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    I went outside earlier and squatted down in a seated position, which I do regularly when I'm outside. As soon as I got all the way down, I had this sort of "pain" that shot from somewhere near my left shoulder to under my chin, also on the left side. It was an odd sensation. It wasn't a radiating pain. If you can, imagine electricity flowing from one point to another - a current. That's basically how it felt. It was very quick, but I could somewhat distinguish the movement, as in I felt it in my shoulder, then I felt it very quickly travel up to my chin. And then it was gone! No worries, it didn't hurt, and it didn't last long at all. I felt fine. Then I suddenly felt that rush of anxiety. I felt short of breath and my heart was pounding/racing. I'm not asking for reassurance. I'm sharing to show others who struggle with this that this stuff just happens sometimes, and that you will be fine! I am stressed recently due to buying a house, and it's getting very real because we close in a week and four days (May 15), but otherwise I've not been notably anxious. I've not had a true, lasting panic attack since August 2018. Yet there I was today, instantly in a panic despite feeling fine and accepting what happened just moments prior. How did I get out of it in a minute or so? I stopped what I was doing, I took some good deep breaths and I took time to "reset." It disappeared quickly, and I've been fine since. It happens to all of us, no matter how well we may be doing. I also know what triggered it. My mind, having such anxiety about early heart disease, automatically associates any pain/numbness/tingling in my right hand, arm, shoulder, neck or jaw with heart attack. Even when I regularly practice acceptance related to my apparently very healthy heart (per my doc and cardiologist, and several tests over recent years) anxiety can still quickly and unexpectedly latch on to triggers like this. I hope sharing this is helpful to you all. Let me know if you have any specific questions about how I got away from it, how I managed to calm myself, etc. I'll be glad to answer them.
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    You don't have MS. You have anxiety, and symptoms include pain, weakness and tingling.
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    So i've had a fairly symptom packed last 3 months. Prior to those 3 months it was nonstop headaches, vertigo type feelings, numbness in my body. the recent 3 months has been pure fatigue, dizziness, sore muscles from my legs up to my neck. I have had jaw pains,and the worst part was body wide muscle twitching. twitching in my feet, calfs, thighs, quads, buttocks, back, stomach, then a few days ago in my lips, face and tongue. My nose and head would twitch even. i had twitches i could feel and even ones i could only see but not feel. i've been off balance had tinnitis, felt like i had arthritis in my hands (still kind of do). i started feeling burning feeling in my feet, legs hands and bottom lip. I was a mess telling myself all day every day that im going to die. telling my family i might die. i was even crying trying to explain to my children that i might not always be here and not because i dont want to but because life just doesnt always work out the way we plan. I was afraid i had als or ms or some serious neurological issue. my initial neuro visit he said no way i have anything like ALS or MS but sent me for bloodwork and scheduled a nerve conduction just to be sure. I still didnt believe him because my body was fooling me into thinking otherwise. so i went on worrying myself, trying to google the right answers obsessively, daily, non stop. I would wake up at night sometimes and google things. i did my nerve test and had to wait 2 more weeks until yesterday to recieve the breakdown of the results.. im in there crying waiting to hear that im going to be dying. Dr walks in and says "ok lets go over these test results". my Heart rate was 120 when i got there, surely higher by this time. He then says you only have minor abnormalities and he shows me the numbers and all my limbs are just barely slower than normal with my right hand( my dominant carpenters hand) being the worst. He says i want to do more labs to test for neuropathy. i said "is that going to kill me?". He chuckles and says Nooo. and right THEN i felt free. And now here i am a day later and already im up doing things, still sore but not feeling like i need to lay in bed all day. i barely notice my twitching and a lot of the major twitching has already started to become less frequent. My lips and face stopped twitching. my tongue stopped feeling numb and twitching. my arms havent twitched as much. i know its going to take time to relax from all this and get my strength back but the difference in just one night of knowing that im simply not dying has already alleviated so much. i was a person who always thought i wasnt susceptible to anxiety or anxiety attacks and now that i look back the anxiety attacks i had werent like the ones i've seen others have, mine were more kept to myself i didnt cry or freak out publicly or at others. i just felt like i needed to go home and felt dizzy and uneasy, and i would get a little bit irritable if i couldnt get home so i could relax myself and this is where i now see a lot of my anxiety and health anxiety started to manifest into serious physical symptoms and pain. I just want to say that if i can conjur up so much hurt on myself like this even when i didnt believe i could...it can happen to anyone at any level of severity and beyond because i was getting worse...i was slipping away, a victim of my own mind... so please people... understand that it is possible to have serious symptoms just from Anxiety. I love you all even if i dont know you. Im just more humble now that i can understand something like anxiety from a personal level and not just from the outside looking in..This has been a real eye opener and i can respect the beast within and learn to tame it rather than fight with it. Goodluck to all fighting their beast and i hope some if not all of you can get some solace from this post. Have a good day everyone and i'll be around here to give advice if i can... but believe in yourselves.
