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  2. This really made me think because I am in a super stressful time in my life, ive been trying to reach my dream goal to no avail my girlfriends family are literally a pain in my ass which is pretty close to being resolved, but my exercise is more of digging a hole or carrying heavy stuff around work im guessing i need real exercise, but it hasnt been the best year and a half for me, this just adds on to everything, ive suspected that I'm super stressed out but im a push forward type of guy and forget the pain, maybe i need to focus on living a better life and to focus on being "healthy" mostly dont let family issues struggle me so much as they are terrible at the moment but like I said will resolve soon, I appreciate it, really opened my eyes a bit!
  3. The fact of the matter is that you don't have control of your thoughts or a lot of things in life. I think depersonalization comes from a struggle to try to control the uncontrollable. When I have experienced it I have always found that it came and stuck around during high anxiety times in my life when my thoughts were turned too much and too often inward. So I am interested if you currently have a lot of stress in your life that you have no control over? Or do you find that you are just in a stress cycle because you are so concerned about the depersonalization that it maintains a high level of stress... Which in turn is keeping the depersonalization "alive". Also what is your exercise routine like? I find that exercise has really helped me but only when I stay consistent and work within my limits. The way out of depersonalization is to lower your stress levels. It's a maze but it's definitely one that you can figure out and you have done it before. You may have accidentally found the way out the last time but perhaps this time we can narrow it down so that you know how to get out of it when it pops up again. Then you will fear it less and it won't pop up much anymore.
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    Health anxiety

    Thank you so much. I just left ENT dr office she did scope again and my throat is clear from anything. She said all the symptoms i am describing now is acid reflux and she pit me on meds. I am a very healthy eater that is what concerned me but she said just drinking coffee with cream can make my acid reflux. I am hoping to get this resolved because it is affecting my life so badly. Please you too stay positive and keep us updated on your health journey. 😊
  5. Yep, it's normal, IMO. Given that you're out of shape and apparently don't exercise regularly, I'd say this is to be expected. It sounds like you read some info online but you didn't read it in its entirety, because I found several sources that say if you're out of shape "it could take much longer" for the heart rate to return to your resting rate. I'm more in shape than I was a year ago, but still don't exercise regularly. My resting heart rate is 60s and 70s, but it can still take a long while for my heart rate to return to normal after intense physical activity. Know your limits, don't overexert yourself. That will do more harm than good. But please do continue physical activity like this, because it will eventually pay off.
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  7. I agree with Bella. Even if your back doesn’t hurt, a pinched nerve somewhere in the lower back can cause this. Over the last three months I’ve had progressively worsening hip pain and calf/foot tingling and numbness, like electric shock when I moved a certain way or sat down too long. I wasn’t worried but more annoyed so I went to my doc for a referral. Thought it could be sciatica or bursitis or something like that. She sent me to physical therapy. I did some research and based on my sensations (hurt bad in morning, walking made it better, hurt turning over in bed or standing on right foot) figuring google isn’t going to tell me anything terrible (wrong! I did worry about a tumor for a few days ☹️) So i go to my session yesterday and I told the therapist I thought my SI joint might be out of whack. She checked and said yep, your pelvis is out of alignment. Had me do one push pull thing with my legs while she twisted my hip. I have had 98% resolution of my pain since my appt. I’m hoping it stays that way and the exercises she gave me will help keep it that way. I still have 6 or so sessions to go, but that just goes to show that something minor like a misaligned hip can cause so much pain and in places you wouldn’t think, since I had NO back pain but more hip and leg/foot. So stay off Google. Also, going to the ER for something like this is not the best route to find out what’s wrong. They are there to make sure you are in no immediate danger of dying. They are not there to diagnose things that are not of immediate concern. It’s good you are going to see your PCP and perhaps they will order some tests or give you a referral based on what she thinks is appropriate. It is probably something as simple as pinched nerve somewhere or something easily treatable/fixable.
  8. Thank you for replying!!! I really hope it’s just a pinched nerve! They tested my sciatic nerve at the hospital and it was okay. I don’t have any back pain... is it possible to have a pinched nerve without back pain? My doctor at the ER told me he didn’t think it was anything scary like a tumor in my brain or spine or major spine issue. I just feel like a wreck. I’m also having slight numbness in the back of my left leg/back of hip - buttock area. I’m just so hopeless feeling right now. I keep trying to remind myself I had a spinal tap and a brain MRI a year ago... but Idk if something could have just popped up. Idk... 😭 I’m a mess.
