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  1. Blood Clots

    Do you smoke cigarettes? That will up the risk very greatly. Otherwise it's pretty rare though it does increase your risk to a degree.
  2. Cervix question

    How are you seeing your own cervix??? Or did I read this wrong lol
  3. What antidepressant do y'all recommend

    Startup on Zoloft was not hard for me at all!
  4. What antidepressant do y'all recommend

    I've had great success on Zoloft and lexapro in the past. Zoloft seemed to stop working after like 3 years. On lexapro now but it isn't helping anymore. Lexapro is one that is specifically named to help most with anxiety. I do NOT recommend paxil bc of weight gain and horrifying withdrawal. However, we all react differently to meds! It may be a trial and error for you. Lexapro would be my #1 suggestion followed by Zoloft. I've tried nearly them all it seems ugh
  5. Anyone ever avoid the Dr

    That's me now. I use to be the opposite.
  6. Body temperature

    Does anyone ever freak out about fevers? Since it can point to some cancers.. like leukemia/lymphoma.. I keep obsessing over whether I feel hot or not. Take my temp sometimes.. today it's up to 99.6 and that just freaks me out so bad. Anyone else ever get low grade temps like this?
  7. What medication/s do you take for anxiety?

    Currently on lexapro. I've tried nearly all SSRIs. They work for a long time then stop it seems. I've been on something for probably at least 12 years now. Recently stopped paxil and had the worst withdrawal symptoms EVER. I was 100% sure I was gunna die from it LOL. Ugh so awful
  8. Herpes outbreak, 40 weeks pregnant tomorrow!

    I would be more comfortable with a c-section. I also dont think they'd even allow a vaginal with any signs of sores at all. Your OB will definitely give you some good info! About your mom, that's so tough! You could always just tell the truth or give a little white lie. It's none of her or anyone else's business really. So I don't feel like itd be bad to avoid the topic. Congrats!! Everything will work out fine
  9. Rabies fear... again.

    It would be EXTREMELY rare to get rabies from a cat. Especially a scratch. You definitely don't have it
  10. Got pooped on by a bird on the face near the mouth. Scared.

    Absolutely not, no worries!
  11. Constant need for deep breath

    Ugh so sick of that bastard. Lol. Thanks for the help and reassurance guys
  12. Constant need for deep breath

    Anyone ever have this issue? I feel like my breaths aren't fulfilling enough. Then I've been wanting to constantly take deep breaths and/or yawn. Been going on over a week and it's really bothering me! O2 sats are fine. Ugh
  13. Bowel Problems and now have answers

    So glad to hear this!!!
  14. You're very welcome!
  15. Can you get hiv from a cut touching the toilet?

    Absolutely not