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  2. If something was up with my heart I wouldn’t be on here right? i feel like my heart is out of whack right now. I went grocery shopping earlier and I felt as if my heart did this weird spasm and it left me feeling shaken. As I drove home i almost blew through a red light. Luckily since it’s a small town there weren’t cars around but still I slammed the breaks when my husband pointed it out. Right now i felt like my heart was spazzing out again. And my hearing was shaky too. It scared me my heart started to beat fast. I changed my diet overnight. I’ve been feeling weak and exhausted all week. And I’ve felt like I’ve put too much stress on my body, and that I’ve weakened my heart. Tomorrow is my follow up appointment, I am going to walk there and I’m terrified that I won’t make it there because my heart will give out. its all anxiety right?
  3. I’ve been experiencing the same thing, same fear too. I’m trying really hard to trust my body and to stand up to my brain when it tells me it’s more than anxiety. You've has the tests, you’re alive, you’re strong, you’ll be ok.
  4. Classic anxiety thought process: "what if...?" We've all asked ourselves (and others) that question soooo many times. But what if it *is* just panic again? It's not worth it to risk living your life while you're in good health just to worry about the "what ifs" when you've been cleared by a medical professional (or more than one). Believe me, I get it - it's not as easy as it sounds. One technique often taught in therapy to overcome anxiety is to challenge the irrational thoughts (including the "what ifs"). Of course, you must first acknowledge that the anxiety exists, and you obviously have. So now work on identifying the times when those thoughts are taking place and challenge them. It's fine to post here and ask for help, but it isn't entirely necessary. You don't *need* reassurance to challenge those thoughts. You just need to remind yourself that you've been given a clean bill of health, and these things you worry about don't just pop up overnight.
  5. I know. It's just me unable to accept. I know that too. I am scared of MS. It has tingling buzzing on its list etc. And mine is bothering me as it comes back intermittent on various locations esp on face. It's just that that's scaring me
  6. Thank you guys so much! Yes, I was having a panic attack during the ekg, the ems tech said he thought it was panic brought on by my ptsd. I've also had numerous ekgs, stress tests and blood work and it's always been fine. My fear is what if this time it isn't..
  7. Were you experiencing these symptoms (e.g. palpitations) during the EKG? An EKG can be a pretty useful tool, but only if something is happening during the test. Granted, they can also detect damage from past heart attacks and heart attacks in progress. I agree that you should trust the EKG, especially if you were indeed experiencing some of these symptoms during it. I've definitely been there with heart health anxiety. That's been my go to, of sorts, for several years now. I've had several tests - quite a few EKGs, blood work (troponin), stress test, echocardiogram - that all checked out fine, but I'm still sometimes convinced that my heart is in poor shape. I understand how much worry it can cause, but I also know that the worry is caused by excessive anxiety. It puts irrational thoughts in your mind, and it often feels like there is no escaping those thoughts. I assure you, however, that you can indeed overcome it. Research and practice some mindfulness, meditation and acceptance. Research breathing techniques for anxiety, and practice those.
  8. I get all of those. No testing done, but that's because my doc also agrees there's no reason to do a scope or anything like that. My appropriate course of action at this point is to make lifestyle changes in order to reduce the GERD episodes.
  9. I couldn't agree more! Especially about the therapist, but also the neurologist being seemingly irresponsible. I saw a cardiologist once after an episode of afib (triggered by a non-cardiac issue). He assured me all was well. I went to see him a while after that at the advice of my primary (family history of early heart disease) and he basically told me to piss off. LoL. Nah, but rather than continuing to evaluate me for whatever reasons I feared, he told me that unless something changes he doesn't need to see me for at least another 10-15 years.
  10. Yep. And even those intermittent slips (losing grip) are most often harmless (e.g. not related to ALS or any other serious condition). I've done that many times over the years, presumably due to working on computers for so many years (carpal tunnel?).