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    Take a test now. If you have missed your period already then it would likely show up. It may give you some peace of mind. Stay calm. A surprise baby was one of my greatest blessings.
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    Welcome, i joined this site not long ago and i learned a lot from reading many posts that HA can make you feel every possible illness if you focus. Try not to pay attention , i know its very hard bc its exactly what I'm dealing with. Ive been to so many drs butt i still can not stop thinking and reading on me google all the possible symptoms that can ruin my life. Ive had throat pain for almost 10 weeks and its driving me insane. Last night i woke up and almost went to panic just because i was thinking too much. Stay positive. Good lyck. HA sucks big time
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    This might help you understand a bit more. It doesn’t sound like Fibromyalgia though (to me). I think just purely built up tension and anxiety. https://www.anxietycentre.com/anxiety/symptoms/burning-skin-symptom.shtml
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    Oh yes!! Self diagnosis in anxiety is very dangerous. Leave the diagnostics to the doctors. If they say OK, then no second guessing. A thought has to be in your mind for you to react to it. Obviously! So when you Google or listen to some negative information, it sticks in your mind. We are very vulnerable to suggestion in HA. If none of us would have heard of MS or any other awful disease would we respond as we do? Of course not. And that's the difference between us and our ancestors. Caveman may have got ill, but he took it in his stride. He recovered or he didn't. We, unfortunately, have inherited his fight/flight syndrome. But WE are over informed. The frighteners are put on us every day by some new illness we have found or that someone we know has. But living a life of continual apprehension is not good at all. Can we accept the feelings? Go with them and not fight or struggling with them? Knowing they will pass if we don't give them too much credence? They are real, and the physical symptoms are real, but if you have been declared fit then leave it. The physical symptoms may continue for a while. We are like a big bell that has been struck. The initial noise is over, but the vibrations go on for a while. Take it easy.
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    Sharing my fears and anxiety helps me as well. Mostly because as I type I'm rationalizing at the same time. For example, as I was headed to my next job site, I started to get nervous about a sensation occurring in my arm and hand. Immediately I shot to the fear that I was having a heart attack because my right eyebrow muscles started to twitch a little. I figured I was having either a stroke or a heart attack and started to freak out. Despite there being no other issues or pain going on. As a result I logged in to this Web site to read up on other peoples fears it started to calm me down and made me realize that 1. I'm not alone in my HA. And 2, there are others that are potentially feeling worse than I at this moment. Not trying to be cruel or make fun or light of people's fears, but to acknowledge this IS a health anxiety forum and a lot of our fears and symptoms are ultimately imaginary, despite how real they feel at the time. This forum helps ground me, quite often.
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    One day the medical field will research the affects on people waiting for test results, getting calls back to repeat tests, being told you may have cancer to find out 5 days later you don't. What psychological damage is that doing to us? I am very glad all is well but I'm very sorry you got that call.
