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  1. Currently on lexapro. I've tried nearly all SSRIs. They work for a long time then stop it seems. I've been on something for probably at least 12 years now. Recently stopped paxil and had the worst withdrawal symptoms EVER. I was 100% sure I was gunna die from it LOL. Ugh so awful
  2. I would be more comfortable with a c-section. I also dont think they'd even allow a vaginal with any signs of sores at all. Your OB will definitely give you some good info! About your mom, that's so tough! You could always just tell the truth or give a little white lie. It's none of her or anyone else's business really. So I don't feel like itd be bad to avoid the topic. Congrats!! Everything will work out fine
  3. It would be EXTREMELY rare to get rabies from a cat. Especially a scratch. You definitely don't have it
  4. Absolutely not, no worries!
  5. Ugh so sick of that bastard. Lol. Thanks for the help and reassurance guys
  6. Anyone ever have this issue? I feel like my breaths aren't fulfilling enough. Then I've been wanting to constantly take deep breaths and/or yawn. Been going on over a week and it's really bothering me! O2 sats are fine. Ugh
  7. So glad to hear this!!!
  8. You're very welcome!
  9. Absolutely not
  10. I know that feeling! I have had recent pancreatic cancer fears and it is so beyond rare at my age (31)..but of course I think I'll be the one in a million. The gnawing sensation you describe is classic ulcer sensation! Maybe stress and anxiety has caused you one? Do you take a lot of ibuprofen? Or it could just be gastritis, gerd, etc.
  11. Also, have you had any family have a heart attack super young? The chances of it being your heart are super slim, you're right!
  12. It could be GERD. Do you have heartburn? Also gallbladder and ulcer can radiate. Does it go into your back at all?
  13. I've been having the exact pains. You could have pleurisy or something like costochondritis (does it hurt when you press where your ribs meet your sternum?) Or muscular/tension for sure. I've been trying to relax and convince myself of the same. I've had similar before but I always have that what if thought
  14. I agree with the above post! I see them frequently in the ER
  15. I had this recently coming off paxil. Which btw, was the worst experience of my life