  9. To Mj1, I have had throat issues since November 2018 until 3 weeks ago (with occasional flare ups since then). I had excessive mucus sensation in my throat I thought was post nasal drip. My doctor tried all kinds of allergy medications that did nothing. I was clearing my throat CONSTANTLY until by the end of the day, I was unable to talk due to the irritation I had caused. Turns out it was a little more complicated than I originally thought. It was acid reflux AND allergies but I was trying to treat just one symptom at a time so the issue never fully went away and left me not only feeling hopeless for 5 months - but that there was something worst wrong with me (Dr. Google-inspired cancer fears). You can imagine the frustration from multiple doctors visits, and wasting time and money. Its easier said than done, but try to remain positive, optimistic and upbeat that you're taking care of the issues and you'll eventually get to the bottom of it. I believe that our obsession with our health makes it more worrisome than it needs to be - thus we tend to blow a "sore throat" out of proportion and tell ourselves "We're never gonna get to the solution." This mindset can bring in depression, sadness, anger and even more anxiety and there's no point for it. Especially when you're actively in the process of trying to figure out what's wrong. That's a positive thing! I'm glad to hear you have a trusted ENT. Stay positive, even when health anxiety tries to drag you back down.
  10. its normal especially if you are worried about it, online it says a normal resting rate is between 65-76 beats, but that number is normal for athletic people and even lower for extreme athletes. i was an active person before and my resting heart rate was low but now its sometimes 75 bpm but often above 80.. some resting heart rates for inactive individuals can easily be 100... sometimes just walking to my car my rate is 115
  11. Hey guys I dont know if anyone can relate but I need guidance. I am out of shape high end blood pressure and over weight. So the guys at work decided to join a community basketball league. Stupid of me to join being fat. But what the hell it cant hurt right. Well by a couple minutes in the first quarter my heart is racing and I am winded. We rotated every 5 mins or so but I was tired. My question is after the game 30 mins my heart was racing still. I got nervous and thought this isnt normal. Well now its 100 after 2 hours. Now mind you. This is the most physical I have been in sometime. But from what I have been reading it says it's not normal. Anyone else.
  12. Classic tension induced by general stress/anxiety, IMO, as has been mentioned. Nothing you describe sounds like a brain tumor, as far as I'm concerned. I don't know that it's realistic to say that anxiety will ever truly leave, but you can definitely use the tools your therapist provides to lessen the effects and the grip of anxiety. Research some mindfulness and acceptance and meditation/relaxation techniques.
  13. Indeed. It still gets me at times, too. For example, yesterday I was sitting in the chair with my laptop, working away, and my throat started feeling a bit irritated. I knew it was post nasal drip - probably allergies - but anxiety somehow managed to shove thoughts of "zomg what if it's strep" in there somewhere. 😛 It's all good, it happens. All we have to do is learn from it and move on.
  14. I think you just have a pinched nerve in your lower back, leg or foot. Pinched nerves can cause pain, numbness and tingling. The fact that it’s worse when you lay down, in a position where nerves are often compressed, makes me think so even more. Pinched nerves usually work themselves out within a few weeks to a month, the time it will take depends on the area. Try doing some light leg and back stretches to try and help I pinch the nerve, but don’t stretch too much as it could irritate it more. I’d say do it once or twice a day. Taking a bath with epsom salt can also help bring down swelling and relax your muscles to help the nerve I pinch as well. It still wouldn’t hurt to get a second opinion at a new doctor, but I highly doubt it’s anything serious Keep in mind that anxiety itself can also cause these sensations. The stretching and epsom salt baths will also help with anxiety because it helps you relax. I hope you feel better soon
  15. Can't exactly book a doctor's appointment as I'm in sort of a bind with insurance and that's a subject I don't want to get into. I think it's the antiperspirant I used which irritated something but giving it time is the best solution
  16. Hey all! Ive been on here before but it’s been awhile.. and I had to get a new name! First let me start my saying... I have awful HA. Awful. I have been to the ER so many times.. for so many various reasons.. I’ve had HA since I was a child... and I’m exhausted. As I’m sure we all are. So so a few days ago, I woke up and notice my toes on my left foot felt a little numb. I really wasn’t too concerned as it’s happened before. I just ignored it and thought it will be better the next morning. I got up, went to work, and just noticed the numbness a little more so than the day before. So I started getting concerned and of course googled. So many scary things!! And I’m in full on melt down mode and every day since then the numbness is getting worse. It it started with just my toes on the bottoms... and it was just a noticble loss of sensation. Then it was the balls of my feet on the left side plus toes. Then it was both feet, both sets of toes -numbness balls of feet, and toes. I should also mention at this point I’m having no pins and needles feelings just numbness.. no pain. Then I wake up the next day.. same as the day before a stronger numbness feeling and in my ankles and tops of feet. I stayed home from work that day, and went to the ER. They did blood work, everything was normal. Blood pressure was high and my pulse was high which was the anxiety. They tested my blood sugar and it was normal. I still have some sensation and can feel when the doctor grabs my toes. And apparently I have a pulse in my foot. Since the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong, they sent me home. Well of of course I woke up this morning and now I’m having pins and needles feeling when pressure is applied to the bottoms of my feet and I’m just about done. My last 3 does on my left are completely numb. Waking is now painful and sleep isn’t happening Im going to see a new PCP on Tuesday, just due to moving a few months ago. But I’m so scared something is gravely wrong. I worry its it’s a brain tumor, spinal tumor, MS, Guillain Barre Syndrome, or some other type of cancer. My back feels fine. I also want to note it feels WORSE laying down, in any position. I just don’t know how much more I can take. I also had an MR, an MRV and a spinal tap a year and 1 month ago - everything normal! Does anyone have an advice for this?
