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    I agree 100%. Going to Google for reassurance is never helpful in the end. It works for a short time, but it only drives anxiety. Fortunately I'm able to Google now, when I have a legitimate reason, and not be freaked out or assume the worst. I can actually pick through the results rationally. Takes a long time to get to that point though; it took me a few years or more.
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    Thank you all, my eye exam went perfect, my optic nerves are VERY healthy!!! Thank you all for listening!!! I need to take my life back... there is so much I want to do but HA pushes me back.,
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    i hear you Gary. I have suffered with HA off and on since I was 27. It is not an easy disorder to get over. Holls and Bobnnat have helped me out quite a few times over the past few years. I have always sought out and welcomed their advice
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    I like to think of my body as a car sometime. There are days I run smooth as butter, and others I need a tune up. A lot of that is just the human body being, well, human. We can’t always equate every pain, twinge, tingling as a signal something is gravely wrong. Just take it for what it is. The body is a noisy machine. But for the most part, when you take control of the anxiety, you will find it to not be so noisy anymore
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    I'm at home.. with an ice pack on my cheek. Watching movies and eating mashed potatoes 😋 I'm very very sore. I had a lot of shots.. with all the inflammation he had to do a lot. I'm so glad it's over!!!! He said the end of the root was a bit infected and the sweet hygienist told me she cleaned it all out and it looks good. No antibiotics just steroids for two days and Tylenol 3 for pain. Like I said, glad it's OVER!! Lol Thanks everyone..I really appreciate all the comments. They all meant a lot. Hugs. 🥰🥰🥰😘🥰
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    There is a really good post on NMP about this. https://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/showthread.php?196071-ALS-and-why-you-DON-T-have-it! Read this and focus on it, don't get distracted by all the other threads there. TL;DR - if your neuro thought you had it, he or she would've said so and be way more concerned and not schedule an EMG for next month. As supplementary materials, read these two stickies: https://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/showthread.php?138648-How-I-suppressed-my-HA https://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/showthread.php?46865-quot-Dr-google-will-see-you-now!!!-quot Also read the symptom list here on this very forum. Yes, anxiety is that crazy and it can affect anyone, not just anxiety-prone people like me.
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    I have an aortic aneurysm, so I monitor my BP regularly, and so far, even three cups of coffee has very little measurable effect on my BP. I don't get particularly anxious on it either, but I did when I quit. I have very few vices left. I eat very healthy, I don't drink alcholol or soft drinks, just water and I don't do any drugs aside from blood pressure meds to give me the BP of a lizard on a cold day, so until I have to--and if I do, I will--but until then, I am going to stubbornly hang on to the one vestigial thing I have left from young me. A love of good coffee. 😉
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    So I posted earlier about my physical, and the fact that my doc mentioned "diminished" lung sounds. I felt fine going into the appointment, but ever since then, I've been feeling somewhat short of breath. I still believe those "diminished" sounds are due to the fact that I can't seem to get a deep breath when they ask me to (psychological thing). Yet, here I am, thinking I'm short of breath. This goes to show you just how strong the power of suggestion is in an individual with anxiety. Had she never said that, I'm almost certain I wouldn't be feeling what my mind is considering "shortness of breath." Funny how that works, huh? Interesting observation and wanted to share. Would any of you like to share a similar experience?
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    Yup. At my physical my doc asked me if I had this or that, things like shortness of breath and dizziness, as I’m turning 50 this year and they start looking for stuff like heart issues, etc... Until that point I did not have any of those things. All of a sudden a few days later, BAM, shortness of breath. I said to myself well damn if she didn’t put that into my head! And then it disappeared as quickly as it came a few days later.
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    I've also woken up many times screaming, talking, making motions with my arms / hands, etc. And I'm also a "sleep hitter", have been for many years.
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    Still on this kick about dementia and such, huh? Sorry you're still struggling with this. You're fine though.
