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  1. **Possible trigger** Might not be anxiety after all

    Thanks for reporting back. Now it's waiting for that MRI; I waited a few weeks recently for mine, so I understand how you feel. You have a choice; you can either live the next few weeks being miserable or you can choose to move on with your life as best possible and enjoy the little things. I stressed a lot, and my MRI turned out perfectly normal (except for chronic sinusitis). Nothing you mentioned is definitive for MS, and it can all be explained by HA, which you know you have. I think a brain tumor is also very unlikely, but the MRI will confirm. FWIW, most people with MS continue to have a relatively normal lifespan, with a very decent quality of life. Treatment of MS has really come a long way, and the disease has become much more manageable. I don't say any of this because I think you have MS; merely because, at least for me, it sometimes helps knowing that the worst case scenario is not as bad as I think.
  2. Terrified that I have als (Localized twitching)

    I am of course no doctor and I think you should follow through with the MND evaluation bc you will have no peace of mind if you don't. But from everything I've read about ALS I don't really understand your GP's fear. If your twitch is that noticeably big through clothing, it is not coming from a dying muscle. ALS twitches are tiny little twitches often not noticed by the patient. (Not to suggest that tiny twitches are ALS either; if you look at the BFS forum, BFS causes anything from large thumping twitches to tiny ripple twitches). But my point is, what you describe sounds virtually impossible to be the worst you fear. To be honest, it sounds like your GP doesn't know much about ALS, BFS, and anxiety. Put it this way, having read the ALS forums a lot in the past, and the questions of lots of people posing scenario is about twitches and whether they have ALS, I know exactly what the experts on there would tell you 😄
  3. Terrified that I have als (Localized twitching)

    There are lots of stories online but we really do not know the source or accuracy of facts. The people on the ALS forum are pretty adamant that twitching without weakness means nothing. Biologically it also makes sense since ALS twitching occurs when the motor nerves are killed off causing the muscles to stop functioning, ie after weakness has started. I am inclined to think that those reports may have been people who had unrelated twitching before. In any event, even if real, we should not be worrying about an unususual exceptional presentation of an already rare disease. BFS or anxiety are infinitely more likely. lets believe it!!!!
  4. Having a hard time again....

    Thanks for the encouragement you guys. It really means a lot. It's a strange thing this process of conquering anxiety - it's something you have to work on hard while at the same time not working hard; being passive and non-reactive. It got me badly again this time with its fear tactics, but I know I can get through this.
  5. Terrified that I have als (Localized twitching)

    Funny, must be something in the air this week, because I am having a really hard time myself (see my newest post). I'm hardly in the position to give you much advice right now, other than to say I'm right there with you. I don't know of any clinical self-test for your triceps, nor do I think you should attempt it (although I am extremely guilty of self-testing at the moment, so no judgment). If you can do that many push ups and pull ups, I'm sure you're fine (I can't do nearly that many, but I've never really worked out my arm muscles, so that is nothing new for me). Like you, I have experienced some trembling/shaking in my left hand, but again, my logical mind says that this is very likely just another anxiety symptom. Trembling hands are not exactly unassociated with stress/anxiety. The fact that it is mostly in my left hand is probably anxiety-driven too, because that is the body part I am worrying about. If anything, trembling really is not a symptom of ALS; you'd think more of Parkinsons, but that disease is equally unlikely at our age. It is most likely a psychogenic tremor. The facts are as others have presented: ALS is very rare, and for people under 40, it is exceptionally very rare. Twitching, whether caused by anxiety, benign fasciculation syndrome, overtesting/exercise, etc., on the other hand is very common, and even more so in HA sufferers. Because our nervous systems are out of wack with anxiety, it causes a lot of misfiring to occur, i.e. twitching. Localized also makes sense, because if we are obsessing about a particular area, it would make sense that those nerves/muscles will be more affected. If you have any sensory component, like pain/aches, weird sensations, tingles, etc. that further points away from ALS, although even if you don't, that doesn't mean it is ALS. Lastly, I always actually take some comfort that I (and now you) get twitches all over, because that makes it even more likely that it is caused by anxiety. If my entire body were possessed by ALS, I would not be walking and functioning anymore. I can write all of this out logically, and want you to believe it, but I still struggle myself. I think all you and I can do is practice acceptance, not reacting to thoughts and symptoms, including NO SELF TESTING. It is SO SO HARD, but from what I've seen here, it is pretty much the only thing that works.
  6. Non-stop twitching between thumb and forefinger

    I just made a post about my recent issues/relapse. I'm having frequent twitching in the exact same area as you, as well as other parts of my palm in the left hand, sometimes moving my fingers.
  7. Having a hard time again....

