes, that was part of it, but something when I moved went "***crack*** and I don't know what happened but thank goodness he was able to fix me. Long story short....no insurance, no problem - ER. Seriously. They'll check you out, you'll feel better, they'll give you some good muscle relaxers and/or pain pills and you'll be good to go.
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    The answer is yes, you can deal with it naturally. Here is my short list Exercise, helping others, taking care of animals, enjoying something, getting deep into a task, walking in the sunshine, reading a good book, reading the good Book, mindfulness, yoga, warm baths, talking with or posting with people who understand, affirmation and encouragement.
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    You guys are right. There is alot to live for. And life is strange and wonderful all at once. Just going through a hard time i appreciate your guys responses very much.
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    My left thigh vibrates when I have high anxiety lol talk about a weird feeling!!!! 😘😅 Anxiety can cause strange sensations.
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    I walk / lift weights everyday, take magnesium and a B Complex, I also journal and have an “Anxiety” playlist. Mindless reading always helps me too. I have a stack of favourite books and magazines to occupy my mind when needed. Hope some of these help you cope!
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    I haven't had exactly that, but I have had tingly/numb feelings that led me down crazy HA spirals and they turned out to be absolutely nothing. My lips went paralyzed periodically, accompanied with the tingly feelings you describe. I was certain it was the beginning of the end. I'm here and by all accounts, totally healthy. You will be ok! ❤️❤️
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    I’m waiting on test results too so I totally get how frightening that can be. Mine are not from a mammogram, rather a brain scan. The thing is, I already know I have something in my brain. It was found on the last mri and this most recent one is to see if anything has changed. Do I get freaked out about it? Yep, definitely. The possibility of brain surgery and all the things that could go wrong before that totally freak me out. But what I’m trying to focus on is that this thing grew in my brain whether or not I had worried about it. Nothing I did or didn’t do prevented it from happening and I try to carry over that thought process whenever I’m worried about other things. It doesn’t always work but, we are all just doing what we can right now. I don’t know that that’s super encouraging but, as many people have told me before, the only way to pull ourselves out of the pit of health anxiety is to recognize that we are not in control of everything and we have to be okay with that. WAY easier said than done 😉 I think you’re going to be just fine. But even if things are not 100% fine, it doesn’t mean that they will be 100% bad either. We tend to think in black and white but life it’s not like that. It’s mostly grey. If it helps at all, my mom just went though the “unthinkable” a couple of years ago. Overall, she was/is fine! In her case, it was surgery, some radiation therapy, and some meds with essentially no side effects. Obviously that’s not everyone’s story, but it is a good reminder that it’s not always the worst case scenario. Things can be not great, but still completely manageable. Ill keep you in my thoughts as we both sit in the uncomfortable space of waiting for our results:-) you’re not alone.
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    Hi. I'm sorry you are having a hard time. I can say I've had all those symptoms too. Mine were when my anxiety was so high and lasted for months. And yes everyday it was all of that with something new on top of it. I've had blood and mucous in my stools numerous times. It's the dark black stools you need to be cautious about and even that doesn't mean cancer. I had black stools in 2016 and was getting worried then a few days later I was diagnosed with a diverticulitis flare. I think you are very aware of every inch of your body. My husband and I talked about this yesterday. He said.. if I sit here and think about my ear it feels weird.. if he sits and thinks about his breathing he said it changes, it feels shallow and hard to breathe. When I over focus I can change any normal body function. Do you think it's your mind doing all of this? The reason nothing is found in the tests is Bec there's nothing physically wrong. That's a good thing. The mind is so so powerful!!! Therapy helped me learn to talk to my mind when it started lying to me and scaring me. It wasn't a fast fix like I wanted but it's a slow process that helps. Hugs!! I know anxiety comes in big waves and it's frustrating.
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    I'm on social media, but I don't take my problems there. I'm also not "into it". I rarely post anything unless it's satire or otherwise non-serious. I also deactivate my Facebook and only re-activate occasionally when I need to get a hold of someone. It's toxic, social media is. These forums aren't going to "disappear", but forums in general (anxiety or otherwise) are not what they used to be. A decade or more ago, forums were pack with discussions, all day every day. They used to be what social media is now. They won't just disappear, but I believe the participation and active member base will not grow like it used to.
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    I must be old school lol this is the only form of social media that I do. I don't have Facebook etc.. I did do the online drs and I did like it but the one I did was pretty pricey. I like talking to people that get it. When I was desperate last yr and was looking for help this site saved me. I hope it never goes away.