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    And turn up the radio and keep on trucking. 😆😁
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    I get tingling in the scalp, face, arms, feet, toes.... every where!!!! I have for year and I am still alive LOL
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    Hi all, I had another extremely irrational a*s freak-out to my dad today (poor guy must be getting sick of it by now!), mainly about body wide twitches and weird sensations and cramps and stuff like that, and he gave me a pretty exhaustive list of things you would NOT be able to do if you had TRUE weakness/immobility/unusability of a muscle. First of all, again he clarified that motor diseases only affect power - simple as that. So if there is no power deficit, it's actually impossible to have a motor diseases regardless of what you and I have read online. Any reflex-related stuff is a result of an interrupted neural loop which again would have power-related consequences. So whenever you feel a twitch in the following areas, remember that if you can still do the following things, you are not weak and the twitches are just anxiety! Hands: Early weakness in hands presents as lack of coordination, so can you: Do up buttons? Type on a computer? Pull up a zipper? Eat with a knife and fork? Play piano or guitar or any other instrument (assuming you already knew how!)? Make a tight fist (this might be harder earlier in the morning)? Spread your hand out? Touch your fingers to your thumb rapidly? Pick up coins/small objects from a table? Sew/knit? Use chopsticks (again if you already could!)? Open a door handle? Write? Arms and shoulders Can you: Do push ups? Pull ups? Lift objects from high places? Hang paintings? Lift your arms or other objects above your head? Lift and carry grocery bags in from your car? Lift mugs and cups to your face? Carry your young child? Steer your car? Shrug your shoulders? Back/neck/abdomen Can you: Sit up out of bed? Lift your head off of your pillow? Do sit ups? Bend over without your chin flopping towards your chest? Sit up straight/have a good posture? Do leg lifts/any other core-related exercises? Legs and feet Can you: Wiggle your toes? Walk on your toes and heels? Do calf raises? Stand up out of a (not too low) chair? Do squats? Jump? Run/walk up or down stairs? Tap your toes on the ground with your heel on the ground? Rotate your feet outwards and inwards? Go for a run without tripping consistently? Ride your bike? Mouth/tongue Can you: Wiggle your tongue in your mouth (side to side and up and down)? Run your tongue around your teeth? Push your tongue against your cheeks? Stick your tongue out and pull it up towards your nose? Sing along to any song with changes in range and volume? Swallow without consistently regurgitating food and liquids up your nose (as if you've laughed while drinking milk)? These are all things that would be IMPOSSIBLE if you had true weakness of any of these muscle groups. This sure helped me and I hope it helps some people achieve clarity about their fears. Here is also a great link that substantiates this list. https://clinicalgate.com/proximal-distal-and-generalized-weakness/ Hope everyone has a peaceful day, Matt EDIT: An interesting observation is that after a beer or two, or when I'm distracted with something interesting, my symptoms seem to almost disappear - they wouldn't go away if it were truly something sinister!
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    Yep, indeed. There isn't always an answer, and the body is certainly a very complex (and noisy) machine. It's never going to be ideal, something will always be there. The problem isn't that these things happen, the problem is that we react to them negatively (or that we react at all).
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    Thanks guys. No word from her dr yet; my lucky shirt is getting pretty gross so I hope she hears back soon 😛
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    It’s the three o’clock slump. Scientifically proven to exist and has to do with our circadian rhythms. That’s why in some other countries people nap around 2 and then go back to work. As one gets older energy also waxes and wanes more than when one is 20 something. Anxiety can contribute to exacerbated feelings of fatigue as well. You do not have cancer.
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    @liveinthenow This is a life saving post!! Of course we all seek reassuring factoids about ALS and how slim the chances are, but unfortunately we all have the minds that go, “well what if I’m that .0001% that has it?”. We have an irrational fear that most “normal” people do not. Most people can brush off bodily changes as facts of life, but we obsess over that bodily change and assume it’s the worst case scenario always. Just remember this is all our anxiety manifesting into something that isn’t real. It is so much easier to say then to actually do, but I swear it is. I’m currently in the throws of ALS due to body-wide twitching, and now a undiagnosed heart condition. It’s a tangled web we weave, but I keep trying to focus on the here and now, and not the “what if’s” as @liveinthenowstated. Good luck everyone on this journey! We will get out on the other side stronger than before, this I promise!!!
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    Haha! I've never had gas, but they once gave me a sedative (halcion). It was amazing, even though I don't remember 98% of the appointment. 😂
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    Lol the gas is fun my friend. I highly recommend it when you go to the dentist 😁😉
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    I'm not sure that's even HA. In your area, it's a real concern that all of you deal with. I am positive that there are companies that capitalize on the real need in your area. How about investigating? Have a couple come out to give you an estimate on protection.