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    #1 rule of health anxiety DO NOT GOOGLE Nothing good ever comes of it. How many times have folks on the forum diagnosed themselves with a deadly disease because of google? Thousands collectively. And how many of those diagnoses were correct? Less than 0.1% probably. If Google were a real doctor, it would have had its license to practice medicine revoked long ago.
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    MS was my "anxiety passion" last year. I had all the symptoms, especially tingling in one side of the body. I also remember waking up every day expecting to lose the view of one eye (typical ms symptoms), and so much i waited that i remember clearly waking up with eye pain one day. I went to a neurologist who immediately understood i was crazy (lol), and nearly kicked me out of the hospital. Since the second i was outside the hospital i didn't have a single symptoms. But don't worry, i already have new deadly diseases to think about
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    That's what panic disorder primarily consists of: panic attacks with no apparent trigger/reason, other than we have a disorder. Why else would it be called a disorder, right? 😛 I'd say at least 95% of the time, historically speaking, my panic attacks have been completely unwarranted. That's just the nature of it, and it took me a while to accept that. I don't have to "live with it", as there are steps I can take to reduce the frequency and/or severity, but I accept that I ultimately do have a panic/anxiety disorder and that I will inevitably experience it from time to time. It's up to me to dictate how I will respond to such events. Thanks for sharing!
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    Something I have learned over my years, is that anxiety doesn't even need a conscious reason to show up. I have had panic attacks for no reason at all. I think it treads into the realm of the "disorder" part of Anxiety Disorder. I went into a panic attack that lasted 4 months relentlessly about 15 years ago for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I still cannot think of a trigger, it was like a switch flipped on and stayed on day and night for just over 120 days. I am not going to lie, while I never thought about actually taking my own life, I understood why you might. It was a bottom that sent me to help, and to a life change that is wonderful. And the other thing I have learned is that anxiety does cause plentiful cardiac symptoms. We are dumping adrenaline into our system when the anxiety kicks in, and when this happens, we are gifted with the adrenaline's effect on the heart. I learned long ago to recognize these symptoms and push them aside, to just accept them as anxiety. But then in 2017 I got this aortic aneurysm diagnosis, and it brought a whole new level of sensitivity to the cardiac symptoms. Every twinge, pinch, spasm, palpitation and sensation in my back, chest, left arm, or jaw, leaves me wondering if this is a dissection and if I should be going to the ER. So far, I have had two trips to the ER, both very legitimate (I was told to go to the ER if I have ANY doubts at all, or if the sensation is new, because aortic dissection has a wide variety of symptoms in differing severity, from very minor to absolutely crippling and the first hour is vital in treatment), but neither was a dissection. The point of sharing that last part, is it gave me a forced reintroduction to anxiety. I had gone for years without any fear of cardiac anxiety symptoms, right back to my early days of Health anxiety when everything set me off. Regardless if it is justified or not, or even warranted, it is still frustrating. This is never a war we win with certainty or finality. Take it a day at a time, and know that we are just wired differently. We have an anxiety disorder. We may force it into remission, but it will always be there. The best we can learn is to give ourselves a reprieve from it, and do that for the moment, the day, the month, and really live in that life of acceptance. Right now, this very moment, I feel great. When that is enough, I know I have some genuine acceptance going on, and I am going to relish it. That is not to say anxiety isn't just around the corner, but I'll be damned if I am going to be anxious about getting anxiety. 😉
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    Yeah!!!! Those guys. !!!!' Fear, anxiety, OMG's, what if's, negative thoughts, panics, etc'. All lined up like a firing squad ready for someone to say 'fire' and we get the lot. Oh no, you don't have to fall for that, not at all. All those things are mirages, illusions, implanted in our minds by years of brainwashing in this so called enlightened society. Why is anxiety on the increase? Because of the Western lifestyle, the ridiculous way we live with all the hurry hurry which creates so much stress. 'I must close three deals today or my boss will not like me'. Imagine the pressure that puts on a person if they can't do three deals!! A sensitive person may react alarmingly. Some seem to tolerate it, others can't cope and feel anxious and upset. But cope or not it is still going to have a negative effect. If we all slowed down and stopped the feeling of urgency in what we do a lot of pain could be avoided.
