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  1. I found the same thing . And now that I've been working more to try and block out everything it seems like my slight pains and aches go away and like everybody said turn out to be nothing . Thank you for your help
  2. I get the same things . Chest pain eleven aged heart rate . It's all the symptoms of anxiety . I know it feels like pure hell and it's scary but you will get through this . Congrats on the job btw . I've been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks forever and I know that they feel like your going to die but you won't . I went to the ER 4 times had ekg's and much higher BP and heart rate . And I'm still here . They're just classic signs of anxiety . Try taking deep breaths through the nose to get oxygen to the lower lungs . That seems to help me breath through my attacks . This is a great place to get feedback and comfort . Chin up and congrats again . Just keep telling yourself that you are okay . Prayers to you
  3. I agree with you and get the same sense of relief when posting . Like you said the replies help tremendously but something about writing it out helps
  4. No shame ! I will be praying for you and your baby and healthy and speedy recovery! There is no shame for those in Christ Jesus
  5. So what should i do ? Should I give the meds a shot but take them at night this time ? Even though I'm so scared of every side effect and sure I'll get them all . I honestly think that maybe they could be beneficial if I can get through the first couple weeks . My doctor said that it will take a couple weeks for the full benefits to kick in and after that I'd be much happier and have better quality of life . If you have any info on effexor I'd gladly take it and weigh it out . Thank you again for talking with me
  6. Thank you . I am glad that I'm am healthy in that sense . I just want to feel normal again . I masked my anxiety for so many years by smoking weed and then one day weed started to become a trigger . My doctor prescribed effexor about 2 weeks ago and I took it for the first day in the am but I don't remember the day to much and after reading the side effects it scared me son bad that I didn't take them again . I had an appointment with him the other day and he was asking about the meds and I told him what happened and he is very adamant that I continue taking them and give them a try . This guy has been my GP for a very long time and I trust him but I'm scared of pills . It's almost like I've accepted the fact that I live with anxiety daily and that is my life now but there has to be a way out of it . I will try and always remember I am okay and just tell myself that and maybe brain will believe it soon and everything will switch back like the way it switched anxiety on . MsLLL thank you your posts and replies always help
  7. I can't get over these chest pains I have . They're either in the left or the right but never in the center . And then today they start in the center . I've had 4 ekgs and trips to the ER and blood work along with a stress test and everything has come back fine and normal . The cardiologist even said my heart was great and that my blood test came back good . But why the chest pain then ? I just don't get it . I've changed my diet and exercise and I still get these pains and anxiety it started just maybe once a week I'd get the panic attacks or anxiety attacks now it's like an all day everyday things . I'm at the end of my rope with this stuff . People shouldn't have to live like this. I can even enjoy anything anymore because my body and mind are so consumed with panic and worry . Any help ?
  8. Thank you holls . Really appreciate it . Just talking about it makes things better . I used to consider myself a strong minded person that could get through anything but lately this anxiety/panic thing has been kicking my butt . How are you doing ? Are you hanging in there ? I like to make sure that the people that help me are also doing okay, just so I'm not always taking but giving back . Thank you again . Hugs to you as well
  9. Mandi, I can relate to your frustration! I am there myself . I'm so sick and tired of these feeling I just want it to end ! And I don't care how it ends . I am so sorry you have to go through this as I am for all anxiety suffers . Just know you are not alone and there are literal 100's if not 1000's of use going through the same thing . Stay strong girl and i believe you can beat this . Prayers to you darlin
  10. Thank you . I'm trying I'm just so sick and tired of feeling like this . I just want a normal day where I'm not all drugged up and no anxiety and I just want to be happy and healthy . It's almost like I don't remember what it was like to not feel like this . I just want my life back . I can't even sleep it away anymore
  11. So today was okay until about 3 hours ago . 4pm pacific time . I started getting hot flashes and muscle aches and a weird taste in my mouth my BP shot through the roof at 140/104 and my HR was 104 . Now when I try and lay down to calm myself my left eyelid twitches and feels weird when I close my eyes like it's hard to keep them closed . I know I post on here everyday and it seems almost therapeutic but today I'm in some real need of help and advice . Anybody experience any of the same things ? Any thoughts from the community? Please help
  12. So last night was not a good night . I didn't sleep worth a hill of beans and today has been rather stressful. First we had yoga which was nice and then a doctor appointment where he wants to increase BP meds and start Effexor again at night, and then a job interview which was long but positive because I got the job and then a meeting with my pastor . Wasn't able to eat a whole lot today and or hydrate . Now I got home and was able to make some dinner and ate a lot but it was a healthy dinner . I have a pinched nerve in my back and it's causing my mind to think up all sorts of crazy things . Like I'm having a heart attack or a something crazy is wrong with my head . Early I had a sharp pain shoot up the front of my chest to my neck almost like an electric shock . Can anybody help or off any advice as to what's going on ? Thank you . My health anxiety is through the roof and I don't like taking pills so I haven't started my Effexor but take my clonazepam to go to sleep . Can anybody help
  13. Hey Phil just saw your post . And as you know anxiety has literally 100's of symptoms and I think that dwelling on it or even just having it pop in your head could cause your mind to send your body and head into a tailspin . You will be okay just keep telling yourself that . I'm going to be okay I'm going to be okay . I check this thing multiple times a day and am so glad if I can help . My Gpa is a dr so I will ask him and see what he has to say on the topic and be glad to relay it to you . Prayers to you my friend
  14. I know exactly what your going through . Every time you get the tinyest little twinge or pain or ache it sends your mind into orbit like your going to have a stroke or heart attack or brain tumor . Trust your doctor and the MRI . This forum is a super supportive place to talk about our issues and people here really want to help . Please try and realize that You are okay and that you will get through this . I've been to the ER 4 times and I still get feeling like I'm having deadly issues but people on here have helped me to accept that I am okay and my anxiety gets the best of me . I'll be praying for you . it'll be okay . Stay strong . Your not alone
  15. Glad your doing well Phil . I recently started yoga but my gym only offers it 2 times a week . But those days are usually great days . I never thought yoga could be so relaxing . I will defiantly try a massage once I get the funds to do so . I have always been curious about acupuncture? I hope your balance and tingles go away . The tingles were always the scariest for me but understanding that IT IS in fact just anxiety helps to cope and deal with it . Prayers to you my friend and remember together we can get through this .