  17. It can be a number of things. I'll give you a couple of examples from myself and you see if you can equate any of these scenarios to yourself. - Hypersensitive. You're purposefully thinking about the sensation in your feet, thus amplifying and adding to its reaction and feeling - with your imagination and anxiety. - A recent new action or activity that stretches/ damages muscles in the feet. Example: My left foot wouldn't stop twitching 3 weeks ago and kept me awake for 2 nights back to back. I rationalized. At work I had been taking a short cut to my truck by jumping off of a 5 foot loading dock and landing on my left foot first all week long. This was a new action I'd been doing and the foot twitching was new as well. I put 2 / and 2 together. As soon as I had stopped jumping off the dock at work again / the twitching stopped.
  18. Had this same thing happen to me just last week. Only my area wasn't visibly bruised which made me feel worst. I hadn't remembered bumping anything, or hitting my leg on anything and there was a painful dime-sized knot under the skin I mistook as either a cyst, tumor, or blood clot along my shin. My wife and I go out to dinner, and I go back to my regular everyday fear of throat and lung cancer (don't know why, but that's like MY major fear-thing). I forget about the leg until the next day I'm kneeling down at work and remember the dime-sized knot I thought might be a clot from the day before and start rubbing and checking out the area. Guess what? It was a small bruised area the size of 2 quarters now, and the knot was gone. Guess it was just a bruise that hadn't yet risen to the surface when I'd first discovered it the day before and then forgotten about it. It was never anything to worry about. Your situation sounds completely normal.
  19. As someone who has semi-rational thinking right now, those all sound like plain ole anxiety/panic attack symptoms. But, as someone who is only semi-rationally thinking right now, if those things started happening to me I would be freaking out too.
  20. First of all, for that cancer to have a significant effect on you it would have to go undiagnosed for months to a year. As was said earlier by another poster, lumps and bumps happen everywhere and anywhere and don't always have or need an answer. I have a nasal lump in my right nose. ENT doctors just shrug. Not cancer, not a cyst, just a round lump. Born defect. I have cysts that come and grow in my sinus cavities. ENT says they are transient and will come and go. I have fatty tumors on my back and chest. A cyst on my right pinky finger that grew from age 20 one day, and never went away no matter how many times I've tried to have it removed. 16 years later it's still here. I would give give that lump 2 or 3 weeks. If its scaring you this badly, set a doctors appointment now, but set it out for 3 or 4 weeks from now. If it's gone in two or 3 weeks, cancel the appointment. Bam. You saved money and didn't waste much time. If the lumps still there, you went and got it checked out in an appropriate amount of time. Because there may be a chance you waste the money on seeing the doctor and he tells you: "Let's give it two weeks. Give me a call and we'll schedule a scan or revisit this if its still here." And then your whole visit was for nothing.
  21. My physician told me that typically the first symptom of a brain tumor are seizures.
  22. Thanks Binn, calming words as always. Today was a solid reminder that no matter how far away you think anxiety is, it is always waiting around the next corner for us
  23. Instead of resurrecting my old thread for new worries, I'm starting a new topic. The last day or so I noticed a painful bump in my left armpit. In my old thread someone said it could be an inflamed follicle but I'm not too certain of that since it feels a bit deeper like an irritated lymph node. Having lost a friend to lymphoma, that's one of my big fears, that or a metastasized cancer I was unaware of. As of now this is the only symptom I have that I notice and am afraid of. My brother thinks it was the antiperspirant I used but my only problem is why haven't both of my underarms gotten the same reaction?
  24. You know you have BP when your psychiatrist assesses you and tells you you have it.
  25. I’ve have my BP tweaked countless times over the few decades. I was on Serequel only briefly, but it was what I needed at the time. All meds for BP are like that; there is no right and wrong. If serequel isn’t working for you, talk to your doctor and come up with a game plan. Sometimes lithium, as a adjunctive med for depression, works quite well.
  26. I had Hodgkin Lymphoma in my 20’s and 30’s (I’m 62 now) and have had so many ct scans that I’m sure I glow in the dark. You’re fine.
  27. It’s called post-viral cough. I had mine for 6 weeks and it drove me nuts. All very benign, of course.
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