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  1. How can I get over my rabies fear to enjoy my class?

    You see she won't be with us all the time. There are times we have to go with a group to let out the animals.
  2. I am taking a mammalogy class and I am really excited, but worried. We are going to be bating and capturing mammals that are in a field site in a small town located near my university. Which means we are going to be handling them. My professor said there is a protocol involved for students since we will be handling wild animals, but very little. She said the best way is to put a net over the trap to let the small animal go into, then to measure it then let it go. I'm afraid I will end up getting rabies somehow like from handling the net(since when it gets colder my hands crack) or from getting bit and not noticing. Or accidentally touching the bate. The only animals involved in these small traps are smaller mammals. The bigger animals we will just be watching live footage. How can I get over my fear so I can enjoy this class? And do you think i will end up getting rabies from this? Really worried because I usually have cuts on my hands and she didnt say anything about wearing gloves. And this is her first time doing this class with bating. But gloves won't keep an animal from biting you. I think this class will help me get over my fear, but how do I deal with this fear now and during the first time so i can get over it?
  3. Like under a sheet on the bed? A couple days ago my boyfriend came over and was laying in my bed and Im sure on his way into my house, my dog licked his leg at some point. My dog is vaccinated, but bats live on my porch so I don't know if she's came into contact with one or had one in her mouth. So then I laid on his side of my bed tonight without a bandaid on this open cut on my leg. Then after I realized I put a bandaid on, which probably just pushed the possible virus even farther in. IF she did have a bat in her mouth, then licked my bfs leg, then rub off his leg onto my sheets then touch my cut. could I get rabies from that?
  4. So I ended up going to the doctors and they took my blood pressure and it ended up being 124/86, she said that isn't considered high. And they took a blood test and urine test. Got my results today and everything turned out normal, except they said that my urine showed some protein and that this is likely because i was fasting( I hadn't eaten and drank anything since the night ) so I could do blood work.Also, sometimes I can get dehydrated at work so I probably don't drink as much water as I should. So they said to increase water intake and then repeat the urine test in 2 weeks. So I looked it up and online it says protein in urine can be caused by hypertension(high blood pressure), diabetes, and kidney issues. Well i went here and my pressure wasn't high. The test said my glucose levels were normal(so if I had diabetes it would've been high, right?), and my kidney function was normal( if I had kidney disease or failing kidneys, it wouldn't be normal right?) Im just so scared because my pappy is dying because his kidneys are failing and it has been a problem for a long time and I don't want to end up like him. Can anyone help me?
  5. Swollen lymph node??

    Ive had one in my neck since last year and Im not worried anymore. As long as it isn't continuously growing/ getting bigger and you aren't having weird symptoms, you should be fine.
  6. Ok so my dog has her rabies vaccine, but there are tons of bats that live on our porch so if there is a dead one laying around she could've came into contact with it. About a week or two ago my mom let her in the house to lick up something that spilled on the floor. And i recently had a toenail remove so I kinda have a wound there. Its not bleeding anymore ,but its still open. Well i forgot and walked over that area today where she licked. If the dried saliva came into contact with my wound, could I get rabies from that? If she had a bat in her mouth or if she was messing with one?
  7. The cat had a collar on it, but no tags and there was nobody there with it so Im thinking it was a stray. She started petting it then she accidentally touched its butt and it scratched her. Later I accidentally touched her scratch and later was scratching at a bug bite. And earlier that day she ran over my heel with her baby stroller. Then after the scratch she pulled out a blanket for a picnic and my ankle brushed the blanket that she touched and the scratch was on the bottom of her hand so it probably touched the blanket then touched my cut. Then on the way home I was wresting my chin on my hand with my lips really close and I have a really big ulcer on the inside of my lip.I was helping her carry stuff too so I was touching things she touched and my hand touched hers a couple times. Can you get rabies second hand exposure like this? My parents and boyfriend don't believe there is a risk so they won't listen to me.
  8. Like on a phone screen? Like say someone touched something that could've been contaminated with rabies then touched their phone last friday. Then today I touched their phone then ate something with my fingers with a bleeding ulcer in my mouth? I washed my hands before eating, but I'm still worried.
  9. Should I worry about rabies from a dog scratch?

    Thank you
  10. Should I worry about rabies from a dog scratch?

    I think if they lick their paws or drool on them, then it could be passed on. But they weren't showing any signs. They were just excited
  11. I was at my friends boyfriends parents house yesterday because that is where she has been living. The dogs were excited to see me and kept jumping up on me which ended up scratching my legs, but later ended up sitting on my lap. She says I should worry because she thinks that the parents have them vaccinated because they take really good care of them and end up getting them groomed all the time and they are inside dogs, not outside very often. And also they live in a gated community, so there probably isn't many animals around there that could carry rabies.
  12. Can you get rabies this way?

    A week or two ago she was barking and I heard her make a yipping sound. And idk if she was biting at something rabid. Honestly, I'm not sure. I guess as soon as I found out there were bats living in my porch. Or maybe when I read old yeller in the sixth grade.
  13. Can you get rabies this way?

    My dog has her rabies shot, but I don't know if you can get rabies this way. Several years ago an old dog had a dead bat in her mouth. I haven't seen any dead ones recently, but there is one living on the porch. So I don't know if anything dead and rabid has been in my current dogs mouth. So I was outside with her today and she kept licking my leg. About an hour later I went to go take a shower and shave my legs. Usually I take a shower first then shave but this time for some reason I shaved first and now I am worried because I cut myself a couple times. If she had a rabid animal in her mouth and it got in my cut from shaving, could I get rabies from that even though she has her vaccine?
  14. Last rabies fear question for awhile. I promise.

    Thank you, I definitely plan on researching them more. Its just now my hip hurts whenever i lay on it(like its sore), i don't know if I'm just imagining it or if its fro, whatever happened.
  15. I was getting out of my car in the garage today and I felt a pain above my hip. But i didn't see any bats around me and no one else did. And now there is this little red blood dot on my hip and Idk if its from that or something else. I didn't feel a bat on me, which I think I would have to feel one on me to bite me. And I wouldve seen one, And my dad says they don't just go and bite people. They have to be provoked. And I know when bats bite there are usually 2 blood dots, not one like I have. I don't know there is another red blemish(but no blood no open ski) thing kind of beside it, but it doesn't look like the other one. I wouldn't be worried if I didnt have this pinprick looking thing with blood on it. I showed my mom and she was like how do you even notice that? like no help