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    Yes, it's like a body blow. It's sudden and painful. But rolling with the punches is the answer. In the words of the Daleks, 'resistance is futile', and in the context of anxiety it sure is. But the natural desire is to run or fight. These are powerful emotions and only by allowing the feelings pass over you will they die down. But sometimes there is a kind of 'after shock'. We may momentarily feel pleased we have succeeded in allowing it to happen, then the 'what ifs' begin. 'Oh dear I had it again, will it never stop' It will if we stop adding fear to fear. Stoking the fire of anxiety by all the OMG's and 'what ifs'. None of this is easy as bin says. 'Welcome it'. I know, it sounds odd to welcome such an awful feeling, but the more we do that the less likely is it going to bother us. If you welcome someone you let them in, make friends with them. Yes, I am saying that. Make friends with 'IT'. Stop treating it as your enemy, more as your friend. It's there to teach you something about yourself; your life, you!! Listen to it. Thanks bin.
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    My goodness. Now there's a good example of acceptance. I love the word 'reset' in this context. To carry the analogy further, it is like a hard drive fragmentation. The computer is slow and sluggish, but when we 'reset' it it's back to its original condition. WE can reset if we do what bin did. STOP. Slow down. Let it pass over you, then carry on with your business. There was panic, but it was disregarded. He took time. It's so important not to try and rush it. Let it come and realise that adrenaline has its limitations. There is just so much in a panic attack, but once used up and unless we stop adding fear to fear, it will subside. Thanks bin.
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    Exactly. You've had a bunch of tests. If the doctor didn't feel confident in their ability to assess you based on those tests they would've done something else. You have to fight the what-ifs.
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    We can go round in never ending circles, but in anxiety no explanation will satisfy us. 'What if they have missed something?' is a cry from so many. Actually dizziness in anxiety is simply explained. The inner ear, where our balance mechanism lies, is very delicate and can be more so when we are stressed. Balance is bound to be affected. Wax in the ear can cause similar problems, but that's so easily diagnosed. Sea sickness is a good example of how the brain tries to make sense of a swaying world. The balance mechanism is trying to correct something that is not correctable. Hence the dizziness, so common in sea sickness. Having been told you are OK physically then try and accept the dizziness as just another example of the bluff anxiety can cause. It's a very unpleasant feeling but it does pass as stress lessens. I would suggest that it's one of the worse symptoms of anxiety, and one that causes more fear and apprehension than any other.
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    Missing one pill and then taking two is going to make your period off, probably. I can't say you're not pregnant, not having xray vision, but condoms are like 97% effective. I once had a pregnancy scare - except I hadn't done that thing you need to do to get pregnant (unless my girlfriend has a serious secret, I guess, but I think I'd have noticed by now). So if you ever feel a little crazy for worrying so much, remember, you could be worse! 😂 HA is a bitch, but you can beat it back. Hopefully your scare has passed by now.
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    I forget the name, but this phenomenon, if you will, has a name, I believe. When you buy a car that's new to you, you think it's unique, and suddenly everyone and their mama is driving one. Same situation. Your mind is thinking about it, consciously or subconsciously, and so you'll notice it everywhere, when you would otherwise not notice it at all.
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    This afternoon my throat was looking very red/irritated, and was also feeling scratchy. With my son having been here last weekend and his mom had strep, it made me wonder. I want to urgent care, just got home a little bit ago. I wasn't about to go to the ER, would've gone to my primary tomorrow if urgent care wasn't open. Fortunately the strep swab was negative! Doc said I have "a lot of post nasal drip" going on, possibly a slight cold, which could be causing my symptoms. He said the lymph node is fine, to leave it alone, and it could go away within a week, or could even last as long as a MONTH. Fine with me. Just glad it isn't strep. He prescribed a steroid and an antihistamine to dry my nose up and reduce the PND. I'll have to pick those up tomorrow morning. Otherwise all is well. No fever, no other swollen lymph nodes, no other aches/pains, etc. So here's to recovering hopefully within the next few days.
