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  1. Sorry about this TMI post but I was just curious if anyone has experienced yellowish stool while dealing with their anxiety? I've read anxiety can definitely make your stool yellow but I think I would feel more at ease if I could hear directly from people who deal with anxiety and have experienced this! They're normal bowel movements-no diarrhoea or anything. Just yellowish in colour. It may have even been something I ate the other day- who knows! I've also just recently stopped taking my iron pills (4th day today) they were only needed for 6 months and as you can imagine my stools were always really dark while taking those. I wonder if not having so much iron is playing a roll in this colour change? I've also stopped eating dairy and gluten but I can't really see that turning stool yellow. Again, sorry for the TMI!
  2. I'm pretty sure if you're having diarrhoea a few times a day it might be worth checking out but there are days when I have a bowel movement 2-3 times. I enjoy it though because I often have issues with constipation. I've actually read before that the most healthiest bodies will have a bowel movement after every single meal they consume. (mind you there are SO not many people in this world who have such incredible bodies!) So I wouldn't worry about having more than one bowel movement a day. Especially if they seem healthy otherwise -normal colour, normal texture. I don't think you have anything to worry about
  3. hmm..and you seem pretty immature for your 57 years of age.... I'm not sure who you think you're helping here but everyone, despite your rude comments, are being civil towards you. So please stop if you have nothing helpful to say.
  4. Try not to get worked up over her comments! It's easy for others who don't feel similar discomfort to pass it off and make us feel silly for thinking such ways. I'm quite sure when she's dealing with her own anxiety about whatever she's nervous/scared/anxious about, she probably wouldn't appreciate someone speaking to her in the way she's speaking to you. On a different note, how is your discomfort today? You doing okay?
  5. I think it goes both ways. Coming here and reading about lots of other people going through the EXACT same symptoms and seeing that they have numerous tests done and everything is clear definitely eases my mind. Because honestly if we've all had the tests done and they're fine but we all still have the symptoms- what's left that we all KNOW for sure we have? Anxiety. On the other hand when my anxiety is at it's worst- sometimes reading the stories of other people trigger a more severe attack. That's why when I come on this site, while I do read the odd posts from other people, I tend to stick to checking my own thread because I don't want to learn about another symptom and become obsessed. Finding like-minded people from this website has been a godsend though and I'm so happy I found it. I was on another anxiety forum (nomorepanic) and that did nothing but make my anxiety worse.
  6. I'm sorry but there is no need to be condescending. This is a place to help ease one another's fears not to make someone who is obviously dealing with something feel like they're crazy or acting in a stupid way. Not to put words in anyone's mouth but by saying "of course I've been reading stories" I don't think she's actively trying to make herself upset. Anyone with health anxiety knows how it can affect your mind/body/actions. Sometimes by googling symptoms we're hoping against all hope that we find something on there that will in fact ease our minds. In fact, it was because I was googling my symptoms that I found this website and I couldn't be happier that I did. If you don't suffer with HA than I know you couldn't possibly know how our minds work but please when leaving comments to people take into consideration what they might already be going through. They don't need to read negative comments towards them when they're only feeling scared.
  7. Hey everyone-just an update on my appointment today. The doctor I seen today was wonderful. She did a thorough breast exam and checked out every area I was concerned with. She said everything felt perfectly normal. I have fibrocystic (?) tissues in my breast which is basically just that my breasts are lumpier than average and it can often cause more of a swollen feeling or tenderness. Totally normal though. She didn't think I needed any further testing and quite honestly I'm just going to trust her on this one and just keep reassuring myself that I don't have cancer in my breasts! She did say that my anxiety is most likely 100% of the cause of the pain I'm feeling on my left side and in my back because stress/anxiety causes major muscle tension and it can radiate in all of those places I've been feeling discomfort. I'm just going to try not to think about cancer anymore and blame it on hormonal changes. After all I did just have a baby 10 months ago and my periods are still out of whack. I can't keep thinking about cancer. It's not healthy to keep stressing about the thought of dying. I'm hoping after a few days/weeks of not worrying about dying with cancer i'll stop feeling so tense and hopefully the pain will go away!
  8. Thanks so much for the reply. Looking forward to hearing your results from the blood test. My doctor said the same thing, no history of BC, only 26- that eased my mind a little but since he didn't even bother to do a breast exam I was left with so much uncertainty. He told me he wouldn't send me for a mammogram because of my age and it's actually more harmful then good? But with this new doctor tomorrow I'm going to push for an ultrasound and blood tests. I'm definitely staying away from BC websites! I can't keep having these meltdowns every time I read something that scares me.
  9. This is my first time posting here so I apologize in advance if this turns out to be rambly or long.. For about 2 months now I've been feeling a lot of discomfort on my left side. It started with a pain in my chest, then under my left breast, then in the ribs just below my left breast and then across the armpit and on my upper breast. Most times its a dull/heavy sort of feeling. Like I'm constantly aware of anything touching or rubbing against this breast. Sometimes I even feel a sort of twinge or pull in the armpit/upper breast area. I often get back aches as well- mostly between my shoulder blades and I'm convinced I have breast cancer which has gone into the bone. I've been to my family doctor who didn't perform a breast exam (he only pressed on my ribs, back and neck) and said sometimes pain can't be explained. I went to emergency where they did an EKG and said my heart was perfectly fine. I now have an appointment tomorrow with a different doctor to have a full breast exam done. I know I have terrible anxiety and some days I do so well with believing all of this pain is anxiety related but of course I end up on the internet and find articles describing breast cancer and of course I have every single sign and symptom. I'm just really hoping there's someone on here who has dealt with similar symptoms to mine.