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Cow patty poops - scared this is a bad sign!

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ktdid2000    1

Hello all, 

Since I think everyone here is a fellow digestive upset sufferer (yay us!), I wanted to ask this question here. 

Almost every morning for the past month and a half I've been having what I like to call cow patty poops in the morning just after I wake up. It's not liquid and I don't go more than normal so I hesitate to call it diarrhea. It hangs together in the bowl so it's definitely not liquid, it just looks sort of like mud (or really like a cow patty if you've ever seen those!). It comes out easily and sometimes I do have the urge to go that I can put off for a little bit but not too long.

I do have normal "log" poops if I go in the afternoons/evenings. 

I just can't wrap my head around why this only seems to happen in the morning. I've also seen various things saying that "these are awesome and should be how everyone poops" to "you have inflammation and this is almost diarrhea and something must be wrong". I don't know who to believe!

I have been to the doc (GP and GI) and had bloodwork, a stool test, and abdominal ultrasound that all came back normal. I consider myself fairly healthy and eat well and exercise daily. GI doc just wants me to try extra soluble fiber to bulk the stools - whatever that means!  

Has anyone else had these just be their "normal" stool? It just seems like most people think only a log is normal and anything besides that indicates a problem. I can't believe I am obsessing to much over something like this but I just want to get a feeling for how serious I should take this symptom, if it even is one!

Thanks for reading this way TMI! :)

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