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Benefits of drinking Earl Grey Tea.

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Named after Earl Charles Grey, Britain's Prime Minister in the 1800s, Earl Grey tea is a popular, lightly spiced black tea. The tea has an intriguing history with mysterious legends that are, admittedly, far-fetched. In one legend Earl Grey's servants supposedly rescue a nobleman's son either from a tiger or from drowning--after which the Earl is presented with the tea named after him as a thank you. And what a gift it is; Earl Grey tea has health benefits as an antidepressant, immunity-booster and more.

Antioxidants to Keep You Healthy

A blend of Indian and Ceylon teas, Earl Grey tea is infused with the flavor of bergamot, a small citrus fruit from Asia now cultivated in Italy. The health benefits of bergamot have been documented for centuries. Many of these benefits can be attributed to bergamot's antioxidants. Antioxidants attack free radicals, which have damaging effects that age the body. In this way the antioxidants in Earl Grey tea help your body stay young and healthy, fight off infection and keep illness at bay. That's why Earl Grey tea is recommended for patients with cold or flu, who often need to boost their immunity. Earl Grey tea is also used to reduce the temperature of patients who have a fever. New Carte Noire Instinct Try New Carte Noire Instinct Today. Grab Your Free Sample Now!

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Stave off Depression and Anxiety

The bergamot in Earl Grey tea has been known to have a calming effect in people. Bergamot can also boost a person's mood. These two qualities make Earl Grey tea a good natural solution for people suffering from depression, stress, anxiety and severe mood swings. The bergamot in a cup of Earl Grey is refreshing and relaxing for people under tension.

A Digestive Aid

In addition to boosting mood and immunity, the bergamot in Earl Grey tea has been known to improve digestion. It aids in the digestive process and helps relieve painful indigestion, colic and nausea. It is also used to treat intestinal problems such as worms. Earl Grey tea is sometimes recommended to fight urinary tract infections as well.

Protect Your Chompers

Fluoride is a natural ingredient of Earl Grey tea. It helps fight tooth decay and protects your teeth from cavities in a healthier way than the fluoride that is often added to city drinking water. Catechin is another substance found in Earl Grey that fights off oral infections.

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shaun    5

I know about the health enhancing properties of Bergamot, but I never knew Earl Grey tea contains Bergamot. I regularly drink green tea for its health benefits, I might start buying Earl Grey as well. Is Earl Grey tea quite expensive?

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kjscrafts    0

Is Earl Grey tea quite expensive?

It usually is not any more expensive than other kinds of tea. I have noticed many brands sell both Earl Grey, Green Tea, and Herbal Teas all for the same price.

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