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  1. Having a really hard time..

    Hey there. Sorry to hear your story. I deal with full blown agoraphobia myself and have yet to find a med that helps even remotely. I guess, imo, I would say bispirone was next to useless for me. Made me very dizzy/uncomfortable right away (not weeks after taking it like other meds). Best of luck
  2. Feeling Trapped

    I'm new here and just want to say I too am right there with you. I'm 26 years old, male, and have been suffering from anxiety for 13 years only for it to finally lead to full blown agoraphobia,...after years of trying to battle it with meds, therapy, etc. I'm just here to say you're not alone and it's unfortunately nice to know that I'm not alone. I literally don't leave my house at all which makes it impossible for me to get any help lol. It's a catch 22 situation.