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  1. The cat had a collar on it, but no tags and there was nobody there with it so Im thinking it was a stray. She started petting it then she accidentally touched its butt and it scratched her. Later I accidentally touched her scratch and later was scratching at a bug bite. And earlier that day she ran over my heel with her baby stroller. Then after the scratch she pulled out a blanket for a picnic and my ankle brushed the blanket that she touched and the scratch was on the bottom of her hand so it probably touched the blanket then touched my cut. Then on the way home I was wresting my chin on my hand with my lips really close and I have a really big ulcer on the inside of my lip.I was helping her carry stuff too so I was touching things she touched and my hand touched hers a couple times. Can you get rabies second hand exposure like this? My parents and boyfriend don't believe there is a risk so they won't listen to me.
  2. Like on a phone screen? Like say someone touched something that could've been contaminated with rabies then touched their phone last friday. Then today I touched their phone then ate something with my fingers with a bleeding ulcer in my mouth? I washed my hands before eating, but I'm still worried.
  3. Should I worry about rabies from a dog scratch?

    Thank you
  4. Should I worry about rabies from a dog scratch?

    I think if they lick their paws or drool on them, then it could be passed on. But they weren't showing any signs. They were just excited
  5. I was at my friends boyfriends parents house yesterday because that is where she has been living. The dogs were excited to see me and kept jumping up on me which ended up scratching my legs, but later ended up sitting on my lap. She says I should worry because she thinks that the parents have them vaccinated because they take really good care of them and end up getting them groomed all the time and they are inside dogs, not outside very often. And also they live in a gated community, so there probably isn't many animals around there that could carry rabies.
  6. Can you get rabies this way?

    A week or two ago she was barking and I heard her make a yipping sound. And idk if she was biting at something rabid. Honestly, I'm not sure. I guess as soon as I found out there were bats living in my porch. Or maybe when I read old yeller in the sixth grade.
  7. Can you get rabies this way?

    My dog has her rabies shot, but I don't know if you can get rabies this way. Several years ago an old dog had a dead bat in her mouth. I haven't seen any dead ones recently, but there is one living on the porch. So I don't know if anything dead and rabid has been in my current dogs mouth. So I was outside with her today and she kept licking my leg. About an hour later I went to go take a shower and shave my legs. Usually I take a shower first then shave but this time for some reason I shaved first and now I am worried because I cut myself a couple times. If she had a rabid animal in her mouth and it got in my cut from shaving, could I get rabies from that even though she has her vaccine?
  8. Last rabies fear question for awhile. I promise.

    Thank you, I definitely plan on researching them more. Its just now my hip hurts whenever i lay on it(like its sore), i don't know if I'm just imagining it or if its fro, whatever happened.
  9. I was getting out of my car in the garage today and I felt a pain above my hip. But i didn't see any bats around me and no one else did. And now there is this little red blood dot on my hip and Idk if its from that or something else. I didn't feel a bat on me, which I think I would have to feel one on me to bite me. And I wouldve seen one, And my dad says they don't just go and bite people. They have to be provoked. And I know when bats bite there are usually 2 blood dots, not one like I have. I don't know there is another red blemish(but no blood no open ski) thing kind of beside it, but it doesn't look like the other one. I wouldn't be worried if I didnt have this pinprick looking thing with blood on it. I showed my mom and she was like how do you even notice that? like no help
  10. Another rabies fear. Please help.

    Also I just came outside from being out in the dark, where bats lurk. And all the sudden I have a stinging little scratch on my leg that I have no idea where it came from. Could that be from a bat?
  11. Another rabies fear. Please help.

    I so wish I could just get over this, but it caused me multiple meltdowns today. For people who haven't read my other posts, bats live on my porch. Like in the roof I guess. So I went outside to go down the steps and I felt this stinging/burning pain on the back of my legs. I didnt look behind me till I got down the steps, so that would have given time for the bat to go away, even though I didn't see it when I first came out. And my dad was right behind me. And I read online that bat bites feel like needle pricks. Then later this evening I looked on the back of my legs(I can't see it very well) is a closer of several dots/bumps that could be a bat bite. I am so scared because none of my parents will listen to me or look at it and tell me. This has happened so many times this week because of my anxiety. I am scared already going out onto the porch, so could my anxiety be manifesting the pain and the marks be from something random since I didnt see a bat? Unless it snuck up behind me. This fear is just so scary because it causes imminent death. Please help. I just don't know what else could cause a stinging pain..
  12. Can bats live under cars?

    My car stays parked outside and doesn't get driven very often as I'm at school most of the time. So I've been driving it the past couple days and I was driving it around the house today and I got out and something made the back of my leg hurt and I'm afraid it was a bat bite. Help please.
  13. Every summer my house has a bat problem and it gives me very bad anxiety. They can't get into our house (thank god), but they roost in our porch. Most years my dad captures them and releases them into the woods, but this year he hasn't yet. Whenever I go outside at night I always have extreme fear of getting bitten by one. And then one day several years ago my old dog was CARRYING A DEAD BAT IN HER MOUTH. She's one of those dogs that carries around everything she can find. One time we came home she was carrying a five dollar bill. I was so worried, but she had her rabies shot so no one else was worried and she ended up fine. But now I'm worried because I was petting my dog today(A different dog, who also has her rabies shot), and I think when she yawned some of her saliva went into my eye. I didn't see to go in, but I felt something but then I also noticed a hair was poking my eye. So I don't know if it was my hair or her saliva. But Im worrying now wondering if she's been eating or carrying around a dead bat and I haven't seen it. Where if her saliva got into my eye it could give me rabies from her having one in her mouth. Now this has only happened once in the several years I have lived here, but I'm worried and I can't tell my mom because she gets mad when I tell her my worries. Can someone give me some advice on how to deal with this?
  14. I was in a public bathroom today and my fingers grazed this sharp jagged edge that I guess cuts off the paper. If someone before me got blood on it when they reached for toilet paper or cut themselves with it and then i cut myself with it(I don't think it broke skin, but maybe I did and I didn't see it), could I get hiv from that?
  15. It was either bird poop or my nose was running really bad, but it was white like bird poop. Could I get fungal meningitis from it? Especially since it got really close to my mouth.