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  2. Gagging senstion with senstion

    I do get anxious in public because i start over thinking to much with anxious and negative thoughts like I don't want people seeing me gag in public or what the nearest exit
  3. has anyone used beta blockers for anxiety

    It's nice to know that someone has confirmed this with a cardiologist. I *never* felt some of my symptoms (when missing a dose of Atenolol) until I started taking it. If I miss a dose, yes, I feel awful! Heart rate goes up, feel generally crappy. I asked a cardiologist about it once, but he seemed to virtually ignore the question. Although I took it more as "he probably thinks it's normal so no need to discuss", I would've felt better had he actually addressed the question directly and explained that it's simply a side effect of the med/missing a dose, rather than it feeling like "holy crap, my body needs meds or my heart may go into a dangerous state." Oh well. I accepted it a good while ago and I'm fine now, but thank you for sharing that experience.
  4. Lately I've been struggling with HA and on top of all my health worries I started to get a toothache. I went to a dentist and she said I've been clenching my teeth so hard that I'd inflamed the nerve. She told me to take ibuprofen for a few days. But the pain came back so she gave me antibiotics - she said it might be infected. She is also getting me a splint made to wear in my mouth at night to stop me clenching so bad. But if the antibiotics don't work she said I'd need to have the nerve cleaned out and IF THAT DIDN'T WORK, then root canal. I'm a mess of anxiety because health stuff AND ESPECIALLY DENTISTS freak me out! I've been crying half the morning I'm hoping the antibiotics and splint work. If they don't I'm thinking I'll just get the damn tooth pulled out because I'd rather look like a hillbilly than have to keep going back for these stressful/painful/EXPENSIVE treatments. Has anyone else had these issues? I'm sure clenching teeth is common for anxious people...
  5. Urrgghhhhh!!!! Digestive issues weren't one of my main symptoms in the past but lately I'm a mess. I've had some anxiety over other health concerns (a spot on my leg that the DR thought was skin cancer and turned out to be nothing, a lump in my neck that ended up going away on it's own, an irritated bladder feeling that I thought was a UTI, but test was clear, and a tooth ache that has had me at the dentist twice in the last 2 weeks). I've been stressing over all these things in turn. I've also had on and off diarrhoea, and abdominal/lower back pains, and constipation (sorry TMI). I was worrying about the digestive issue thinking it was a separate thing but today I started to piece together what days the symptoms occur and I think it might be related to anxiety. I have never really had anxiety related poop issues before (urgh sorry) but looking through the forum, it seems like lots of people do. I knew diarrhoea was a common one but is constipation also possibly from anxiety? I haven't asked the Dr about it yet (I'm so burnt out on going to Drs lately) but I guess if it keeps up next week I will ask him. I am just so tired of this merry-go-round in and out of Dr offices when most things turn out to be nothing! It's tiring...
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  7. Gagging senstion with senstion

    I used to have this happen when I'd eat breakfast before going to work! I could eat fine at any other time but I was so anxious about going to work that I'd gag on my toast - every single bite. Sometimes I'd even have to spit the food up and come close to vomiting Do you feel anxious about eating in public? I have no solution, mine didn't stop till I quit the job. Maybe if you can get a handle on what's making you anxious, it will subside. Good luck!
  8. Weird Sweat??

    It could be that you've caught their cold. You should take it easy and not try to push yourself too hard. If it's a virus, a few days rest will do you good! Keep up drinking water to rehydrate. I wouldn't worry too much about the sweat, it could be linked to having a cold. Side note: I saw some crazy story online a few months back where a woman was sweating blood! The Drs had no idea why. So your sweat sounds downright normal compared to hers
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  10. Is there anybody here?

  11. Weird Sweat??

    I hope everyone had a fantastic thanksgiving! Last night I was so bloated from food and 1 beer to the point I had a headache and could barely breathe. It was horrible! Around 3am I woke up in a literal PUDDLE of sweat from my lower abdomen to my knees. (Not urine). Of course my anxiety got the best of me and I was my mind has been wandering, I’ve felt loopy and just not well. My heart seems to beat harder with everything I do, and I have no energy. Everyone around me has this bad head cold thing. I have just never sweat that much at night in my life! Im still just freaking out ):
  12. Brain tumour fears again

    I had phantom smells they were anxiety and nothing else. The brain and nervous system can really do a number on us when it wants to 😝
  13. Pain and Bowel Panic

    Lol pears are high in fiber. 😜 After I had the diverticulitis flares I could feel every stomach sensation, and I would stare at my bowels so I know exactly what you are talking about. It's Maddening unfortunately I turned my health anxiety to als and all my tummy probs just magically went away.. my bowels still are unpredictable... Never know what I'm going to get lol. Yes I really agree with your Dr. And also the girls from my work.. their Drs sent them for CT scans.. they didn't say wait a few weeks. It will get better.
  14. Petechia on legs....worried