    Hi all, After having felt quite a bit better the last week or so, with my knee/leg symptoms having gone away, I feel like I've really fallen off the wagon again since yesterday. It also started when the twitches in my left hand and arm really kicked up again. At first, I did well just accepting it and letting it float by, but then I looked down at my hands, and thought the muscles on my left hand (especially the one below my thumb on the palm, and the one on the top of my hand between the thumb and index finger) looked smaller than the ones on my right hand. Of course, I know that I am right handed, use my right hand more, and that probably accounts for the difference, but for some reason it really freaked me out, and I started poking the muscles, of course finding that the ones on my right hand are more firm. Since then I have had lots of little tiny twitches in my palm, wrist, and between my thumb and index fingers on my left hand, sometimes moving the fingers. My left hand also feels "weird" (not quite pins and needles, but like there is a lot of adrenaline); I have the occasional tingles/weird sensations in it; the hand sweats a lot; and it also appears to have some trembling/shaking, especially when I hold it out/up. Sometimes, it's hard to distinguish what is a tremor and what is a twitch at times. The more I focus and worry about it, the more I notice the symptoms. I am sure this is anxiety driven, but of course I always worry. I still have twitches in other parts of my body too (legs, back, right arm, etc.), but definitely more pronounced in the left hand/forearm. It of course totally fuels my A** fear. I know I haven't been doing myself any favors either, because I have been doing lots of strength testing with that hand. Picking up heavy files, using one of those hand rehab squeezers, resistance exercises with a rubber band, making a fist, extensions, etc. I can do all those things, but have a lot of perceived weakness. Sometimes when I hold a cup or glass, it feels like I'm going to lose my grip, but the cup/glass doesn't actually fall. I don't even really know what it is I want with this post, other than perhaps some reassurance and encouragement. Feeling really down today, especially because I thought I was making progress.
  8. Holding myself accountable

    You will be very missed, twitching buddy! Enjoy your break.
  9. Bleeding Hemorrhoids and Unrelated Meltdown

    Yep same for me on the account.
  10. My health anxiey dilemma

    I am in the same stage as you now, although my HA is of more recent onset. My feelings of anxiety are much better, and although I still have some worries about diseases, I feel like I've improved quite a bit. However, I still have a lot of random aches, pains, weird feelings in limbs, etc. They move around a lot, and worsen when I focus on them. I've concluded it's the anxiety, and I largely try to ignore them. I've had a lot of tests in the last few months, and don't feel any are truly necessary at this time. Of course my HA will always want me to have more for reassurance, but, at least for now, my rational mind prevails
  11. Freaking out about leukemia

    Totally agree with this. When I was worried about leukemia with normal lab work, my dr said the blood test results are not just a little bit off in leukemia patients; they usually pop off the page. And I agree with your second sentence too
  12. Having a very hard time

    You poor thing. You have a lot going on, and it doesn't surprise me one bit that you are having a bad anxiety relapse. It also sounds like you have depression kicking in, possibly secondary to the anxiety. Like I said, I felt like you did about 2 months ago, and I didn't even have all of your stuff to deal with! I agree with others. Go see you GP/PCP while you wait on other providers. I personally highly recommend getting in with a psychiatrist, because they are just extremely knowledgeable about the mental health medications, which combinations to try, the side effects, etc. But their wait times can be long, so start with your PCP in the meantime. They can get you started on a low dose, and then you can work with a psychiatrist to tailor fit it more specifically. As for a psychologist/therapist, I was also surprised about the wait time until you mentioned Kaiser. Keep your appointment, but if you can, try some private pay sessions if you have the ability. It will make a world of difference to sit down and talk with a professional. As for trying for another baby, only you would know how high a priority that is, your age, other factors, etc. But I would say that, if you can hold off a few months to let your mental health settle and improve, that might be a good thing.
  13. TMJ/throat tension tips?

    Hi everyone, Since my HA started up, I've had a lot of tightness around my throat; mostly a tight band feeling but also a click when swallowing. I've also had some TMJ symptoms with pain in the jaw especially at the joint in front of my ear and some ear fullness. I am fully aware that these are almost certainly caused by my anxiety and muscle tension in the face and throat area. I am not worried or anxious about this, but was wondering if anyone also experiences this and if you have tips to reduce the symptoms in the short term (other than obviously lowering general anxiety overall)?
  14. Having a very hard time

    I really feel for you. This was me about 2 months ago. I tried desperately to get into a psychiatrist, but everyone was either not accepting new patients or could see my 5 months out. Just please know that the suffering is temporary, it will end. Hang on. It sounds like you already have a psychiatrist? Are you on medications and just need adjustment, or do you need to start it? My GP was able to get me started on meds until I could get into my psychiatrist, and it really saved me. Therapy is also really helpful; could you look into another therapist that has sooner availability? I know it's so exhausting. Like I said, hang in there, try to get your meds started ASAP, but if you are starting them new, be aware that there will be side effects and you will feel worse initially. But it really does get better. And although exercise doesn't solve it, it helps, so go out and try and get some sun and fresh air as much as possible.
  15. Terrified that I have als (Localized twitching)

    Completely understood!!