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    Hello anxiousg, welcome to Anxiety Central first of all. We are happy to have you here. I can say from my own personal experience that I have also had symptoms like yours of shaking, muscle twitches, etc. These are very common symptoms of anxiety, and I'm sure many others here on this forum can testify to that too. I'm sure that your symptoms are attributed to just plain old anxiety. Even though it may not seem like anxiety is a sole reason for these things happening, it actually can be. The first step in recovering from this episode of anxiety is to trust your doctor's word in the sense that you are fine and good to go, and that they don't believe you have any symptoms of MS. I too developed a fear of MS when my urinary incontinence first started. All medical tests proved that wrong. These people went to school for these sort of things. We didn't. So I would think they know just slightly more than we do Are you currently in any sort of therapy or on any medication? I would strongly recommend therapy if you haven't done so yet.
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    Appreciate it Leah! My version of relaxing is gonna be chatting it up with you all and hanging with my family!
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    Prayers have been answered. Double time. I feel blessed right now. Just a few moments ago, I just got a call back on my ultrasound that they did yesterday, and everything came back normal. Nothing physically going on in my bladder. They don't see any reason to take action and they will close the file unless I feel the need for a follow-up appointment. HALLELUJAH! After that, I received a call back from the neurology department at the clinic in Tennessee that I go to. In case I forgot to mention it here in this forum, also during this anxiety battle, I have noticed some changes in my leg function, including less weight bearing that I am able to put down in my legs. They were concerned something was changing, so they did bloodwork to make sure there wasn't anything concerning going on. Anyways, they called back and said all the bloodwork came back normal on that and that they don't have a full understanding yet of what could cause that, just may be my body changing. But again, great satisfying news. Thank you all for dealing with my BS today. Everything has gotten much better.
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    You guys are pretty cool
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    It's always like that hey? I start to get a grip on this HA and suddenly feel a twitch in a new place and it all starts over again... @Holls your twitching posts throughout this forum have helped me a lot so thank you!
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    Ok. I'm cool with twitches. I have been extremely anxious so I guess they manifest in different areas.. and this time it chose my tummy. Used to be my thigh lol. Hugs to all is tummy twitchers.. it looks pretty normal. 🥰😍
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    Four mile run...... in Texas heat.... Yeah, you totally have ALS. (Sarcasm intended).
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    you did an activity that your fear wouldn't have allowed you to do. It's a victory. You are showing your anxiety it's a damn liar and a thief 😠 ALS no, anxiety yes. Keep saying it. When you feel down, feel worried.. als NO, anxiety YES.
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    I agree with Holls, and personally, if it were me, I would not get an EMG. They are only doing it to reassure you, not because they think they need to. If your symptoms are still around after the EMG then you will doubt that, too. You need to work on the anxiety first and foremost. I’ve seen lots of people on here second guess the docs after a clean EMG because they still feel symptoms.
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    Throughout this bout of anxiety, I have found ways to look at my health from a different perspective. Every day, I am plagued with the “What If’s?” What if it really isn’t anxiety this time? I wanted to share in this post something that has helped me strengthen my claims to myself that it is JUST anxiety, rather than a fatal event or illness. Being the homegrown, hardcore researcher I am, I’ve found this has helped me a lot. Let’s go ahead and first establish this constant number. According to the ADAA, anxiety affects 18.1% of the population of the United States each year. Now, it’s time to compare. Anxiety = 18.1% <——— Sepsis = 0.5% You’re more likely to have anxiety. Anxiety = 18.1% <——— Cancer = 0.4% You’re more likely to have anxiety. Anxiety = 18.1% <——— MS = 0.3% You’re more likely to have anxiety. Anxiety = 18.1% <——— ALS = 0.001% You’re more likely to have anxiety. Anxiety = 18.1% <——— Meningitis = 0.001% You’re more likely to have anxiety. Anxiety = 18.1% <——— Tetanus = 0.00006% You’re more likely to have anxiety. Anxiety = 18.1% <——— Lyme disease = 0.009% You’re more likely to have anxiety. Anxiety = 18.1% <——— Heart Attack = 0.2% You’re more likely to have anxiety. Anxiety = 18.1% <——— Stroke = 0.2% You’re more likely to have anxiety. Anxiety = 18.1% <——— Pulmonary Embolism = 0.2% You’re more likely to have anxiety. Anxiety = 18.1% <——— Anaphylaxsis = 0.06% (0.0007% result in death, even smaller chance) You’re more likely to have anxiety. When you think all hope is lost, just turn to this post and realize... You. Just. Have. Anxiety.
