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  2. Hemoglobin A1C

    That's not necessarily true. It's not a hard and fast rule. Labs vary all the time. Your numbers won't always be perfect; no one's will be. They fluctuate normally. I'd only be concerned about pre-diabetes if the number is consistently high, and your doc probably feels the same.
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  4. IBS with back pain??

    My husband had IBS-D and ALWAYS has back pain with his flares. Actually back pain is what he complains of has he is waking to the toilet. He is hunched over holding his lower back.
  5. Hemoglobin A1C

    Technically it's "pre-diabetic". Just need to be proactive
  6. and knee pain. love that stuff

  7. Hemoglobin A1C

    According to Google, an A1C up to 5.6 is normal. 5.7 is one-tenth of a percent higher. You're fine. I doubt anyone here has more expertise than your doc - a well educated and qualified medical professional. Google can't tell you either.
  8. Well you did it though and that's Brill, don't downplay that, it's a big achievement. Practice makes perfect with this, habits do take a while to break but they can be broken not with force but with time, patience, courage and determination. It's not silly thinking really, it's just anxiety driven skewed thinking. The assumption your mind is making is that the plane when in flight are dependant on your focus to keep it in the air and from something going wrong. It's akin to when your in the passenger seat in a car and you're scared to go to sleep because something might happen. The analysis is just a branch of your internal analysis, you just externalise it to include events and journeys etc. Fear based analysis.
  9. And @Mark G, I know, constant vigilance won't stop anything from happening. It's an old habit and a hard one to break. With the added bonus of my brain tricking me into thinking it's worked so far! ("See, you monitored that plane the whole flight and we DIDNT crash....must mean it worked") silly thinking, I know. I did manage to let an anxious thought float by me today without grabbing on to it, but it's definitely hard!
  10. Hemoglobin A1C

    Hey all, recently had some pretty extensive blood work and one piece in particular, my A1c was 5.7. My primary care doc has always been really chill which is almost kind of annoying with your health and she said that the labs were "normal" although almost everything online says 5.7 is the range of pre-diabetes. Anyone have any expertise?
  11. Thanks for your input! It helps to know that those feeling are normal. Hard not to get caught in the cycle of...."people with GERD are at a higher risk of esophageal cancer and asthma" type thinking....usually anxiety brain running away from me:-)
  12. I also agree it sounds like GERD. The pain in the chest, neck and face may not be secondary due to anxiety - GERD can cause those things. But I agree anxiety is one possibility. When I get my worse bouts of reflux, I often get chest, stomach, back, shoulder, neck and face/jaw pain. Sometimes, they're not all related, and they coincidentally happen at the same time. GERD, much like anxiety, can cause a lot of temporary and seemingly unrelated symptoms. They are normal though.
  13. This is a misconception. You will be alerted to any possible problems whether your in constant vidulance mode or not. Your body does all that work so your conscious mind doesn't have to. It could have been acid, certainly. There is also a possibility that it was both. Regardless of the cause, the minds reaction dictates how you respond.
  14. Something is Wrong...

    I would say that it's highly unlikely that you would develop a condition after your results were fine not long before. I'm confident that anxiety is the source here.
  15. Something is Wrong...

    Here is my Thyroid panel from a year ago when I went through withdrawals. I did this just to make sure I was okay. But can a Thyroid issue pop up over a year?
  16. I know. I'm a major fighter and resister even though I know that only makes it worse. I've started meditation to see if I c an learn to let thoughts go without latching on to them. I just get worried that I won't be prepared for the bad thing if I'm not paying attention to it. Constant vigilance!! I do that in planes too. I have to pay attention to every sound and movement as if that attention alone is keeping the plane aloft. Only increases my anxiety :-) The pain in my chest and throat yesterday definitely isn't the muscle pain, I think it is from the potential acid. It's more of a burning, pit of the stomach pain. I do have the muscle tension today though!!
  17. tongue quiver

    This is so so true. This is why trying to consciously control subconscious mechanisms is an aid to the symptom anxiety creates. The bodily processes are designed through millions of years of evolution to work perfectly without any meddling from a fearfully inquiring mind.
  18. tongue quiver

    It didn't like me using that word, I see. I wonder if it also censors "dotard"?
  19. tongue quiver

    So weird you were typing out your answer as I was reading that, written more than 100 years ago ... Here's another good bit, considering my speech/swallowing hypervigilance: "The automatic processes of the body are in general performed best when the attention is directed elsewhere. After ordinary care is taken, too much attention to the digestive apparatus, for example, may R****d rather than aid it. Watching the digestion too closely is like pulling up seeds to see if they are growing."
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  21. tongue quiver

    There you go, those passages are spot on and much better put than i can muster. Your intent has so much power and it is so underestimated. Your brain after all is responsible for every sensation you have through it's interpretation of a signal. If it can receive then it can also send.
  22. tongue quiver

    And a few pages earlier: "Inspection of the tongue is a common occupation of the hypochondriac, who is generally more familiar than his medical attendant with the anatomy of this organ."
  23. tongue quiver

    Funny you should say that, I literally just this minute came across this in a book called Why Worry?, published in 1908: "The more attention is paid to sensations, the more they demand ... If one tries the experiment of thinking intently of the end of his thumb, and imagines it is going to sleep, the chances are ten to one that in five minutes it will have all the sensations of going to sleep. If this is true of the healthy-minded individual, how much more must it be so in the person who allows his thoughts to dwell with anxious attention on such parts if his body as may be the immediate seat of his fears. The next step is for various sensations (boring, burning, prickling, stabbing, and the like) to appear spontaneously, and, if attention is paid to them, rapidly to increase in intensity ..." "
  24. tongue quiver

    If you put enough focused energy into scanning the tongue and that focus is planted in fear, you create suggestion and suggestion can do ANYTHING when run through a fearful mindset. Your tongue as a muscle is connected via nerves to the rest of your nervous system and that nervous system is in constant contact with the brain as a two and fro conversation. If you're focused on the tongue in an obsessive way ie, scanning, interpreting, fearing, then the nerve endings receive amplified signals from the brain and begin to misfire sporadically. If one of these nerve endings has the responsibility of contracting the muscle, then your tongue will contract sporadically as the direct result of the nerve misfire. This goes for all anxiety creating twitching people suffer from. You can't make it happen off the cuff and when you want, no, at least not usually, but with enough prolonged focus and fear, your tongue will start to jump around and quiver as a direct result of your fearfully loaded, suggestion filled focus. This is how anxiety has the ability to create any symptom to any disease. If you then misinterpret the quivering tongue as being ALS, then the fear ramps up and the focus tightens.. more symptoms at a heightened and frequent level result.
  25. tongue quiver

    I don't think I can *make* it happen. I don't mean twitches, I mean more like trembling/shaking/involuntarily contractions. I guess it's a muscle, and it's alive, and if you're anxious it's going to do those things ...
  26. tongue quiver

    Yeah it does on occasion, the difference though is, i don't go looking for it. If it quivers then it quivers, i accept it as spasms, it is what it is. Fearing it does nothing but adds to the pattern. Also, if you put all of your conscious focus into looking for tongue quivers, what do you think will happen?
  27. tongue quiver

    @Mark G, does your tongue really quiver or are you trying to make me feel better, lol?
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