  11. If you search buzzing on this forum you get over 300 hits. It can definitely be caused by anxiety.
  12. I agree about the palps. I got it checked too. Not too sure about the buzzing. I woke up just now and my right eyelid is buzzing
  13. Hi Jadex, welcome to the forum first of all, and I'm sorry to hear that you are having to go through this. Just know you are in the right place consulting with those who have been there with anxiety. Regarding your heart anxiety, I would say that if the EKG you underwent showed no signs of any heart problems, then you should be good to go. It is something you are going to have to trust. I know that may seem hard, but trust me, the more we trust the medical process, the better this will get. Your symptoms are definitely ones that can be caused by anxiety, and believe it or not, can make you think you are having a heart attack when nothing is physically present. Once again, you must trust the results of the EKG in order to make yourself feel better. The EKG would have caught if you had any sort of blood clot, or heart attack brewing.
  14. Sooo I've suffered from heart anxiety for years but these last two weeks have been a doozy. I'm talking panic attacks, palps, waking up with a racing heart, etc I recently started Lexapro and that has started me down a whole new list of symptoms. I now have left arm pain and chest pain and stomach pain, damn this sucks. Called 911 Friday and ekg was good, but I'm still in a panic.
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  16. I have ongoing mucus in my throat, clearing of my throat, bouts of reflux and bouts of nausea. I had a laryngoscopy and EGD recently and nothing was found.
  17. My wife works In home health, her latest patient had ALS, he passed yesterday, he had it for all of six months, ALS is a brutal disease, two years in you'd KNOW you have it. His symptoms weren't even twitching, in fact he said he didn't know something was wrong until he couldn't hold items anymore. His wife is a neurologist and she suspected ALS only after every battery of tests you can think of. She said the first symptom people rarely notice is intermittent weakness, like your hand slipping when you try to pull the covers up, etc. She said Twitches are a last phase symptom, appearing after the muscles have already started to atrophy.
  18. I don't think that caffeine and viagra or cialis could cause highblood pressure and death but they can deffinitely make you feel not very good, in my opinion. By the way, it also depends on quality of your viagra. WHere have you bought it? I recommend you to read more information about your situation.
  19. That sounds so annoying! A pharmacist might be able to recommend something to get rid of the itch.
  20. Alright. I’m gonna admit. Today is just not my day. I got back home from running some errands and was working on some stuff on my laptop when suddenly, when I was looking at my phone and then set it down, I noticed there was blood on my right hand. Not too much, but still, blood’s blood. I showed my mom and she looked and noticed that one of my acne bumps was bleeding too. So I washed my hands and then washed my face with soap and water, and a face wipe that contains some cleaning ingredients in it. problem in all this is I don’t even remember touching my face, so I’m not entirely convinced the blood came from there, even though there’s no visible cut on my hand and blood was on the face wipe I used. Should I be convinced that that’s what it was?
  21. I can't imagine the amount of pain that you have had to endure. It breaks my heart seeing people having to go through something like that. Find some comfort in knowing that your symptoms are of anxiety. Your body would tell you if there is something wrong. I'm always here for support if you need it.
  22. My co-worker had Bell's Palsy 6 years ago. It cleared up after a few weeks and has n't been back since. Palpatations and twitches are symptoms of anxiety--I've had both. At one point I thought something was wrong with my heart, and went in to see my GP. He did some tests and concluded nothing was wrong. That was 25 years ago. Work on your anxiety going forward. None of this stuff is worth worrying about
  23. I had a big cherry angioma on my belt line --thing was like 1/4th the size of a dime and raised. I tend to get angiomas ever since turning 22, and have lots of small ones. Got tired of looking at this one, so I went to the dermatologist and had him laser it. That was 12 days ago, and the thing is angry looking now, black and grey. Smaller than it was, but it still isn't looking as healed as I want it to. I've seen conflicting thing about how long it takes to recover from this procedure Has anyone here had laser treatment for angiomas? How long did it take to heal/go away? Before panicking and running back to the doctor, I'd figure I would check with others first
  24. The appointment is tomorrow, so I will have more answers then! Trust me, I can’t wait for it as much as you can!
  25. You really, really need to stop asking for reassurance for every bodily sensation you have. It’s a never ending cycle if you don’t stop it on your own. Reassurance never lasts as you can tell. Please ask your therapist to give you some tools to help break this worry cycle. You are too young to live the rest of your life with these worries!
  26. Also good to note, thanks!
  27. Also nah. I panicked about stool color for awhile, too. My ever-patient GP told me that all shades of brown, yellow, and green are totally normal. When your stool is approaching black or white, then you have a problem.
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