    Right! Thanks Anyone else have any experience with them??
  15. I'm really glad we met as well. This is a difficult journey, it makes it a lot easier when you can share it with other folks and strive together. Anxiety is sneaky isn't it? It is always lurking in the back of our minds waiting for an opportunity to resurface. We gotta hang in there though lol. Warm hugs and much love
  16. Pain and Bowel Panic

    You're absolutely right that that the doctor gave me the referral for my peace of mind. I asked her specifically how long I should let these symptoms go on before I go in again, and that was when she said to give it a couple of weeks and gave me the referral "just to keep in my pocket." I have read your stories about your colleagues with colon cancer, and those plus my doctor's reassurance that I don't have any of the red-flag symptoms she would think of gives me relief. If I sit back and think about it, I think I AM getting a little bit better, but not fast enough to feel like there isn't a problem aside from anxiety. I'm also hyper-focused on all of the symptoms, too, which makes it worse. I ate a pear earlier and I could feel little pains as it made its way through my digestive system. It's bizarre. And I've NEVER spent so much time analyzing my own sh*t! I'm both terrified that I'm dying and amused by/disgusted with how absurd the whole situation is.
  17. Petechia on legs....worried

    Not dangerous at all. They're just little broken capillaries. Think teeny tiny bruises.
  18. Pain and Bowel Panic

    I work in a very small office.. maybe 8 of us. In 2011 four got cancer.. I think I talked above about two of my co-workers who had colon cancer.. I think you should trust your Dr. I think they referred you to the GI Dr for you.. the GI Dr will want to do a colonoscopy.. they are specialist and that's THE test they run.. Anxiety can cause all kinds of symptoms... Especially in the tummy and bowels.
  19. Petechia on legs....worried

    Ok thanks! Do you know if they are dangerous at all?
  20. Pain and Bowel Panic

    Thanks for responding, Holls. I'm glad you don't think it's anything serious. I think I mentioned before that I haven't had digestive issues before this most recent bout of HA, and it's really unnerving. I probably just never paid that much attention before, though. I've had two doctors tell me there's nothing wrong but anxiety - that they'd never even consider cancer with my symptoms - and I'm trying desperately to believe them. I have a referral to a GI doctor, but I don't want to go and have more anxiety about appointments and tests. I just want this to go away.
  21. Pain and Bowel Panic

    I think it's just normal body functions but us with HA wonder and get nervous about any and all changes. Yes I have had exactly what you describe. My bowels are never consistent. I have pains here and there often. After two yrs of it I've come to think... This is normal and it doesn't mean there is something wrong.
  22. Brain tumour fears again

    I second the allergies/sinuses! I'm prone to sinus problems and my head will pound until I take a decongestant. My face will feel funky, too, especially through the cheeks. If you're stuffed up at all, try an allergy pill. Going to your GP and eye doctor aren't a bad idea, either, just to help you feel better - and everyone can use a regular eye exam!
  23. Pain and Bowel Panic

    Has anyone had their symptoms change or pain move? Over the last couple of days, I've had my pain shift from under my left ribs to my right and center abdomen, and have had my stools change from normal to diarrhea to small and hard to diarrhea to a mixture of normal and loose to loose. Sometimes I think I'm doing better, and then the pain comes back or moves or changes or my stools change again, and I'm right back where I started. I don't get it.
  24. Petechia on legs....worried

    I don't think so. He's been to his dermatologist a few times for other things, so I'm sure she's seen them and hasn't thought anything of them. He just lives with them. They aren't bothersome, just there.
  25. Petechia on legs....worried

    Thanks for sharing! Has he done anything about it? Like seen a doctor or anything?
  26. Guys, I need some advice.. Can tension headache affect my eyes to the extent that it becomes totally dry like this? Although my eyes are capable of producing natural tears, the dryness and tightness are endless. It's very weird. I hope someone can help!
  27. Brain tumour fears again

    I don't want to say the symptoms she had Bec I know for me with my health fear, I start to experience those ohhhh health anxiety. I hope this helps and not hurts, she had extreme forgetfulness.. almost to the point she wasn't herself. She was a very hard worker and she started forgetting really Important things and people's names.. we all noticed really fast that something was off. She had intense headaches that hindered her from working. She threw up at her desk trashcan.. her balance was off.. it was pretty intense. ... Visual changes. When I have headaches that last and last my mind automatically goes to brain tumor.. but no, it's just our anxious minds saying it. You can go to your PCP and talk out your fears... A quick neuro exam will probably give you peace of mind.. but your PCP might not even feel the need for it. I just went to my PCP to finally but my fears to bed and I'm so glad I did.. I feel free.
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