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  1. I am the same with my dog and its triggering. I just cant imagine life without him. I'm constantly worried about him going in the highway and getting hit, etc. Let us know how it goes!
  2. Do any of you work in the medical field in any capacity? I do and it makes me feel crazy that I am so anxious over my health. I can't seem to use my medical knowledge to reassure myself. It's easy for me to reassure others (and I believe what I say) when they ask me health questions. I guess maybe its because i see all the bad things that *can* happen, not matter how rare. And all the abnormal presentations, etc. But I'm to the point I am starting to be really bothered by all the things I see and deal with at work. I hide it well & it doesnt affect my work but sure messes with my mind. Maybe a speciality change will help. I almost feel embarrassed over this. Ugh
  3. And I'm not mad LOL
  4. Being rude doesn't help, period. Yelling at someone to STOP isn't either. If it was that easy i would. I don't need your rude condescending comments quite frankly
  5. And thank you RJ26, you are spot on
  6. Holy crap lady why are you being so rude? Sounds like you don't need to be on this forum bc you obviously don't understand. You can stop now.
  7. I have it SO bad with my mom. Sometimes worse than myself
  8. I have it bad with my mom. She is healthy but being so close with hero know id be a lost mess without her and it scares me to death
  9. Obviously I know this. That's how a hypochondriac's mind works. Worse case scenario all the time. If I could stop it i would.
  10. I'm having this exact issue with my right breast! I saw a breast specialist bc I've been out of my mind anxious. She did a very thorough exam and was very reassuring that it was nothing. Of course I've been reading stories on for days and in the back of my mind I'm still like what if she's wrong? What if it's early stage, etc. Ugh I'd gotten better for so many years and now I'm back to this hypochondria crap. Such an awful feeling. Let us know how tomorrow goes!
  11. Hi there! I'm having similar issues and am sick with fear right now. Did you get your results? I'm 31 have been having some burning and stinging pain in right breast and there is a small red circular area, like a tiny patch of blood vessels it almost looks. It hasn't changed in 2 weeks. Certainly not what typical inflammatory breast cancer looks like but I keep assuming "it's just starting". I have an appointment with a breast specialist tomorrow bc I'm just absolutely freaking out. I've been reading on all day and am about to go nuts!