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    Hi all, my name is Dave and I am suffering from GAD and have been for a while and have had to very bad bouts of it in my 54 years. It always turns to Hypochondriasis. It's a shame that this occurs in folks like us and has the title reads..." The World Doesn't know We Exist ", oh they have heard the terms " anxiety " " Hypochondriac " and the latter term they would probably laugh at. We look in the mirror constantly, we look at our bodies constantly, we look at our urine and our excrement like never before. Did we really know our bodies and every square inch of them before we became anxiety sufferers, no ! Now we do and now we see every imperfection and we think " what the hell is that " technology allow us to go on Dr. Google, but even though it says these things that we believe are catastrophes waiting for the catastrophic diagnosis can many things or nothing at all. We pick the last one it says...the worst one, the one that will surely kill us. Are we doctors, no. Have we ran tests on ourselves, no., but do we make the diagnosis based on a web page, yes ! Why ? The average person would say to themselves " oh it's nothing " we are not the average folks. We will put ourselves through the mental hell of dying without cause. This is why I have always called anxiety " The Bastard " It wasn't the web page that told you that you have cancer it was you who told you. With a big helping hand of " The Bastard " Have you ever written down how many diseases you thought you have had over the course of any given time. I did and I filled a whole sheet of paper looked at it and I actually laughed and said " Nobody can have that many diseases, and would be walking this earth and have the time and energy to look these diseases up and to worry about them. Even though we say we are tired and weak. We are tired and weak because of looking up our symptoms and worrying in constant fear. There is no research for us, why ? Because it's not a terminal illness. Again the world doesn't know we exist, only in what their minds believe we are. " Just stop worrying " If it were only that easy, right ? I would love to say, " okay " on with life and it be over. No, it's not going to work. It breaks my heart and so many of the posts I read here and I am a sufferer right a long with you, but the only thing I can say is I will catch myself doing all the wrong things and realize it being a veteran of it, but I had many years in between bouts where I had no high anxiety worries. If you had told me in my 20's that it will come back later in life. I would have said " no f***ing way " well it did, I let my guard down with some close family passings. Not realizing it's life long management. We do exist and we are real and our symptoms are real and we break our own hearts day after day. What a shame and to see you young folks missing out and worrying and worrying wasting your youth. Just goes to show how debilitating this disorder can be. Put your seat belt on and do everything you can to get away from the " The Bastard " if you have to keep getting that reassurance, then do it. If you have to tell yourself constantly it's only anxiety it will not kill me, do it. Stay off the internet...it is not a replacement for a doctor, do it. If you have to get mad, do it. If you have to cry, do it. Recovery is little by little, it doesn't come quickly and we have to accept that and we have to believe that in order to get better, but you will. It starts with everything that is hard and everything that is avoided. Keep a journal of your symptoms so you know you have had them before. The anxious mind has no memory...everything is short term and when something you think you have never felt before happens well go back and look at your own symptoms and not the web symptoms. World we do exist and it is one big scary pain in the ass. David
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    Some symptoms have no explanation. My friend urinated bright red blood for weeks and had every test in the book done and nothing was ever found. Eventually it stopped on it's own. My father (may he rest in peace) used to get positive occult stool tests for blood and no cause was ever found. The doctor said he must have a slow leak somewhere and we just can't find it. He lived to 93.
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    It sounds like stress. Stressed caused by anxiety from living with the in-laws. You are tougher than me Bec I couldn't do it.. also stress from worrying about health from symptoms of stress.. see it's just a cycle that keeps going.. .... ..... I have three kids so I get that stress too. I have to put them before the anxiety.. sometimes I tell my anxiety I'll worry about this tonight after my bath and become present with the kids during the day.. I walk while they ride their bike around the neighborhood which helps clear the mind. I'm sure you have tried things with the HOA but can you set a meeting with them and let them know you have little ones that are eager to use the pool? That would definitely make me upset. I belong to a pool in the neighborhood and I hate when it's packed with guest and not members.. lol. Hugs. One day at a time.. my family gets tired of my worries too.. I recently found out my son that I usually go to when anxious.. he's 16 and brilliant so I know he knows medical things.. gets anxious after I talk to him. 😣 So I'm stopping my reassurance seeking on family members and sticking with journaling and my friends. People that don't have anxiety just flat doesn't get it. And some people can't have worries projected on them. In the end it's always only up to us to pull ourselves out of the anxiety hole. We have the power.
