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faraway    4

My diagnosis has changed to schizophrenia and I'm kind of bummed about it but at least I know I might need to think about.

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MsLLL    194

Hi Faraway!

I'm sorry you are bummed. It's tough to wrap your mind around this new obstacle for sure. Schizophrenia is not an easy challenge but with the right help it is very manageable. From my experience working with people afflicted with this condition the number one challenge was to take the medication at all times. It made a huge difference vs. being non-medicated. Day and Night kind of thing. There is a lot of help out there these days and you are not alone. So many people suffer from this and it's not your fault you got this. It was very likely passed on to you. 

Just know you are not alone, millions of people have this. Medication is the savior in this case and going to your doctor on a regular basis. There is support groups too to talk about things face to face. 

Let us know how things go please. 


Cyber Hug to you! 

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