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    Typically when something comes and goes I attribute it to anxiety. It is either brought on by stress or my over analyzing sensations that I have at certain times, when I’m not occupied with something else usually.
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    I love your posts. They are all very calming and reassuring..I like how you practice acceptance. It's inspiring. I've been doing better but have had a little set back. Going back to therapy this week.. hugs. Even though I didn't make this post, your reply sums up many worries
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    Thank you @Alex for that link!! Any sort of new information for justification is reassuring. And thank you @TenLettersRap!! I sometimes feel the same way about the finance aspect. I have gotten MRI’s, CT scans, Stress Echos all for the varying “illnesses” I have had over the years. But for some reason this pain and twitching has really put me in a tailspin. I am assuming because it’s the most grave disease one could have. Is it possible i truly have this? I am praying I can get my neuro appointment pushed up to give me some sort of clarity in my head. This has been a major flare up and I can’t seem to talk myself off the ledge. But people like you guys helps so much. I know I am not alone. So for that I am eternally grateful.
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    Final Update on this: Got the approval letter yesterday from the Life Insurance company yay!
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    My daughter had rashes caused by stress. They were mostly on her neck, chest and face. A friend had them on her legs. No reason, just stress response. The hot/cold thing sounds like anxiety to me. I go from hot to cold when I’m anxious. Sometimes we have to accept that things are happening for no particular reason, they just happen. Always looking for an answer (especially by googling) does not help us accept the sensations we have as normal. If we think there has to be a reason for everything, and we can’t find one, we create more anxiety and more stories an connections that aren’t real.
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    I went last yr for my first and I was dressing and the tech knocked on the door and said sorry, I need a little more images. I freaked out but was warned by a girlfriend that it is common.. so what you had to do is very very common and does not mean anything is wrong. Hugs. I'm so sorry that happened. I'm glad you got it done already and already got reasurrance all looks good. Yes.. relax knowing you are ok. The experience was jolting.but you are ok.
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    Thanks guys for your help and time it means a lot.....it calms me down some..... I talked to a therapist today......I think it will take sevreal sessions..... My pain is real.....my symptoms are all there which is scary...... When the food goes down it feels like a tender spot when it gets in my stomach or just before.... Me and wife just lost our insurance
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    Hey Riles! I am also having my first ever upper endoscopy this week (Tuesday) at 31 years old, and I got myself so worried I was crying in the car on the way to the supermarket. I'm happy to be your endoscopy buddy, though. We can be there for each other. It's a routine procedure that is done millions of times per year. My gastroenterologist gave me a prescription for a single Valium to take an hour before the procedure so I'll be calm. I told him I get nervous at things like this. Maybe something similar can be done for you? We got this!
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    Hi. Nutmeg. Oh dearie me, we are in a tiz aren't we. Right! Take a deep breath, if you can, and try and relax. Alright, I know, it's difficult, but try. Now it's obvious you have some sort of catarrh. I get this a lot and especially now during the hay fever time. The palpitations are a reaction to fear. When you tense up and feel fear the electrical impulses to the heart are affected by the fear. Not with all of us but some.The heart 'skips' beats which is what palps are. Your heart is beginning to pump more blood to prepare you for flight/fight. Perfectly natural but very disconcerting. If you have been checked out and told your heart is ok, believe them. Are you on medication? No matter what you do to distract yourself always, in the background, is the fear you may die for want of air. YOU WILL NOT. OK? Nature controls our breathing, thank God. I don't believe in distractions. You can go to the gym, walk, go cycling or whatever, and while all that is good physically anxiety is not a physical problem. It can become one with HA, true. It's in the mind it has to be sorted. You know, Nutmeg, that only true acceptance, with perhaps some mild medication will help. if my air way were blocked I would definitely not be able to type this right? Right!! So hold onto that thought. Like all positive thoughts it will be fleeting, but it's a beginning. Accept it all and stop flogging yourself with unfounded fear. Best wishes.