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    I just had to share this because it was too damn funny not to. Happy Saturday night y’all!
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    It’s just a feeling. When my anxiety was beginning I had a feeling that I was going to die, that that year was it. That i was going to die around the month of July. It was an intense feeling. Intuitive. That was back in 2011. I had it again in 2017. And again these days. That i feel weird like I’m in a bubble. And time is running out. But I think about those past two years I had that feeling. Nothing happened. I’m still here.
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    I think that agoraphobia can develop after having anxiety in a situation or place. Next time you visit that place or are in that situation, you panic again about the possibility of an anxiety attack. The spiral continues until you can no longer do the things that bring worries of a panic attack. The fact that you recognize this makes me think it won’t lead down that slippery slope and get out of hand.
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    I have this happen a lot. One instance where it was terrible was when my doctor told me PCOS could lead to diabetes, and I started having psychosomatic diabetes symptoms. It was terrible. It still happens from time to time when I think about that possibility or if I’ve Ben worried about my diet.
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    My friend had colon cancer. She's is 7 years cancer free. She was 23 when diagnosed. She had been having blood clots for half a yr when she would have a bowel movement. She thought it was colitis. But when the blood became severe she went to her Dr. It wasn't hidden or something that came up out of the blue.. it was clear something was seriously wrong. You have been to a gastroenterologist and he wasn't concerned and I understand our anxious minds second guess but I wouldn't second guess a specialist who has your best interest at heart. He didn't feel the need to do anymore testing and that's a good thing. Your diarrhea in the morning is probably from your anxiety. My tummy is the first to act up when I'm anxious. Hugs. You are in good hands with your gastroenterologist..
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    I've had a back molar removed. It was really painless (the whole tooth came out at once) and I just had to bite into this napkin for a good 4 or 5 hours, then after one day it was almost back to normal. I hope you're doing well. :) Better to take care of it now before it becomes a problem later, right?
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    Eckars Tolle has been very helpful in my attempts to overcome anxiety. I actually forgot about him, so thanks for reminding me!
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    I can understand the waiting part, that was the hardest part for me this day waiting for the results of my ultrasound. Your SO is in my prayers tonight.
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    Good luck, I am keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!! Keep us posted. hugs!
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    I had a similar experience when I had ALS worries. My neurologist tested my reflexes and found my knees to be a bit jumpy, but she said on that scale they use it's "jumpier than normal" but not major cause for concern. If those reflexes accompanied other very obvious issues *that's* when they get concerned. I know this is tough to do, but I think you'll be ok. Anxiety can mimic a lot of stuff, makes it that much more frustrating to deal with. If you have a therapist you're seeing I suggest seeing that person and discussing your fears with them.
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    Eye twitching is one of the most common symptoms of stress and anxiety.
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    so sorry you are going thru this. Please keep us posted. I pray that your mom and sister are ok and same thing for you. Sending you virtual hugs!!
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    Anxiety can produce symptoms even if you're not anxious, so even if you are in the slightest bit of anxious, then the symptoms still might come around. Needle prick feelings are usually associated with adrenaline rushes, as if your whole body "fell asleep", so that could potentially be what it is, but again, I'm not in your body.
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    hey are you male or female? UTIs are very common. I used to get them a lot after sex. Good luck!
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    Hi Jlavoie, i am not a doctor,but my daughter has m/s.I suppose m/s can start up in different ways but it DID NOT BEGIN LIKE THAT IN MY DAUGHTER.Plus she had a good idea of what she had, she did not have to guess as you are doing.As i say i am not a doctor,but i advise you to see one to put your mind at rest because i do not think that you have m/s. My best wishes to you Jlavoie ,geezer.
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    What can I do to get better.? This has been going on for about a year. And the crazy thing is it's still there even when I'm having fun and don't feel stressed! It makes no sense to me. Will it eventually just go away and let me have my life back?