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    Yep. Teledocs have useful scenarios, but generally - and probably more so with anxiety - they're probably not a great idea to consult with. I've never tried it myself, and I've never wanted to, but I know several have or maybe still do. I also generally speak on situations I have some level of personal knowledge/experience with, but sometimes I just try to offer encouragement, as that's what some people are really looking for.
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    My drastically improved diet for the past few months did absolutely nothing for my cholesterol / lipid panel. Everything is still not what it should be: total cholesterol, HDL low, LDL elevated, triglycerides high. Oh well. I will continue eating much better, but this means I can eat things a little more often, that I was avoiding recently. Still want to maintain an overall healthy diet though! It seems the biggest factors (and I figured as much) are smoking and genetics. My doc wants to discuss options, including medication, when I come in for the physical exam in a few weeks. No worries. I'd rather catch this stuff now instead of wait 10 years and suffer a major cardiac event! My Vitamin D is also still low, in the "insufficiency" range (24, should be > 30). She wants to discuss possibly taking a low dose supplement. Again, no worries. Otherwise, I am generally healthy. Rest of my labs look great, as usual. So that's great news! Just wanted to let you all know the labs came back, and what's next. I can't wait to get this stuff under control. I'm calling the state quit line tonight to see about getting two weeks of nicotine patches. I want to give them a try and see if I can finally quit with that help.
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    Hey everyone. I wanted to post a quick update, and mention an observation about sleep cycles. First, I'm still waiting for my first therapy appointment on July 3. I'm keeping a list of all the things I want to talk about. There's so much I want to go over with the therapist, and I hope we have enough time on the first day. LoL. It's okay if not, everything will be covered in due time. I'm also trying to prioritize that list, so we can get the biggest pieces out of the way first. I will let you all know how it goes. I'm looking forward to it though. Secondly, I went to my doc for a med refill yesterday. My blood pressure six months ago, and three months before that, was elevated for some reason. This time, however, the first reading (by the nurse) was 146/82. When my doc came in, she checked it again and it was 128/80 - much better! I think maintaining an improved diet over the past few months has really helped in that regard. She also told me she can't give me six months worth of refills because I haven't had a physical in two years. :P Oh well. It's overdue, so I'll be scheduling a physical this afternoon. I go at 4:30pm today for labs, so I ate breakfast but won't be eating again until after the labs. I told her that I'm hoping the improved diet, while I don't expect it to completely fix everything (cholesterol / lipid panel), I do hope it makes a noticeable and positive difference. She agrees that it probably will, even if it's just a little bit. But a little is better than none! As for sleep cycles, I've noticed recently that length of sleep, even if it's seemingly a good length of time, has an effect on how you feel when waking up. I don't know a whole lot about sleep cycles, but I do know that being awakened during certain cycles can lead to feeling not-so-refreshed, groggy, etc. So lately, I've been sleeping for about 7.5 - 8 hours, but waking up feeling groggy, and feeling tired throughout the day. Last night, I went to bed a little earlier, and slept closer to 8.5 hours, and I feel better today. It's amazing what kind of difference waking up a half hour later (maybe earlier) can make. Haha. I hope you're all doing well. Take care! I'll be around.
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    Sounds like you know your anxiety patterns. Does that make it easier for you? I finally have figured out mine and it helps knowing what's coming and what to expect. I knew that I would be anxious during my vacation. It wasn't nearly as bad as last yr. Returning from vacation and getting back in my routine made me anxious this yr. It also take me a few days to settle down. I haven't been to therapy in a few months. I felt that I got what I needed from my therapist. She didn't to CBT and there were times I had nothing to talk about and the appts became awkward lol. So I'm just taking a break. While I went though I got a lot out of it and she gave me great tools on how to help the anxiety and diff ways to look at it. You will enjoy your appt. I always felt refreshed after, like I was ready to take on the world.
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    Also lupus does not only impact your heart, it usually impacts your body as a whole. If you had the butterfly rash, you would have it more often than in the shower. I have been tested for lupus myself and came up negative.
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    A while back, I was playing with the kiddos and we were roughhousing. I decided to try and roll backward while my legs were crossed. Biggest mistake I've made in a long time. LoL! I felt everything in the back of my neck "crack", all the way down to between my shoulder blades. I essentially could not move my neck for a while. And the pain itself lasted several days. All is well now though.
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    @Nutmegbella the relief was within a few hours and just got better from there. Took almost 2 weeks to feel "normal" but it was a lot lot lot better fast.