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    I'm with ya. I remember being super worried about it but in this forum if you type in twitching seems like tons of people with anxiety post about it
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    You’re weird! But don’t worry. We all are. I’ve been having the same sort of thing on my left side AFTER having hand and foot (and face) issues on my right side. I know it’s super creepy and terrible, but the odds are greater that it’s anxiety than the odds of it being a neuro nasty. In my case, after lots of time with a neurologist ruling out all sorts of things the likely cause is my intense anxiety that was already up and running before I somehow gave myself sciatica on the left side. I double-whammied myself after my nerves were already turned up to 11. My anxiety baseline has come WAY down over the past several weeks through CBT, mindfulness and reminding myself that much smarter people than me have given me a thorough review. There is no shame in consulting a doctor to reasonably rule the scary stuff out. That’s what worked for me. I needed to establish a baseline and accept it as FACT that there is not anything completely awful going on. Since then, I’ve been much more successful (definitely not 100% yet) in gaining control over the beast of HA. Good luck to you, friend.
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    Thank you for your replies. The Off Switch post makes a ton of sense to me (from the GAD forum). My vicious circle starts with any new symptoms, today my neck is stiff... I am feeling a little better today, I changed the time I took my tablet from morning to night yesterday and hopefully that helps a little with the fatigue. I am exhausted now though. I am glad I found this place, it helps x
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    Booandlou, I just want to tell you that I may not know exactly how you are feeling about your particular situation, but I react in almost the same way you do when it comes to when I feel there is something wrong. The panic, anxiety, and endless worry. It doesn’t even help me to talk to other people because I always think their situation is not like mine so they can’t “really” understand. I read something the other day that made me think. It said that sometimes highly creative people who feel stunted somehow in their life tend to be over-worriers about their health. I wonder how old you are and what you do for a living and if you feel you could be doing something else or doing more? What you said about feeling your liver. Can someone really feel their liver? Could it be you are highly sensitive to the fact that there may be something wrong with your liver and think you can “fell” it? I’m asking because I sometimes think I. “feel” my lungs, even thought they have told me one can’t feel their lungs. Also, the change in your stool may be from excessive worry... like pre-diarrhea. Just one more day. Whatever the outcome is you will be able to take a more informed next step. Things don’t change because we don’t rest them or look at the results. I know that’s a scary thought. I really do sympathize with what you are going through. Things like this incapacitate me to the point where I don’t want to go to work (although I do) and where nothing gives me joy. I’m here, okay?
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    Unless you experience anxiety of this magnitude there is no way to truly understand it, people just think we create these scenarios, as if it does not come from a place of real fear. It is truly isolating. You have the exact same fears that I have, leaving your kids. It really will be ok. Just try to breathe
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    and im a mix of anxiety symptoms and real ones i think...just dont know which ones are which. i can calm down the twitching for a while using a tens unit, but they get worked up with physical activity. i think something like 20 million people in the US have some type of neuropathy. and who knows if the antibiotics can trigger it.. also i was abusing caffeine and workout supplements.
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    I think you know it’s your IBS. Stress and really mess up our stomachs, so I Can also see that alone causing the stool to be like that along with the sensations on your liver area. i went through a faze where I thought that my panic attacks were going to make my adrenal glans malfunction, and those things are right with the kidneys. So when I was going through those thoughts I kept on feeling pain in my sides. I went to the ER multiple times, this is before doctor phobia, and they would tell me I was fine. I finally had gotten rid of that fear and the pains stopped. So our minds can really make us feel the symptoms of what we fear.
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    Hey, I understand how you feel, believe me. How did your blood tests turn out?
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    If you’re head is stuffed up and your ears feel clogged that will do it. But I know you already know that 😊.
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    I guess I could post an update. After seeing my neurologist 2 weeks ago he didn't really seem to be concerned however he did want me to wear a holter monitor to check for the reasoning behind my random skipped beats that he discovered during my exam. the office called yesterday and I can only speak to a nurse and she just said my results were "borderline." I literally have no idea what that means but the results are being sent to my GP so I will wait until they have something to say about it. As for the tingles they have subsided substantially however the last two days I have a new twitch on the top of my right foot. Never got a switch there before so of course now my mind wanders.
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    I have heard that as well!
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    Kay, I work for weight watchers, I weigh hundreds of people every week. Your weight can fluctuate 2 lbs in 1 day. You are 100% fine.
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    I'm from the US but unfortunately I'm not East Coast. If you have Facebook friends who are understanding maybe you could ask those folks for recommendations? You know where I got my recommendations? From Yelp. I also found a GREAT Dermatologist through Yelp! Found one that had tons of positive reviews and I was impressed. I don't want to upsell my neuro - my health anxiety still puts doubts in my mind about my neuro since my symptoms *are still here*, but I can manage them provided I continue to take care of my mental health. After my neuro gave me a clear MRI I repeatedly asked him if he's absolutely sure I didn't need any tests. No spinal MRI, no spinal tap, no blood tests or EMG? And he said no. I've been struggling for the past couple weeks to accept that as I continue to have some issues with my back and the pain in my knees/legs, but I'm willing to give it time because I've traveled to way too many doctors these past few months. I need to start taking care of my body and pull myself out of this reverie.
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    My sister has the same thing, she gets a blueish grey lip a lot of the time. It's completely non causal and just a variation of normal. Test come back clear so nothing is going on.
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    My weight varies by nearly 5lbs a day- time of day, bowel movement, water retention, monthly cycle, eating etc. 2lbs is not significant at all, IMO even if it was a week apart let alone months.
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    Sensodyne toothpaste works good. Also there are time of the month due to hormones your teeth will be more sensitive
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    I have not had the ALS fear but I’ve read many posts on here about it. Everything I’ve read says ALS is failing, not feeling. Feeling weak is different than actual clinical weakness, where you suddenly are not able to do something you could previously do, like buttoning a shirt or holding a pencil. Perceived (feeling) weakness is often a symptom of anxiety. If you are trying to analyze every aspect of your gait then yes, you can make yourself walk funny.
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    The reality is that there isn't always an answer. Many things have no apparent cause, and this goes for aches and pains as well. That's just part of the human experience. As such, this is exactly why I recommend practicing acceptance, something your therapist will likely touch on. If they haven't already, and you're curious, you can certainly ask them about acceptance yourself. My therapist and I talked a lot about acceptance over the course of three or four sessions. I already knew what acceptance was, and what it meant, but I hadn't figured out how to apply it in my individual experiences. That's where she was able to help. She was able to guide me to acceptance in my individual circumstances, based on what she gathered about me from our prior sessions. Moreover, you could ask about what's called "radical acceptance", which is acceptance without the need for a reason of any kind. Many people lean on faith/beliefs for acceptance and getting through, but whether you are a believer or not, radical acceptance is still perfectly valid and feasible.
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    It’s still the same medicine, just different branding, they legally can’t change anything in the formula or the medicine. They may change its appearance, but that’s only as an identification of the brand :) Don’t worry, you can take it and it will be fine.
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    So my tongue has been twiching and i was concerned about als or oral cancer or many other things. Had a follow up with ent about my tongue pain i have been having for years. I showed her my tongue twich and she says well my eye twiches all the time. And she said its the same thing. That tongue twiching does not point to anything at all. So all my fellow tongue twichers out there we can put this one down for normal to us. And the good news is no oral cancer in mouth or throat.